2015 Year Of Central Government Budget Law


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Law No. 6583

Acceptance Date: 12/22/2014
Expense, Income, Financial and Balance Expense

Article 1 (1) subject to this Act (a) As shown in the table labeled, dated 10/12/2003 and the 5018 Public Financial Management and Control annexed to the Act;
A) (I) of the public administration 464 163 399 000 Turkish lira in the general budget in the table,
b) (II) of special budget administrations located 53.069588 billion Turkish lira in the table,
c) ( III) of the regulatory and supervisory institutions located 3.212692 billion Turkish lira in the table,
allowance is given.

Revenue and financing Article 2 (1) Revenues: Based on this law (B) as shown in the table labeled, attached to the 5018 Act;
A) (i) income of the general budget in the table numbered 442 586 345 000 Turkish lira
b) (II) on revenues of special budget administrations in the ruler 7.789211 billion Turkish lira, revenues, 45.894085 billion Turkish lira 53.683296 billion Turkish lira in total, including help Treasury
c) (III) located revenues of regulatory and supervisory agencies in the schedule 3.192332 billion Turkish lira, revenues, total 3.212692 billion Turkish lira 20.36 million, including the Turkish Treasury aid pounds, was estimated to be
(2) Financing: subject to this Law (F) as shown in marked ruler, 5018 attached to Law (II) contained in the schedule has been estimated as net finance 55.964 million Turkish lira of special budget administrations.
Article 3 (1) Article 1 of the first paragraph of (a) the sum of the allowances mentioned in sub-Article 2 of the first paragraph (a) of the difference between me Located in the estimated total revenue was met by net borrowing.

Budget Order and the provisions relating to the application are connected rulers
Article 4 (1) of this Act attached table shown below:
a) The distribution of allowances granted by Article 1 (A)
b) shall continue to be charged according to the legislation by the public administrations within the scope of central government revenues (B)
c) form the basis of the income of public agencies under the central government that the basic provisions (C)
d) Some appropriation of use and spending on basis (e)
d) of Law No. 5018 attached (II) and (III) in cash possibilities of the administrations and institutions in the schedule and the amount expected to be spent on the opportunities (F)
e) 10/2/1954 dated and 6245 Allowance will be given in accordance with Law casual and compensation amounts (H)
f) the various laws and of law in accordance with the decree budget law in the financial and other limits should be shown (C)
g) Additional courses, conferences and more work fee, the amount of other wages (K)
i) 11/8/1982 dated 2698 numbered Ministry of Education school Board of Law Article 3 pursuant to be received from students managed school board by the Ministry of Education pension costs (M)
h) 06.07.1939 dated and 3634 numbered National defense liability Act in accordance with the national defense obligations of the purchase value of the animals will be taken through (O)
i) in accordance with 3634 Law No. through the national defense obligations with an average purchase price of the motor vehicle to be taken daily rental rates (P)
i) Law No. 5018 attached (I), (II) and (III) located breed of vehicle that you can obtain in the year of public administrations in the schedule, the number, will be used in what services and resources with 01.05.1961 dated No. 237 vehicle Law to purchase a maximum of vehicles to buy during the year subject to corporate costs (T)
j) Law and connected with the decree military service pensions (V)
necessary, can be used appropriations
Article 5 (1) Personnel costs welcome allowance:
General of special budget administrations, public institutions under the budget if it appears that not enough of the funds to be allocated a budget for expenses required by the relevant legislation "Personnel expenses" and "State Contributions to the Social Security administration expenses" available on or the order will open a new, Ministry of Finance arranged the transfers from the budget of the appropriations,
(2) appropriation:
grant from the Ministry of Finance is located in order budget, available in the budget of the special budget administrations, public institutions under the general budget or to be opened (01) (02) (03) (05) and (08) is very urgent and compelling case in the arrangement with economic codes (06) and (07) to transfer the order embodying economic codes,
(3) Investment Allowance Acceleration:

