Law Of Arbitration Center Istanbul


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Kanun No. 6570


          Admission Date: 20/11/2014      

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is to include those who are involved in the The Istanbul Arbitration Center is to be set up by the establishment of the Istanbul Arbitration Center to help resolve the arbitration or alternative solution methods, and to organize the procedures and guidelines of the Centre.


MADDE 2- (1) The duties of this Law are to be applied and the duties given to it by law The Istanbul Arbitration Center is the legal entity, which is subject to special law provisions.


ARTICLE 3- (1) In the implementation of this Law;

a) Center: Istanbul Arbitration Center,

b) Arbitration Divant: National Arbitration Divant or Milletlerarasi Arbitration Divanant, by host,

refers to.

Center tasks

MADDE 4- (1) The Center is in the process of tasks:

a) To set rules and determine rules for arbitration and alternative methods of sleep How to make it work.

b) To promote and disseminate information about arbitration and alternative methods of sleep, to promote, support, realistically, and do business with the relevant business and institutions in the domestic and home country.


MADDE 5- (1) Center; General Assembly, Board of Directors, Auditor, Board of Danes, Milli and Milletlerarasa becomes General Secretary with arbitration divults.

General Assembly

ARTICLE 6- (1) of the General Assembly, among those who have at least ten years of experience in the profession;

a) The Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, two from chambers of commerce and industry, from chambers of commerce A total of six, one from the sea trade chambers, one from the industrial chambers and one from the trade exchanges,

b) Four Baro-based lawyers who are required to choose from the bar.

c) Three members of the Board of Higher Education may choose from the search for members of my experience of arbitration.

ç) Turkey is the choice of the Israeli Parliament,

d) that the Justice Department may choose from the first round of administrative tasks that are played by the judges,

e) a selection of the Turkish Banks Association is a

f) a selection of the Turkish Contribution Banks,

g) a selection of the Capital Markets Board,

is a choice of Stock Exchange-Istanbul Anonim,

h) is a selection of the Turkish Confederation of Esnaf and Artisans,

is a choice of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency,

i) is a choice of the Turkish Capital Markets Union,

j) One of the most members, and one of the confederations of labor unions,

A total of twenty-five members, including

representatives, are available. These representatives are selected by the management bodies of the above institutions. The members of the organization in which the members are selected will continue. For the purpose of identifying the representatives to be selected from the Baro press conference, the Turkish Bar Association has been elected by the Union within ten days from the date of the date of the date of the date of the candidate's notice. In this election, each of the baroars will be able to vote, the four candidate members who received the most votes were elected.

The members of the General Assembly of

(2) are elected for four years. The expired member can be selected again. When the membership ends for any reason, the member will choose from the mirror to complete the remainder of the term.

General Assembly's tasks and the way it plays

MADDE 7- (1) The General Assembly's tasks are:

a) to select auditors with the Board of Directors and the members of the Board of Danes.

b) Review the Board of Directors ' report and balance sheet and the Auditor's report and the Board of Directors To make a decision about the devil.

c) to the arbitration and alternative sleep solution methods that are prepared by the Board of Directors Review and approve regulations and the budget for the business of the Center, with the rules to be applied.

ç) The General Assembly, Board of Directors and the members of the Board of Danes and the auditors of the Board of Auditors and the right to rest, pay and to determine costs.

(2) convenes in October once the General Assembly is held. The Board of Directors, or the Auditor, may call the General Assembly convener if necessary.

(3) The General Assembly convenes with absolute majority of the member's full count and will be added to the meeting. It's a lot of things to decide.

Board of Directors and execution style

MADDE 8- (1) The Board of Directors has chosen for four years of the General Assembly's own members He's got five aces and four spare members. Members of the Board of Directors who have expired can be reelected. It is mandatory that at least three aces and two substitute members are law school graduates. The Board of Directors selects a Batikan from among the members of law school graduates.

(2) The Board of Directors is meeting with the contribution of at least three members and the member tamper is full It's decided. The Board can also do the meetings in an electronic environment.

(3) if the Board of Directors is terminated for any reason, the first fikra will be The backup member completes the remaining time based on the selection set by the selection.

(4) The task of the members of the Board of Directors will continue until the new Board of Directors becomes available.

(5) Non-folding Management for meetings twice consecutively or three times in a year The installed member's task ends at its own time.

Board of Directors and the tasks of the President

MADDE 9- (1) are the tasks of the Board, which is the executive body of the Center:

a) Based on rules and rules to apply arbitration and alternative methods of sleep Prepare for the General Assembly after the meeting of the General Assembly, after the process of preparing and preparing the regulations of the business of the city.

b) prepare the Balance Sheet and activity report and submit it to the General Assembly.

c) To prepare the budget for the next year and submit it to the General Assembly.

ç) To submit the General Assembly's approval by preparing the charge fee and the Central service cost tariffs.

