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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. İN­TER­NET OR­TAMIN­DA YA­PI­LAN YAYIN­LA­RIN DÜ­ZEN­LEN­ME­Sİ

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Kanun No. 5651


Acceptable Date: 4/5/2007      

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose and scope of this Law; content vendor, location struggle to fight content, location, and access for specific crimes that are being processed in the internet with the obligation and liability of the users, access and responsibilities of access to the public It ' s about organizing the real and the people.


MADDE 2- (1) in the application of this Law;

a) Ministry: The Ministry of UrinAffairs,

b) Telecommunications: Telecommunications Company within the Institution,

c) President: Telecommunication State of the United States,

c) Information: How data makes sense,

d) Access: Using an internet environment to make use of what is used,

e) Access: Any number of people who have access to the internet environment real or legal entities,

f) Content vendor: Any information or information available to users over the internet environment. Actual or legal entities that produce, degenerate, and sell data,

g) Internet media: Reported by personal or enterprise computer systems and the publicly available environment on the internet,

) published in the Internet environment: in the Internet environment, in an uncertain number of locations The data from which you will be able to access the data,

h) Monitoring: tracking information and data without impact to data in the internet environment

) Institution: Telecommunication Agency,

i) Bulk use: Internet media in a specific place and for a certain period of time usage,

j) Traffic information: as a result of any access that is being made in the internet environment parties, such as time, duration, type of service that has been used, the amount of data transferred, and other aspects of the service, such as theTagPreserver,p,139,144

k) Data: Any other information that can be done on the computer side of the computer system,

l) Release: published in the internet environment,

m) Site-based: Real or work-in-the-service systems that serve or process the service and content legal entities,

refers to.

Information obligation

MADDE 3- (1) Content, location, and access are available, It is obligated to keep the definition of information in the internet environment, in accordance with the guidelines set out by the regulations, and are current and current.

TagPreserver,p,0,139(2) Content, site, or access that does not meet the obligation specified in the next up. The second Turkish lira, from the New Turkish lira to the new Turkish lira, is fined up to the new Turkish Republic.

Responsibility for the content vendor

MADDE 4- (1) Content is available in an internet environment is responsible for any content that is available to you.

(2) The content is responsible for content that is associated with the health of the other. However, it is responsible for the presentation of the presentation, and is responsible for the general provisions, as it is intended to cause the use of the product and the content of the use.

Placeof obligations

MADDE 5- (1) The location of the location is the control that contains Whether or not it is a question of whether or not an activity is involved in the law.

(2) includes, from content to the content, criminal liability The provisions are required to remain withheld, informed by the 8th and 9th Articles of this Law, and to the extent that technically the opportunity has been obtained from the law.

Access to access obligations

MADDE 6- (1) My access is available;

a) to the provisions of this Code, from the content of any use to the law preventing access to the extent that it is informed and technically possible to block it,

b) The traffic information provided in the regulation is less than than six months and less than with no more than two years to be specified in the regulation, and to ensure that information is complete and privacy and privacy,

c) to Install, content, and install the situation at least three months prior to the date of its operation. delivery of traffic information in accordance with the basis and to the Institution, in accordance with the guidelines specified in the regulation,

is required.

(2) Access to law provides the contents of information that has been accessed through it. Whether or not it requires responsibility or not.

(3) does not meet any of the obligations contained in the First FLicensee (b) and (c) The new Turkish lira from the New Turkish Republic is fined up to the New Turkish Liraresi by the President of the Republic.

Bulk use obligations obligations

MADDE 7- (1) The bulk use of trade is available for trade purposes, He is obligated to receive a warrant from the local property. The information is reported to the Institution within thirty days of the local property. The control of this is done by the residential property. The basic and administrative basis of the document and control of the document is regulated by the regulation.

(2) All of the bulk users of the business are subject to the crime, regardless of whether it is for commercial purposes. It is obligated to take preventative measures against the content that is happening.

(3) The local property supervisor for the part of the party that is responsible for the obligation stated in the first fund From the three thousand New Turkish lira to the new Turkish lira, administrative fines are issued.

Decision to block the access and fulfillment

MADDE 8- (1) What is done in the internet environment and includes In the event of a number of reasons, it is decided to prevent access to the publications that are adequate to the cause of the following:

a), dated 26/9/2004 and located in the Turkish Penal Code of 5237;

1) Human orientation (clause 84),

2) Sexual abuse of children (article 103, first fikra),

3) Easy to use a sleeper or alert item (article 190),

4) hazardous material supply (clause 194) for the area,

5) Undersecretariat (clause 226),

6) Fushui (clause 227),

7) Place and opportunity for gamer play (clause 228),


b), dated 25/7/1951, and 55816 in the Law of Violent Crimes against Ataturk crimes.