Ministry of the appropriation is located in order the budget Implementation of the 2015 program, Coordination and Monitoring of the Dair decision basis for observing 2015 Investment Program application availability by speeding up or the year of its investments in necessary priority sectors based in developing conditions priority sectors and sub-sectors available for the projects of special budget administrations, public institutions under the general budget to be used for increasing the number of the program to allocate funds to projects that need new receipt or payment or be opened to transfer the array
(4) Natural disaster costs Welcome allowance:
the appropriations in order of Ministry of Finance, the investment qualified expenses for all kinds of special budget administrations, public institutions under the general budget of the condition to be associated with year investment program in terms of natural disasters to transfer the existing scheme or be opened to meet the expenses
Minister of Finance is authorized.
Transfer, add, transfer and cancellation of
Article 6 (1) a) General budget within the context of public administration with a special budget management of the budget "Personnel expenses" and "State Contributions to Social Security Institutions" Located in the scheme allowances, Ministry of Finance budget "Staff Costs Allowance welcome" if necessary "Appropriation" scheme to; Other economic code to the fields where the composition of allowances for Law No. 5018 transfer of agency budget without subject to the limitations in Article 21 or the Ministry of Finance "Appropriation" scheme to import,
b) Implementation of the 2015 program for the public administrations under the general budget Coordination and Monitoring of the Dair Decision in the event of a change in the investment program of the year in accordance with changes in the project to transfer between institutions related to appropriations,
c) reorganization of the results of the public administration, all kinds of necessary regarding the implementation and preparation of final accounts of the budget law to make the necessary arrangements for budgeting and accounting procedures,
Minister of Finance is authorized.
(2) special budget administrations and public institutions under the general budget, in order to transfer up to 20 percent of the allowances will be able to transfer their allocations in their budgets. 20 percent of this administration to make the transfer within the Minister of Finance is authorized any other institution. 2015 Implementation of the Programme Coordination and in accordance with the Decision on Monitoring the 2015 Investment Program for additional investment scale in the event of changes in the projects all of arrangement between appropriation transfer process as required by the changes of Law No. 5018 administrations made without subject to the limitation in the third paragraph of Article 21.
(3) public administration, which will make the services of the public administration under the general budget, in the administration budget, which will carry out in services, regardless of the appropriation is authorized to transfer the functional classification of distinction.
(4) public administrations under the general budget, 29.06.2011 dated and 644 numbered Environment and Urban Planning of the Organization and Duties of the Decree Law of Environment and allowances for work to make the Urban Development Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Ministry is authorized to transfer the budget.

(5) public administrations under the general budget, 14.02.1985 dated and 3152 numbered Ministry of Interior of the Law on the Organization and Duties 28 / substances investment of all kinds to be commissioned under, construction, maintenance, repair and appropriation for the relief operations Ministry of Interior it is authorized to transfer the budget. other public institutions under the central government performs the assessment process with the transfer of resources in this context. In this context, the administrations resource transfer made business projects 11.12.2012 dated and 6360 numbered ten metropolitan municipalities in four provinces and twenty-seven County Establishment and Some Laws and Decrees of the provisional Article 1 of the Law Amending the twenty fifth paragraph should benefit recorded in business and projects to be related to the amount of the Implementation of the 2015 program, Coordination and Monitoring of the Dair Decision and May 2015 Investment Program in accordance of the arrangement between appropriation transfers required by this change process in the event of amendments to all relevant institutions at the request of Law No. 5018, Article 21 of place in the third paragraph It carried out by the Ministry of Interior, without being subject to restrictions.
(6) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command; on an agreement reached between them to meet the costs of the services in the current year, it is authorized to make transfers between mutual budget.
(7) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command; Where the appropriations related to other functions carried out by a service center of a function to be managed from a single supply and procurement services in place of the armed forces budget is authorized to transfer between mutually functions.
(8) Special budget administrations, regulatory and supervisory agencies (B) with revenues well above mentioned estimated amounts in the marked scale (F), exceeding net financing amount specified in marked ruler financing realization provision, administrative and institutions grant the order available or will be newly opened budget public administrations are competent in the procedures and principles to be determined by the Ministry of Finance as adding. Treasury aid to areas of special budget administration in 2014 "06 Capital Expenditures" and "07 Capital Transfers" goes public administrations in the general budget in order to provide the financing connected to the accrual of the budget Treasury help these administrations unused portions of the Implementation of the 2015 program, Coordination and Monitoring of the Dair Decision It used in accordance with current or meet the needs of new projects appropriations.
(9) resource transfers between public administrations under the general budget allocations must be made by transfer. other resource transfers between governments and institutions under the central government budget is done with the accrual process. This process corresponds to the collected amount, relevant public authorities of one hand (B) comes to the marked ruler, on the other hand (A) recorded allowance for checked ruler.
(10) a) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard and the Police Headquarters of the budget (special allowance and "03.9 Treatment and Funeral Expenses" Except arrangement with the economic code) of goods and services for the purchase and place the order about the unexpended portion of the year of the appropriations, not to exceed 30 per cent of the total appropriation allocated to the budget for this scheme in order to ensure continuity of service to record appropriations the budget of the following year,
b) 12/3/1982 dated 2634 Tourism of Incentives Act 21 pearl in accordance with the second paragraph of Article Culture and Tourism Ministry, under the corporate code and of the budget (03) unspent portion of the grant aimed at introducing located in the composition containing the economic code next year's allowances circuit of the same composition of the budget,
c) Turkey the scientific and Technological Research Council of the allowance scheme located in unspent portion of the budget next year to save the circuit with the same composition of the budget appropriations,
d) Science, Industry and Technology Ministry budget. 1.02-1-07.1,, and the unexpended portion of the appropriations in the budget next year arrangement saving benefits to the same circuit arrangement,

