Turkey's Health Institute Of Law Amending Decree Of The President Of The Establishment With Some Laws And Award


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Law No. 6569

Acceptance Date: 19/11/2014

PART ONE Purpose, Scope and Definitions Purpose and scope

Article 1 (1) of this Act; In the area of ​​health science and technology in order to serve the country and humanity; To increase the competitiveness of Turkey and to perpetuate, the development plan objectives Science and Technology, taking into account the priorities of the High Council determines our country's advanced technology and meet the needs of innovation, to ensure the production of new products and improve existing ones, to provide researchers with scientific environment, public law and special law to do scientific research in cooperation with legal entities, to make, to coordinate this research, to encourage, to contribute to R & D, medical science, and to lead the development of the ecosystem with technology culture, Turkey to carry out the accreditation activities in health care Institutes of Health It regulates the procedures and principles regarding the establishment of the task force and the Presidency.

Definitions Article 2 (1) the implementation of this Act;
A) R & D: Health science and research in the field of technology and development activities,
b) The Minister of Health Minister,
c) Ministry: Ministry of Health,
d) The President: Turkey's President Institutes of Health ,
d) Science and Technology Committee: No. 77, dated 08.16.1983 Science and Technology Board of Directors was constituted by Decree Law on the Establishment,
e) TÜSEB: Turkey Institutes of Health Council, || | f) Board of Directors: Chairman of the Board of Directors Turkey Institutes of Health, refers

tüseb tüseb Establishment and Duties of the organization
Article 3 (1) In order to fulfill the tasks assigned by this law, the public entity, scientific and administrative autonomy, special budget Turkey Institutes of Health has established the Presidency. Tüseb the center of Istanbul.
(2) the relevant ministry tüseb is the Ministry of Health.
(3) TÜSEB, issues not regulated in this law are subject to private law.

Tüseb the tasks of Article 4 (1) tüseb's tasks include:
a) Science and Technology to implement the decisions taken in the High Council of the health sciences and technologies or to ensure coordination in the implementation of this decision.
B) to R & D, R & D, financial or scientific support, coordinate them, promote, monitor, develop programs and projects to this end.
C) public institutions and organizations and natural persons and legal persons of private law by R & D are made or built to provide, support them, encourage, carry out joint projects in cooperation.
D) developments in health science and technology, invention and innovation in the use of health services and dissemination, society and individuals to raise the level of health-oriented R & D to make and / or to make, for this purpose R & D centers and needed to establish other departments or others set to .
D) R & D results generated or improved vaccines, drugs, medical devices and techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic products and methods of production, presentation, use and ensure the enjoyment of them, to cooperate and collaborate with the purpose of the relevant sectors; the resulting output value to be converted to commercial and support entrepreneurship in these areas; The grant nature of the procedures and principles to be determined by the Board of Directors and / or to pay back support and has a pre-payment; on the approval of the Minister in the country for these purposes and / or overseas companies to establish and / or founded for enterprise, founded the company in having preference shares.
E) First 11/10/2011 dated and No. 663 Ministry of Health and its Affiliates of the Organization and Duties of the Decree Law's Article 50, including the provisions, in matters within the jurisdiction of work requested by the Ministry and its affiliates, the Board of Directors with decision or to make do.

F) The Ministry of affiliates, higher education institutions and the private sector to cooperate in the health services in quality and provide scientific contributions to the Ministry in determining the accreditation rules, except for the accreditation of health services dated 27/10/1999 and No. 4457 Turkish Accreditation Agency Establishment and Without prejudice to the provisions of the Law on duties national and international level to accredited health institutions, international and regional accreditation associations, and to make mutual recognition agreements with accreditation bodies of other countries and organizations.
G) the creation of diagnostic and treatment standards, and will contribute to the development of R & D to new treatments or to make.
I) be transferred to the application of advances in health science and technology, R & D, promotion of seminars for the purpose, symposia, courses, conferences and other events and certificate to arrange education and training programs in order to evaluate and implement.
H) advising on the activities under its work area and to express an opinion.
I) Intellectual will protect property rights and to follow up at the national and international literature and patents to develop, discover new patent applications and perform, on behalf of the researchers conducting this process as gratuitous as needed, intellectual property, licensing and initiative in order to transfer information, buy Buy, sell and make a partnership.
I) to follow developments in medical science and technology publications on the field of international institutions and organizations moving to publish translations deemed necessary tasks and activities related to the field of publications.
J) Scientists and researchers educating and providing opportunities for their development; give prizes for this purpose, during and after the education of young people which manifests itself by following the outstanding success to help them grow and develop.
K) to fulfill the duties imposed by this Act and other laws; technological parks, incubation centers, technology centers, technology transfer offices, project development and knowledge transfer centers, science center, science park and set up equivalents and supports university showing this purpose in mind, to create support programs, cooperation networks and support clustering activities, project market, science fairs, competitions and similar activities and support, reward and give incentive bonus, the procedures and principles to be determined by the Board without collateral or guarantees grants and / or loans as provide capital support and has a pre-payment.
(2) TÜSEB tasks under the domestically or abroad, health care institutions belonging to the legal person of public law and private law, institutes, R & D centers and laboratories, human resources, physical space and infrastructure, equipment, financing of all kinds, including source collaboration and / or can be used together within the framework of the protocol to use or have used the resources of his own.
(3) The Ministry and its institutions will be requested field research, R & D, publishing and consulting services to be performed by TÜSEB.
(4) tüseb the institute may also apply to projects financed by the public institutions and the public resources used in projects.

