The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Law Of Police Higher Education

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. POLİS YÜKSEK ÖĞRETİM KANUNU

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Kanun No. 4652     


Accepted Date: 25.4.2001      



Purpose, Scope, and Tantas

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1.- The purpose of this Law is the Turkish Police The highest education institution, the Police Academy and the other faculties, institutes and police vocational high schools to determine the goals and principles related to the higher education, the duties and responsibilities of these schools, It's about my education, my research, my research, my education, my staff, and the other people. You can also edit the essences.

This is the Law, the Academy, and I have to pay for it. It covers institutions, management and other bodies, business administration, mission, authority and responsibilities, business and education, and other aspects of the business.


MADDE 2.- The concept that is passed in this Law and terms;

a) Minister: Office of the People,

b) Ministry: Office of the People,

c) General Manager: Police General Manager,

d) General Directorate: Security General Manager,

e) President: Police Academy Bafkunu,

f) President: Police Academy Press,

g) Dean: The subject of a related faculty,

h) Deanlus: Related faculty deans,

) Police Vocational High School Principal: Police I'm at the academy, and I have the highest level of education, and the high school principal, the highest level of education.

i) My Higher Education Board: dated 4.11.1981 and 2547 The Board of Directors of the Maximum High Pay Act, which is based on article 6 of the Code,

j) Universities Board: 2547 is High The Board of the Law 11, which is based on Article 11 of the Law of Education,

k) Institutions of Higher Education: Universities, high technology institutes, the Police Academy, schools and schools within the framework of schools, institutes, high schools, conservators, vocational high schools and the application and research centers,

l) Police Academy: Police Department officer, supervisor The higher education, scientific research, publication and consulting to meet the needs of the faculty, institute, and police vocational high schools in order to meet the requirements of the higher education institution,  

m) the Institute: Related science as a young man The higher education, scientific research, review, and the higher education organization that is involved in scientific research, review and publication activities,

n) Faculty of Security Sciences: Bachelor level My education, scientific research and publication of the higher education institution that can be published.

o) Section: In the education and death of the academy, The academic unit of science, technical and application branches, which makes a whole of the purpose, scope and qualification of the purpose of service,

and the academic unit of the application,

) Department: Department of science and at least one science the academic unit in which the wave of education, implementation and research activities cover the branch,

p) Science Branch: My education in the branch of the Department of Science, application and the academic unit that is working,

r) Police Vocational High School: Law enforcement I have a pre-graduate level of education and higher education for the need for police officers.

s) The Labor of My Life: Academy, faculty, institute and I am a member of the police vocational high school, and the members and staff of my staff and their staff, and their students,

) Members of the Department of Life: Academy, faculty, institute and Professor, associate professor and assistant professor at the police vocational high school, or a temporary, Turkish or foreign national or assistant professor of law enforcement, or associate professor of law enforcement,

1) Professor: Has the highest level of academic title kiþiyi

2) Associate Professor: Dochitlik has an academic title with a kiþiyi

3) Assistant Professor: With the help of a PhD completed, with the first level of academic title in the world,

t) Life Officer: Temporary or continuous I have the obligation to teach and apply for the assigned lesson,

u) Okumman: Temporary or continuous For the duration of my education-training, I am a member of the curriculum that reads or applies the courses specified as a common compulsory course in the program.

) My Pay Benefits: My Police High Pay Research assistants, experts, translators, and education-related plans for specific durations in their institutions,

1) Call-in Tasks: Police are in institutions of higher education The help of research, review, implementation and experiments that are provided by authorized organelles are the benefit of the work,

2) Experts: direct-to-death or indirect Assistance with an activity that is relevant, specific information and expertise that is dedicated to specific durations,

3) Translators: specific, or written translation, specific help for durations,   


4) Plan-To-Pay Planning: Plan-to-pay Employee benefit,

v) Diofer concepts and terms: 2547 count high The other concepts and terms that are defined in the 3rd article of the Law of the Law and the implementation of this Law,

is at work.


General Provisions

The agency's installation, purpose, task, and master's policies

MADDE 3.- Police officer, supervisor, and A high degree of scientific autonomy, including faculty, institute and police vocational school, with scientific autonomy to meet the need for an administrator, to conduct a pre-license, license and license-to-pay, scientific research, publication and consultation. As an institution of education, the Police Academy is established.

The task of the Akademi is specified in this Law purpose, in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the Qualification and General Directorate:

a) Basic sciences and social science one of the areas in the field to be able to manage and manage a level of knowledge and skills at the level of undergraduate level, the personnel or units at the disposal of the graduate and the level of the Police, who can manage and manage the duties after graduation.

b) the faculty to be installed in the company At least at the undergraduate level, at the institute or institutes, at least at the undergraduate level, I have the same level of education and managers, and other people at the same level of education and science, and to give my higher education and education, and so on.

c) Pre-license level-education In the police vocational high school, the police officer will be able to grow up.