D) of the Treasury budget, and unspent portion of the appropriations in the following order year's allowances circuit of the same composition of the budget,
e) the General Directorate of Security budget " Police Headquarters Security Services investment" function unspent portion of the investments appropriations under the budget the next year's allowances circuit with the same composition,
f) special revenue collected amount to be recorded in accordance with the relevant legislation, the general budget to have them utilized the occasion of grant administration budget for the purposes specified in the relevant legislation (B) to record revenue in chart and to transfer the relevant order by the realization of income from budgeted appropriations unspent appropriations during the year (from 2014 transferor and including) the next year to save the budget of revenues and appropriations, to determine the procedures and principles regarding the action to be taken in the framework of these provisions, the Minister of Finance is authorized
. Other budget process

Article 7 (1) of the Higher Education Board budget (Faculty Development Program), the appropriations in order postgraduate higher education institutions providing education under this program, number and area of ​​education students assigned to be used for purchasing goods and services paid by taking into account accrued. Paid this amount corresponds to the higher education institution on the one hand (B), revenues in chart, on the other hand (A) related to the higher education institution is authorized to record appropriations in chart.
(2) dated 4/11/1981 and the 2547 Higher Education Law Article 43 of the first paragraph (d) shall, 44th, 46 th, 58 th, the additional 25 th additional 26 and addition of Article 27 with 19 / 11/1992 and Article 7 of Law No. 3843 of the amounts and other revenues are collected in accordance with the budgets of higher education institutions not registered as private income and private grants. the amount and revenues that are collected are recorded as equity income related to higher education budget. Saved appropriations put in the higher education institution's budget as a provision for this amount is disbursed according to revenue realization.
(3) Equity refers to the relevant institution of higher education budget (A) organized appropriations in the fourth level of the functional classification in the marked scale (09.6.0-under Education Utilities function excluding transfer solution that made corresponds between segregated appropriations) transfer can be made.
(4) The Minister of Finance;
A) General Directorate of education and taught and studying foreign state on an expenditure made to students and staff, or the amount paid by international organizations, educational institutions,
b) be paid for in accordance with the agreement made by NATO authorities spare airports maintenance and repairs amount, while general revenue in the budget to be used
same purpose, while saving benefits to the special issue will be opened in the above-written administrative budget and the unexpended portion of the year from the amounts recorded in appropriations thus is entitled to transfer to the next year.