Tissues and Organs
Tasks Article 5 (1) tüseb organs are:
a) The Board
b) The High Advisory Board

presidential Board Article 6 (1) Board of Directors, chaired by the Minister; Undersecretary of the Ministry of the President, two members to be appointed by the Minister, is composed of nine members, including two presidents and two members from the Board of Higher Education institutes. The term of office of the elected members is two years. Members of the institute president alternately determined based on the date of establishment of the institute for two years. The duties and powers of the Board are:
a) Science and Technology Council decision with the High Advisory Board's recommendations, taking account tüseb the policy, strategy and determine the objectives, activities to monitor their outcomes, and take the necessary measures for areas not provided the expected performance .
B) to decide on the annual program and budget proposals tüseb personnel and norms.
C) take a decision regarding the establishment of the institute on the President's proposal.

D) projects, including the Presidency, public resources will be used and the amount of one million Turkish R & D projects within the scope of tüseb on the pounds, taking science to allow the views of the board.
D) in the country by the Presidency and / or the establishment of overseas companies and established companies to decide on the proposals be made public.
E) carry out other duties assigned by the Board of Directors of this Act and other legislation.
(2) of paragraph (d) the amount specified in subparagraph Council of Ministers can be increased up to five times. This amount is dated 4/1/1961 for one year with effect from the beginning of each calendar year and No. 213 of the Tax Act be determined and announced in accordance with valuation increased by reapplied.
(3) The Board of Directors shall not be less than once a month are collected with at least seven members and shall take decisions by a vote of at least five members in the same direction.

High Advisory Board Article 7 (1) High Advisory Board; Chaired by the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, the Ministry of Economy, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health Undersecretary of Defense Industry Undersecretary, President, Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency, the Higher Education Council of Turkey's Scientific and technological Research Council of Turkey Academy of Sciences, the Social Security Institution, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Turkey Public Health Agency of Turkey Public Hospitals Authority Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union, the Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Dentists Union, the Turkish Pharmacists' Union and Turkey Exporters Assembly president, the Ministry of Health with six members elected by the General Manager and the Board of Higher Education reported that three members of the Board, including the chairman, consists of a total of thirty-two members. Department of Health Policy Board members join the Board as a natural member, but can not vote.
(2) Board members will be determined by the Board; health sciences and / or have at least a doctoral degree in the technology field, work, study, have distinguished themselves with their invention or work or scientific and technological systems, institutions and units are established with the success and / or directed that the domestic or selected foreign people out. Provided that voting according to experts in the field of High Advisory Council's agenda to be consulted by the Chairman of the Board may be invited domestic and foreign entities. The term of office of the elected members of the Board for three years. Members may be elected to this position for a maximum of two terms.
(3) High Advisory Board; tüseb the policy, strategy and vision in the creation of determining the objectives and work program and make recommendations.
(4) The High Advisory Board members at least once a year with a majority of two thirds of the total number of the members present at the meeting shall take decisions by an absolute majority. High Advisory Board's decisions are advisory. High Advisory Board's operating procedures and other conditions to be met by members of principles, determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry. -5- Presidency

Organization Article 8 (1) The Presidency; President, consists of the institute operates under the Secretary General and the President.
(2) The President shall be appointed by the Prime Minister on the proposal of the Minister to serve for three years. President expired, may be reappointed to the same procedure two more times. President appointed two vice presidents to help. Vice presidents, to serve as a limited term of office of the President shall be appointed by the Minister on the President's proposal. President, vice-presidents and the Secretary General may be dismissed before the end of the tenure necessary.
(3) The Secretary General, on the proposal of the Chairman, are appointed by the Minister. The Secretary-General acts to be limited to the term of office of the President. However, the Secretary-General to appoint a new Secretary-General will continue to exist until the next task.
(4) Institute chairman are appointed for three years by the Minister upon the proposal of the President. Expired institute president may be re-appointed to the same procedure two more times.