The plan and release of my education at the academy The following main policies are considered in the programming and implementation:

a) Ataturk's policy and inkllias In the case of Atatürk's nationalism, democratic, secular and social rule of law, the principles of service awareness and professional detentions have been won.

b) Our national culture, our cover and our tradition It is developed by protection within the universal culture and universal culture, and to gain the power of spirit and will to strengthen the national unity and solidarity with the others.

c) My education plans and programs will allow scientific and technological principles, country and technology needs, and the ability of the other person to take the opportunity to ensure that I have the right to graduate level. It's all set up. The coordination of these plans and programs, which are continuously developed, will be conducted in the General Directorate.

d) Academy, faculty, institute, and police profession Increased productivity, development, and capabilities of higher-school education, including the recommendations of the President and the General Manager, are being made and are actualized.   



The organs of the

Academy, Task, Entitlement, and Responsibilities


MADDE 4.- My education and management of the academy ifs;

a) Head,

b) Dean,

c) Academy Board of Directors,

d) Director of the Institute,

e) High Board of Evitim and Importance,

f) Scientific Supervisory Board,

G) Director of the Police Vocational High School,

h) Faculty of Education Board of Directors,

Faculty Board of Directors,

i) Disciplinary Boards,

j) General Management Units,

It is executed by

. Other units and boards may be made available for service. Under the Order of the Institution of Institutions of Higher Education, dated 28.03.1983 and 2809, the faculties may be established in the necessary public.

Head, dean, the institute and the director of the police vocational high school

ARTICLE 5.- The President; academia, faculty, institute, The police are responsible for the management, surveillance and supervision of all the activities of the vocational high schools and of the western units.

is the professor who is the president, if he is not. He is a member of the Board of Universities.

Dean, at the undergraduate level at the academy, the activities of the faculties that are doing my education management, oversight and control of the President responsible for the administration.

Institute director, all administrative and scientific research at the institute The management, audit and oversight of activities is a member of the business responsible for the President.

Police vocational high school, school The business is responsible for the discipline, discipline, management, and other services in the execution of the services of the other.

Academy The director, dean, director and assistant of the institute, and the director of the vocational high school at the police department.

MADDE 6.- Bader at least at the graduate level One of the first members of the academic career who has had an academic career, or a member of my professor's education, the General Manager's proposal is assigned to the decision by the Minister upon four years upon the appropriate vision of the Ministry.

Dean, President's bid, Secretary to the Minister for the proper view There are three professors who will be screened for three years from the Board of Higher Than.    

üçthree, dekana, to assist the president the two help is assigned to the benefit. One of the other members of the business is a member of the department to be responsible for the education, and the other members of the police department, the general manager's offer, The Minister is assigned with the approval. If the dean's help, someone will be appointed with the approval of the General Manager upon the recommendation of the statement, and the other is assigned with the approval of the chief executive, the General Manager's approval, as the recommendation of the President.

The director of the Institute of

and a member of my two-aid faculty, The proposal is assigned with the approval of the Minister upon the appropriate view of the General Manager.

Police vocational high school principal It is assigned with the General Manager's proposal and the approval of the Secretary for three years of the police.

install, work and tasks of the Academy Board of Directors

ARTICLE 7.- In the case of the president, the dean, the institute manager, is a member of the president who will choose from among the staff of the police vocational high school, who are among the other people who are paid.

Academy Board of Directors ' executive order operations;

a) Your operating plan and programs applying,

b) The budget and staff bids of the Academy Preparing,

c) Enitic-örgörörörörörörörörörö preparing bids on the measures to be implemented and measures to be taken,

d) regarding the Academy administration of the President To decide the management of the Enterprise, as well as decision-making,

e) The other tasks that are shipped with this Law to

is a business task.  

En and My Higher Board

ARTICLE 8.- The board, in the case of the President, said, The director of the institute will be the director of three police vocational high schools and department heads. In the case of the establishment, the Institution is academically the most senior member. The Supreme Board of Absorption and Approx is collected at least twice a year, each year, at the end of the year, and at the end of the year of the death. At the same time, the President may present the Supreme Council of the Board of Importance and Importance to the meeting.

The High Board of Egitim and Importance The Academy, faculty, institute and the department, which identify the principles and principles for application and development related to the application and development of the Academy's education, which are determined in the directorate-based basic principles, are determined by the Academy, the faculty, the institute and the the law, which concerns the integrity of the police vocational schools, the regulations I will review and review the implementation of the current legislation with the requirements of instruction and to see the issues that may arise in the availability of the program and the availability of the program. I have the highest rate of education and the organ that is.

Scientific Supervisory Board

MADDE 9.- Install, pay per partition Two members are elected by members of the top academic career in the department, with one secret vote for one year, and one by one for a year, with a secret to the other. The largest among the selected members is that this Setup is the largest one that is greater than the best.   

