Turkey's Health Institute Of Law Amending Decree Of The President Of The Establishment With Some Laws And Award


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Kanun No. 6569


          AcceptDate: 19/11/2014      


Purpose, Scope, and Tantas

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) This Law serves the country and humanity in the area of science and technology. In order to increase the competitiveness of Turkey and to take into account the priorities set by the High Council of Science and Technology with the objectives of the High Council of Science and Technology, it is new to understand the need for advanced technology and innovation of our country. the production of products and the development of existing ones, Providing the scientific environment, public law and private legal entities to make scientific research, to do scientific research, to coordinate these studies, to invest, to contribute to R&D, to contribute to the science and technology of health. In the development of ecosystems with its culture, the Turkish Institute of Health organizes the principles and essences with the establishment of the Turkish Institute of Health to carry out accreditation activities in the services of the health.


ARTICLE 2- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) R & D: Operations and development activities in the field of health sciences and technologies,

b) Minister: The Ministry of Salim,

c) Ministry: The Ministry of Health,

ç) President: Turkey's Institute of Health,

d) High Council of Science and Technology dated 16/8/1983 and 77-number of Science and Technology High The Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors,

e) TÜSEB: Turkey's Institute of Sabitics,

f) Board of Directors: The Board of Directors of Turkey's Institute of Health Administration Board,

refers to.



Installation and Tasks of TÜSEB

Installation of TÜSEB

MADDE 3- (1) The public entity is a legal entity to perform the duties given to this Law. It is the establishment of the private budget of Turkey's Institute of Health, which has scientific and administrative autonomy. The center of TÜSEB is in Istanbul.

(2) The TÜSEB-related Ministry Is The Ministry Of The Ministry Of Health.

(3) TÜSEB is subject to the provisions of the special law in the matters which are not regulated in this Law.

TUSEB ' s tasks

MADDE 4- (1) The tasks of TÜSEB are:

a) Science and Technology High Council decision on health science and technology to apply or to apply for the implementation of these decisions.

b) to do R&D, to provide financial or scientific support to R & D, coordinate with them, to follow, to follow, to develop programs and projects for this purpose.

c) By public institutions and organizations, real people and private legal entities To support, to support, to support, to support, to conduct joint projects, to support, to support, to promote, or to do, the R&D of the R&D.

) on the health of development, innovation and innovation in health science and technology to develop and/or make R & D centers, and to install or install R & D centers and other units of need, for the purpose of using and disseminate the use of the community and the individual's level.

d) contact and treatment with products, medicine, medical devices and products produced or developed as a result of R & D To ensure the production, identification, use, and use of technical and methods for the purposes of this purpose; to make business partners and partnerships with the related industries; and to return to the commercial area to support the entry; by the Board of Directors within the framework of the usul and the principles to be determined, and/or to provide and pre-pay support and to make a preliminary payment; to establish the company and/or to partner with the establishment of companies in the country and/or abroad upon the approval of the Minister, To have a share of the concession in the establishment of the company.

e) First of 11/10/2011 and 663 Count of Health and Founders Install And to make or do so by the decision of the Board of Directors, whose duties are requested by the Ministry and the other parties in entering the field of duty, including the 50 nci provisions of the decree on the Rule of Law.

f) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the institutions of higher education, and the private sector and the private sector In the determination of quality and accreditation rules in the field of health services, the Ministry of Scientific contributions, excluding the accreditation of health services, dated 27/10/1999, and the Turkish Accreditation Agency of 4457, and the Right to the Right of Tasks The provisions of the law are to remain withheld, and the national and the Accredited to the international level, to understand the international and regional accreditation unions and organisations and the accreditation of countries with the accreditation of countries.

g) For the development of contact and treatment standards and new treatment methods To make or to do R&D that will contribute to the contribution.

) Translate science and technology advancements to implement, R&D, and To organize and implement the programs of the seminar, symposium, course, conference and similar activities and certificates to be encouraged with the purpose of the wannabe.

h) To provide information about the activities that are entered in the task area, and to provide information about the activity.

) to protect and develop intellectual property rights, national and international literature and to follow the patents, remove and perform new patent administration areas, execute them as a result of these processes in the name of the applications, enter into the process of rights, license and information transfer, sell, sell, sell, and sell. And to make partners.

i) The international agency and its installations are related to development in the field of science and technology. to follow the publications, to publish the necessary visions, to make publications related to the field of activity and activity.

j) opportunities for scientists and researchers to grow and develop. To provide rewards for this purpose, to help them grow and develop, by watching young people who are showing themselves in the world of death and later in the world.

k) To perform the duties given by this Law and other laws; technopark, incubation center, technology center, technology transfer offices, project development and information transfer centers, science center, science park and so on, and to support universities that are active for this purpose, to build support programs, Supporting the activities of the individual and clustering, the project market, to organize and support science fair, competition and similar activities, to give the award and a draft bonus, to guarantee and/or credit as a grant and/or credit in accordance with the principles and principles to be determined by the Board of Directors. to give support and to make a preliminary payment.