Functions of the President, General Secretary and President of the Institute for the tasks

Article 9 (1) The duties of the President are:
a) Board of Directors to implement the decisions.
B) to manage and represent the Presidency.
C) To appoint the personnel of the Presidency.
D) The president of the Institute, to make decisions about science institute under the one million Turkish lira board R & D project proposals have been accepted.

D) tüseb the annual program, the budget proposal, to provide staff to prepare the norms of staff will be employed to Board approval, ensure their implementation, the end of the year to prepare the annual report.
E) tüseb's activities related to the purchase of real estate, renting, selling, to other real and personal rights on the land and decide to take donations.
F) the payment of a fee to all intellectual and industrial property rights, obtained in TÜSEB site or the free of charge transferred, the granting of a license or production of the subject goods these rights and the sale is done and to offer for this purpose company established the Board of Directors.
G) Directorate of tariff rates for the services provided in return for the charges to be determined upon the proposal of the president of the institute; copyright, the amount of processing fees and similar payments or to propose to the Board of determining the upper limit.
I) to become members of international or regional organizations concerned with the mandate of tüseb and tüseb's decision to be represented in these institutions before.
H) carry out other duties assigned by the President with the provisions of this Act and other legislation.
(2) Vice-Presidents will assist the President in the fulfillment of the functions assigned to the Presidency and perform the duties assigned by the President. The vice president is responsible to the President for the fulfillment of this task.

General Secretariat Article 10 (1) General Secretariat; tüseb and Head of the administrative, financial, information systems, is composed of units will be set up to carry out the legal and other support services. These units upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance, determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry with the approval of the Board of Directors.
(2) The Secretary General is responsible to the President of the fulfillment of duties.

Institutes Article 11 (1) of TÜSEB was established under the following institutes:
) Turkey Cancer Institute
b) Institute of Biotechnology Turkey
c) Turkey Mother, Child and Adolescent Health Institute || | d) Turkey public Health and Institute
d Chronic Diseases) Turkey Traditional and Complementary Medicine Institute
e) Turkey Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute
(2) outside the institutes mentioned in the first paragraph, the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of Minister the decision of the new institute, including in provinces outside tüseb center can be established.
(3) within the Institute, established according to the needs of established science. Institutes with science qualifications of board members, numbers, payments to be made to these and other issues, the Presidency issued a regulation on the approval of the Board of Directors upon approval of the Ministry of Finance.
PART FIVE Provisions regarding

staff recruitment and qualifications of Article 12 (1) Presidential staff, is operated subject to the Labor Law No. 4857 dated 05.22.2003. Presidential staff personnel of the titles and numbers attached (I) are shown in the Table. It authorized the President to make the distribution to the units. Personnel staff to make changes in the title and number not to exceed one times the number available, the Minister is authorized on the decision of the Board of Directors.
(2) The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General and institute presidents, to have at least an associate professor degree in English, to know at least one of the German or French language fluent in at least ten years of public and / or have worked in the private sector It is essential. This person is determined by the Board to look at other attributes.
(3) to run the presidential staff, dated 14/7/1965 and No. 657 on Civil Servants Law of Article 48 of the first paragraph (a) of paragraph (1), (4), (5), (6) and (7) Terms are searched in sub-item. However, Turkish citizenship requirement for foreign experts to run the Presidency is not required.
(4) Those who have the qualifications required by the Institute for R & D projects, including projects with limited duration, may be employed with a fixed-term employment contracts.
(5) Public institutions and organizations of compulsory service obligations arising from the provision of scholarships, obliged the request, with the approval of the request of the Presidency and public institutions providing scholarships tüseb liable to be transferred.
(6) foreign experts, dated 02/27/2003 and numbered 4817, without being subject to the provisions of the Law on Work Permits for Foreigners and rights provisions in the 4857 Act operated by applying up to a year.