(2) The decision to block the access, if the judge at the end of the question phase, in the firing phase is issued by the court. At the end of the question, it may be decided that the public prosecutor's office will be blocked by the state's attorney's office, which is found to be in hiding in the delay. In this case, the state's attorney's office gives the judge's approval in twenty-four hours, and the judge will give the decision in twenty-four hours at the latest. If the decision is not approved during this time, the measure will immediately be removed by the state's attorney. The decision to block the access granted as a protection measure can be appealed on 4/12/2004, and according to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure 5271, the Code of Criminal Procedure.

(3) obstruction of access by the prosecutor, court, or the state's attorney. An example of the decision is sent to the widget to be done.

TagPreserver,p,0,140(4) Content or location of publications that make up the crimes specified in the first public fund The number of people charged in the country's (a) number (s) and (5) subbenchers of the first fir (a), even if the country was found in the country or if it was found domessied or location. the decision to prevent access to the publications is given by the President of the United States.   This decision will be made available for access to the process of access.

(5) The decision to block the access is immediately and promptly notified of the latest decision. In twenty-four hours, it will be fulfilled.

(6) The publication of the decision to block the access granted by the company In the case of determining the identities of those who are doing it, a criminal complaint will be filed against the Republican side.

(7) If there is no room for firing as a result of the question, the The decision to be blocked will remain void of its own. In this case, the state's attorney general will send an example of the decision not to have room for the firing.

(8) Decision to block the meltdown if an acquittion is made in the phase of the prosecution. He'll be void of his own. In this case, the trial will be sent to the President of an acquittable.

(9) The release of charges that count on the first round of charges will not be released; The decision to block the meltdown, the Republican prosecutor's office at the sentencing phase, will be held by the court in the firing phase.

(10) Instead of a decision to block the access granted as a protective measure, Those responsible for places or access to the country, who do not bring it, are sentenced to two years in prison if it is not a criminal offence that requires a further sentence of the verb.

(11) Prevent resolution as an anti-military measure is not fulfilled In the event of a visit from the New Turkish Republic to the New Turkish Lirasas, a new Turkish lira is fined. If the decision is not met within twenty-four hours from the moment of the issuance of the civil monetary penalty, the cancellation of the entity's authorization can be decided upon by the Institution.

(12) Statement issued by either the President or the Institution of the fault described in this Code The decisions of the administrative fines, dated 6/1/1982 and numbered 2577, may be in the way of the law according to the provisions of the Code of Civil Judgment of the Ruling Usurg.

Rfx off and respond toTagPreserver,b,233,238

ARTICLE 9- (1) Claim that rights are violated due to a violation. He said the content was to leave the content of the content, including no more than the extent of its coverage, if it did not get to it. may want to be published on the internet for a week. Returns the claim within two days from the date that the content or location is provided to it. In the meantime, it is rejected if demand has not been fulfilled.

 (2) If a claim is rejected, the location of the site within the day of the twelve days is the death penalty. whether to publish it in an internet environment for a week, by hitting the court, including no more than the extent of the content in which it has been released. request. The state of the city of Sulh has reached a verdict in three days. According to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, the ruling of the Sulh penal judge can be set to appeal.

(3) The final decision of the Sulh criminal judge is to replace the first-party. publish the response prepared by publishing content within two days from the theme of the content or location that does not bring it.

(4) The decision of the Sulh penal judge in accordance with the conditions specified in this clause and in the duration of the The responsible person, who did not meet, was sentenced to two years in prison with a sentence of imprisonment. If there is no legal or location legal entity, this fikra provision applies to the release of the publication.

Military and tasks

ARTICLE 10- (1) The tasks that are provided with the law are within the organization of the It will be fulfilled as it is in the case of the President.

(2) The cadres in the list attached to this Law are reported to be used in the service of the State On 5/4/1983, and 2813 is added to the list of non-Telless Koununa (II). The communication experts within the company are applied to the financial, social rights and benefits that are applied to the Telecommunications Specialists that are played at the Kükçişişa. The career system is regulated by the regulation that will be played within six months from the date the Law is entered, with the record of remaining the right assigned to the personnel assigned to the Business Specialist.

(3) Any goods or services to be served as a result of the duties given by the Code The Institution is dated 4/1/2002, with the exception of 4/1/2002 and the Public Tender Act of 4734, except for the provisions of the Code of Public Dignity of 4735, except for the laws of the Public Dignity of the Public Dignity. from the budget.

(4) The other rights and tasks provided with the law are to be saved with the record, and this is the Law tasks and entitlements in the scope of:

a) Ministry, law enforcement, related public institutions and installations for content, location and business Coordination between the representatives of the relevant civil society and the relevant civil society to prevent existing activity and dissemination of crimes that have been made to the extent of this Law. To make works for this purpose, for this purpose, on the basis and in accordance with the regulations to govern all expenses. Making plans to be made available.

