The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Law Of Police Higher Education

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. POLİS YÜKSEK ÖĞRETİM KANUNU

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Law No. 4652: the FIRST PART of the Objective, scope and definitions of 25.4.2001 objective and scope article 1.-the purpose of this Act, the higher education institution of the Turkish Police Teşkilâtının Police Academy and police faculties, institutes and vocational high schools to determine the purpose and principles related to higher education, that the schools teşkilâtlanmasını, duties and responsibilities, education and training, research, publication, faculty and students about the fundamentals.
This law, the Academy and academic institutions, management and educational organs, their functioning, duties, powers and responsibilities, education and training bases and covers other issues related to these issues.
Definitions article 2.-this law last concepts and terminology;
a Minister of the Interior, b) Minister: Ministry): Interior Ministry, c) General Manager: Security General Manager, d) Headquarters: Safety General Manager, e) the President: Police Academy President, f): the Chairman of the Police Academy, g) Dean: about the Faculty Dean on the Dean of the relevant faculty Dean's, h):, ı) police vocational high school principal: associate degree-level education based on the Police Academy-teaching police vocational high principal, I) higher education Council Higher education Law No. 2547 dated: 4.11.1981 article 6 of the Interuniversity Board, j) created in accordance with: No. 2547 according to article 11 of the law created higher education Board, k) higher education institutions: Universities, high-tech institutes, Police Academy, Military Academy and their in-house faculties, institutes, colleges, conservatories, vocational schools and university research centers, l) Police Academy: Teşkilâtının Safety Officer to meet the needs of the associate degree, and Director, postgraduate education and training, scientific research, publication and advises the faculty, Institute and police vocational schools of higher education institution with the scientific autonomy, m) Institute: depending on the Presidency in about postgraduate education and training, scientific research, review and publication activities and instructor-breeding high Faculty training institution, n) Security : At the undergraduate level education, scientific research and broadcasting; its own units that can be attached to higher education institution, the Academy's education and training of those): the Department got the service according to the purpose, scope, and quality constitutes a whole, in terms of science, technical and application are engaged in teaching, research and application, consisting of branches of academic unit, d.), and at least one forming Part of the Department: science, covering education and training, implementation and research activities conducted at the academic unit, p) Science : The Department of education and training, practice and research in the academic unit, r) police vocational high school: Police Teşkilâtının police officer to satisfy undergraduate-level education and the high training institution, s) application: the Academy has faculty, Institute and police vocational high schools with faculty members and staff assistants faculty and instructor, Inc.) faculty members: the Academy has faculty, Institute and police vocational high schools constantly or temporarily assigned to services of Turkish or foreign nationals or safety class from a Professor , Associate Professor and Assistant Professor, 1) has the highest academic title Professor:, 2) Associate Professor: Professor has managed to have the academic title test, 3) Assistant Professor: successfully completed his Ph.d., the first tier has the academic title, t) Instructor: temporary or permanent commissioned teaching and practice as the duty of teaching staff responsible for on, u) Instructor: appointed as Temporary or permanent education and training in a variety of teaching during the course of the common compulsory course faculty members that implement the lessons identified as okutan or on , ü) Teaching Assistants: Police higher education institutions appointed to research specific periods of officials, experts, translators and academic plânlamacılarını, 1) research assistants: Police higher education institutions, research, review, implementation and experiments and authorized bodies engaged in other tasks given to training AIDS, 2) experts: Education-education directly or indirectly related to private information and expertise, which is an activity that indicates the need for specific periods of time assigned to teaching aides , 3) Converters: oral or written translation for certain periods of time in running training AIDS, 4) education Planners: tasked with teaching AIDS education planning advice, v) other concepts and terms are: higher education Law No. 2547 is defined in article 3 and the other with the implementation of this law, the concepts and terminology, the expression.
The SECOND PART of the Academy's organization, purpose, task and General principles article 3.-the safety Organization officer, amir and meet the need for an administrator, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education and training, scientific research, publishing and consulting have scientific autonomy and to make an on-site faculty, Institute and police vocational schools as a higher education institution located in the Police Academy.
The Academy's mission, referred to in this objective, quality and General Directorate in accordance with the duties and responsibilities: a) basic sciences and in one of the social sciences at the undergraduate level knowledge and skills, will be given tasks they can do after graduation, will be able to train and manage the personnel or unit to cultivate, b amir and Safety Organization Administrator) will be established within the faculty, Institute or the Presidency the Institute derive the safety services, at least at the undergraduate level education-educated amir and managers other people see the same level of education and training, postgraduate education and training in relevant disciplines, c) associate's degree-level education and training police vocational high schools, the police officer is to ensure its use.
