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Kanun No. 5647


Acceptable Date: 2/5/2007      

MADDE 1-World Intellectual Property It is suitable for not contributing to the "WIPO Copyright Andolas", adopted by the Rights Organization (WIPO) on December 20, 1996.

MADDE 2- This is the release of the Law is effective in its history.

MADDE 3- The provisions of this Law The Council of Ministers executes.




































Business Parties,

The rights of literature and works of art are effective and in the same way that they are possible by requesting to continue and improve the protection of the

To submit new international rules and create new economic, social, cultural, and technological bilerek, knowing that there are adequate solutions to the questions that have been happening, knowing that the specific rules that are available should be made available to you,

Knowledge and information about creating and using literature and artwork Knowing the strong impact of the development and development of their technology,

To protect the copyright in literature and art, you must protect By highlighting the ehemp,

Bern says it has larger public issues with its owners ' rights. to ensure that the balance is to be maintained, especially in the topics of information, research and information, in particular,

are understood to be on the other side.


Business with BernSözleþmesi

(1) This is the Andlama, Literature, and Art of Art, which has been created by the Word of the Word. A member of the Union, the Akit Parties, has no special reason for the 20 nci clause of the Anad. This will not appear in any way with the Andes of the Bern, nor will it bring halal to the rights and obligations held in other people.

(2) No provision in this Anslayas is protected by the Protection of Works Parties, Literature and Art. It does not eliminate its existing obligations under the Bern Glossary.

(3) Here is the "Promise of Bern" statement and the protection of Literature and Art Works. The Paris Text of the Word dated July 24, 1971 is expressed.

(4) The parties to the provisions stipulate in Annex 1 to 21 of the Bern Glossary They will.


Coverage of Copyright Protection

Protection of copyright, methods, methods, application essences, or mathematical The concepts are not concepts, but they span the expressions.


Items 2 to 6 of the Bern Glossary Apply

The World Parties, as required, are about to provide protection for the protection of this Andllama. They will apply 2 to 6 ncu of matter provisions.


Computer Programs

Computer programs as literary works in the 2 nci clause of the Bern Promise is protected. The projected protection will be applied to computer programs if they are expressed in what form or format.


Data Collection (Database)

Regardless of the manner in which the content of the content is selected or edited contains a create compiling data or other blocks is preserved as the result of the creation. This protection will not bring halal to existing royals on data or materials within the collection and will not be genoed for data or materials.


Release Hakkus

(1) The owners of literature and works of art form the original copies or copies of their works. is the exclusive right to allow the public to be sold to the community through the sale or the ownership of its ownership.

(2) No provision in this Antandas will be used by the owner of the Convicted Party (1) forecasted in paragraph 1 will not affect the ability to edit the final find conditions after the original purchase or manual of the original copy or copy of the artifact with the permission.


Rental Right

(1) (i) Your computer programs,

(ii) The works of cinema, and

    (iii) It has been identified in phonograms as defined in the national law of the Fierce Parties. The owners, the owners, the original copies of their works, or the exclusive right to allow the copycat to be rented to the public in the commercial nature of the works.

(2) in the state of the world;

     (i) In relation to computer programs, the program itself is the main element of rent. And

   (ii) In relation to the works of cinema, such commercial rentals are available on the works (1) the pearl paragraph does not apply when it does not lead to a large amount of non-damage to the exclusive right to the right to be copied.

(3) (1) of the pearl paragraph provisions, on April 15, 1994, the following of the phonograms In the implementation of copies of artefacts, a party that applies and applies a charge metric to the owners, the commercial lease of the artefacts included in the phonograms is a material for the exclusive rights of the owners. It can preserve this system, unless it hurts the other way around.


Public Opinion Right

Bern Glossary 11 (1) (ii), 11 Mrelapers (1) (i), and (ii), 11 second acquer (1) (ii), and 14 (1) (ii) and 14 acquis (1) clauses, without the provisions of the provisions, the literary and artworks holders, whose works were chosen by the members themselves in the wire or radio environment, in a place and time selected by the members of the community. in order to allow it to be communicated to the community in a way She is the rightful owner.


Fotographic Protection Period of Works

In relation to the photographs of the parties, the photographs of They will not enforce the provisions of Article 7 (4) of the Bern word.


Stations and Expressions

(1) The Parties to the owners of literature and art with this Andllama in their national legislation. the rights of the work may not interfere with the use of the work, and may provide exceptions or exceptions to some special circumstances that will not harm the owner's right to the right of the work.

(2) The use of the work has been used by the Skit Parties, while implementing the Bern Glossary. will not block it, and may preclude exceptions or exceptions to rights for some exceptions that will not damage the owner's advantage.


Economic Obligations

Akite Parties to ensure that they are not permitted by law or by law. Legal protection and effective legal sanctions against the neutralization of effective technological methods used by the relics within the framework of the rights and the Bern Glossary of rights that are being used by the Bury and Bern. They'll foresee.


