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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE İSRAİL DEVLETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASIN

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Kanun No. 5645


Acceptable Date: 2/5/2007      

Article 1- 1 Mayans in Jerusalem on 2005 "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of Israel in the Government of the Government of Israel" is appropriate for the approval of the "Agreement on Cooperation in the Area of the Republic of Turkey".

Article 2- On the release date of this Law It will be effective.  

Article 3- Ministers of this Law Executes installed.






























Government of the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter) with the The Government of the Islamic State (hereinafter will be understood as Israel) (hereinafter it will be understood as the Parties).

Parties in industrial and technological research and development areas Strengthening and developing the business, on the basis of friendship, economic and industrial areas, including economic and industrial areas, will remain mutabled by the desire to strengthen and disseminate the business of Turkey and Israel.

Clause 1

Parties, rearview research and pre-competitive development activities (hereinafter) they will develop and develop the business between them in the topics of Sighnai. In addition, both Devlette will comply with the applicable relevant and implemented legislation, and will consider both the partnership and project-based interests of the parties involved.

Article 2

The parties partner in advancing relations in the Sinai R & D field. They will strive to facilitate, promote, disseminate, and develop, in particular, the following areas of interest and the benefits of the Parties:

l Bilim Technologies

l Laser and Optical Technologies

l Mechatronics

l Glenda, Tarim Products, and Spatial Genetics

l Business Materials Technologies

l Renewable Energy

l Nanotechnology

l Aerodynamic and Space Technologies

l Biotechnology

l Sulama Technologies

Clause 3

The parties to the innovative businesses operating in the Sinai R & D field to use the data base to encourage and encourage the partnership between Turkish and Israeli companies that are developing technology for the realisation of Sighnai R&D (in article 6 (e)), and Innovating and technology development They will be able to provide support mechanisms and information exchange in technological incubators.

Clause 4

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter) as STB The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Conflict (hereinafter) and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Conflict (hereinafter) will be responsible for the application and the statement of the statement.

STB and STPB will be able to determine the Ýþbirliði.

Parties, technological innovations in their own countries in the region of Sunai R&D They will be able to understand and/or do not understand the need for organizations, organizations, universities, research centers, and companies to address the need.

Clause 5

The parties are further strengthened and further strengthened by this statement. They will be able to contribute to international programs in a way that will not increase. In this case, the Parties are the 6th European Union. They will strive to support programs and projects in the area of Sannai R&D related to scientific research and technological innovations such as the Framework Programme, the EUROMED Programme and EUREKA.

Clause 6

The current and current activities in the scope of this understanding are They can be executed in the following ways:

a) Information and documentation of the S R & D activities,

b) Joint seminars on Sirnai R & D and other technological topics, Organizing and conducting symposiums and conferences,

c) Project markets that bring together companies who are capable of doing Simoni R&D editing,

d) Science and technology in the field of technology based on Simoni R&D Editing a series of important business trips,

e) to Sannai R & D projects, which are jointly approved by states (hereinafter) like such "R & D Projects"), the party's own laws, statutes, mechanisms and procedures and support for financial or other issues, as such,

'dakif) in the case of the aforementioned R & D Projects, the two States, especially in Europe Innovation and innovative technologies leading to commercialization in the global market, or to reallocation between agencies and research organizations, as well as the reality of the company,

g) Parties may later arrive at an idea that may be related to An example of a number of people.

Clause 7

The confidential information contained within the scope of this information, which provides this information It cannot be transferred to a third party without the written permission of the part.

Article 8

The procedure for the presentation, selection, and approval of

R & D Projects, The process of the allocation of criteria and funds will be formulated with the Implementation of an Application, which will be done by the Parties through the Union of People.

Article 9

Partners of the R & D Projects supported in this Means, They will be required to submit the word to the Parties through the United Mergers. These promises will include provisions for the solution to the understanding of the meaning of their dials.

Clause 10

doðanfrom R&D projects (patent, brand, industrial design rights) The copyright property rights will be maintained in accordance with the national legislation of both Parties and to the international understanding that each party is party to.

Partners who are party to R & D Projects, referenced in

Article 9 Promises, intellectual property rights, and other items, in particular, will include:

1) Experience and idea of ownership by the parties prior to the R&D Project Ownership and ownership of ownership.

2) use the information and property to be covered under the R&D Project, and Regulations for ownership.

A privacy supply that is not part of any of the activities covered in this agreement The scientific and technological knowledge will be made public by means of traditional channels.

Article 11

To facilitate the activities of this meeting, you may The Parties shall have an Siri R&D Joint Commission (hereinafter called "Joint Commission"), where the number of representatives of the Parties shall be present. The decisions will be based on the basis of the multinational, and the Joint Commission will be able to press Turkish members of the STB Undersecretary. Members of the Joint Commission will be able to refer to the Israeli members of the STBU's Head Bilim.

The Joint Commission, at least once in the year, is defined in every country are determined by diplomatic channels and will strive to gather at the time to arrive at the reconciliation.

Common Commission, implementation of this Agreement to track and explain the process, financial support, and any understanding of the practices covered by the Parties, as well as the realigning of the joint programs.

Article 12

R & D Projects is a final example of the project from both sides. will be listed.

financial support related merci/setups to be given to the Common R & D Projects It will be provided. Each Party will support its own contribution to the country.

Article 13

These are the third states or international parties. It will not halve its rights and obligations to the organizations that they are doing with the installation.

Article 14

This means that you understand each other to make it effective will be effective as of the date of the final notice, through diplomatic channels that the required internal procedure has been completed in its entirety.

Article 15

This information will remain in effect for a period of five years and an additional five years. will be refreshed automatically.

One of the parties will be able to terminate this meeting at any time. The annulment will take place within six months from the date of notification that one of the Parties has provided diplomatic channels to the other of the other. The provisions of this R & D project will apply to the R & D projects prior to the release of the written statement.

Clause 16

Fixes or additions to this Understand by the will be able to be done. These additions or corrections will take effect until Section 14 of this section is warned.

ISRAEL THIS MA is signed by the full authority of government officials.

This Embassy is in Jerusalem for the first day of the 2005 Mayans. On Sunday, the 13th day of the Israeli calendar, the 13th day of Eyar 5765 was signed as 2 aces, in Turkish, Turkish, English and English, and all texts are valid. It will be based on English text if any comments are revealed.


       Government of the Republic of Turkey Israel Government

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