(2) TÜSEB said that in the scope of its duties abroad or at home, public law and private legal entities of legal entities, institutes, R & D centers and laboratories, human bonding, physical space and infrastructure, hardware, financing, all kinds of It can use the boil and/or use together within the framework of the use protocol or use the resources of its own.

(3) Field calls, R & D, release, and field calls to be requested by the Ministry and the The consulting services can be met by TÜSEB.

(4) TÜSEB ' s institutes provide public institutions and installations with public-to-use projects. will also be able to help finance projects.



Organs and Tasks


ARTICLE 5- (1) The organs of TÜSEB are:

a) Board of Directors

b) High Dance Board

c) Balance

Board of Directors

ARTICLE 6- (1) The Board of Directors, Secretary of the Ministry, President, Secretary, Secretary two members to select from, A total of nine members, including two from the Board of Higher Council and two institutions, are from the Board. The duration of the task of the selected members is two years. The member institute is determined primarily by the date of the establishment of the institutes for the second year in which the institution is based. The Board of Directors ' duties and powers are:

a) Science and Technology Supreme Council resolutions and recommendations of the High Council Board Taking into account the policy, strategy and goals of TÜSEB, to monitor the results of the activity, to take the necessary precautions for the areas where the performance is not expected.

b) budget proposal and staff staffing norms by TÜSEB's annual operating program To see.

c) To make decisions about how to install the institutes on the proposal of the president.

), including business projects, to use public boil and a total of one million Turkish lira To allow R&D projects under the scope of the operation of TÜSEB, taking the visions of the boards of science.

d) Established and installed domestics and/or domestics by the United States To decide on the proposals to partner with the company.

e) To conduct the other tasks given to the Board with provisions of this Law and other legislation.

(2) The amount specified in the first fan (c) is up to the point of the Council of Ministers. It can be increased. This amount is applied on 4/1/1961 for that year, effective from each calendar year, and is applied by increasing the number 213 of the Tax Procedural Law and the declared redeeming rate.

(3) The Board of Directors convenes at least seven members, not less than once a month, and at least five It is decided by the member's vote in the same direction.

High Danting Board

MADDE 7- (1) High Dance Board; Science, Industry, and Technology, by the Ministry of the Minister The Minister of Economy, Ministry of Economy, Tarism and Livestock, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Defence Industries, Undersecretary of Defense Industries, President of Turkey, Turkey's Support and Promotion Agency, the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Economy, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Turkey The Academy of Sciences, Social Security Institution, Turkey's Turkish and Turkish Devices Agency, Turkish Public Hospitals Institution, Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Medical Association, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey A total of thirty-two members are due to be elected by the Union and the Board of Directors of Turkey, the General Manager of the Ministry of Health Services, and three members of the Board of Directors, which will be elected by the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Health Policy will be able to contribute to the establishment as a member of the Board, but they cannot vote.

(2) Members of the Board of Directors; at least one in the field of science and/or technologies It is selected from either domestic or foreign people who have a doctorate degree, contact, research, cloud or work, or scientific and technological systems, institutions and units are founded and/or managed. According to the board's agenda, a member of the High Dance Council, which is subject to meeting with the High Dance Council, can be invited to an expert, domestic and foreign policy. The mandate of the elected members of the board is three years old. Members can be selected for this task for a maximum of two semefes.

(3) High Dance Board; determination and execution of TÜSEB ' s policy, strategies and objectives It is seen in the process of being created and suggested.

(4) High Dance Board, with two-thirds of the total number of members at least once a year The meeting will be decided by the absolute majority of the members who are ready in the meeting. Decisions of the High Council of Dance are highly recommended. The construction of the High Dance Board and the other companies to look for in the members with the principles, It is determined by the regulations that are used in the first place.


Business contact

MADDE 8- (1) Operating as a President, Secretary, Secretary, and President They are from institutes that show up.

(2) The President is appointed by the Başminister upon the proposal of the Minister to serve for three years. The old-timer, the two-term, can be reappointed in a similar way. Two people can be assigned to help the president. The Başkan judges are appointed by the Minister upon the proposal of the President to serve as the term of office of the President. The president, the chief executive, and the Secretary General may also be relieved of his duties without the term of office required.

(3) The Secretary-General is appointed by the Minister upon the proposal of the President. The Secretary-General serves to be left with the term of office. However, the Secretary General continues the current Secretary of State until the new assignment is made.

(4) The Enstitü is assigned to three years by the Minister upon the proposal of the President. An expired institute can be re-assigned two periods in a similar way.