Training Academy-teaching plan and programming and in the implementation of the following main principles are considered: a) the students in line with Atatürk's principles and revolution is a democratic, secular Ataturk nationalism and social principles of the rule of law works to raise awareness and professional values and developing the service.
b) depending on the national culture, customs and ways with universal culture in shape and features are developed and students, while maintaining national unity and solidarity booster spirit and willpower.
c) education and training plan and principles of contemporary scientific and technological programs, the country and the Department got needs and also the student's graduate level education and training in a way that is prepared to take. The coordination of this plan and programs developed on an ongoing basis by the General Directorate.
d) Academy, faculty, Institute and police vocational high schools, increasing the efficiency of the education and training of teaching staff, plânlanır and the Directorate General with the proposals of the Presidency.

The THIRD PART of the order, organs, duties, powers and responsibilities of the Organs article 4.-the Academy's academic and administrative affairs;
a) President, b) Dean, c) Board of Directors, d) Institute Director, e) High Council of education and training, f) Scientific Supervisory Board, g) police vocational school Manager, h) School Education Council, ı), the Faculty Board of Directors, I), the disciplinary Boards, j) General Administrative Units, By. If, in other units and require the service boards can be formed. Organisation of Act No. 2809 acquired an institutionalstatus within the framework of the law on higher education institutions when necessary, can be installed in other faculties.
President, Dean, Institute of police vocational high school article 5.-President; the Academy has faculty, Institute, police vocational high schools, and all of the units connected to the activities of management, is responsible for supervision and control.
The President appoints the President, himself a Professor if the Professor is a member of the Intercollegiate Board.
Dean, fellow students at the undergraduate level academic faculties of management, supervision and control of the activities of the President Professor responsible.
Institute Director, Institute all administrative and scientific activities in the management, control, and surveillance is responsible to the President of the faculty.
Police vocational school manager, school education, discipline, management and other services in the execution of the President is the person responsible.
The President of the Academy, Dean, Institute Director and his assistants with the appointment of the Director of police vocational college

Article 6.-the President has at least graduate level academic career Professor first class police chiefs, or faculty member, the General Manager, the Minister sees fit on a four-year deal, is assigned with the joint decree.
Dean, the President's proposal, the General Manager will be shown by the appropriate Minister to see among the three assigned by the higher education professor for three years.
Three to help the President, Dean is assigned two Assistant to help. One of the Vice President, including faculty member responsible for education, while others first class police chiefs; The General Manager is assigned with the approval of the Minister's proposal. Dean of the faculty, one needs to see the President on the Dean's proposal is assigned with the approval of the General Manager shall be appropriate, and the other is a first class police chiefs is assigned with the approval of the Minister, the General Manager of the bid.
The Institute's Director and two Assistant Professor, the President's proposal is assigned with the approval of the Minister on appropriate to see General Manager.
Police vocational high school of three years of first class police chiefs and Ministers are assigned with the approval of the General Manager.
Functioning and organization of the Board of Directors, the Academy tasks article 7.-chaired by the President, the Dean, the Institute's Director, the President's police vocational high school principals from a choice from among five choice, faculty member.
The Academy's Board of Directors of the administrative activities of the Academy;
a ensure the implementation of the activity plan and program), to prepare the budget and staff of the Academy proposals b), c) to evaluate the academic studies and prepare the arrangements they offer, d) will bring to the Board in relation to the administration of the President's management of the Academy or have other jobs to adjudicate, e) this law is tasked with other duties, provided with.
Training and education the Supreme Council chaired by the President's article 8.-the Board, Dean, Director of the Institute, the President appoints three police vocational high school principals and department heads. The President's most academic ways by falsely claiming in the Board chaired by the senior member. The Supreme Council for education and training, at the beginning of every education and training and in the end, meets twice a year. President, where he considers it necessary in education and training can call itself a high Board meeting.
The Supreme Council for education and training in accordance with the basic principles set out by the General Directorate; The Academy's training and education programs to improve the application and about the procedures and principles that detects, scientific research and extension activities as decisions, the Academy has faculty, Institute and police vocational high schools, all the laws, regulations and instructions concerning the requirements of existing regulations arising from the review Directorate General opinion, the suitability of the annual issue of the academic program and curriculum meet the problems that may arise in the higher education and training that connects the body of the decision.
Scientific Board of Auditors article 9.-the Board, faculty members in each section by section in an academic career, has the highest faculty, one of the principal by secret ballot for a year, and the other two members are selected, including backup. Elected member of the Board shall preside over the greatest seniority as this.
This Board and faculty teaching activities and scientific aspects of the Faculty of education, scientific research, publications, seminars and makes control of application activities. Assembly control notifies the President with a report on the results every year. When the need for scientific control activity this Board General Manager or can be assigned by the President.