(7) with the necessary qualifications of the instructors working with government officials in public institutions, it can be employed at the request of and consent to the institution of the Presidency staff. relations with these institutions, and ends with the construction of the contract. Those who begin employment under this paragraph to the Department due to interruption of relations with other institutions account of the retirement pension based on the total service time in less than fifteen years, the retirement pension is not paid and unpaid retirement bonus of earning service time is included in the severance of earning service time by combining their service time will pass in the Presidency . It is also taken into account in the determination of other rights related to the termination time this service period of the way, severance pay of earning service time and more services than fifteen years for the calculation of retirement pension with the time to be included in that. Those in this manner employment, social security institutions by the employer monthly binding or employment contract of right reason, except for those ended contracts under the immediate termination of those ended tasks in the Presidency, which has not lost its terms and conditions assigned to staff about their previous institutions; educational background, years of service and vested considering monthly rankings learning situations earlier institutions, their years of service and vested monthly suited appointed within one month to the vacant position and they started to work any processing required at the latest within a month. The Presidency of people returning to their former institution in accordance with this paragraph shall be vested past service monthly degrees and evaluated in due to seniority rights. Due to the termination of employment contracts who have been reassigned to Previous institutions Presidency severance pay or any further compensation will be paid, and this time is taken into account in the retirement pension they are entitled according to the next service.
(8) of this Article and Article 13 which operates under who will qualifications, recruitment and assignment, performance evaluation and disciplinary action with no monthly fees and other financial and social rights of the people acting on leave without salary to those found in the staff, the Board of Directors upon approval of the Ministry of Finance with the approval is determined by regulations issued by the Ministry.
(9) All disputes related to TÜSEB staff in the labor courts.
(10) employees in public institutions and organizations to be given the task for accreditation activities with the permission of the institution. These are the duties of the money be paid (3,000) indicator number of officers is determined by the decision of the Board to exceed the amount to be determined by multiplying the monthly coefficient. assignment from
Article 13 (1) in public institutions, relevant personnel according to the laws staffed as employees, by the President with the consent and related to accept the terms of the relevant public agencies and institutions, the scope of work to be done and time is considered taking up to three years for the tüseb be appointed. Period end who, according to the same procedure reassigned. In this way those who commissioned, institutions serve for salaried leave of absence. Their salary, additional indicator, compensation, additional payments and other financial and social rights and benefits are paid by their own institutions, all kinds of personal rights, and they will continue also not made any payment.
(2) the first paragraph within the scope of personnel on leave without salary appointed as tüseb in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph and their relations with social security is continued considering the status of their own institutions.
(3) This item does not exceed half of the total staff number of people employed within the scope and promotions while they they work in the Presidency and taken into account in retirement, promotion is done in time without further treatment. They leave without salary from the presidential run as those vested in the period are evaluated monthly degrees and classes.
Staff wages and other financial and social rights
Article 14 (1) The President and Council of Ministers are determined by other personnel costs and other financial rights over the upper limit of the Minister's proposal.

(2) staff who run the presidency and appointed those R & D, and subjected to scientific activities in areas such as task-year period on application performance evaluation. According to the evaluation of the contract to be extended or terminated before the end of the contract period it is decided.
(3) rights on the intellectual products during the realization of the projects carried out in-house belongs to tüseb TÜSEB. tüseb financed or rights studies carried out on the resulting intellectual products based on contracts that are regulated by a contract partner. tüseb intellectual property belonging to the economically percent of net income as a result of the evaluation will be determined by the Board not to exceed the rate of fifty intellectual product will share their respective owners. This share partnership agreement, company shares, granted in the form of dividends or revenue sharing.
(4) in the projects supported by TÜSEB, project duration with limited to recording the project and the project in service for office space to those found in the vacant positions in public institutions or organizations, seventy percent of the amount is paid once a month, depending on the vacant positions not to exceed five projects at the rate specified in the project contract incentive bonus payable. This payment, in case of an individual player as actively engaged in multiple projects at the same time more than two, if the researchers and other staff made is for a maximum of four projects and is determined by the rules and procedures of the Board of Directors for it. This project will benefit from taking part in other project staff and service to others are paid over the amount specified in the project contract.
(5) Presidency to be appointed arbitrator, until the day six months to the panelists and other people for each day (10,000) index figure of the officer not to exceed amount obtained by multiplying the monthly coefficient, an honorarium in the amount specified by the President paid.
(6) Higher education institutions and faculty while they work in tüseb of those in staff, the acquisition of academic titles, institutions of higher education used outside and higher education institutions in the past counted in assessing other personnel procedures.
(7) of this Article, the implementation of procedures and principles regarding the payment is determined by the Presidency on the approval of Ministry of Finance.
Project management
Article 15 (1) TÜSEB supported by research and development projects and other projects of the Board of Directors of the resources allocated to or amounts related to the project will see the President's appropriate, TÜSEB the expense recognized as the budget established in accordance with Article 11 of this Law the project manager of public institutions and organizations, including institutes are transferred to the accounts of individuals and legal entities. In this way, resources are transferred to the project within the scope of central government and social security institutions executive public administrations and these administrations in the case that the person in charge, the transferred amount will open the recording as revenue in the budgets of relevant administrations tracked in special accounts. expenditures to be made from special accounts, dated 10/12/2003 and 5018 audited by the Public Financial Management and Control Law.
(2) the amounts received in relation to the foreign-funded projects carried out by TÜSEB, TÜSEB revenue in the budget and the appropriations saved.
(3) and the projects supported by TÜSEB made prepayments for foreign-funded projects are implemented by TÜSEB or received.
(4) of the circuit in order to fulfill their duties tüseb years supported projects and activities foreseen for the unexpended portion of the appropriations contained in the relevant arrangement of budget appropriations related to the composition of the budget appropriation to the next year.
(5) of the amount spent will be transferred according to the first paragraph of this article, accounting procedures and principles related to pre-payments to be made under this Article shall be determined by the Presidency in accordance with the opinion of the Ministry of Finance.