This board is a member of your activities and my education The scientific audit of the elements, and the education of the labor, scientific research, publication, seminar and implementation of the activities of the employees. The board will report the audit results to the President with a report each year. This Board may be appointed by the General Manager or the President, as it is necessary for scientific audit activity.

Police The duration of the vocational high schools, the installation, the resources, and the duration of my pay

MADDE 10.- To make up police officers who are in need of law enforcement; the Ministry of Finance's bid and the Council of Ministers decision and the Council of Ministers' decision, and the Police Academy, at the pre-graduate level, my professional education and practice. The police are opening up to the high schools.

Selecting and Selecting Other High Schools Special talent to be made from high school, male technical education, red technical education and trade and tourism education, as well as general high school, male technical education, red technical education and trade and tourism education, which have been made by the Centre for Development and the Ministry needs to be needed. What happened in the storm, it was taken.

Police vocational high schools-the duration of my education Two-year-old.

Two-year-old-time period Those who fail to complete and cannot be the police in the direction of discipline are cut off by the school, which is decided by the authorities.

Police vocational high school students have money And it's official uniform. Other employment, including the return, worship and costs of others, is the state of the other.

for duration of their life Those who complete are assigned as candidate police officers to the Police Department.

President and Task, authority, and responsibilities

MADDE 11.- The Academy;

a) The main principles set forth in Item 3 of the other (s) And to check that it is not available in the course of the discipline required by the police profession,

b) Through management units with other parts To maintain regular work and conduct all management of the Academy,

c) Including Academy units and other members of my education to conduct general surveillance and supervision over personnel at the level,

d) Every time I have a full-to-pay, you know, the next thing I know, I'm gonna be able to do To give the report to the General Manager by adding the information, if any, to the report of my education, scientific research, and publication activities,

e) Sleep of the academy, faculty, institute and police vocational high schools to provide programs and budget proposals to the General Manager of staffing and to implement them in the course of order to be issued,

f) My training at the Academy in the event that it is necessary to offer an end to the duties of the Academy or to make a bid for the General Manager in order to be the part of the task of the task,

g) This is the law specified by law and other tasks,

To set up a task for the job and to set up a authority.   

Basikir is a regular of the tasks above In the process of monitoring, tracking and controlling the surveillance and control, the General Manager is responsible for the results of the monitoring and control of the case.

Faculty Dekanus;

a) The main principles set out in item 3 of the other (s) To be able to afford it in the course of the discipline and the need for the police profession.

b) Current law, charter and regulations, General By taking into account the recommendations of the Board of Directors and the faculty of the faculty, to ensure the execution of the faculty's education and scientific research,

c) Each of the years of my education is at the end of the year To submit a report to the President about my education, scientific research, and publication activities,

d) identified by law and other laws tasks,

To set up a task for the job and to set up a authority.

Dekan is a regular of the tasks above In the process of monitoring, tracking and control of surveillance and supervision, the outcome of the results, the outcome of the results, is the first to be responsible for the President.    

Faculty Board of my education board and faculty board of directors, construction and tasks of the board

ARTICLE 12.- Faculty statement is installed, dean In the case of the dean, the dean of the department and the professor in the faculty, associate professor and assistant professor of education, each of whom will choose for three years from each other, is one of the members of the faculty.

My faculty statement is normally installed It is collected at the end of the year and end of the year.

Dekan is also required It can run from itself to this board.

My faculty statement is installed;

a) Faculty of education-education, scientific research and To report on the basis of the activities of the publication, to see the measures of the people's work and ability to work, and

b) For the overall level of education For example, to make the statement

c) To see and decide what is appropriate

is a business task.

Faculty board;

The faculty board is a member of the dean's office, where the dean is concerned, and the dean is being asked to be a part of the company. The dean of the department and the assistant professor, associate professor, associate professor and associate professor of the faculty will be elected members of the board of the faculty for three years. This board convenes when the dean is required.

Administrative board of the faculty board of


a) with the education and plans of the faculty applying the calendar,

b) with the education of the board of my faculty to be helped by the declaration in the implementation of these, by taking into account the principles that have been identified.   

c) To prepare the budget and staffing bids of the faculty,

d) To make sure that my education has been stolen and Preparing bids on the measures to be taken,

e) Acceptance, lesson inaction, and acceptance of other from the faculty, to decide on the basis of the principles that will be reported to the General Directorate, to decide on the action of my education and to the people of the world,

f) About the lessons of my life labor to review the measures to take place by reviewing reports,

g) Install the dean in relation to the faculty management to the decision of the management of the management of the country,

is a business task.   

Board of Digits and general management units

MADDE 13.- To be at academic level The boards of the faculty education board or the President's proposal and the General Manager's approval can be made available to the public.

The academy is in accordance with the policies determined by this Law A recommendation from the Company and the General Manager's approval to be managed and the public administration units that require the service can be installed.