President's Tasks, General Secretaries and Institutes

Business tasks

MADDE 9- (1) The following tasks are started:

a) To implement the Board decisions.

b) To manage and represent the company.

c) To assign the personnel of the company.

ç) The Enstitü is a million Turkish lira accepted by the institute ' s scientific establishment. decision about R & D project bids.

d) TÜSEB ' s annual operating program, budget offer, staff to be employed To submit the approval of the Board of Directors by preparing the norms for the approval of the Board of Directors, to prepare the annual report of the activity.

e) sell, lease, sell, sell, and sell all of TÜSEB's operating areas. to establish the same and the right of rights, and to decide the status of the right.

f) to be offered to the Board of Directors for the transfer of all opinion and current rights under TÜSEB, subject to fee or fee, production and sale of such products, and for the purpose of the production and sale of the products to the Board of Directors

g) prices of price tariffs that are likely to be charged in a number of common services the institute's proposal to be determined upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors; the cost of the payment fee and similar payments, or to offer the identification of the upper limits to the Board of Directors.

) to become a member of TÜSEB's field of mission or to become a member of the regional or regional organization To decide on the representation of TÜSEB in these installations.

h) To conduct other tasks, which are granted to the President, with provisions of this Law and other legislation.

(2) Batchmen helped the president in fulfilling the tasks that were given to the State. And they will do the tasks that are given by the President. The president's office is responsible for the fulfillment of these tasks.

General Secretariat

ARTICLE 10- (1) General Secretariat; Administrative, financial, information systems of TÜSEB and the President; be one of the units to be installed to execute law and other support services. These units are determined by the approval of the Board of Directors, with the approval of the Board of Directors, upon the appropriate vision of the Ministry of Finance.

(2) The Secretary-General is responsible for the fulfillment of the tasks given.


MADDE 11- (1) The following institutes are installed within TÜSEB:

a) Turkey Cancer Institute

b) Turkey Institute of Biotechnology

c) Turkish Mother, Child, and Ergen Institute of Health

ç) Turkish Institute of Public Health and Chronic Hashis

d) Turkish Institute of Traditional and Complementary Energy (TIP)

E) Institute for Quality and Accreditation of Turkey's Saylük Services

(2) Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Ministry, during the first series of institutes The new institutes can be established, including in the central provinces of TÜSEB, with the decision.

(3) Within the framework of the institutes, the science boards are established according to the need. The institutes and the members of the board of science, the numbers, and the payments to be made, are arranged by the Ministry of Finance to take the appropriate view and govern the approval of the Board of Directors as a result of the approval of the Board of Directors.



Government Government Provisions

The employment and qualifications of the staff

MADDE 12- (1) The personnel of the government dated 22/5/2003 and numbered 4857 of the Code of Law. Of course, it will be stolen. The number of staff members and the number of numbers attached (I) is shown in the Cetvattan. He is the President of the United States. He is the one who is trying to make sure that they are on the unit. The Secretary's decision on the decision of the Board of Directors is determined not to include a contribution of the current count of the staff in the staff title and the number of the staff.

(2) President, chief executive, secretary, and institute chiefs, minimum dochness lack of a degree, English, German, or French language, and at least ten years in the public and/or private sector. Other qualifications to search for in these matches are determined by the Board of Directors.

(3) State Officers, dated 14/7/1965 and 657, of personnel to be played in the country. The first receipt of the first section (1), (4), (5), (6), (6) and (7) of the first subsection (1) of the Article 48 of the Act will be sought. However, it is not possible to search for Turkish citizens for foreign experts to be stolen in the country.

(4) Those with the required qualifications of R & D projects in the institutes, with the project duration It can be employed with a specific term of work, to be left out.

(5) Obligation service obligations, which are sold by public institutions and organizations, The prompt may be transferred to TÜSEB with the approval of the public institution and its establishment, which grants scholarships to the request and obligation of the State.

(6) Experts of foreign nationality, dated 27/2/2003, and 44817 Foreigners 'Foreigners' Subject to the provisions of the Code, the provisions of the Code 4857 of the rights may be played up to one year by one year.

(7) Public institutions and installations are required by the employees of the United States The people who are qualified can be employed by themselves and their institutions in the battle of the institution. Its relations with their institutions end with the construction of the business promise. Due to the interruption of their relations with the institutions prior to employment being employed in the country, the pension benefit account has a total service period of less than ten years, the pension is not paid and the non-paid pension is retired. The actual service times for the account's account are included in the settlement of the severance package by the service times that will be in place at the time of service. In addition, these service times have been noted in the identification of these service times, which will include more than ten years of service from the pension account, with the ongoing period of service to the account, which will be included in the account's compensation for the account. It'll be fine. The tasks in the State of the End, excluding those employed by the social security establishment, were justified by the business of the company, except for the end of the business of termination. those who have not lost their appointment to the relevant staff in previous institutions; they are aware of their status, service year, and earned-right grades, and their previous institutions have increased service, service and earned degrees of right to service. appointed within a month of the latest to a suitable bobside staff, and any irigging They'll be reinstated within a month at the latest. Services that have returned to previous institutions in the United States will be encouraged by the rights and levels of rights that have been returned to the previous institutions. Reappointing to previous institutions is no longer due to severance pay or no compensation, and will be considered in the pension account, which will be eligible for subsequent services.