Police vocational high school of enterprise, student resources and teaching period article 10.-Police Teşkilâtının police officers who need to train; Taking the opinion of the Ministry of Finance Ministry's proposal and the Council of Ministers, depending on the Police Academy with the associate's degree level, vocational education-instruction and practice police vocational high schools.
Police vocational high school student selection and placement Center student selection Exam made by winner and general high school as necessary by the Ministry, men's technical high school, technical high school for girls, and depending on the school of Commerce and tourism education graduates will be held among the successful ones special talent.
Police vocational high schools education duration two years.
The two-year education period successfully will be the COP in terms of health and discipline with tamamlayamayanlar officials dismissed the School Board's decision provided for.
Police vocational high school students boarding and broke the official uniform. The students of rationing, fostered and medical expenses with other rations are compensated by the met.
They assess and upon successful completion within the period, the police staff be appointed as a police officer candidate to President, and Dean's duties, powers and responsibilities article 11.-the President of the Academy;
a main policy specified in article 3 of the students) according to the police profession requires discipline and approach the Dean about whether train control required, b) with Teaching Management Academy's regular work between units and provide all administrative conduct, c) units and personnel at all levels, including academic staff on the general duty of supervision and control, d) at the end of Each academic year the Academy's education and training Dean of scientific research and publication activities also add their views, if any, of the report by the Directorate General, e) Academy, faculty, Institute and police vocational schools of investment programs and budget proposals, the squad will be given to the needs of the Directorate General in line with orders to declare and implement, f) where he considers it necessary in the Academy of academic staff in charge of the Academy in termination or change of duty station to an offer in the Directorate General , g) by this law and other laws can do tasks that are determined, and tasked with working order is authorized to establish.
The President, on a regular basis of the tasks set out above are not met, surveillance and control in making, monitoring and control of General Director in the results should be responsible in the first degree against.
Dean Of The Faculty;
a main policy specified in article 3 of the students) according to the police profession requires discipline and understanding its use provide, except as required by applicable law, statutes and regulations b), headquarters and taking into account the recommendations of the Board of the faculty teaching faculty to ensure the education and scientific research jobs, c) at the end of Each academic year the Faculty of education, scientific research and publication activities provide reports to the President about, d) as determined by this law and other laws do tasks , and tasked with working order is authorized to establish.
Dean, as determined above, the fulfillment of tasks in an orderly manner, surveillance and control in making, monitoring and in controlling, taking in the results, the President is responsible for in the first degree against.
Faculty Education Council and the Faculty Board of Directors is the Organization, functioning and tasks article 12.-Faculty Education Council, chaired by the Dean, Dean aides tasked with department heads and faculty Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor are among themselves of each of their choice for up to three years consists of a faculty member.
Faculty Education Council normally each are collected at the beginning and end of the academic year.
Dean, where he considers it necessary in this Board meeting can call itself.
Faculty Education Council;
a) the College's academic, scientific research and opinion about the merits of publication activity, keep up with the work and status of students in relation to measures, b) general assessment of the academic activities, c) Dean's and adjudicate issues it deems appropriate, is tasked with.
The Faculty Board of Directors;
The Faculty Board of Directors, chaired by the Dean, Dean's a organ help, tasked with training jobs Associate Dean in charge of department heads and faculty with professors, associate professors and assistant professors from the Faculty Education Council by one Member to be elected to three-year period. This is collected in the Dean's Board, where he considers it necessary.
The Faculty Board of Directors faculty administrative activities;
a College's educational plan and program) with calendar, ensure the implementation of, the Board of Education Faculty teaching at b) in relation to identified by taking into account the principles set forth in their implementation the Dean College's budget and staff to help prepare bids for c), d) academic studies to evaluate and prepare the arrangements they offer,

admission of students, course e) adaptation and potential removal of the faculty, will be announced according to the Directorate General divided into sections, the procedures concerning the training and examinations to decide about, f) academic staff lessons by reviewing the reports on measures to adjudicate, g) the Dean, faculty will bring to the Board in relation to the management of other jobs the Administration making decisions about consultation, is tasked with.
General administrative units of other committees and article 13.-the Academy, including academic levels, faculty teaching Committee or the President with the approval of the General Manager and other committees can be formed.
In accordance with the policy specified by this Law Academy, to administer the President's proposal and with the approval of the General Manager general management units required by the service can be installed.
The FOURTH SECTION Department of Academy Teaching Bodies and duties Section and presidencies article 14.-the faculty, after taking the opinion of the High Council of education and training, the Dean's proposal, the President with the approval of the General Manager on the appropriate see chapter presidencies can be combined or closed can be installed.
Chapter presidencies, professors and executed by the second class police chiefs. Department heads a faculty member, Dean's proposal, the President, with the consent of the second class Police Chief Minister's Department heads with the approval of the proposal for the General Manager, are assigned to three years.
Department heads, education at all levels and of parts of the Research Department, and all kinds of activity on a regular basis and is in charge of ensuring the execution of in an efficient manner.
