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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. WIPO TELİF HAKLARI ANDLAŞMASINA KATILMAMIZIN UYGUN BULUNDUĞU HAKKI

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Law No. 5647:2/5/2007 article 1-the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) adopted on 20 December 1996 by the "WIPO Copyright EC Treaty" na we participate in.
Article 2-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

WIPO COPYRIGHT EC TREATY (1996) INTRODUCTION to Âkit Parties, Literary and art works are as effective as possible and the owners ' rights and maintain the continuation and development of the same style, presenting New international rules and new economic, social, cultural and technological developments in order to ensure adequate solutions to the questions posed by the current need for specific rules, knowing Literature and clarity to the comments of art works for the creation and use of information and communication technologies by knowing the impact of the combination of strong growth and encouraging creativity in the field of literature and art, copyright protection in highlighting the magnitude of the work reflected the Bern Agreement holders rights to the larger public interest, particularly education, research and access to information issues, knowing that the need for the continuation of the balance, the following issues are agreed on.
Relationship with article 1 of the Bern Convention (1) This Treaty, literature and art in his work, Protection is a member of the Union created in terms of the Bern Sözleşmesince Âkit Parties, in the sense of the aforementioned article 20 of the Convention is a special treaties. These Agreements, Bern Convention will not link in any manner other than treaties and other agreements without prejudice to the rights and obligations held in the bargain.
(2) Nothing in this Andlaşmadaki, Âkit Parties, literature and art under the Bern Convention for the protection of Works against each other not eliminating existing obligations.
(3) where the "Bern Convention" concerning the protection of literature and Artistic Works with the Bern Convention, dated July 24, 1971 Paris Text of the expression.
(4) Âkit parties, Bern Convention with 1 to 21 of the Additional stipulated provisions in the DataSet to match those in the.
Article 2 scope of copyright protection Copyright Protection, ideas, methods, concepts of application bases or not, mathematical expressions.
Article 3 application of the TOS 6 of the Bern Convention parties from 2 to Âkit as necessary, to provide the protection foreseen with these Treaties, the provisions of article 6 of the Bern Convention 2 to context.
Article 4 computer programs computer programs, in the sense of article 2 of the Bern Convention as a work of literature is preserved. With the prescribed protection, or be computer programs will be applied if the expression.
Article 5 data compilations (data base) Which, in whatever form, content selection or arrangement of the data or that contains an idea of creativity, creative thinking is protected as a compilation of other items. This protection, the data within the Assembly or without prejudice to existing copyrights on the material it will not and will not extend to the data or materials.
Article 6 Dissemination As (1) the owners of works of art, Literature and works of art sale original copies or copies or change of ownership of the presentation to the community through the exclusive rights holder to allow.
(2) Nothing in this Andlaşmadaki, Âkit of the parties (1) with the permission of the owner of the work envisaged in paragraph work with original copy or copy of ownership, after the first sale or transfer of authority to the end will not affect the terms of the arrangement.
Article 7 Charter rights (1) (I) computer programs, (ii) the works of Cinema, and (iii) as defined in the national law of the parties Âkit phonographic works of have been identified, the owners, the original copies or copies of his works in the community regarding the commercial nature allow public Charter, is owned exclusively by rights holder.
(2) in the following cases;
(I) with regard to computer programs, creating the main elements of the program itself when renting and (ii) with regard to the works of Cinema, this commercial rental with the right material way the exclusive replica artifacts that do not harm the large amount of lead to be copied, the (1) does not apply to the paragraph.
(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1), April 15, 1994, copies of the works contained in the rental of phonograms, in Exchange for a fair wage system works to their owners, and implementing the Âkit on the one hand, as a commercial center of the works contained in the rental of phonograms, the exclusive right to replicate material works owners damaged unless this system can store.
Article 8 Public Transmission As the Bern Convention 11 (1) (ii), 11 Duplicate (1) (I) and (ii), 11 the second duplicate (1) (ii) and 14 (1) (ii) and 14 repeat (1), the provisions of the haleldar works of the literature and art without owners, the works of wire or radio environment, a place chosen by the community members themselves, and also to benefit from this work personally do not allow amendments to the community exclusively is entitled.
Article 9 duration of protection of Photographic Works Âkit parties, photo works in relation to the Bern Convention 7 (4) shall apply.
Article 10 limitations and Exceptions (1) Âkit Parties, national legislation, these Agreements with the rights to the owners of works of literature and art, obscuring the ordinary usage of the work and will not harm the legitimate rights of the owner of the work in special cases, limitations or exceptions.
(2) Âkit the Parties apply the usual usage of the work, while the Bern Agreement will not prevent the owner of the work and will not harm the legitimate benefits of some exceptions to rights, limitations or exceptions may predict brought.
Article 11 Obligations Concerning Technological parties related works Âkit Electrostatic owners power or restricting the realization of verbs that are not allowed by law and this agreement and the rights granted to them with the Bern Convention within the framework of effective technological methods are used by the works be neutralized against appropriate legal protection and effective legal sanctions will predict.
Article 12 Obligations Concerning Rights Management Information (1) Âkit the parties, it is predicted with any Treaty or Bern Convention made possible, a violation of the right to make it easy, or suggests the following verbs with reason hiding deliberately subject to legal measures against, or that processes are adequate and effective legal measures to anticipate.
(I) electronic rights management information as Unauthorized change or eliminate, (ii) you become aware of any unauthorized Electronic rights management information is modified or eliminated known, works or distribute unauthorized copies of his works, to distribute to import, publish, or transmit radio and television society, (2) in this article, "Rights Management information" refers to any one of its information work is over or copy of the work is seen, depending on the transmission of works to the society , the owner of the work, the owner of the right or the work of any works regarding the use of information about the time and conditions, and all numbers or codes that represent information that describes.
Article 13 Application Time Âkit the parties, all of the prescribed protection with these Treaties in relation to the Bern Convention will apply the provisions of article 18.
Provisions for the implementation of article 14 of the Rights (1) will allow you to apply this Andlaşmanın Âkit parties, the necessary measures in accordance with their legal systems, they committed to buy.
(2) Âkit the parties, that the Treaty stipulated with protection against violation of in any way, prevent violations and will allow future transgressions deterrence measures allowing effective actions that contain the original application shall ensure the presence in its own laws of procedure.
Article 15 Assembly (1) (a) Âkit the parties will establish a Parliament.
(b) Each Âkit side, supporting delegates, advisers and experts shall be represented by a delegate may help.
(c) Each delegate shall be borne by the party Âkit that designates the spending, representatives. The Board of the United Nations General Assembly, in accordance with the applicable application which is considered a developing country or market economy transition period is found in Âkit in order to facilitate the participation of representatives of the parties to provide financial assistance to the World Intellectual Property Organization (henceforth referred to as WIPO).
(2) (a), this Andlaşmanın continuity and with the development of processing and will serve on the particulars regarding the implementation.
(b) the Council, with the participation of intergovernmental organizations in this Andlaşmaya in relation to some 17 (2) article with the provisions will fulfill the task given to him.