(8) Qualifications for the operation of this item and the 13th clause are received, and The Board approves of the Board of Directors for the separation of duties and other financial and social rights, including the deployment, performance deans and disciplinary actions, and the monthly financial and social rights of the staff. It is determined by the regulations that are used in the case.

(9) All disputes with the TÜSEB personnel are seen in the recent courts of the United States.

(10) Accreditation of public institutions and organizations with the permission of the institutions operations. The fee to be paid for them is determined by the decision of the Board of Directors, not to exceed the amount found by the officer's monthly contribution of the (3,000) indicator number.

Agency search for agencies

MADDE 13- (1) In public institutions and installations, related personnel laws are provided As part of the public institution or organization's acceptance and interest, the people may be employed by the President for a maximum period of three years at TUSEB, regardless of the scope and duration of the work to be done. Those who expire can be reappointed by the same procedure. Those who have been stationed in this way will be counted separately during the term of office. The monthly, additional indictable, compensation, additional payment and other financial and social rights and benefits are paid by their own institutions, all rights of self-care are continued, and no payment is made to them.

(2) Personnel included in the first phase are also first-party provisions in the first phase of the They can be deployed in the TÜSEB, and they will continue to consider the status of social security and the status of their own.

(3) The number of designees in this clause cannot exceed the total number of quadripents and The people who are working in the Balance process take into account their promotion and retirement, and their promotions are done in the process of no need for a job. They are also entitled to the right-to-qualify degrees and levels in the country where they are played as part of the break-in.

Financial and social rights of staff at a fee

MADDE 14- (1) Top of other financial rights with fee and other personnel charge It is determined by the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of the Minister.

(2) Those who are working in the positions and duties are R & D, scientific activities and are subjected to performance deification in the periodic periods related to the task areas such as the application. The termination of the commitments, or prior to the end of the term, is decided by the annuification of this deoterization result.

(3) The rights on the idea of the idea of the projects carried out within TÜSEB are owned by TÜSEB. The rights on the ideas that arise as a result of the non-financing of TÜSEB or non-funded or common commitments are regulated by the promise of the right. The Board of Directors shall be determined by the Board of Directors to be determined not to exceed the 50% of the net income due to the economic deification of the opinion rights of TÜSEB. This share can also be issued in a shareholder statement, profit share, or turnover share.

(4) In projects supported by TÜSEB, the project will be left behind by the scope of the project and the staff or positions of the public institutions or organizations that take part in the project's scope and the project, as a staff or position. a project loan bonus can be paid at the rate specified in the project promise, with the record not to exceed the percentage of the amount paid for a month. This payment is made for up to two projects, with no more than two employees in the same time as an officer in more than one project, and up to four projects, and the basis and the procedures are based on the Board of Directors. from the server Other project personnel and services who take part in these projects are paid a fee over the amounts specified in the project promise.

(5) Replaced arbitrators, panelist, and so on, up to 60 per month, each for the day (10,000), peace is paid for the amount to be determined by the President, not to exceed the amount to be generated by the officer's monthly multiplication.

(6) The members of the faculty of higher education are playing at TÜSEB It has been passed by the institutions of higher education, including academic titles, higher education, higher education, higher education, and other institutions.

(7) The implementation of this Article and the payment of the payments is in accordance with the Ministry of Finance. It is set up in the first place.

Project management

MADDE 15- (1) Development and development projects supported by TÜSEB The amount of resources allocated to the projects allocated to the projects are appropriate for projects, and the project executor, including the institutes established in accordance with Article 11 of this Law, by going to the TÜSEB budget. real and legal entities with public institutions and organizations that are they are transferred to their accounts. The project's conduct, which was transferred in this way, was due to the public administrations covered by the central administration and social security institutions, and the transferred amounts are not budgeted for the budgets of the respective administrations. It will be monitored on private accounts. Expenses to be made from private accounts are controlled according to the Public Goods Management and Control Law of 5018 dated 10/12/2003.

(2) Amounts charged and paid to the TÜSEB budget are recorded as they are based on the current sponsored projects conducted by TÜSEB.

(3) With projects supported by TÜSEB, pre-payment can be made or may be received for the projects supported by TÜSEB.

(4) for the project and activities supported by TÜSEB to be able to perform its tasks Funds that are not spent on the corresponding terms of the corresponding budget benefits of the projected year's budget allowes are saved as a result of the next year's budget overfters.