Department faculty members giving lessons contained within, are gathered under the chairmanship of the Dean among themselves elect a President for two years.
Department heads, it belongs to science education at all levels and regular research activities and execution of in an efficient manner.
The FIFTH PART of students Faculty Students Student resource allowance for the obligation of compulsory service, personal transactions, and the ban on marrying article 15.-the College is the main source of police college students. If required, general secondary, technical high school for boys, technical high school for girls, and depending on the school of Commerce and tourism education graduates to be specified in the regulation conditions among students can be provided by the faculty.
Bilateral agreement with the State concerned, in relation to any foreign students with the approval of the Minister's admission to the Academy.
Foreign students will be able to follow the teaching of the Turkish language proficiency training-exam after identification with education.
Foreign students are obligated by the rules applied to Academy students.
Police College graduates will be determined by the regulation conditions and successful in the exam that will be opened, depending on the Police Academy, as determined by the Ministry the faculties of higher education institutions can be sent abroad. Their education, shelter, subsistence, transportation and medical expenses from the budget for Headquarters, will be determined by the ministries of Interior and finance amount of allowance amount. These students depending on the Police Academy about compulsory service, on the other hand, students are subject to rights and obligations.
Nature of students to be admitted to the Academy with access based on terms and conditions determined by the regulation.
Students, the Academy offers free is rationing, deposited, to be determined in the regulation needs medical expenses and are welcomed at Government expense.
Faculty and students of police vocational high school also located in the Military Academy, military cadets are paid paid amount of pocket money.
Students are required by the business and operations of the status of Başkanlıkça is executed.
Faculty, Institute and police vocational high schools undergraduate, graduate or undergraduate education (except for foreign nationals) each academic year for a period of two years mandatory service in return.
One of them is liable to compulsory service, regardless of whether they graduate, resigned or applicant should be dropped because a crime that requires a functioning or health or any other reason, except for the duration of the obligation allocated in proportion to the missing part of the costs of teaching made four times as much to them as they have to pay compensation.
Married students to the Faculty and students do not get married during their studies.
Police College-related provisions of other legislation for compulsory service is the repetition.
Student of termination article 16.-Education Faculty students at any time, provided their education: a) to be issued in accordance with the provisions of this law will be determined by the regulation note out of morality.
b) out of Whom school capital, penalty became final.
c the maximum period prescribed by law, to assess this) tamamlayamayanlar.
d the civil servants Law No. 657) officer the nature to be losers.
e net current will be given based on the report) Health Academy, the possibility of continuing the Headquarters health Committee determined.
f) input-related qualities performances during the study looks like.
(c) the scope of the regulation to be issued by the Ministry in case of requests, to be determined in accordance with the appropriate principles to be seen police assigned to the staff.

CHAPTER SIX discipline and punishment Disciplinary boards Jobs article 17.-the Academy; Presidential Police Disciplinary Committee, the disciplinary board of the Police Disciplinary Board of the Faculty and faculty Students.
Presidential Police disciplinary board and Disciplinary Board, the Faculty is based on the establishment, operation and procedures Police are equipped with safety Organisation are subject to the legislation. Enstitülerdeki Presided at the Academy students and other personnel discipline Affairs, Police disciplinary board is looking at.
Services of an additional course at the Academy officers and safety class instructors are faculty members of staff other than discipline and punishment of higher education Law No. 2547 about relevant provisions applied.
The Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee; the students ' disciplinary investigation is headed by the Dean of the faculty, Faculty Board and the Faculty Board consists of two members, they will choose among themselves.
Board members term of Office, the Board will give the penalties and penalties; the event, attitudes and behaviors, because of disciplinary dismissal periods and require application based on all issues related to these issues with a regulation.
Police higher education institutions student discipline Committee, the Institute of the Faculty and, given that the police are out to pay for vocational school requires that the proposal of the President, with the approval of the General Manager to make decisions, to Dean's other decisions to the faculties, institutes the President, police vocational high schools is finalized with the approval of the school for managers.
Investigation authority and directly to the penalty to article 18.-President, faculty, Institute and police vocational high schools additional course officials in charge of faculty and other staff outside the students as they are committed inside or outside the Academy because of their investigation or a disciplinary offence is entitled to have.
In cases deemed necessary by the Secretary or General Manager in charge of safety services class at the Academy instructors to staff at all levels with an investigation may directly asked the Organisation the Safety regulations set out in the tickets directly.
Safety should be given training and Education Council Guam legislation stipulated which used fines, the President is authorized to directly.