Rights Management Obligations

(1) The Power Parties may have a violation of any rights that may be forecasted by this Andllama or Bern Glossary. sufficient and effective legal measures for those who are subject to the actions of the people who are subject to the actions of the kidnappers knowingly, with the applicable reasons, for the purpose of which they have been facilitated, or to be subject to or the right to legal measures.

(i) Discourse or eliminate electronic rights management information as ineffective,

(ii) Electronic rights management information has been unauthorised or eliminated to prevent, import, transmit, radio and television, or to transmit, known, artefacts, or relics, known as unauthorized.

(2) "Rights management knowledge" in this material, any one of the information The work, the owner, the owner, the owner of any rights to the work, or the use of the work, and the information about the conditions and the information about the conditions, as they were seen as a result of the creation of the work. the information that identifies the number or code is not relevant.


Implementation Time

The World Parties to the end of the protection envisioned by this Andlayman. He will apply the provisions of the 18th Amendment.


Provisions for Implementer RightsÝliþkin

(1) The following are required measures to apply to the implementation of this Andspruive. They are committed to their systems.

(2) The parties involved in any form of violation of the protection envisioned by this Andlayman. They will prevent breaches and implement enforcement procedures that allow effective actions, which include original measures to deter future violations, in their own future.



(1) (a) The Power Parties shall establish a Assembly.

(b) Each Rite Party may be helped by delegates, delegates, experts, and experts. will be represented by delegates.

The expense of each representative,

(c), will be made by the company that assigns the delegates. The assembly is intended to facilitate the contribution of the representatives of the Convenience Parties, considered a country in accordance with the current application of the United Nations General Assembly, or in the transition to the market economy. from the World Intellectual Property Organization (which will be referred to as WIPO) in monetary assistance.

(2) (a) The Assembly is based on the process and implementation of this Andspruier continuity and development He will serve on the issues.

(b) The Assembly has announced 17 (2) questions about the contribution of some of the government's intergovernmental installations. The provisions of the matter shall be fulfilled.

(c) Parliament will decide on a diplomatic conference in order to review this Andspruive will arrive and will give the necessary instruction to the WIPO Director General to prepare such a conference.

(3) (a) Each Country Party country will have a vote and the vote will only be used by its own name.

(b) Each Party with an organizational qualification is party to the Andalaya party. States that are members of the number of states with the number of votes can be voted into the vote. Governments such as these could not put up a vote when the states that are members want to use their own voting rights or vice versa.

(4) The assembly is a two-year-old meeting on the work of WIPO General Manager. He'll do it.

(5) The assembly, the employee of the meeting, is the amount of the total required for the meeting, and this It will regulate its own methods and methods which determine the amount of plural for decisions on matters in accordance with the provisions of the Andlasce.



The International Bureau of the

WIPO conducts administrative tasks related to this Andlayman.


How to Be Able To Become A Party To This Andrea

(1) Each state of WIPO may be a party to this Andalaimar.

(2) The Assembly is a member of the legislation, which is a member of the legislation, and the The government, which states that it has a regulatory framework and is fully authorized to take part in its internal procedure, may decide to agree to the Andallama entity.

(3) As specified in the previous version of the Diplomatic Conference, which approved the Andallama The European Community, which has been notified, may be the party to the Andallama.


To Andalage Rights and Obligations

As opposed to this Andaladian, each of the cases in which the provisions are stipulated in this Andlasada They will benefit from the rights and fulfill the obligations.


Andlayman Do not get started

This is the signature of every member of the WIPO and the European Community until December 31, 1997. It'll be open.


Andlayman Enter Current

This Andlayman offers the approval of thirty states or their contribution documents to the WIPO Director. It will take effect three months after the date following the date.


To Andalage Party Event Date

This Andllama:

(i) has been specified in article 20 with three months prior to the date of entry of the Andalman effective date. thirty states,

(ii) three months after they have passed their documents to the WIPO General Manager states,

(iii) the Onama or the folding document will be effective in accordance with Article 20 of this Andllama the European Community, three months from the date of entry, if the entry has been issued after the date of the entry or if the date has been changed prior to the date the Andlaparty entered the current date.

(iv) The adoption of a folding document upon acceptance of the non-party to three months since the beginning of the year, they are set up by other intergovernmental organizations.


To Andalage It Cannot Be Versions When You Are Dragable

It will not be accepted until any time it pulls into this Andallama.


Andlayman Feshi

This Andlaymay annuate with a notice to the General Manager of any Ekit Party WIPO. He can Annulment will be effective one year after the notice of the WIPO Director's notice.


Andlayman Language

(1) This is the language of the English, Arab, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, all languages. The texts are signed in a single, original form, to be equally valid.

(2) Upon request of a related party, WIPO Director General is consulted on all interested parties then, (1) in the languages specified in the pearl paragraph shall prepare an official text in any language. Any WIPO member state with one or more of the official languages in the frame of this paragraph is any other party that may be party to the European Community if it has one of these official languages. The government is understood to be installed.


Andlayman Tevdii

This is a contact to the WIPO General Manager of the Andragma.