Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Government Of The Republic Of Congo, The Republic Of Turkey

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜR­Kİ­YE CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­Tİ HÜ­KÜ­ME­Tİ İLE KON­GO CUM­HU­Rİ­YE­T

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.tbmm.gov.tr/kanunlar/k5640.html

Law No. 5640

Acceptance Date: 02/05/2007
ARTICLE 1, signed in Ankara on 28 September 2005, "Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Congo between the Government of Military Education, Technical and Scientific Cooperation Framework Agreement" has been used in the validation of.
Article 2 of this Act shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Article 3 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.


Government of the Republic of Congo, the Republic of Turkey; (Hereinafter referred to as the "Parties" will be called.)
United Nations Law of the objectives and principles, highlighting the friendship and commitment in
international relations, understanding, recognizing the need to strengthen the mutual trust and cooperation and to explain their determination to contribute to this goal, || | Party of sovereignty and cooperation in various military fields that are essential to the principle of equality, as well as to world peace and security, affirming the two countries will contribute to the common interest, recognizing the need to fulfill their international obligations
parties have agreed in
following: ARTICLE II

pURPOSE the purpose of this Agreement; Powers between the parties in the framework defined by their national legislation into the Military Education and the Technical and Scientific cooperation and assistance to establish and develop. SCOPE

Article II of this Agreement; Article IV of the specified areas and other documents to be prepared under this Agreement will take place in the area of ​​personnel, materials, equipment, knowledge and experience covers the exchange. ARTICLE III DEFINITIONS

contained in this Agreement:
1. Sending Party; For the purposes of this Agreement, the Receiving Party personnel, materials and equipment refers to the sending Party.
2. Receiving Party; During the implementation of this Agreement, personnel, material and equipment means the party who accepts the country. 3
. Guest Military Personnel; Armed Forces located in one of the two States in accordance with the laws of their state or
military officer training to see the military / civilian personnel
4. "Family members"; Guests dependents of military personnel that refers to his wife and children.
5. "National Group President"; Posted by the Party's legislation defines the military personnel in the highest degree of seniority rankings.
6. "Commander or Chief"; Military personnel found that the commander of the headquarters or scarce or define the authority of the institution.
7. Authorities; Chief of Staff of the Congo side of the Republic of Turkey on the Turkish side is the Department of Defense of the Republic of Congo. MILITARY COOPERATION AREAS ARTICLE IV

The Parties shall mutually cooperate in the following fields:
a. Military Education and Training,
b. mutual cooperation between the two countries Gendarmerie Force,
c. Logistics and Defense Industry Cooperation in the field
d. exchange of observers for military exercises,
e. Parties Agreed to cooperation in other military area.


1. The parties in the Framework Agreement of cooperation specified in Article IV, without prejudice to the interests of other States will exchange information and experience.
2. Parties, the details of collaborative applications, Implementing Agreements will determine the protocols and other technical arrangements. 3
. Cooperation with the aim, Receiving resident of the sending Party staff will be sent to the parties, the use of safety and facilities that issues related to the status of personnel will be determined in the Agreement and the Protocols will be held after the adoption of this Framework Agreement. ARTICLE VI

SECURITY OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION 1. one of the parties of the information, a third country or third parties / companies will be able to provide the written consent of the other party.
2. information supplied by the Parties, shall be used only for the purposes of this agreement. 3
. All kinds of information to be exchanged, documents, materials, and privacy and security of the project will be provided by the Parties.
4. patents related activities in areas of cooperation will respect the rights related to copyright and trade secrets.
5. Guest Military Personnel, the Receiving Party will learn about the Armed Forces of classified information is broadcast. The recipient Party shall provide a lower degree of privacy it gives the other party's knowledge.
6. The provisions related to information security are identified, then it will also apply to termination of this agreement.
Article VII
The provisions of this Agreement by both the country is a party shall not affect the commitments of other international agreements and the interests of other states to will not be used against the security and territorial integrity. Article VIII CRIMINAL JURISDICTION

1. Receiving guests during their stay in the country for Military Personnel and Family Members of the laws of the Receiving Party shall comply with laws and regulations. In this regard shall refrain from conduct detrimental to the security and integrity of the Receiving Party.
2. Receiving Party personnel who committed crimes in the territory will be judged according to the Criminal Law in force in the Receiving Party. In this case, the punishment would be kind of punishment in force in both countries. Article IX DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS

1. Guests Military Staff, to follow the instructions of their armed forces and will also obey the rules in force in the units and institutions of the Receiving Party.
2. Group President, their staff is authorized to impose penalties on its own legal regulations. Disciplinary action, Guest Military Personnel is requested by the supervisor of the place where the result of the transaction will be reported to the authorities as soon as possible by a written request. ARTICLE XI STATUS OF PERSONNEL

1. Guests military personnel will not be handed to other duties, the duties specified in this agreement.
2. Guests military personnel or family members of the diplomatic immunities / privileges will be given. 3
. Guests Military Staff, will stay away from any kind of political activity and intelligence in the Receiving Country Land. ARTICLE XI EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES

1. Sending Party is entitled to call back its personnel when it deems necessary. Receiving Party when such information is received, it will take the necessary measures for the realization as soon as possible.
2. Guest Military Personnel, or in case of death of family members, will inform the sending Party to the Receiving Party, the funeral will transport it to the airport from the nearby nations of the country, to maintain until delivered to the authorities and will prepare to send by the health protection measures. These services will be provided by request fee be provided to the Receiving Party. 3
. Sending Party, the Receiving Party from the international airport funeral will cover the expenses for the transfer to their own country. ARTICLE XII HEALTH SERVICES

1. Guest Military Personnel and Family Members of the military hospitals in the Receiving Party, the Receiving Party on equal terms with their immediate inspection of military personnel and their families, will benefit from first aid and emergency dental care facilities. Other treatment, care, hospitalization, medicines and any other health care personnel being sent to countries with ill expenditure for costs will be covered by the sending Party.
2. The following services, support and mutual examination was held with the exception of dental care.
A. Civilian doctors or dentists outpatient treatment made by,
b. patient handling are done by military ambulance,
c. inpatient treatment in civilian health institutions
d. Seeing and hearing aids,
e. Artificial limbs / prostheses
f. Cures and special treatment procedures (spa treatments, treatment of osteoporosis, treatment with assisted reproductive techniques)
g. Orthopedic and other aids,
h. his services to dental laboratories and materials
i. Maternity services, gynecology, 3
. Guest Military Personnel and Family Members, except for examination and dental care specified in paragraph 1 of this Article, treatment and other expenses made for all kinds of health care, the Receiving Party, according to the choice of the competent authorities at the end of all education and training period or every three months, the sender's Party notified to the competent authority. Sending Party of the competent authorities, within one month from the date of notification, the competent authority makes payment of the Receiving Party. Article XIII FINANCIAL MATTERS

1. The execution of the cooperation activities under the Agreement for the purpose of assigned personnel away rights for military personnel and financial liability shall be borne by the sending Party.
2. Guest Military Personnel and Family Members, shall be subject to tax and foreign exchange regulations of the Receiving Party. Article XIV

1. Both Parties, during the mission of its military personnel or job performance due to intentional or negligent in mütevellit other Party of the act or third party goods (weapons / ammunition, supplies / equipment), damage to, shall indemnify the loss and damage.
2. State or a third party itself, intentionally or unintentionally damage done to their property and the law of the Receiving Party shall be valid on the matter. 3
. Parties Guests military personnel during the execution of activities under the Framework Agreement on the other hand will not demand compensation in case of injury or death. Article XV

CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION PROCEDURES 1. Guest Military Personnel and Family Members in the territory of the Receiving and residence of foreigners in addition to the provisions of law relating to the travel approved by the Receiving Party shall be subject to customs duties on entry and exit
2. Guest Military Personnel and Family Members, will be subject to in their time with the input and output of the receiving Party in this country to country in accordance with the law of the Receiving Party passports. Receiving Party shall facilitate administrative possible in accordance with its statutory regulations. SETTLEMENT OF
case of the occurrence of any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement, the Parties will resolve in a manner to be agreed with the way the negotiations as soon as this issue or two parties. If the dispute is not resolved within 90 days of the meeting, each of the parties by giving 90 days written notice may terminate this Agreement. in no way will not be referred to an international tribunal or third party for resolution of the dispute in question. ARTICLE XVII

AMENDMENT AND REVIEW Each Party may propose needed to be modified in writing or reviewing this Agreement. Article XVIII DURATION

this Agreement into force for two years. If one of the parties does the pre-termination notice 6 months after the end of this period, each year, the effective period of the contract will be automatically extended for one-year periods. Article XIX ENTRY INTO FORCE

This agreement after the parties signed the note stating that each Party has been approved in accordance with the legal procedures will be exchanged on the date of entry into force. ARTICLE XXI

TEXT AND SIGNATURE This Agreement each in Turkish and French was signed in Ankara on 28 September 2005 2 evil copies being equally authentic.


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