Financial Provisions Article 16 (1) tüseb income are as follows:
a) assistance to the general budget
b) Operating income
c) movable and derived from the real incomes
d) the company and the income derived from the profits of technoparks
d) National and international R & d funds and the income derived from cooperation
e) Intellectual income derived from rights
f ) Donations and bequests

G) Revenues derived from consulting services
i) of the Miscellaneous Income and other income
(2) up to twenty-five percent of the income derived from the overall budget allocated to personnel expenditures tüseb. Financial easily

Article 17 (1) tüseb the activities of his duties related to income earned within the scope of Article 16 thus formed business organizations are not considered economic in terms of taxes. tüseb receipt in return made cash donations and assistance in establishing the 31/12/1960 dated and 193 numbered Income Tax Law and 13.06.2006 dated 5520, comes in the framework of Tax Law or corporate tax base, income or corporate tax return It can also be downloaded from the stated income or corporate income provided to display.
(2) TÜSEB, in respect of the transactions thus conducted activities mentioned in this Act 02.07.1964 dated and 492 numbered Fees Act by 26.05.1981 dated and 2464 on Municipal Revenue Act from the tax and levy and shares in accordance with this with regard to the tax stamp paper held in context, because he made donations and grants from inheritance and gift tax, real estate owned are exempt from real estate taxes due.
(3) This Law regarding the performance of duties tüseb of all kinds of equipments were imported excluding motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, machinery, medical equipment, products and publications and their spare parts for the entry and any temporary storage, warehousing and storage fees excluding value added tax and excise duties, customs duties, stamp papers held is exempt from taxes and fees from import restrictions do not apply to them.
(4) TÜSEB, services needed can make a purchase contract with the service. TÜSEB, no Temporary receipts, interim for doing that research and studies, the marketing authorization or not to take concessions. CHAPTER SEVEN Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Miscellaneous Provisions Article 18 (1) TÜSEB, and No. 190 dated 13/12/1983 General Staff and is not subject to the Decree Law on the Procedure.
(2) the property is tüseb State Property.
(3) will be held in the framework of protocols with higher education institutions; undergraduate, graduate, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary medicine with specialized training in post-doctoral scientific research who are able to study and work in this institute. These institutes at the time of the training period and / or be included in the loan.
Inquiries and to comply with privacy
Article 19 (1) TÜSEB any information it deems necessary for R & D topics within the scope of the tasks may require all higher education institutions, including those of foundations and public institutions and organizations. Those requests for information from them, without prejudice to the intellectual rights are obliged to provide this information and facility needs. In this way it is respecting the privacy of the confidential nature of the information obtained.
Article 20 and No. 1219 dated 11.04.1928 of Medicine and Şuabat the state art style to the first paragraph of Article 14 of the Law on the Execution addition was added the following sentence.
"In Time levy made the majors, the content of which is the reason of time increases the core curriculum, if it overlaps with minor areas depending on the specialty, related subdivisions of the training time is reduced to one-third of Expertise Council in medicine."
Article 21- 1219 Law No. The following provisional article has been added.
"Provisional Article 12 of the at least three years before the date of 25.11.2012 for a total of five years, including in educational institutions who have worked in the intensive care unit, intensive care specialist children with major experts whom the minor in intensive care and pediatric emergency unit child health and disease experts who have worked from the date of entry into force of this Article may apply to the Ministry of Health to obtain documents related subspecialties within a year. those who pass the exam will be made or to be made by the Ministry of the applicants expertise documents, organized by the Ministry for registration. In this way specialization certificate fields, are subject to state duty. "
Article 22 4/1/1961 dated and 209 numbered Ministry of Health Related Health Institutions with Esenlendir clients (Rehabilitation) of the Law on the Capital Revolving be given to plant the first to the second paragraph of Article 5 the following sentence is added to the end of the third paragraph with the following sentence to come after the sentence.