Academy Award for Importance Organs and Tasks

Section and Department of kindergartlings

MADDE 14.- Faculty, EI, and Under the offer of the High Board, the offer of the dean can be installed, unified, or closed with the approval of the General Manager upon the appropriate vision of the President.

Section services, members of the relationship, and second part are executed by law enforcement managers. As part of the member section, the proposal is, with the approval of the President, the second chief of police department, and the General Manager's bid is assigned to a maximum of three years, with the approval of the Minister.

The sections of the sections, with each level of partition-education and remedial information It is important to ensure that any activities that belong to the department are conducted in a regular and efficient manner.

My education in the Department of Homeland. The staff gather at the time of the dean and choose a two-year-old from their own.

The Department of Science is a branch of the science branch. are responsible to ensure that the level of education and research activities at the level are conducted in a regular and productive way.


Faculty (s)Öðrencileri

Other marriage, the employment of the other, and the obligation to marry the assembly.

MADDE 15.- The faculty is the main source of the Police college. In the event of the general high school, my male technical education, technical education and trade and tourism education may also be taken to the faculty, which will be specified by the regulations to be specified by the regulations from the school graduates.

A foreign national has been used to deal with bilateral relations with the state. It will be with the Minister's approval for the others to be admitted to the Academy.    

Foreigners-other than foreign-born After the detection of Turkish language proficiency with the snav, it is important to refer to the next.

The foreign-born students are to the Academy is obligated to comply with the rules that apply.

Police College graduates will be determined by regulation Those of us who are looking for things and who are going to open up, can be sent to the institutions of higher education at the Police Academy, as well as the higher education in the Ministry of Police. The General Directorate budget for education, peace, return, transport, and health expenses are paid in quantities to be determined by the amounts of the General Manager and the Ministers of the Treasury. These students are subject to the rights and obligations of others who have studied at the faculties of the Police Academy in the assembly of the Mechashi service.

entered into the academy with the qualifications of other people to receive The main and the current are determined by the regulation.

The other people are repaid at the Academy for free, The state of the country is to be found in the United States, where the costs and regulations will be determined in the state.     

Faculty and police vocational high school The amount of money paid to the military students in the harp schools is paid in detail to their students.

Requiring the status of the other (s) required by the other (s) It is executed in a way that is common.

Faculty, institute, and police vocational high schools Licensee is responsible for two years of service, except for those who do either a license, a license, or a pre-license (except for the foreign nationals).

Whether or not you have graduated. For any reason, except for those who resign or require a disconnection of their relationship, or because of the reason for the reason they are responsible for the service, for any reason, the reasons for the purpose of liability are made to them in proportion to the missing part of the liability period. to pay for the expenses of my expenses as compensation of four. They have to.

The number of people who are not married to the faculty and are the other They can't get married during their death.

Police college-related mandatory service obligation The provisions of the other regulatory provisions are stored.

Importance the end of the end

MADADE 16.- In the Faculty Other people are referred to in the following state:

a) with the regulations to be made according to the provisions of this Law There are not enough moral notices to be determined.

b) to punish the law from the faculty, Sentence interruptions.

c) The maximum period of time that is determined by this Law Those who cannot complete it.

d) 657 officers by law of state officers Those who lost their qualification.

e) imposed on reports to be installed on the installed boards The General Directorate is the only one that hasn't been able to continue my education at the Academy.

f) I know that they do not have any qualifications related to the entry They are understood in the process.

girenler(c) people who are in the scope of me, in the event of their request, They are assigned to the police cadres to be considered in accordance with the guidelines that will be determined by the Minister.



Disciplinary and Penal Affairs

Disciplinary boards

ARTICLE 17.- Academy; Bashanlytic Police Discipline There are the Faculty Police Disciplinary Board and the Faculty Öranci Disciplinary Board.

President of the State Police Disciplinary Board and the Faculty Police Disciplinary Board, The main and the procedures are in accordance with the Law enforcement legislation. The Department of Police Disciplinary Disciplinary Board at the Academy has been involved in the discipline of other personnel and other personnel in the institutes.     

Akademide adders and safety services The relevant provisions of the Code of Higher Than 2547 are applied to the discipline and punishment of the staff members of the staff at the time of the death of my staff.

Faculty Student Disciplinary Board; other The two members of the faculty board of faculty will be elected by the faculty board of directors to decide on disciplinary questions.

The term of office of the members of the

Board is to be established penalties and these penalties are regulated by law enforcement, attitudes and behaviors that require a disconnection due to disciplinary penalties, and other issues with the application are subject to regulation.

Police discipline in higher education institutions Decisions made by the establishment, from the faculty, institutes and the police vocational high schools, the proposal of the President, the approval of the General Manager and the other decisions for the faculties, the institutions, the police, the profession is high. For their school, it will be finalised by the approval of the school principals.

Question authority and punishment

MADDE 18.- The president, faculty, institute and police it is authorized to ask for additional lectors in vocational high schools and other people with other staff and other people who have been involved in the Academy or disciplinary crimes that they have worked with.