(c) for the purposes of this review, the Assembly Andlaşmanın is on a diplomatic conference for the preparation of such a Conference to decide and WIPO will give the necessary instructions to the Director General.
(3) (a) Each will have a country Âkit-party votes and vote only in its own name.
(b) the nature of any Intergovernmental Organization that is party to the Âkit Party Andlaşmaya with the number of votes equal to the number of Member States that they can participate in the vote on behalf of the State. Such intergovernmental organizations, Member States, when they want to use their voting rights or otherwise cannot participate in a vote on a case.
(4) the term of the General Assembly, WIPO upon a call will make the regular meeting every two years.
(5) Council, usually called principles of meetings, and the amount of the required majority to this meeting in accordance with the provisions of the Agreements on various issues for consideration based on their majority for that specifies the amount of work and its methods.
Article 16 International Bureau the International Bureau of WIPO the administrative tasks concerning this Treaty.
Article 17 this is Andlaşmaya, a member of WIPO to become party to driver's license (1) each State may be a party to this Andlaşmaya.
(2) the Council, in relation to the prescribed particulars of this Andlaşmada legislation, is a binding all States member of the legislation and its own internal procedures in accordance with this Andlaşmaya was completely about being accredited intergovernmental sides each organization can decide to accept as this Andlaşmaya party.
(3) affirming This Andlaşmayı as noted earlier during the diplomatic Conference at the dam located in the Declaration of the European Community, Andlaşmaya party.
Article 18 rights and Obligations according to the Andlaşmaya This Andlaşmada contrary provisions expressed in Âkit party except that Andlaşmada will benefit from rights and obligations envisaged.
Article 19 This Signing Treaties, to December 31, 1997, Andlaşmanın, up to each State member of WIPO and the European Community shall be open to signature.
Article 20 entry into force of These Treaties, Andlaşmanın thirty State approval or accession, the date of subsequent offer to the Director General of WIPO to date, the Convention shall enter into force three months later.
Article 21 Andlaşmaya Party Andlaşmanın This Historic Treaties could be: (I) three months from the effective date specified in article 20, with thirty State pass, (ii) the Director General of WIPO Documents deposited with other three months from their States, (iii) the Consent or accession, in accordance with article 20, item that Andlaşmanın should be given after the effective date or Andlaşmanın deposited before the effective date of this Andlaşmanın comes into effect from the date three months after the European Community , (iv) the Parties shall participate upon acceptance of this Andlaşmaya document is deposited from the date on which three months pass connects with other intergovernmental organizations.
Article 22 Reservations no reservations to this Advanced Andlaşmaya Andlaşmaya will not be accepted nor it can't be traced.
Article 23 Termination Andlaşmanın This Andlaşmayı, General Manager of any Âkit Party that WIPO can terminate with notification. General Manager receives notification of termination, WIPO will take effect after a year of the date.
Article 24 Andlaşmanın language (1) This Treaty, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish languages, all language texts as if only to be effective, an original signed copies.
(2) at the request of a party, the Director General of WIPO, after consultation with all interested parties, other than specified in paragraph (1) languages will prepare an official text in any language. Within the framework of this paragraph, "interested party" than the testimony in question with one or more of the official languages of each Member State of WIPO, the European Community, this is one of the official languages Andlaşmaya party if any intergovernmental organization.
Article 25 shall be deposited with the Director General of WIPO That effected by the Andlaşmanın Treaties.