CHAPTER SEVEN academic and teaching on undergraduate and Graduation time article 19.-the Faculty undergraduate studies according to the specified purpose and policy referred to in this instruction, the following are arranged in such a way that: a the first three programs classroom course) the police profession overview required to determine types of General Directorate of the senior class, specialized sections are organized to cover information specific to.
principles of Atatürk and history of Turkish revolution b), Turkish language, foreign language and physical education as a compulsory course. Other compulsory courses in vocational education and training, mainly ones High Council with the recommendation of the Directorate General, professional non-faculty teaching Committee recommendation is lessons, is determined by the decision of the High Council of education and training.
c) Undergraduate teaching, 11 and 12 of article, taking into account the above courses be taught according to the daily and weekly hours, varieties, will be made to students will be given the application studies, seminars and conferences and other programs related to these issues in a regulation.
The faculty teaching time, passing eight semesters, with course passing per class is basis with four academic year. Students are known for two semesters or one academic year grace period. At the end of this period, also those who fail as the last paragraph of the provision in article 16, is applied.

the 16th item (e) in accordance with the terms of the title of a student's health in terms of lost ones, severed from the cessation of continue education and active within two years can make health boards and Police Headquarters health Committee as new Academy students from those specified can be taken.
Training of specialized parts of the allocation and implementation of article 20.-the last fourth grade students, the Faculty Board of Directors, the type and the amount of quota is divided into specialized sections shall be determined by the Directorate General and the fourth class, the specialized section completes.
Partitioning process, your residency properties, with the student's past years success and capabilities, taking into consideration the request of the student, the Faculty Management Committee.
At the end of the academic year the faculty students eligible in at least one campsite, with a maximum of two months will be determined by the regulation principles and procedures for vocational education, shot through the work of conditioning drill, physical follow-up.
-Continue and graduation article 21.-Students are required to attend all classes.
From students;
In a two-semester or academic year without excuse as the difference in education and training courses for more than twenty days, dishes washer acceptable excuse even though one-third of the semester or academic year as an opportunity to continue that exceed others, that semester or academic year lose their rights and all are considered to have failed the exam.
After graduating from college with an associate's degree is given to students who complete success and the law on the police no. 3201 detected rank with supervisors are assigned to the class of nasbedilerek-needed staff.
CHAPTER EIGHT Teaching Principles For wash they suck instructors and tasks article 22.-the following illustration shows the personnel as instructors at the Academy: a Police Act No. 3201 dated 4.6.1937) 13 in article three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine are considered professional-grade, b) will be assigned to the staff of the Academy instructors, c) if required, as an additional course fee contracted or appointed University faculty members and helpers He saw members of the profession, higher education and other public officials, and people who are self-employed, which is an expert in okutacakları course, d) tasked the Academy instructors, upon request; the President and the other with the approval of the request of teaching staff of higher education institutions or other Turkish police or foreign institutions of higher education to grant additional subjects, Görevlendirilebilirler.
Academic staff;
a the purposes and principles set out in this law) as to work or the academic and practical preparations and seminars, project manage, b) scientific research and publications, c) head of Division will be held according to the schedule as necessary aid to students and guide, d) referred to in this contact person and bodies related to education and training will be given other tasks, is tasked with.
The Academy's Faculty rosters, this is shown in the attached Law ruler. Adding to this law, "chaired by the Police Academy Instructor Kadrolarını indicates the Ruler" in Decree Law No. 190 of titles and degrees within the framework of the provisions of the Council of Ministers is authorized to make changes.
Faculty of foreign nationals in article 23, comprises foreign instructors at the Academy-the Academy offers the General Manager, and the need to be taken by the Ministry of Finance with the approval of the Minister, upon a favorable opinion can be run as contracted. In this way, to be executed in foreign contracted faculty payable, dated 11.10.1983 and numbered higher education Staff Act 2914 16th will be determined by the Council of Ministers in accordance with article in accordance with the principles determined by the Ministry.
Scientific activities at the end of the teaching period article 24.-the heads of Each Department of the education and research activities in that period with a report indicating the next year work plan through, the head of the Department about the Dean. Dean, this report presents to the President by adding their own conviction. The President treats them, take the necessary measures within their jurisdiction, and that the views and proposals on issues to the Directorate General.
Each faculty, scientific research, publications, courses are directed with the seminar, a list of the applications and processes issues lecture notes, to scientific Convention in the country or outside the two instance of the Communiques is attached to the head of the Department is the Dean had to offer through.
Scientific publications of faculty members, the Presidency, faculties, institutes and are archived in private at the Home Office. A copy of these publications are sent to the higher education Council Documentation Center.
Academic staff rights and obligations Article 25.-the rights and obligations of the teaching staff according to their status are described below: a) appointed members of the profession as a lecturer: Rütbelerine Organisation for Safety legislation specified peers based on rights and obligations also apply about them. These are provincial police teşkilâtında all kinds of perks given to precedent in charge, compensation and overtime corresponds to payments made under another name and with their rights just to take advantage of.