Minister or General Manager is required to see The academy may ask or direct charges for personnel at any level with security services from the academy, and may experience the penalties set out in the Police Department.

My education and performance in the Safety Inspection The authorities are also authorized to give the authorities the prescribed fines, which are prescribed by the directors.  


My Life-Pay and Graduation

License e&e-time and duration

MADDE 19.- This is my undergraduate degree in the faculty Based on the purpose and principles set out in the law, it is organized in the following:

a) Police in the first three minutes of the curriculum The general information required for the profession is organized in the last time to cover specific information about the types of residency that the General Manager determines.

b) Atatürk principles and the history of inkomp, Turkish language, foreign language and body education is given as a compulsory course. Other compulsory courses are determined by the proposal of the Higher Council of Eğitim and Öğitim, and the non-professional courses are determined by the recommendation of the board of the faculty, as well as the decision of the Higher Council of the Eğitim and Öğöröm.     

c) In terms of licensing, 11 and 12 items are also taken into consideration and the courses to be studied according to the daily and haft hours, the seminars, the seminar and implementation of the students. The programs to be taken, conferences to be given, and other programs are regulated by a regulation.    

The number of years of education in the Faculty is based on a course of course Tomorrow, I'll have four more to go through the process. Two years or a half of an additional time is defined to the others. At the end of this period, the last of the 16 ncis of matter has been applied.

16 items (e) were left undue The number of people who lost their lives from the care of the other than those who lost their lives in two years will continue to be active in two years and are determined by the Directorate General's office will be repaid to the Academy. They can be taken as they are.

Hutisas parts, and application software

ARTICLE 20.--The other people who passed the fourth term, Once the faculty board is set up, the quantity and the quantity of contenjan are allocated to the residency departments to be determined by the General Directorate, and they will complete the fourth time in the reserved residency section.

Segmentation, residency features, migration of other people, and with its capabilities, it is made by the board of the faculty, considering the other.

Faculty students are eligible at the end of the year At least one in the campsites, at least one, two months at a time, they will be subject to professional training, training exercise, physical condition, which will be determined in accordance with the regulations.

Continue-continued and graduation

MADDE 21.- Continue all classes They have to.

from others;

is no excuse for a half or a half year. More than twenty-day days, and those who do not endure the rest of the day,

Even if they have an acceptable excuse. those who have not been able to continue for over a third of the year or half of the year,

All of the year of the year or year of the They lose their rights, and they count on us.

lisanslicense to clients who finished with the Faculty They are given diplomacy and assigned to the cadre needed by the number of amir in the rank identified by the 3201 Law of Police Law.    


Employee Guidelines for My Pay People

My Life labor and tasks

MADDE 22.- As an employee of the academy Personnel to be assigned:  

a) dated 4.6.1937 and a number of 3201 Police Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and ninth volicity, in the 13th amendment of the law,

b) I will be assigned to the Academy staff members,

c) Spoken or additional lesson in the event of a The members and judges of my university, who are assigned as a fee, are the freelance professionals who are experts on the course of the higher education and are experts in the study of the public,   

d) My staff at the academy, the demand ; in case of the approval of the employee and the approval of the labor force, the police are to provide additional courses in higher education institutions or other Turkish or foreign institutions of higher education,

Can Be Deployed.

My employee labor;

a) conform to the objectives and policies set in this Law Conduct or conduct projects and conduct workshops and seminars,

as well as to conduct workshops and seminars.

b) To make scientific calls and publications,

c) The main branch of science is to be organized To help the other people with the necessary help and guidance,

d) The authorized kit and organs specified in this Law To perform other tasks that will be made about my education and education,

is a business task.

The staff members of the Academy of

are attached to this Kanuna It is shown on the ruler. This Law is attached to the Council of Ministers to do their degree and degree in accordance with the provisions of the decree of 190 under the provisions of the Rule of Law in the Rule of Law.

in the "Roster Ministerial Ruler, the Ruler Who Counts The Academy of America."

Strangers Members of my nationality

MADDE 23.- Strand to be commissioned at the academy I'm a member of the national team, The needs of the Academy, on the basis of the proposal of the General Manager and the positive view of the Ministry of Finance, can be played as a means by the Minister's approval. The fee to be paid to the foreign employees to be paid in this way is to be determined by the Ministry in accordance with the principles that will be determined by the Council of Ministers on 11.10.1983 and under the Article 16 of the number 2914, the Personnel Code of 2914. .  

Scientific activities

MADDE 24.- At the end of each other period  The department gives the dean a report that indicates a plan for the next year, with respect to the education and research activities from that period, and the related section. The dean presents this report to the president by adding his own opinion. The President will depress them, take necessary measures within their own authority, and inform the General Directorate of the proposals and proposals.

The employee, scientific research, publications, or other lessons learned. The seminar is required to present the list of applications and the course notes of the information that it has provided to the scientific congresses made in the country or in the country, with the two examples of the two instances of which it is being provided.