"By the Ministry of Health, in addition to paying the designated specific medical procedures to be performed in exchange for the approval of the Ministry of Finance, the proportion of 800 and 700 percent will be increased by one."
"Turkey Public Hospitals Authority, set out in this paragraph rates of public hospital associations on the basis of is authorized to calculations; but even in this case fifty percent ratio, each health facility may not exceed Sixty-five percent basis. "
Article 23 04.08.1929 dated and 1416 Foreigners second paragraph of Article 21 of the Law on the request to be sent to Homeland amended as follows; Located on the third paragraph "all the time" to come after the phrase "not to exceed the maximum set by the Ministry of the training period abroad," it has been added.
"To be employed in the Ministry of National Education Ministry of Education on behalf and account of returnees in order to fulfill their compulsory service obligations after completing their doctoral studies in the country they are sent to those sent abroad under this Law shall be appointed to the National Education Specialist staff."
Article 24 14.06.1973 dated and 1739 National Education in the sixth paragraph of Article 43 of the Basic Law, "written and / or oral exam" to "written or written and oral exams," ten in the first paragraph "reserved" to "prospective teachers not apply to "In the present.
Article 25 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 dated 4/11/1981 and the first paragraph of Article 3 (t) shall be amended as follows in this paragraph and the following subparagraph are added.
"T) Graduate: medical and master's and doctorate in dentistry involves the qualification training in pharmacy and veterinary expertise and art and is divided into the following stages."
"(5) Specialist in Veterinary Medicine: Food, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock special ability in certain areas conducted and veterinarians according to regulated principles and authority to'm a higher aims. "
Article 26 of Law No. 2547 of Article 35 of the third paragraph is added the following sentence to come after the first sentence.
"This compulsory service, except for peer status and health excuses in other higher education institutions and can not be executed in public institutions."
Article 27 of Law No. 2547 Article 40 (b), the following sentence is added to paragraph.
"Foundations appointment will be made to higher education institutions does not exceed a total of two years and be given administrative tasks so that academicians who."
ARTICLE 28 Law No. 2547, Article 44 (b) in paragraph "of this Article (c) specified in paragraph in terms of students who can not get a diploma on time, but change changes or course content of the course content but changing curriculum change or names along the way due to the passage of a long period of time, as previously required to re-which of successful when the course "phrase removed from the text and (c) paragraph as follows: It has been changed.
"C. Students, one-year excluding foreign language preparatory class, starting with the period in which the courses for the program to be registered, regardless of enrollment built and for each term study period up to four years of undergraduate programs in the two years study period the maximum seven-year undergraduate programs is four years, study period of five years with a maximum of eight years in undergraduate programs, study time required to complete the degree program within six years of the maximum nine years. Preparatory training period of up to two years. renewal of registration due to non-payment of interest or tuition fees to the maximum contribution period for students attached are not cut. But the judgment of the official establishment of the university and the Higher Education Council with the approval of four consecutive years of contribution or tuition fees of students dismissed due to non-payment of the registration renewal can be cut. Transfer and double majors with the principles and procedures of the maximum study period of training, postgraduate training and education principles and procedures shall be determined by a regulation issued by the Higher Education Council.

The language of instruction is not completely open except compulsory foreign language preparatory class professional Turkish language courses in the program; but the judgment of the official establishment of the university and the Higher Education Council with the approval of optional foreign language preparatory class training given; accompanying students who fail to pass this preparatory school and continue their education is not interrupted. The language of instruction fully or partially dismissed from the program students who have not completed the preparatory class of foreign language programs that are successfully cut over two years. The language of instruction fully or partially dismissed students from preparatory classes, foreign language program can enroll in a program that is equivalent teaching Turkish language in their higher education institutions. In addition, these students, if they demand the equivalent program there appeared higher education institution is registered Ösym including once by the Presidency as the year in which enrolled, the student's university entrance scores, teaching, provided that not less than sought basis points to enroll in the program will be placed language program that can be inserted into one of the central Turkish.
However, this time at the end of last year students to graduate from educational institutions to be registered will be entitled to two additional exams for all courses they have failed. These exams at the end of the number of courses failed five courses download those three semesters for these courses, additional tests take four semesters for students who fail in up to five courses (two academic years in institutions conducted training on the basis of class pass); Those who fail a course of about a student without benefit of unlimited, given the right to enter the course of the examination they failed. discontinuation successful dismissed because of failure to provide the prescribed grade point average to be counted in the regulations in case they receive a passing grade in all courses required to graduate from the program they follow the situation from the recent (last grades education at institutions on the basis of passing grades) students from the courses they wish to raise their GPA entitled to unlimited exam. These are the practical applications and which continues to have previously taken courses other than the courses is not required. Opened to the examination consecutively or intermittently for a total of three students who never enter school year, she waived their right to an unlimited number of examinations and can not benefit from this right. Unlimited use rights in case of students who take the exam as the contribution of students per course / tuition fees continue to pay. However, these students benefit from student rights other than the right exam. Open education students are not limited by this time to take advantage of student rights record. Although they fulfill their obligations continue
course, year in and year-end exam obligations with educational institutions fail to fulfill in accordance with the provisions of this Article are attached to no more than a course cut preparatory class and first class, who have failed in more than three courses while in the intermediate class students will use the three tests within three years of the right to be given the right to an exam grade point average of the three courses they choose the students who lost years including a preparatory class for the intermediate grades can not attach. Exam been granted for the year or years in the house still apply regardless of whether the final exam of the university or high technology institute at the beginning of each academic year they will take an exam. Who managed all the courses they are responsible for the end of the re-examination records are made and continue from where they left their education. while they take the exams of the students in this case, not included in the study period. in no way benefit the students, student rights who participate in this exam. "
Article 29 of Law No. 2547 Article 46 (c) in paragraph" (d), (d) and (e) paragraph in the "to" (d) the provision " form and (d) of the same article and paragraph amended as follows: (d), (e) and (f) has been repealed, shall apply.