This staff, with the permission of the General Directorate of scientific and professional issues of the publication and can participate in the meetings of this nature can offer, communicated their ideological, scientific publication, you can write non-destructive and divisive nature.
b) Permanent academic staff: This faculty Group Managing Director's proposal, with the approval of the Minister. The mandate of these kinds of personal rights, increasing their academic title and protection, retirement and higher education Law No. 2547 about permissions and the provisions of the higher education Personnel Law No. 2914, these are other issues that fall outside the provisions of the law on the police no. 3201.
Safety Teşkilâtındaki educational and training services that additional payments made to staff the class group is given the same personnel.
c) Safety Services is Academy and police inherits from vocational schools of higher education faculty, law No. 2914 assigned Staff calculated according to article 12 of the law on university funding with the civil servants Law No. 657, which you will be paid in accordance with the provisions of safety services compensation amounts that are paid as compensation the difference between.
In addition, the President, Vice Presidents, deans, Dean, Institute Director, principal, Institute Secretary, Department heads with police vocational high school principals and Assistant according to article 13 of the law No. 2914 to administrative duty allowance.
President Rector, Rector, Vice President of the help is provided at the rate being paid administrative duty allowance.
d) additional lecture wage earners in charge at the Academy, they carry the rights and liability of the stadium they have. These become the General Directorate based on the number of classes that have been identified within the framework of the principles and provisions of the Budget Law is given an additional course fee.
e) (a) and (b) in regulation of the annual register of written guidelines, safety report in accordance with the legislation determined by the regulation, the Guam.
General Manager, instructors as necessary additional registry editing. This register based on all assessments.
Instructor, graduate education and institutes article 26.-Academy, education and training for the needs of the law on higher education numbered 2547 specified principles and our dairy farmers can cultivate instructors both at home and abroad.
For this purpose, the Academy has the President's Scientific Supervisory requirements of the Academy by taking the views of staff and is in accordance with the requirements going to graduate academic institutes.
The bodies of the Institute; the Institute's Director, is the Graduate School Administrative Board and the Board of the Institute.
The Institute's Director, all administrative and scientific education activities in the Institute's management, oversight and control from the President is the person responsible.
The principal of the Institute at the beginning of the task, one that he sees fit when there is no Assistant Attorney.
The Institute Board; chaired by the principal, vice principal and lecturer at the Institute of faculty members at the Academy for three years of their choice is made up of three members.
The Graduate School Administrative Board; chaired by the Assistant principal's Office, choose from the six candidates to be shown as Secretary and Director of the graduate school, the Graduate School Administrative Board by three faculty members to be elected for three years.
Board of Directors Law School graduate school the Graduate School Board and Education Council and faculty been given tasks to the Board of directors from a scientific point of view for the Institute.

The names of these institutions, departments, student selection will be held in the graduate school graduate with training-instruction shape, duration, programs, higher education institutions higher education Law No. 2547-related provisions and will be given based on diplomas, is determined by the regulation.
Institute Secretary article 27.-Enstitülerdeki administrative staff and Student Affairs from all the management, control, and supervision of the principal of the Institute is the person responsible.
Teşkilâttaki second class police chiefs is assigned with the Minister's approval of the proposal, the General Manager from.
CHAPTER NINE miscellaneous provisions article 28.-Control and social services Academy, the Ministry and Headquarters supervision by the vocational education, administrative and financial aspects are checked at least once a year. Scientific control in accordance with the law on higher education numbered 2547 if higher education is made by the Board.
Başkanlıkça, preservation of the body and the mental health of students, in the manner stipulated by this law for subsistence, housing, work, rest and leisure activities such as social needs of students ' examination and treatment, cinema and theatre halls, sports courts, canteen, to meet the needs of various social units and similar places and these are required for the benefit of students without adequate measures are taken.
Personal and family problems of the students at the Academy in order to analyze the guidance and psychological counseling centers.
Revolving Fund article 29.-at the request of the relevant section at the Academy, the Board of Higher education and training recommendation, the President's positive opinion and with the approval of the General Manager can be installed on the capital operation. The amount of initial capital is shown in the budget to be exported. The recommendation and the approval of the Ministry of Finance and the General Manager of the capital can be increased. Capital, will be placed in the institution's budget appropriations, in-kind, to be obtained as a result of operating profits, donations and grants. Paid-in capital, until the year-end profits to capital allocated capital is deducted.
Paid-in capital, after reaching the capital, remaining profits allocated to the next year's revenues are added.
The fields of activity, capital revolving limit, business-related administrative procedures and principles, the conduct of education and training on the High Board, the approval of the Ministry of Finance will be the approval and are specified in the regulation.
The public debt and working capital management, 1050 Muhasebei No. 2886 is not subjected to Tender No. Regulations.