The scientific publications of my education staff, President, faculty, institutes, and general It is privately held in the directorate. A host of these publications is also sent to the High Commission's Documentation Centre.    

The rights and obligations of my paid laborelemanlarýnýn

MADDE 25.- The rights and rights of my other labor The obligations are described in accordance with their status:

a) The profession that is assigned as my education officer Members:

Law enforcement for precedents by the rank of

The rights and obligations set out in the legislation are also applied to them. They benefit from any side payment, compensation, and overriding benefits given to their officers in the provincial police department, as well as the payment and rights under a name.

These personnel are provided with the permission of the General Directorate. They can publish and contribute to such meetings, write down an ideological, non-disruptive, divisive article on the topics that are available to you.

b) My staff members are:

The number of others in this group are General The Director's bid is assigned with the approval of the Minister. The provisions of their mandate, all due diligence, the rise and protection of their academic titles, the 2547 Code of Higher Education on their pensions and their permits, and the provisions of the 2914 Higher Education Personnel Law provisions, these are the remaining states. The provisions of the Code of Law 3201 are applied in the case.  

My education and education in the Police Department Additional payments to the team of services personnel are also given to the personnel involved in this group.    

c) from the security services team to the Academy and the law that will be paid according to the provisions of the State Officers Act of 657, with the university pay to be calculated according to the article 12 of the 2914 Higher Education Staff Law, which will be calculated according to the 12 nci counts of the Staff Code of Higher Education. the difference between the net amounts of the services compensation and the compensation

Ayrica, President, President, dean, The administrative task is given according to the 13th article of the Law, which is the director of the institute, the director of the institute, the assistant director, the secretary of the department, the directors of the police vocational high school, and the principal assistance of the principals of the Law 2914.

Rector, vice rector for vice-president The administrative task is paid at the rate being paid to.

d) Additional classes at the academy are charged, owner They are entitled to the right and obligation of the status they are. They are given additional course fees within the framework of the provisions of the General Directorate and the provisions of the Law on Budget which are determined by the number of courses.

e) (a) and (b) are the ones that are written in their The basis of the regulation of the registration reports is determined by the regulations in accordance with the Law enforcement legislation.

The General Manager is required to be required by my employee It is authorized to edit additional information in the public. This cycil is based on all of the dexterizations.

My client's ability to grow, graduate-pay and institutes

MADDE 26.- The Academy is a requirement of my education It is based on the basic and procedures specified in the Code of Higher education in the Law of 2547, which may be able to grow the labor in the dormitory and in the form of the law.    

For this purpose, the Academy is the Scientific With the supervision of the Board of Audits, the institutions that will make my undergraduate degree in accordance with the needs and requirements of the academy will be established.

The organs of the institute; the institute director, the institute board and the institute is the board of directors.

Institute director, all administrative and scientific research at the institute Management, oversight, and control of the activities are responsible for the President.

to the Institute manager, when it was not in the office of the One of the principal judges he is eligible for is a byproduct of the treatable.


Institute is installed; the principal is the principal The members of the academy who teach at the institute and the institute are three members of the members who will choose for three years from their own.

Institute board of directors; director In the case of the former, the director's secretary, the institute's secretary, and the sixth candidate to be screened, the institute is one of the three members of the board that will be selected for three years.

Institute board and institute board this Law The faculty board and the faculty will be given the duties of the board of directors to the institute for the institute.   

The names of these institutes, with the choice of the other The number of undergraduate, term, programs, 2547 counts of higher education in the institutes, and diplomas that are given to the institutions of higher education are determined by the regulation that will be issued.

Institute secretary

MADDE 27.- Administrative staff in the institutes and is responsible for all management, control, and oversight of the other people, and the institute's office is responsible for all of its management.

The second part of

is from the police department. The General Manager's bid is assigned with the approval of the Minister.


Government Provisions

Control and social services

MADDE 28.- Academy, Ministry, and General Directorate Professional training by supervisory personnel, is administered at least once a year in administration and financial years. The scientific audit is made by the Board of Higher Education, under the Law of Higher Education of 2547.

As a result of the protection of the body and soul of the other people, it is foreseen by this Law. In the province, social needs such as return, shelter, recreation, recreation and leisure time to be met, examination and treatment of others, cinema and theatre halls, sports fields, canteen, steel, social and social services. units and other similar sites to meet the needs and the measures required to take advantage of other people who are more than enough to exploit them.

Academia says other people have family and family problems. The guidance and psychological counseling centers are established in order to resolve them.   

Revolving capital

MADDE 29.- Related sections for the academy On top of the proposal, the proposal of the Supreme Board of the Egitim and the Higher Council of Turkey can be established, with the approval of the President and the approval of the General Manager. The amount of initial capital to be given is shown in the budget. Capital can be increased with the recommendation of the General Manager and the appropriate vision of the Ministry of Finance. The revolving capital, the funds to be put into the corporate budget, the same benefits, the profits to be made by the operating profit, the legs and the yardage. The annuiated capital is capitalised on the end of the allocated capital until it reaches the allocated capital.