Financial control provisions for Article 8 (1) attached to Law No. 5018 (I) and (II) included in the schedule of public administrations;
A) purchased services in a month exceed the course of the year provided it is limited to occasional jobs in the qualifications or be made to the person to be executed payments
b) part-time payment to the person who purchased the service in accordance with the relevant legislation,
c) 5 / 6/1986 dated 3308 candidates in accordance with Article 25 of the Vocational Education Act, apprentices and will be made to students receiving vocational training in business payments,
d) dated 14/7/1965 and No. 657 on Civil Servants Law of Article 4 (C) of paragraph the payments to be made to temporary staff pursuant to run,

Budget (01.4) are made to exceed the appropriations in the economic code and no supplementary appropriation to the composition comprising said economic code, the budgets of the other arrangement (in this economic code containing composition of the Article 6 of its own between the transfer except for transfers made under the third paragraph) is not transferable allowances and payments can be made over spending. However, the privatization process due to employment contracts terminated those 657 Article 4 (C) clause to be employed in the aforementioned public administrations under the provisions of the staff in this economic code including the amounts and Turkey Statistical Institute necessary for academic jury fee payments required to be made from the composition of the Presidency of agricultural statistics research who will run to be done for the payments under the amount required to exceed the 15 million Turkish lira to the Minister of Finance is authorized to order about transfer.
(2) subject to this Act (T) located in marked vehicles ruler, but it is very urgent and Ministers upon the proposal of the ministry on the condition that they are still available exclusively for mandatory by the Council.
(3) of Law No. 5018 attached (I) and (II) the schedule of public administrations are constantly working with the 04.04.2007 dated and temporary workers will run according to the 5620 Law No. budget (01.3) and (02.3) located in order not to exceed the number of allowances including economic code and / or they can be employed for. liability that would arise from collective bargaining with these workers, severance and termination pay, minimum wages and insurance premiums increase due to occur in future appropriations deficiency of the Ministry of Finance "Personnel Costs to Meet Allowance" and "Appropriation" can be met by making a transfer from the appropriations in order. This is referred to in paragraph economic code to the outside of this situation (excluding inter-unit transfer for transferring between those economic codes, these codes) in no way benefits transfer of wages from the budget of another arrangement may be held and more time to work and / or overtime pay will not be unaffordable. Restrictions on transfer of appropriations This paragraph does not apply to TUBITAK provided on the transfer of its budget reserves.
(4) of Law No. 5018 attached (I) and (II) authorizing the public administrations in the schedule, the temporary workers will run by 5620 by Law No. permanent workers more work to do business programs according to the appropriations provided the money in a way that exceeds this allowance more time to work and / or further study next year and taking more time to work and / or are required mAmAklA debt due to cessation of work. Earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, rock falls, for avalanches and other disasters due to be issued Ministers will be conducted in accordance with the decision of the Board overtime with overtime pay debts connected to to concerning the payment except transfer will be more time to work and / or overtime wages for transfer of appropriations can be made in any way.
(5) international agreements by special budget administrations and public institutions under the general budget, laws and decrees must be subscribed to international organizations other than international organizations, in respect of the supply of the necessary appropriations can not be members without the approval of the Ministry of Finance and participate under the dues name shares It can not be made any payment.
(6) Ministry of Economy and Treasury of international agreements, laws and decrees with the Republic of Turkey on behalf of the transactions relating to international organizations as members (including shares to pay for) the fifth paragraph shall not apply.
(7) public under the central government administrations run educational and recreational facilities, guest houses, child care centers, kindergartens, sports facilities and the costs of other social facilities are covered exclusively from income derived from the operation of these facilities. In these areas, the central government budget and working capital and new staff will be employed for the first time in 2015, fees to be paid from funds not assigned.

Investment Expenditures, Local Government and Provisions to fund capital expenditures

Article 9 (1) 2015 Investment Program to invest in additional projects located outside the ruler can not be spending any project. This ruler in the projects with benefits collectively given projects for years under the yellow work (dam with an installed capacity of over 500 MW and hydroelectric projects, Gebze-Haydarpasa and Sirkeci-Improvement of Halkali Commuter Line and Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Construction Project of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of excluding city rail will take place other railway construction and transportation systems and subway construction projects and the towing vehicle projects) in order to start in 2015, project or business investment allowance 2015, not less than 10 per cent of the project cost. Implementation of this project and the work needed for the remaining projects under the 2015 rate program, Coordination and Monitoring Regarding the decision to comply with the principles and priorities may be revised by the institutions remains within investment allowances.
(2) central public administrations under the management of an annual project of the machinery and equipment provided as collective allowance for the investment program, major repairs, maintenance-renovation, complete with computer software and hardware projects with detailed program of sub-projects that are tadat as and untreated aggregated projects implementation of the relevant transaction in the 2015 program, Coordination and Monitoring Decisions relating to the principles applied.
(3) of the public administrations within the scope of central government to add appropriations to be made on investment projects in the budget, acquisition and transfer of the Implementation of the 2015 program, Coordination and associated with be watched Regarding the resolution the procedures and investment program according to the rules.
(4) 2015 Investment Program for additional investment in the necessary changes made in the year 2015 scale Implementation of the Programme Coordination and Monitoring Regarding the decision complied with the procedures involved.
(5) 3152 Law No. 28 / A and 6360 No. Provisional Article 1 of the twenty fifth paragraph should be recorded in the budget of the 2015 appropriations, with the condition to provide information to the Ministry of Development project owner associated with the projects in the investment program by the relevant institutions.