(5) The expense, accounting, and performance of the amounts to be transferred in accordance with the first receipt of this Article guidelines and guidelines for preliminary payments under this clause are determined by the Minister of Finance at the time of the Finance Ministry.



Financial Provideems


MADDE 16- (1) TÜSEB ' s revenues are in the process:

a) Assistance from the overall budget

Faaliyetb) Operating revenues

c) revenues from the current and non-retainable

c) revenues from the profits of the companies and technoparks

d) revenues from national and international R&D funds and iCorps

e) Revenge from intellectual rights

f) Honeywell and will

g) Proceeds from the service of the future

View) Revenue and revenue for revenue

(2) TÜSEB ' s revenues from the overall budget are up to twenty-two percent of the staff to spend.

Financial facilitaents

MADDE 17- (1) covered 16 of TÜSEB's duties as part of the It is not possible to make economic management of the revenues from which it has acquired the institutions. The transfer of goods and assistance to TÜSEB in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act 31/12/1960 and the number of Institutions Tax Laws of 193 dated and dated 13/6/2006, or the provisions of the corporate tax on the provisions of the corporate tax on the provisions of the Law on the Law of the Law of the United States of 193 income or the corporate tax statement may be reduced from revenue or institution earnings declared to be shown separately on the tax return.

(2) TÜSEB is based on the activities conducted in this Law by 2/7/1964 dated 2/7/1964 and with the Code of Letters of 492 dated 26/5/1981, and the tax and allowance of 2464 Municipal Revenue Act, which is a The stamp tax is exempt from the property tax due to the current and indent tax due to the current and related conditions that are held within the scope of the scope of the coverage.

(3) An import of TÜSEB's vehicles, except for the thousands of vehicles, are in the process of being awarded with this Law. All kinds of tools, pharmaceuticals, machines, medical devices, products, and parts of the product are released from customs duty, excluding any temporary storage, antrepo and fees, and special excise taxes, and special excise taxes. The profits are the exception of the stamp tax and the charge for The import process is not applied.

(4) TÜSEB can make the services that are needed with the receive promises to the service line. TÜSEB is not required to receive any notions, licenses or concessions for the investigation and inspections.


Government and Recent Provitions

Conflict provisions

MADDE 18- (1) TÜSEB is subject to the provisions of the Code of Law on 13/12/1983 and the Right of 190 Public Staff and Procedural.

(2) The assets of TÜSEB are in the state property provision.

(3) In the framework of the protocols to be made with the institutions of the higher education; graduate, doctorate, course, They can do this in the institutes of medicine, after the PhD, with expertise in veterinary medicine, and post-doctoral research in the institutions of the veterinary medicine. They are included in the time period and/or credit of their time at the institutes.

Request information and comply with privacy

MADDE 19- (1) TÜSEB can request all kinds of information, public institutions and installations, including those belonging to the foundation, including those belonging to the foundation, from the institutions of the foundation, TÜSEB said. Those who request information from themselves are obliged to provide the information with the record, to give them this information, and to make the necessary convenience. The information obtained in this way is considered to be the privacy of what is hidden in its privacy.

TarzýMADDE 20- Tarzoup of 1219 dated and 1219 dated pages A sentence above the first phase of the 14th Amendment of the Law on the Occupation is added.

" In the main branches where the term increased, it specializes in the core eI curriculum, which is the justification for the duration of the time increase. If the branch is covered in lateral branch areas, the corresponding side-branch absorption times will be reduced by up to a third of the Tepta Species Board. "

MADDE 21- A temporary item that is in place of the count 1219 is added.

" A total of three years before the SUPERSEDE MADDE 12-25/11/2012 The mother and child emergency units and the children 's emergency units and the children' s emergency units had been working with the main branch experts who were working at the maintenance units and their experts said that the material would be effective. related side branch expertise within one year from the date of the entry They may be able to contact the Ministry of Health to retrieve its document. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be conducted or done by the Minister, is organized and registered in the Ministry of expertise. In this way, the fields of expertise are subject to the obligation of the State service. "

MADDE 22- dated 4/1/1961 and 209, with respect to the Ministry of Health The following sentence is added to the end of the third phase with the sentence above to come after the first sentence of the second receipt of the Fifth Amendment of the Law on the revolving capital to be given to the Esenting (Rehabilitation) facilities.

" By the Ministry of the Saber, In additional payments, 800 per cent and 700 per cent are applied in additional payments due to the approval of the Treasury Department. "

" The Public Hospitals Authority of Turkey is also trying to calculate the rates foreseen in this fund in some of the public hospital units. authority; however, even in this case, the fifty per cent rate cannot exceed 60 percent of each of the individual facilities. "

MADDE 23- 8/4/1929, and 1416 Ecnubis to Send to Home The issue of the second phase of the Law's 21st Amendment is to come after the "complete period of time" in the third phase, "as a means of failing to exceed the maximum amount of time in the country designated by the Ministry of the Ministry". is added.