Paid capital to be allocated capital Then, the remaining profits are added to the next year's revenues.

The operating areas of the revolving capital push, capital The limits and principles of the execution of the management of the administration are specified in the regulation that will be based on the approval of the Supreme Board of Education and Approx and the appropriate vision of the Minister of Finance.    

Revolving capital push, 1050 Accounting The State of the Union and the State of 2886 are the laws of the State of the United States.

Pivot capital gained through the contribution of

Staff income (including additional indictances) to the staff of the staff in that unit (including the additional indicator), payment of a side payment, and any additional compensation and payment of 100% of the amount of additional payment due to the applicable Finance Ministry It will be determined by the Ministry's regulations.


MADDE 30.- considerations;

a) The board of directors of the academy, the task, work-based and procedures,

b) Faculty, institute, and police vocational high schools provide additional courses that teach The main and the procedures of the assignment of labor, of the labor,

c) Will search for others in the academy The basis and procedures for the results, registration, registration, and acceptance of records, and the basis of the following:

d) How to implement the implementation of the Faculty Location, time, duration, and how to do so, and how to do this,

e) The detection of time periods in the faculty, periods The principles, rest permissions, calm, and disinfiting guidelines, policies, status, read-about, note layout and other considerations,

f) Police vocational high school installation, work, discipline and education The major aspects of the institution, the institute's installation, and the construction of the institute, with the basic principles and other issues, are the basis for which there are other people to be involved in these schools.

g) Police officers at the higher education institutions In the school and on the basis of the clothes they will wear, the guidelines are:

The Ministry is regulated by the regulation to be played. However, in the regulations on academic issues, the Higher Council of Sovereignty and Beyond the Higher Council is also taken.     

MADDE 31.- 3201 Police In the second profession, "Academy assistant, dean's assistant, police vocational high school", third profession, "institute secretary, police vocational high school," he said in a second professional degree. Assistant, chief of staff, chief of police, APK specialist ", fourth, Fifth, seventh, eighth, and ninth vocational degrees, the "chief of education" was added, and the third career-ranked Academy Badr-aid title was to be played.   

Current The provisions of the left and the left-to-face Law

MADDE 32.- 3201, the decree of the Law on the Law of 3201 of the Law of 3201, dated two, three, four and second of the Law, dated 29.7.1993, and the decree of the Code of Law on a Law of 490 and a Law of Security Law.  The Law of the Police Rise, dated 28.11.1984 and numbered 3087, is in effect The "Police Academy Press" clause is added to come before the term "Human Security Manager" with respect to the number of times (II), which is located in the appendix of the Law and Assignment of 2451, and the Assignment of the Balance of the Balance of the Balance of the Badlands.  

INVALID DATE 1.- Current police schools Those who are eligible for the General Directorate from non-returning to the police vocational high schools can be used as a police unit for service purposes.

Police vocational high school-my education, this law is the current date They're in the following period.

Police vocational high schools-my education- the current police schools, until they have started, continue with the rest of my life.

Police prior to the date this Law has been effective But due to his reasons for his high school, he was still in the Police School due to his reasons for his reasons, and due to his excuses, he still had the earned rights of other people who continue to learn in Police Schools. It will be saved.

INVALID ARTICLE 2.- Count attached to this Kanuna (1) The cadres included in the rulers are added to the Section 190 Code of Law (s) section of the Rule of Law (I), which is included in the Code of Law, 190. The cadres included in this Law-attached (2) roster were cancelled and 190 under the rule of the decree of the Code 190.

The cadres that are attached to this Kanuna (3) rosters At the time of the police vocational high schools, no need for any action was canceled, and 190 counts were made out of the rulers of the decree.

INVALID ARTICLE 3.- New with this Law Those who do not say tenure and duty titles, due to regulations, are assigned to the cadre of this Law.

Police vocational high school (s) As of the beginning of the date, the director of the police school, who had been named or removed from the police and tenure with this Law, was appointed to a new cadre of teachers, including police academy manager and police department. They can be deployed in accordance with their situation. The monthly, additional indication of their old cadre, additional indictances and compensation with all kinds of compensation and compensation, continues as a result of the police vocational high schools, for not passing the six months following the date of the other.

Academy staff dean, institute manager and police officer Until the appointment of vocational high school principals, the Academy board of directors; In the case of the president, the department is part of the department that is in charge of the work of my education and education.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4.- The 25th Amendment of this Law (c) the following provisions will be applied until December 31, 2008, instead of the self-rule:

Police Academy President, assistant dean, dean of the institute, department secretary, department heads, chief executive officers, police vocational high school principals, principal managers and directors of the city from law enforcement, to the higher education personnel assigned to my higher education agencies, safety services compensation, staffing, staffing, and 30% of the college pay that they were taking. the payment is made. This payment shall not be subject to any taxes except for stamp duty.     