The staff contribution is obtained by Revolving Fund revenues; He claims a year monthly unit tasked personnel (including additional indicator), perks and all types of compensation and allowances does not exceed 100% of the amount of the additional payment is to be distributed to the procedures and principles will be prepared by the Ministry upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance is determined by the regulation.
Regulations Article 30.-the following considerations;
the Academy's management units of organization, a) task, working principles and procedures, b) Faculty, Institute and police vocational courses in high school that I was appointed to the Faculty of additional course fees apply principles and procedures, c) conditions to be fulfilled by the students to be admitted to the Academy, you will be asked to document, registration, examination and acceptance of the principles and procedures, d) location of the faculty students application training, time, duration, and in what manner do principles and procedures the determination of the time teaching Faculty, e), periods of separation, convalescent, examination and evaluation of policies on the right to read the success status, used should be considered case, note the order and other matters related to these issues, f) police vocational high school of enterprise, work, discipline and academic fundamentals conditions to be fulfilled by the students to be admitted to this school with the circumstances, with the exam, the principles for the establishment and functioning of the Institute and other considerations, g) police higher education institutions students are to wear clothes in and out of school principles a regulation to be issued by the Ministry,. However, academic education and training in the regulations about the opinion of the High Council.
Article 31.-3201 Police Act No. 13 of the specified task in article titles; the second degree in the profession, "Academy Deputy, Associate Dean, Director of police vocational school", the third degree of the profession, "the Institute's Secretary, police vocational high school Assistant, senior lecturer, Chief of APK expert", fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth in the profession, "Lecturer" has been added, the third Vice President of the Academy profession degrees are counted in the title.
Repealed and the provisions of law amended article 32.-Guam Police Act No. 3201 19th article of two, three, four and fifth paragraphs of the Guam Law No. 490 dated 29.7.1993 with Safety is presented to One Amendment Decree No. 3087 Police higher education Act dated 28.11.1984 and repealed, and numbered 2451 ministries and Affiliated Organizations located in the annex of the Act For an assignment Duly (II) ruler, "provincial police chief to come before the" Police Academy "President" has been added.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1.-the current police are police vocational high schools school dönüştürülmeyenlerden deemed appropriate by the General Directorate, in-service training in order to be used as a police training center.
Police vocational high schools education and training, followed by the date this law comes into force at the time.
Police vocational high schools education education available until police schools shall continue.
The date this law comes into force before the police school entrance exams have been successful but because of Police School education a variety of excuses start or search their studies due to given an excuse still ongoing Police Schools education students with vested interests remains hidden.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2.-this law attached (1) ruler was established in Decree No. 190 positions (I) belongs to the Directorate General of security of the ruler No. added to the section. Adding to this Act (2) the ruler to cancel 190 positions contained in Decree No. attachment from the rulers.
Adding to this Act (3) on police positions contained in Act No. ruler high school of education to cancel without any date processing began, was removed from the rulers Decree No. 190 attachment.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 3.-this law due to the new arrangements made with frame and is established by this law the task titles unchanged, are considered to have been assigned to the squad.
Police vocational schools of education as of the date when this Law with staff on duty and police removed or modified task titles such as school principal, vice principal and safety services police school included in the class teachers until a new staff can be assigned the old work in accordance. They belong to the month old staff, raise all sorts of additional indicators, and compensation and other personal rights, police vocational high schools education followed by six months of the date it started, not to exceed, the party continues, depending.
The Dean of the Academy teams, the Institute's Director and police vocational high school principals until the Board of Directors of the Academy; Chaired by the President, the Vice President in charge of the education and training section with the President.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 4.-the article 25 of this law (c) until December 31, 2008, rather than the provision of the following provisions shall apply: Police Academy President, Vice Presidents, Associate Dean, Secretary of the Institute, branch managers, Department heads, police vocational high school principals, Vice President and branch manager of safety services is appointed in police higher education institutions which derive from the faculty, because they were receiving the compensation, safety services, you can see they are University staff and faculty, 30% percent allowance is also paid. Except for the payment of the stamp duty will not retain any taxable.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 5.-the Police Institute before the entry into force of this Act shall be part of the higher education graduates from the Police Academy with acquired rights reserved.
Article 33.-this law enters into force on the date of promulgation.