local administration processes related to Article 10 (1) of the Ministry of Finance;
A) arranged on the appropriations, in accordance with Law No. 5286 dated 01.13.2005 of the staff transferred to the provincial government and every other month to meet the payments for the financial and social rights special provincial administrations,
b) arranged on the appropriations, of the village infrastructure Support Project (KOYDES) under the provincial administration for the infrastructure needs of villages and / or service delivery to villages unity || | c) arranged on the appropriations, water and Sewerage Infrastructure project (SUKAP) under the municipal drinking water and wastewater projects to be undertaken in the Provincial Bank Corporation, granted by
to accrue. public administration regarding the general budget in the context SUKAP if the need be transferred to the budget appropriations to the budget or special budget administrations. Treasury grants made under this paragraph shall not be attached to the relevant authorities and can not be put on precautionary measures.
(2) of paragraph (a) the principles and procedures relating to payments to be made in accordance with subparagraph shall be determined jointly by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance.
(3) of paragraph (b) and paragraph (c) of the appropriations of the 2015 Investment Program to determine the following, KOYDES in some provinces for the project; SUKAP In some municipalities for distribution, be granted, the procedures for the monitoring and control and procedures shall be decided by the High Planning Council.

transactions related to the Fund Article 11 (1) of the Turkish Armed Forces to provide the necessary modern weapons in accordance with the strategic objectives of the plan, tools and equipment expenditures to be made during the year for defense and NATO infrastructure investment will be carried out; 07.11.1985 dated and established by 3238 by Law No. resources of the Defense Industry Support Fund, that the budget set out grants and other in-kind and cash availabilities Defense Industry by assessing the agreement are met in the framework of the principles to be determined by the Executive Committee.

(2) The Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command of the allocated amount to be determined in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of the existing budget appropriations; Police Headquarters has been allotted to the existing budget allocations from planes and helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), flight simulator and Electronic Warfare (hews) amounts for the project; Turkey Border and Coast Health General Directorate of the existing budget appropriations allocated by the General Directorate of the amounts recorded in the budget allocation for the purchase of motorboat; General Directorate of Forestry in the existing budget appropriations allocated by the General Directorate of Helicopter Procurement Project for the amount of the allowance recorded in the budget; General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration of the existing budget appropriations allocated by the General Directorate of the grant amount for the purchase of research vessels recorded in the budget; Energy and Natural Resources Ministry's budget is an integrated oil and gas pipelines from the allowance amount for the procurement of security systems; Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency allocated Image Processing Station Establishment of Post-Disaster existing budget appropriation amounts for the project; According to the interest payments to the Defense Industry Support Fund to carry out the relevant services of Disaster and Emergency Management Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the Presidency, National Defense Minister, Interior Minister, Minister of Health, Forestry and Water Affairs Minister or Energy and Natural Resources Minister is authorized.
(3) Defense Industry Support Fund from revenue in the general budget on the one hand the amount will be credited to the Treasury, on the other hand, the Ministry of Defense budget to record appropriations to order about, and last year is the Minister of Finance the authority to transfer the allowance balance.
(4) Pursuant to the relevant year budget laws, the unused portion from the amount transferred to the Defense Industry Support Fund for the projects planned to be carried out, the account of the central accounting units of the general budget of the concerned administration of the Defense Industry Support Fund; In special budget administrations deposited in the account of the relevant administration and accounting unit (B) it is recorded as revenue in chart. Amounts recorded as revenue in the general budget provisions of the relevant administrative authorities to save the budget appropriations Minister of Finance, the special budget and special budget administrations concerned authority is authorized. Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command year grant registration is done in the administration, except in relation to the investment program.
SECTION FOUR Miscellaneous Provisions