" To be employed in the Ministry of National Education, this is the name of the Ministry of National Innovation and its account. Those who return to the dormitory to perform mandatory service obligations after completing their doctoral degree in the country in which they are sent from the country of the law are assigned to the national team of the national experts. "

ARTICLE 24- dated 14/6/1973 and the 43rd of the 1739 count of the national The phrase "written or/or verbally" is "written or written" in the bottom of the substance of the item "written or written," and the phrase "withholding" in the top ten is "not applied to candidate applicants".

ARTICLE 25- dated 4/11/1981 and the 3rd article of the 2547 count of the Higher Education Act (t) the first fikraine (t) has been left behind, and this is the addition of the lower bent self.

 " t) License: Master's and Ph.D. in medicine, medical medicine, pharmacist and veterinarian It covers expertise in medicine and proficiency in art, and is allocated to the following levels of residency. "

" (5) Specialist in Veterinary Medicine: Gida, Tarism and Livestock Ministry It is an education that is conducted according to the guidelines and aims to provide special talent and authority to the veterinary physicians in specific areas. "

ARTICLE 26- The third fib of the 35-point section of the Code 2547, from the first sentence Then, the next sentence is added.

"This assembly is in the institutions of higher education and public institutions, excluding the state of the service, the state of the country, and the number of other excuses." and cannot be fulfilled in its installation. "

ARTICLE 27- The following sentence above 40 articles (b) of a Code 2547. is added.

" A total of two years of deployment to the institutions of the foundation cannot exceed two years and are assigned to the No administrative tasks can be given to members of my business. "

ARTICLE 28- The section 44 (b) of the Code 2547 is " this item (c). Whether or not the curriculum has not been able to receive a degree in specified time periods, whether or not the curriculum has not been identified, whether or not the curriculum has been included or not, after a long period of time before the course of the period. They should have retaken care of the lessons learned. required; " the phrase is from the text of the substance and (c) is the current state in the form of the (c) quote.

" c. Other than two years of notice of foreign language, other than a year's period of foreign language preparation, including two years of experience, including two years of notice of registration for each period. maximum four years, the maximum number of undergraduate programs that have expired four years, the maximum period of eight years, the maximum of eight years, the maximum duration of the undergraduate programs that have been expired and are required to complete within nine years of the undergraduate programs. The maximum period of preparation is two years old. Other people are not cut off due to the non-payment of the contribution of the contribution of the contribution or payment of the contribution in the maximum period of time. However, other factors can be cut due to the decision of the university authorized boards and the approval of the Board of Higher Education and the non-payment of a maximum of four years in a row, or the lack of payment of the fee for the student. The maximum and essential periods of horizontal transition and double major branch education are determined by the management of the graduate school and the higher education times with the regulations that are used by the Board of Higher Education.

The language of the issue is required in programs that are completely Turkish, and professional foreign language courses are required. The foreign language is unprepared; however, the decision of the university authorized boards and the approval of the Board of Higher Education may be given to the foreign language readiness; the health of the other people who cannot be reed in this preparation. They will not be cut, and they will continue their education. Other than two years of the preparation of the ready-to-know-or-foreign language program, the language of the other people who cannot complete it in two years is cut off. The other people whose language is completely or completely foreign language programs have been cut off from the preparation of the program can register the language of my own higher education program with the language of Turkish. As a result of the time they requested these other users not to find any programs in the institution of the higher education they were enrolled in, the Centre for Measurement, Select, and Deployment was registered as one of the following years. If the percentage of the entry to the university is less than the base score that is sought in order to register for the program, they can be centrally listed in one of the programs that are Turkish.

However, at the end of this period, the last time to graduate from the institution of the future it is registered is They 're entitled to two additional s' s for all the lessons that they' re looking at. And at the end of these days, the number of lessons that we ' re going through is four years for those kids who are going to teach those five years to go to five years without getting additional shuffins, but four years on the basis of passing, two years of age, two years of age. We 're going to take advantage of what' s going on in the course of the lesson, the right to enter the lessons of the course that they ' re talking about. A final period of time due to the status of being cut due to the fact that they may not be able to see a projected note in order to graduate from the program they are required to graduate from the program they are required to complete. The latest in institutions, based on the basis of the fact that they wish to raise their grade point average, you know about the lessons they wish for. They do not apply, implement, and search for a continuing course of lessons in the previously received classes. The number of people who have never entered a total of three years of experience, above or in the past, will not be able to take advantage of the right to give up the right to calm, and not for the right. People who are in an unentitled state of rights continue to pay for the course of the course of the lesson in which they have been found in the next course. These other people, however, cannot take advantage of the right of life beyond the right of the snot. The fact that I am hungry is that it is not the time to take advantage of the rights of other people.