TagPreserver,p,0,139b) By following the contents of the internet media, this is the scope of the to take the necessary measures in this Law to prevent access to these publications, if the crimes are to be detected.

c) What level, time, and time the contents of the publications that are made in the internet environment are monitored To determine what it's doing.

), as well as the authorization of the entity and administrative supervisors, with authorization from the enterprise. to determine the basis and the data for the systems and regulations to be used for filtering and blocking in the permission documents of the intended use of bulk users.

d) The first of the 8th article of this Law by monitoring the publications in the internet environment To establish or install any necessary technical infrastructure, including the monitoring and information tip center, to prevent the crime of being charged in the storm, to process or process the infrastructure.

TagPreserver,p,0,139e) Filter, screen, and filter services to everyone in the internet environment to determine the minimum criteria for manufacturing or writing hardware, according to monitoring guidelines.

f) I know and work with international institutions and organizations in the field of the Internet coordination.

g) In the internet environment, the number of crimes counted in the first phase of this Code's 8th The authority and authority of the products containing any representable images, fonts, or sounds that are subject to the execution, are subject to the country, to be contained, to rent, or to be prevented from selling with law enforcement, to present and coordinate in all the necessary assistance to their technical facilities to be seen.

(5) Balance; additional 1 of the Code of Contact and Tasks of 3348 Ministerus of the Ministry. In accordance with the pearl clause, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Public Affairs, the child, woman and the family responsible for the institution and the needed agency, public institutions and installations, internet service services and related civil society installations. contact by the contribution of a representative to be selected from the search They provide necessary precautions or decisions with the Internet Board, including monitoring, filtering and blocking of the Board of Directors, and any necessary measures or decisions to make recommendations on such issues. It will be done.


ARTICLE 11- (1) The basis for the implementation of this Law, and The governments, Justice, People, and the Urinations are all regulated by the government's regulations to be taken by the minister. These regulations will be issued within four months from the date of the effective date of the Law.

(2) Telecommunications, telecommunications, which may be operating as a site or access. to provide a authorization document for the purpose of transmission, site or access, regardless of whether there is an authorization document on the basis of the purpose of the transmission, It is regulated by the regulation that will be played by the agency. This regulation will be output within five months from the date of the effective date of the Law.

Deviations made in related laws

TagPreserver,p,0,139MADDE 12- (1) 4/2/1924 and 406 count Telgraf and Telephone The phrase 2 nci (f) of the law has been added to the right of the line.

" These administrative fines are committed to decisions, dated 6/1/1982 and numbered 2577 of the Israeli Law of Dignity. According to the provisions of the law, the law can be done. "

TagPreserver,p,0,140(2) on 4/7/1934 and additional 7 nci of 2559 Police Duty and Salutional Law the second sentence, "The second sentence," was added to the second sentence, including the "specified" clause in the first sentence of the tenth final. " It 's the one that' s been left in the apartment building with the president. " TagPreserver,p,0,139(3) 5/4/1983, and 2813 are the fifth item in the Radio Channel. is added.

" Public Dignity of 4/1/2002, dated 4/1/2002, within the framework of the basis and the establishment to be determined. In the matter of the Article 22 of the law, free lawyers, or lawyers, may be able to talk to lawyers, provided that they are legally free lawyers. "

(4) 1/11/1983 and the Government of 2937 State Israel Services and National Israeli Services The last sentence of Article 6 of Article 6 of the Act was " 4/12/2004 and the number 5271 was under the lower bendi of the under section 135 (a) of the 135 pearl clause of the Law. And the listening is done through this center. "However," it is the fourth in the world. " "Identification and detection of espionage activities" to come after the clause was added; the phrase "This article" in the third sentence of the "substance" of the subterfucium is "this unquote."

SUPERSEDE ARTICLE 1- (1) Service in the installation of the product Except for the provisions of the building, fines and tenders, except the provisions of the Public Tender Law and the Law on Public Tender Promises, are announced.

(2) Public use for the commercialized purpose of the operation, which is the effective way to use They are obligated to procure the consent document which must be received in accordance with Article 7 of the six months from the date of entry.

(3) To the people who currently operate as a place or in access, by the Institution, An authorization document is issued for the purpose of operating as a site or access, regardless of whether there is a proof of authorization for communications through telecommunications.


MADDE 13- (1) This Law;

a) The 3rd and 8th items less than or less than the date of release.

b) On the release of Digit items,

enters the current process.


ARTICLE 14- (1) Council of Ministers for the provisions of this Law It executes.

































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