Treasury guaranteed debt assumption with loan limits and possibilities of external debt commitments to limit and borrowing transactions related
Article 12 (1) in 2015 and 4749 dated 28.03.2002 No. Public Finance and will be provided by the Law on Regulation of Debt Management; guaranteed loan limits and possibilities of external debt does not exceed US $ 3 billion.
(2) the first paragraph of Article 1 (a) of the initial appropriation, as determined by paragraph 1 percent of the loan that can be special issue of government bonds.
(3) of Law No. 4749 in 2015 8 / assumed debt will be provided for within the meaning of Treasury commitments do not exceed US $ 3 billion. Income and expenses related to other provisions

Article 13 (1) dated 02.22.2005 and the Special Provincial Administration Law No. 5302 of the first paragraph of Article 51 (f) and paragraph No. 5393 dated 3/7/2005 municipal Law Article 68 of the first paragraph (f) in accordance with the special provincial administrations and Ministers of borrowing will be made to the council accepted the project in the municipality of advanced technology and a large amount of required funding infrastructure investment on the proposal of the Ministry of Development, 5302 Law Article 51 of the first paragraph (d ) me with the first paragraph of Article 68 of Law No. 5393 (d), including interest calculated under subparagraph shall be included in the calculation of the debt limit. However, special provincial administrations, municipalities and borrowing for projects supported financing in the framework of their respective organizations and by companies in which they own more than 50 percent of the capital prior to accession to the European Union financial cooperation, multilateral investment and development banks directly or IB Inc. City for work to be carried out under SUKAP with the loans made through Bank must comply with the said debt borrowing limit in the Corporation is not required.

(2) Turkey Export Credit Bank Inc. of the collection will be made under the political risk and the Bank's operations of dividend corresponding to the treasury of the profit and all of the extraordinary reserve or a portion may be deducted from the Bank's political risk will be. Minister in charge of the Treasury to offset the said process; offsetting transactions to register on government account related by their nature, upon the proposal of the Treasury and the income on the one hand the budget amount corresponding to these transactions, on the other hand, the Treasury is authorized to order the appropriation save the Minister of Finance concerning the budget.
(3) of those who received general corporate income specified in the relevant legislation with a budgetary scope of Law No. 5018, which added administrative budget before 2006, will be charged as general budget revenue.
(4) 12/4/1984 dated and numbered 3096, Turkey Electricity Authority Electricity Generation of Outside Organisation, transmission, distribution and trade with all of the revenues derived from the transfer of operating rights of natural resources and installations covered by the Law on Appointment to be recorded as revenue in the general budget.
(5) 12/31/2014 date, the Turkish Standards Institute Turkish lira and that the foreign currency denominated cash and bank balances owned by Turkish liras in stocks, bonds and other securities of the value of securities Turkish lira part will exceed the 100 million Turkish lira of the total TUBITAK, KOSGEB and the purpose of the Technical University of Gebze Muallimköy Technology Development Zone Managers to participate in the capital increase in proportion to their share of the Company until the end of February 2015 will be transferred to the account central accounting units of these administrations. These amounts transferred are concerned the administration of (B) to meet the requirements for income and capital participation marked exclusively ruler (A) is recorded as allocations marked ruler. The Minister of Finance has the authority to resolve issues and take all kinds of measures for the implementation of this paragraph.

Enforcement ARTICLE 14- (1) This Law shall enter into force on 01.01.2015.

Execution Article 15 (1) of this Act;
A) Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the provisions relating to Grand National Assembly of Turkey President,
b) the provisions relating to the Presidential Secretary General of Presidency,
c) the Court of the Auditor General of the provisions relating to,
d) General budget within the context of public administration with the relevant provisions of the relevant ministers and the Minister of Finance,
d) overlooking the special budget depends on the administration of the provisions relating to the administration or the concerned Minister of Finance and
e) Regulatory and provisions relating to the supervisory authorities of their establishment and / or institutions heads,
f) Other provisions of the Finance Minister, conducts