INVALID ARTICLE 5.- This Code is effective The police academy and the police academy have been saved by the police academy prior to its entry.  

MADDE 33.- This is the date on the release date


ARTICLE 34.- The Council of Ministers of this Law It executes.






TEAK: Taşra





Sniper                    Title

Rank         Staff          Total

Aka. Staff Professor 1 49 49

Aka. Cadre Associate Professor 1 30 30

Aka. Cadre Associate Professor 2 30 30

Aka. Cadre Associate Professor 3 23 23

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 3 30 30

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 4 25 25

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 5 32 32

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 6 32 32

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 1 15 15

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 2 15 15

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 3 15 15

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 4 15 15

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 5 15 15

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 6 15 15

Aka. My Staff Pay Officer 7 15 15

Aka. Kadro Okuttman 1 25 25

Aka. Kadro Okuttman 2 15 15

Aka. Kadro Okutman 3 15 15

Aka. Kadro Okutman 4 15 15

Aka. Kadro Okutman 5 10 10

Aka. Kadro Okutman 6 15 15

Aka. Kadro Okutman 7 15 15

Aka. Staff Specialist 1 5 5

Aka. Staff Specialist 2 5 5

Aka. Staff Specialist 3 5 5

Aka. Staff Specialist 4 5 5

Aka. Staff Search Officer 4 35 35

Aka. Staff Call Officer 5 7 7

Aka. Staff Call agent 6 5 5

Aka. Staff Call Agent 7 7 7

   TOTAL 540                540






TEAK: Taşra





Sniper Unvant Grade Staff Total

E.H.S. Academy Bafsekus 1 1

E.H.S. Academy Badakkan Yrd. 1 2 2

E.H.S. Dean Yard1 1

E.H.S. Division Head 1 4

E.H.S. Vocational School of Police Director 1 15 15

E.H.S. Vocational School of Police M.D. Yrd. 1 45 45

E.H.S. Institute Secretary 1 1 1

E.H.S. Police Information Center Director 1 10 10

E.H.S. Police Officer. Mrk. M.D. Yrd. 1 20 20

E.H.S. Safety Md (Chief of Life Officer) 1 270 270

E.H.S. Police Chief (My Life) Agent) 2 30 30

E.H.S. Superintendent (My Life) Agent) 2 15 15

E.H.S. Superintendent (My Life) Agent) 3 15 15

E.H.S. Lieutenant (My Life) Agent) 3 15 15

E.H.S. Superintendent (My Life) Agent) 4 15 15

E.H.S. Lieutenant (My Life) Agent) 4 15 15

E.H.S. Lieutenant (My Life) Agent) 5 15 15

E.H.S. Lieutenant (My Life) Agent) 6 15 15

E.H.S. Lieutenant Yrd. (Chief of Life Officer) 6 15 15

E.R. H.S. Örremen 2 3 3

E.R. H.S. Örkretmen 3 3 3

E.R. H.S. Örremen 4 3 3

E.R. H.S. Örretmen 5 3 3

E.R. H.S. Örremen 6 3 3

E.R. H.S. Örremen 7 5 5

   TOTAL                                                                                          539 539










Free Holed

Staff Staff

Sat Is Grade-grade                 TotalAdedi

G.U.H. Musefir 1 15 15

TOTAL                                                                        15                                      15





TEAK: Taşra





Rank of

Grade           TotalAdedi

Aka. Staff Professor 1 4 4

Aka. Cadre Associate Professor 1 4 4

Aka. Cadre Associate Professor 2 2 2

Aka. Cadre Associate Professor 3 2 2

Aka. Staff Associate Professor 3 10 10

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 4 5 5

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 5 6 6

Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 6 2 2

Aka. Kadro Okutman 1 22 22

Aka. Kadro Okutman 2 3 3

Aka. Kadro Okutman 3 5 5

Aka. Kadro Okutman 4 2 2

Aka. Kadro Okutman 5 2 2

Aka. Staff Call Officer 4 29 29

Aka. Staff Call Officer 5 10 10

Aka. Staff Call Agent 6 1 1

Aka. Staff Call Agent 7 1 1

E.H. Police Academy Balance 1 1

E.H. Police Academy             

Badgering Help 1 3 3

E.H. Section Balance 1 4

E.R. H. Örremen 2 3 3

E.R. H. Örcretmen 3 3 3

E.R. H. Öngumen 4 3 3

E.R. H. Örremen 5 3 3

E.R. H. Öngumen 6 3 3

E.R. H. Öngumen 7 5 5

Y.H. And Neighborhood Custodian 10 15 15

TOTAL                                                                                           153 153





TEAK: Taşra






Total Unveni Grade Total

E.H. Örcreten 1 293 293

E.H.       Police School Principal 1 25 25

E.H. Police School Principal Yardfire           1 69 69   

   TOTAL 387                387