"Three. Except for preparatory class education degree programs, two-year associate degree and four of the five and six-year undergraduate programs (except open programs), this time at the end who can not graduate students, as well as the contribution prescribed for the period or the tuition fee of the component (c) contribution or tuition fee to be paid per credit calculated in accordance with paragraph; The contribution per credit for the semester will be determined or calculated to be more than fifty percent of the tuition fee. The pair of students enrolled in the major program at the end of the diploma program study period and an additional year is received contributions or tuition fees according to the provisions of this Article. "
Article 30 of Law No. 2547 of Article 50 of the first paragraph of subparagraph (a) to" graduate "to come after the phrase" veterinary expertise "has been added.
Article 31 of the Law No. 2547, Article 11 of the additional following paragraphs have been added.
"About private higher education institutions that are determined according to the agreement to carry out educational activities of the founders of the foundation, or a third party, either directly or by obtaining the opinion of the indirect resource transfer to the Ministry of Higher Education objectively determined by the Board and measurable criteria, return to private higher education institutions of the source within the allotted time in case of failure, the Higher Education Board necessary corrective in the form of permission to lift the restrictive measures in the nature or activity decisions.
Private higher education institutions of supervision and guidance on the audit results to the higher education institution, corrective, restrictive or operating permit lifters measures rules and procedures for the receipt of, Interuniversity taking the opinion of the Council of a regulation issued by the Council of Higher Education. "
Article 32 Law No. 2547 has been added to the following temporary items.
"Provisional Article 67- the date of entry into force of this Article in calculating the maximum period of time in terms of students enrolled in higher education institutions are not taken into account the previous study period.
Provisional Article 68- Higher education institutions of the dismissed before the date of entry into force of this material cut students attached to a higher education institution is cut from the date of entry into force of this Article in cases where they apply within five months, according to the principles contained in the provisional Article 58, opened in the respective institutions of higher education programs and of course there are the following academic semester or academic year in the following may begin their education.
Provisional Article 69- In the field of health as of the date of entry into force of this article associate's degree in their fields to those who graduated from nursing and midwifery programs from the field, while the others will be determined by the Board of Higher Education, midwifery and bachelor's degree completion programs in related fields other than nursing program is done. This training can be delivered through distance education methods in the field will be determined by the Board of Higher Education. Practice Makes Higher Education Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Health for their education. This training procedures and principles determined by the Board of Higher Education.
Provisional Article 70- The Doctors, dentists and medicine from a faculty member specializing according to the specialization legislation, this matter outside of working hours as of the date of entry into force located in self-employed activities or those who work in private health institutions until erdirince an end to these activities, university grants and additional payment is not paid. These are the people who want to end their stated activities, 12.31.2014 until the date of their notification to the will of the government institutions they are in charge of these issues and their latest 05.31.2015 until these activities are deemed to have terminated and canceled the work eligibility documents or permission. This period of financial benefits and additional payments shall continue to be paid in full.
Those detected with the task of judgment they are guilty because of the activities specified in the faculty within the scope of this article, without prejudice to the responsibility according to general provisions, cancel the self-employed or work for a certificate of compliance or permit private health institutions.
About this provision of the Gülhane Military Academy of Medicine faculty applied. However, this faculty member of the university health services and benefits will be paid compensation. "
Article 33 of the Law No. 2547, Article 49 was repealed last sentence of the first paragraph.