(2) The administration and representative of the Center belong to the President. The President appoints a member of the Board of Directors to perform his duties while he is absent.


ARTICLE 10- (1) The General Assembly is not one to more than three of its members, or from or select more than one person as an auditor for four years. A backup auditor is selected to complete the amount of time remaining for the auditor's task to end for any reason.

(2) Auditor is required to submit to the General Setup by overseeing the annual activities of the Board of Directors They're ready to report. If you have more than one auditor, the report is prepared for the report.

Danting Board

ARTICLE 11- (1) The Danes are information and visions within the objectives of the Center. Ten members with at least five years of experience in arbitration or alternative solutions to benefit from the arbitration or alternative methods of operation to benefit. The members of the Board of Danes are elected for four years by the General Assembly upon the proposal of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of

(2) will meet the meeting of the Dance Board in the event that it is deemed necessary.

(3) The Danting Board convenes at least once upon the execution of the Board of Directors and It presents to the Board of Directors by preparing a report on the issues that have been reported.

Milli Arbitration Divant and Milletlerarasi Arbitration Divanant

MADDE 12- (1) Mass allocation for national Arbitration Divani and Milletlerarasi Arbitration It's gonna get a little bit of a divan. The Board of Directors is a member of the Board of Directors and the General Secretary, and the Board of Directors shall be elected by the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors. The tenure of the Board of Arbitration members selected by the Board of Directors has been expired.

(2) Arbitration Digits are full of members of the member of Divan members. is selected.

(3) The Arbitration Divenant will be collected by at least three members in the case of the Divan President. It is decided by the majority of the meetings; the decision was made when the vote was being revoted. The arbitration court may object to the decision of the decision in a week from the decision of the decision by the parties concerned. The decision on the course of the course is final.

(4) Arbitration Divant can also make and make decisions in an electronic environment.

(5) For any reason the arbitration Divani member ends, the term of this member is The new member is selected to complete.

(6) Arbitration Divant, instead of the tasks stipulate in the Arbitration Rules of the Center.

General Secretariat

MADDE 13- (1) General Secretary; Secretary General, Secretary General; and enough from staff.

(2) General Secretary and Secretary General has at least ten years of experience in the Department of It is chosen by the Board of Directors from the search of the jurists.

(3) The Secretary General to see the arbitration of arbitration in the center. Enough office personnel are to be taken in the custody of the office.

(4) Secretary and Secretary-General, arbitration, and alternative sleep resolution The rules to be applied to the methods of the Center are responsible for the tasks that are to be applied to the regulations that apply to the Center, and are responsible for the execution of the administrative functions of the Center.

(5) Secretary General, Secretary General, and bureau staff dated 22/5/2003 and count 4857 Subject to the provisions of the Code of Law.

Prohibit and privacy

MADDE 14- (1) With members of the Central organs on the part of the Danes They may not be arbitrators or mediated by the Centre during their tenure. However, it is possible that these people are arbitrators or mediated by their understanding.

(2) The members of the central organs and their people are left with tasks that will be used neither party nor any third-party information, even if its tasks are terminated, will not open, use, or use, and represent, based on the information and documentation of the Client's written consent to the Licensee. It can not be found in releases.

Center revenue and expenses

MADDE 15- (1) The revenues from the center are from:

a) revenues from the center of a fee-to-be-paid revenue

b) Budget prepared by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly Based on the number of representatives for the unmet with revenue, according to the number of representatives selected from the bar, the members of the Turkish Bar Association for the selected members are allocated by the board of organizations that elect representatives for the other members.

(2) First of the party (b) has been ruled by the Minister of Justice and the Board of Directors does not apply to the members to be selected.

(3) Central has the authority to make the necessary expenses for the insolvability of its tasks.

provisions to apply

MADDE 16- (1) dated 22/11/2001 and 4721 Turkish Cypriots in non-provision of this Law. The provisions of the Code of Civilization dated 4/11/2004 and the Law of Associations of 5253 are applied with the provisions of the Civics Law.

Migration provisions

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) The Board of Directors of the Center since the effective date of this Law All support services within the period of time until they are established are executed by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

(2) The institutions and organizations specified in the 6 articles of this Law, the effective entry of the Law. Representatives of Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges will be reported in the General Assembly of the Center within two months from the date of date. Within two months of the declaration of the representatives, the General Assembly will convene its first meeting. The first meeting date of the General Assembly is considered the start of the four-year term of office of the members of the General Assembly.

(3) Arbitration and alternate methods of sleep-to-center rules that apply Regulations, including principles and essences, are prepared and effective within six months from the selection of the Board of Directors.

(4) The first two years budget to be able to conduct the activities of the Center is from the Department of State budget It will be started.


MADDE 17- (1) This Law takes effect on 1/1/2015.


MADDE 18- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.