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Kanun No. 6644


            AcceptDate: 1/4/2015      


MADDE 1- dated 4/2/1983 and number 2797 is the first of the 17-point Code The number (2) of the number (2) is in effect until it is in effect.

ARTICLE 2- 60 of the 2797 Code of Law has been found in the United States. It is currently being started.

" The case files are sent to the Yard and the Law Review Board of Jurisdiction is:

MADDE 60-Adliye courts to conduct appeal review of judicial law offices The court name, which is indicated by the name of the agency shown in the appeal of the case files to be sent, will be sent to the related apartment by the office of the court, which is issued according to the section 14 of the Law.

The task and section of the files that are on the appeal will be resolved by resolving the sleep The incumbent, the Chief Executive of the General Assembly of the Law, appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the General Assembly of the General Assembly of the General Assembly of the General Assembly of the General Assembly for the first time in which the members of the General Assembly of the District were appointed to the General Assembly for a year of registration. Legal Department for four years and four reserve members. The Office of the Supervisor is being installed. An office is established within this board, where enough inspection judges and personnel are assigned to play.

The relevant legal office sent to the file itself when the first issue is issued, within a month As a result of the preliminary examination, he will submit the file to the Law Review Committee on the grounds, on the grounds that he is no longer in charge of the department. A send decision cannot be made after the end of a month period. A decision on the part of the preliminary review conducted by the board is final.

The board convenes with the contribution of the Executive and the four members of the assembly and decides with the vote of the vote. In cases where no one is to be present, the most current among the members is meeting the meeting; the absence of members is complete with the contribution of the substitute members.

The board plays at least two weeks a month. During this time, the members of the Board do not contribute to the works in their apartments. "

MADDE 3- dated 12/1/2011 and 6100 number of Legal Reasoning Laws 47 ncci the first idea of the item is to be started.

" (1) Indemnity litigation against the state, first degree and district court court The result of the verbs and decisions of their judges is the first degree in the jurisdiction of the relevant legal office; the president and members of the judiciary, and the first degree of court in the 4th Law Office of the Yargatay. The case is based on the figure and decisions of the President and members of this apartment, and the judiciary is held in the Third Law Office of the Yargatay. The appeal review of the issued decisions is made to the Legal General Assembly. Members will not be able to bear the appeal, with the president who made the decision. "

ARTICLE 4- The second phase of the 6100 count of the Code is the second of the 109 It will be removed.

ARTICLE 5- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

MADDE 6- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.