Article 34 dated 06.07.1985 and numbered 3224 Article 21 of the Turkish Dental Association Act has been amended as follows.
"Article 21 Union General Assembly, the rooms consist of rooms with delegates elected president with delegates of course by the general assembly for a two-year period.
rooms with a membership of up to two hundred and five, seven rooms of up to five hundred thousand up to ten principal rooms and selects the same number of substitute delegates. Members number more than a thousand rooms which also selects a principal and alternate delegate for every five hundred members, in addition to ten delegates. "
Article 35 3224 the first sentence of the first paragraph of Law No. Article 24 is amended as follows.
"Central Board by Union General Assembly for a two-year period, delegates and Union central organs consist of an elected ten members of the main members."
ARTICLE 36 3224 numbered paragraph of Article 28 of the Act has been amended as follows.
"Union High Disciplinary Committee by the Union General Assembly for a two-year period, delegates and Union central organ is composed of selected nine full and nine alternate members of the main members."
Article 37- 3224 Law No. paragraph of Article 30 it is amended as follows.
"Union of the Supervisory Board by the Association General Assembly for a two-year period, delegates and Union central bodies selected from among the original members consist of five regular and five alternate members."
Article 38- 3224 Law No. added the following temporary items.
"PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 4 rooms, room by collecting the General Assembly within three months of the entry into force of this Act shall elect delegates to the General Assembly of the Union. The term of office of the elected delegates to the next room the General Assembly. "
ARTICLE 39- 19/11/1992 dated and 3843 numbered Higher Education Dual Education in Institutions, No. 2547 Higher Education Changing Certain Provisions of the Act and this Act, the Act on Inclusion of an Article 6 in the second paragraph of Article "However, this transition that students must pay the fees prescribed for secondary education." sentence is repealed.
Article 40 dated 10.12.2003 and the 5018 Public Financial Management attached to and Control Act (II) of the schedule "B) Special Budget Other Administration" section of the "46) Turkey Institutes of Health Presidency" it has been added.
ARTICLE 41 - 08.02.2007 dated and 5580 numbered Private Education Institutions were added the following paragraph to Article 5 of the Law temporary.
"In relation to sustain their activities received education institutions in the transformation program of the third paragraph of Article 4 of the first sentence of the 06.08.1942 dated and 4250 numbered Alcohol and Spirit Drinks Monopoly Law of the Article 9 of the second paragraph the provisions of the 2018 to 2019 the end of the academic year so do not apply. "
Article 42 12.11.2012 dated and 6360 numbered Fourteen Provinces Metropolitan Municipality and twenty-seven counties Establishment of certain Laws and the Law Amending the Decree added the following paragraph to Article 3.
"(11) entity removed from towns and villages by the Law dated 14/7/1965 and Law No. 657, Article 86 of midwives and nurses are employed pursuant to the third paragraph, in doing tasks where they do still duties and legislation from the rights provided for them continue to benefit in the same way. This is the place in case of a need to be employed attorney midwives and nurses in the same manner. "
Article 43 16.08.1983 dated and No. 77 Science and Technology Committee of the Decree Article 3 of the Law on the Establishment of the first paragraph" TAEK Chairman, "to come after the phrase" Turkey President Institutes of Health, "it has been added.
Article 44 and No. 663 dated 11/10/2011 and the Ministry of Health Affiliate of the Organization and Duties of the third article 33 of the Decree Law on the following paragraph has been added.
"(9) No. 4924 Law on the contractual working as physicians need still in the frame, provided that the services are employed units attached (II) considered hospital administrator in the schedule, chief and appointed the vice-chancellor position. In this way because of those assigned this task is not made any further payment. "

Article 45 No. 663 Decree Law's Article 7 of the first paragraph of paragraph (d) of Article 12 and the addition of the decree of the same Law (I) of the ruler of the Service Units section of the fifth row of the removed and 13/12/1983 dated and effective No. 190 located in the department of the General staff and the central organization of the Ministry of Health of the schedule annexed to the Decree Law on the Procedure of the General Manager were canceled one has been removed from the aforementioned section titled staff.

Provisional Transitional provisions Article 1 (1) tüseb 2014 and 2015 spending until a new arrangement is made by the Ministry, located in the Ministry's budget is covered by the appropriations.
(2) regulations and other regulations stipulated in this Law, from the date of entry into force of this law is issued within six months. Regulations under the implementing the principles set up by the Board of Directors have entered into force business and operations are carried out.
(3) of the institution established by this Law with Turkey Turkey Cancer Institute, Institute of Health Care Quality and Accreditation within six months, while others put into operation within three years. Health Surveys conducted by the General Directorate of business operations and ongoing projects at the date of revocation is completed by the Directorate General of Health Services.

Enforcement Article 46 (1) of Article 45 of this Law, after three years from the date of publication of this law enters into force on the date of publication of the other provisions.

Execution Article 47- (1) This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.


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