Article 34.-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

CHAIRED by the POLICE ACADEMY INSTRUCTOR SHOWS the RULER KADROLARINI AUTHORITY: the General Directorate of security WOULD MAKE ME: the KADROLARIN ESTABLISHED the country Free Class Title As Staff Total Aka. Kadro Profesör 1 49 49

Aka. Kadro Doçent 1 30 30
Aka. Kadro Doçent 2 30 30
Aka. Kadro Doçent 3 23 23
Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 3 30 30 Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 4 25 25 Aka. Staff assistant professors 5 32 32 Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 6 32 32 Aka. Staff lecturer 1 15 15 Aka. Staff lecturer 2 15 15 Aka. Staff instructor 3 15 15 Aka. Staff lecturer 4 15 15 Aka. Staff lecturer 5 15 15 Aka. Staff lecturer 6 15 15 Aka. Staff lecturer 7 15 15 Aka. Staff Instructor 1 25 25 Aka. Staff Instructor 2 15 15 Aka. Staff Instructor 3 15 15 Aka. Staff Instructor 4 15 15 Aka. Staff Instructor 5 10 10 Aka. Staff Instructor 6 15 15 Aka. Staff Instructor 7 15 15 Aka. Kadro Uzman 1 5 5
Aka. Kadro Uzman 2 5 5
Aka. Kadro Uzman 3 5 5
Aka. Kadro Uzman 4 5 5
Aka. Staff research assistant 4 35 35 Aka. Staff research assistant 5 7 7 Aka. Staff Research Assistant 6 5 5 Aka. Staff research assistant 7 7 7 TOTAL 540 540 (1) RULER AUTHORITY: the General Directorate of security WOULD MAKE ME: the KADROLARIN ESTABLISHED the country Free Class Title As Staff Total E.H.S. Akademi Başkanı 1 1 1
E.H.S. Vice Academy. 1 2 2
E.H.S. Dekan Yardımcısı 1 1 1
E.H.S. Bölüm Başkanı 1 4 4
E.H.S. Police vocational school Manager 1 15 15 E.H.S. Police Vocational School Manager. 1 45 45
E.H.S. Enstitü Sekreteri 1 1 1
E.H.S. Police Training Center Manager 1 10 10 E.H.S. Police Egt. Ctr. Manager 1 20 20
E.H.S. WaterAid (Lecturer) 1 270 270 E.H.S. The Chief of police (Lecturer) 2 30 30 E.H.S. Captain (Lecturer) 2 15 15 E.H.S. Captain (Lecturer) 3 15 15 E.H.S. Commissioner (Lecturer) 3 15 15 E.H.S. Captain (Lecturer) 4 15 15 E.H.S. Commissioner (Lecturer) 4 15 15 E.H.S. Commissioner (Lecturer) 5 15 15 E.H.S. Commissioner (Lecturer) 6 15 15 E.H.S. Deputy Commissioner. (Lecturer) 6 15 15 E.Ö.H.S. Öğretmen 2 3 3
E.Ö.H.S. Öğretmen 3 3 3
E.Ö.H.S. Öğretmen 4 3 3
E.Ö.H.S. Öğretmen 5 3 3
E.Ö.H.S. Öğretmen 6 3 3
E.Ö.H.S. Teacher 7 5 5 TOTAL 539 539 (1) RULER CORPORATION: General Directorate of security, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: the ESTABLISHED Overseas KADROLARIN Free number of Total Staff number of Staff Held the title of the class Degrees G.İ.H. Advisor 1 15 15 TOTAL 15 15 (2) of ACT NO. RULER AUTHORITY: the General Directorate of security WOULD MAKE ME: Backwoods CANCELLED KADROLARIN number of Total Degree Title Free Staff Class Aka. Kadro Profesör 1 4 4
Aka. Kadro Doçent 1 4 4
Aka. Kadro Doçent 2 2 2
Aka. Kadro Doçent 3 2 2
Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 3 10 10 Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 4 5 5 Aka. Staff assistant professors 5 6 6 Aka. Staff Assistant Professor 6 2 2 Aka. Kadro Okutman 1 22 22
Aka. Kadro Okutman 2 3 3
Aka. Kadro Okutman 3 5 5
Aka. Kadro Okutman 4 2 2
Aka. Kadro Okutman 5 2 2
Aka. Staff research assistant 4 29 29 Aka. Staff research assistant 5 10 10 Aka. Staff Research Assistant 6 1 1 Aka. Staff research assistant 7 1 1 E.H. Police Academy President 1 1 1 E.H. Police Academy 1 3 3 Vice President E.H. Bölüm Başkanı 1 4 4
E.Ö.H. Öğretmen 2 3 3

E.Ö.H. Öğretmen 3 3 3
E.Ö.H. Öğretmen 4 3 3
E.Ö.H. Öğretmen 5 3 3
E.Ö.H. Öğretmen 6 3 3
E.Ö.H. Öğretmen 7 5 5
Y.H. Market and neighborhood security 10 15 15 TOTAL 153 153 (3) NUMBERED RULER AUTHORITY: the General Directorate of security WOULD MAKE ME: Backwoods CANCELLED KADROLARIN number of Total Free Staff Class Title As E.H. Öğretmen 1 293 293
E.H. Police Academy Manager 1 25 25 E.H. Police Academy Assistant Manager 1 69 69 TOTAL 387 387