The intra-and-year end of the year, even as they meet their continued obligations. As they are unable to meet their obligations in accordance with the provisions of this item, we are prepared to meet with institutions, and at most one class in the first term, the maximum of three classes in the interim and the maximum of three classes in the Three-year-old rights to use in three years. And for those of you who have lost their time, including the preparest of the year, they are given the right of three lessons to the others who lost their year in the year. The people who are given the right to the university or high-tech institutes are going to open up to the top of the year, if they are looking at the end of the year or the end of the year. At the end of the night, all the lessons they are responsible for restructure their records and move on from the place where they live. What happens is that the other people who are in this situation are not counted as the amount of time they enter into the snaves. The other people who contribute to these things can not take advantage of the rights of other people. "

ARTICLE 29- 2547 of the number 46 (c) of the Code 2547 " (c), (d), and (e) In the case of the "clause" (ç), "the phrase" (c), and (d), (e), (e), and (f) are current (f) and (f) are current (s), and (f) are current.

." s. Except for the preparation of the diploma programs, two years of pre-graduate and four, five, and sixty-year undergraduate programs (excluding the program's programs) are projected for the related period from non-graduate students at the end of this period. The contribution fee payable or the payment fee for the loan that is calculated by the receipt of this item (c), with a 50 per cent contribution to the credit line specified for the period of the term of the course, which is the credit or pay fee for the loan. calculated. The number of students who are registered in the double major branch program receive the duration of the diploma program and the contribution of the contribution by the provisions of this item at the end of an additional year. "

ARTICLE 30- The first quote (a) of article 50 of the Code 2547 is " high "to come after the license", the phrase "expertise in veterinary medicine" is added.

MADDE 31- The additional 11 pearls of the Code 2547 are added to the attachment.

" While carrying out the activities of my education, the founding of the founding foundation or the third party The time is due to the foundation of the foundation, which is determined by the Ministry of Finance and the objective and measurable criteria set out by the Board of Directors, to the extent to which the foundation is transferred during the given time. If I don't return to the institution of higher education, The Recovery Board requires corrective, corrective, or operational leave of action when the Board is required.

The administration of the foundation of higher education institutions and the institution of higher education The way to prevent any corrective, corrective, anti-action or activity permission measures is regulated by the regulations of the University of the Universities by the Board of Higher Education Council. "

MADDE 32- The temporary materials that are in place of the count 2547 are added.

" INVALID ARTICLE 67-The current entry of this material is registered in institutions of higher education. For maximum durations from the maintenance of other people, the previous duration of the previous experience is not taken into account.

MADDE 68-The institutions of the higher education prior to the effective date of this item The number of people who had been cut off from the institution of higher education in the first month of the date of the date of the effective date of this matter was opened in the institution of higher education, according to the basis of the provisional 58. The program and the course are followed by my following-education. They can start by tomorrow, if they don't, in the course of the other.

INVALID ARTICLE 69-Prelicense in the field of date with the effective date of this article The ability to complete a bachelor's degree in their field, in their own fields, to those who have graduated from the areas of diplomacy and perpetual program, to determine the Council of Eternity and to the right of the right to the right. These methods can be given by remote methods in the areas of the Board of Higher Education. The Minister of Education and the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Education make the application for the application. It is determined by the establishment of my higher education and principles of the Higher Education.

INVALID TEXT 70-Nature is an expert in the subject matter and the problem is expert in the matter. from members of this article, to those who have been working in free labor during business hours, or to those who are playing in private, university, and additional pay until they terminate their activities. is not paid. Those who wish to terminate their stated activities will report their will on this issue by 31/12/2014 and inform them that they will cease their activities until 31/5/2015 at the latest and end their activities. The compliance document or permission is revoked. The full payment of financial rights and additional payments will continue during this time.

From the activities specified in this article, it has been referred to as part of its stated activities. Cancellation of compliance or cancellation of compliance with the judicial decision of the judgment of the people who have been identified by the general provisions, the free or private installation of the people who are identified.

This provision is also applied to members of the Gulhane Military Academy of Tüp. However, it is not paid to the members of the faculty to pay for the services of the university. "

MADDE 33-The final sentence of the first of the 49 items of the Code 2547 Current status is removed.

ARTICLE 34- dated 7/6/1985 and the 21st of the year 3247 Turkish Physicians It has been reported in the form of the article.

" MADDE 21-Union General Assembly selected for a two-year period of room general assembly With the delegates, the delegates of the Chamber, of course, are the delegates.

The number of rooms up to the two-to-two rooms are five, and the rooms up to the backplane are seven, up to a thousand. rooms select ten aces and a reserve delegate in the same number. Rooms with more than a thousand members, in addition to ten delegates, select an aural and reserve delegate for each of the five hundred members. "

MADDE 35- The first sentence of the first section of Article 24 of the number 3224 It has been reported in the following way.

" The Central Board of Directors for a two-year term is set by the General Assembly of the Union, delegates and The Union's central bodies are from eleven members who are elected members of the aural. "

MADDE 36- 3224 is the first case of the first phase of the Code 28 It is currently being started.

" Union High Disciplinary Council for a period of two years, by the General Assembly of the Union, The delegates and members of the Union's central organs form nine of the lions and nine redundant members. "

MADDE 37- 3224 is the first time the first section of the Code is in the United States It is currently being started.

" The Union Board of Auditors for a two-year term was set up by the Union General Assembly, the delegates and the The Union's central bodies are the five members who were selected from the aural and the five redundant members. "

MADDE 38- The temporary item that is in place of the count code 3224 is added.

" INVALID ARTICLE 4-Rooms will be held by the Chamber General Assembly within the next three months after this Law is entered By collecting them, they elect delegates to the Union's General Assembly. The mandate of the selected delegates will be until the next Chamber General Assembly. "

ÝkiliMADRID 39- 19/11/1992, 3843% Higher Education in Higher Education Institutions The construction of 2547 is the second issue of Article 6 of the Law of Higher Law and the Second Amendment of the Law to Add an Additional Article to this Law. " However, these are the fees that are forecasted for the second payment of the following. They will have to pay. "

MADDE 40- dated 10/12/2003 and attached to the Public Goods Management and Control Law of 5018 (II) the "B) Special Budget Diaries" section of the counted ruler "46)" The Turkish Health Institutes " section is added.

MADDE 41- dated 8/2/2007 and 55580 is the interim 5th of the Law of Special Institution Institutions The product is added to the product in the event.

" As a result of the management of my return program, the institutions are able to continue their activities. With the first sentence of the third section of the 4th section, dated 8/6/1942 and the 4250 number of Israel and Israel, the second fir provisions of Article 9 of the British Code are not applied until the end of the 2018-2019 deadline. "

MADDE 42- dated 12/11/2012 and 6360 counted On Four Israeli Metropolitan Municipalities and Twenty-Four It has been added to the 3rd Amendment of the Law on the Establisation of the Bazim Law and the Law on the Law and the Law of Seven.

" (11) dated 14/7/1965 and numbered 657 in the beldora and villages that are legal with this Law. The midwife and the nurses, who are employed by the third storm of the law's 86 articles, continue to take advantage of the right to task and to take advantage of the legislation that is prescribed for them in the area. They can be employed in the same way as a surrogate midwife and a nurse. "

MADDE 43- dated 16/8/1983 and 77-number of Science and Technology Supreme Board "The President of Turkey's Institute of the Republic of Turkey," is added to come after the first phase of the 3rd Amendment of the decree in the rule of Law.

MADDE 44- dated 11/10/2011 and 663 of the number of Respected Ministers and Founders The 33rd article of the decree and the 33rd Amendment of the Law on the Judgement and Chores is added.

" (9) 42424 of the laws of the Code are required in accordance with the provisions of the Law, In the service unit in which they are employed, the hospital administrator, who is counted on the attached (II) number of the attached schedule, can be deployed in the positions of the chief of staff and the chief. No payment will be made to those who are currently stationed in this way. "

MADDE 45- 663 of Rule 7 of Rule 7 (d) of article 7 of the Decree The part of me, the 12-nci clause and the attachment of the Decree Decree (I) the number of the Service Units of the CTO of the Ruling Ordinance in the provision of the same Code of Law, 13/12/1983, and the addition of 190 Global Staff and Ordinance Decree in Law. The headquarters of the rulers of the Ministry of Sabanci The General Manager, who has been included, has been revoked from the following section by canceling a call from the staff.

Migration provisions

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) TÜSEB ' s expenditures for 2014 and 2015 are new to the Minister of Finance. from the funds contained in the Ministry budget until the regulation is done.

(2) The regulations and other regulations stipulate in this Code are from the current date of this Law. It will be out in the next six months. The implementation policies are executed within the framework of the implementation of the regulations until the regulations are effective, and the execution of the principles is carried out.

(3) Turkish Health Services with the Cancer Institute of Turkey from the institutes established with this Law The Institute of Quality and Accreditation will be put into operation within three years, within six months. Projects that are ongoing at the time of the removal of the General Manager of the Health Services are completed by the General Manager of the Projects Department of the projects.


ARTICLE 46- (1) Section 45 of this Law is three years from the date of release of this Law Then, it will take effect on the release of the other provisions.


MADDE 47-(1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.






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Academician (Professor and Associate Professor)


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Expert (Master of Master Compile)


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