Law 8 Of 1962 Ratification Of The Complementary Agreement Between Syria And Representing Cross Country Pipelines Arabic/altablain

Original Language Title: القانون 8 لعام 1962 تصديق الاتفاق المتمم بين سورية وممثل شركة خطوط الأنابيب عبر البلاد العربية / التابلاين

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Law 8 of 1962 ratification of the complementary agreement between Syria and representing cross country pipelines Arabic/altablein Foundation Board approved and Parliament and President of the Republic issued the following law: article 1 – incredible complementary agreement signed on 25/2/1962 between the Syrian Arabic Republic and representing cross country pipelines Arabic (altablein) and its books.

Article 2 – State Ministers in charge of implementing the provisions of this law.

Article 3 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 27 September 1381 h on 3/3/1962.

Nazim compound released by the President of the Republic, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister

Minister of agriculture

Acting Defense Minister Foreign Minister

Ahmed Chalabi

Jalal, Mr.

Muhammad ma'ruf

Minister of economy

The Minister of Justice, endowments

The Minister of industry

Adnan Kouatly

Mustapha Zarka

Abdul Rahman Egyptian

Minister of public works and Minister of education agency

Transportation Minister

Minister of planning

Mohammed Al-shawaf

Ahmed Kamel

Noam seyoufi

Minister of State for the Ministry of health and public aid

Minister of culture and national guidance and information

Minister of Social Affairs and labour

Mahmoud bone

Fuad fair

Mohammad Abdin

Minister of finance and supplies.

Agrarian reform Secretary

Minister of municipal and Rural Affairs

Rachid aldker

Bakary igloo

Suhail Khoury



Complementary agreement on the twenty-fifth day of February 1962 held in Damascus, Syria between Syrian Arabic Republic (named after the Government) in the person of the Minister of national economy Dr Adnan Al-Quwatli and Minister of Finance Dr Rachid aldker and cross country pipeline company Arabic (named after the company), a corporation in Delaware, USA, in the person of John noble, President of the company.

On the following: 1. this agreement (named in the following complementary agreement ") an integral part of the Convention on the regulation of mineral oil passage in the Syrian Arabic Republic" (hereinafter "the Convention") on the first day of September 1947 between the company and the Syrian Arabic Republic Government and the force becomes an integral part of the agreement, read with her, and are considered as one Convention. 

2. from the date of entry into force of this agreement, supplemented throughout the remainder of the agreement and without prejudice to any graphic or mentioned in the agreement or any other agreement between the Government and the company have agreed on an extra boost to traffic produces have added to the payment provided for in article IV of the Convention a total equivalent of 1.80 cents United States currency for every 100 barrels of crude oil per mile cut this crude move within the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic the pipeline company.

3. to implement the above item/2/Company undertakes under this agreement complementary to pay Government during the remainder of the Convention, on every barrel of crude oil transported after the date of entry into force of this agreement the Syrian Arabic Republic complement through the pipeline company and the company's downstream recognizes when added to the amount of the payment provided for in article 4 of the Convention provides for government revenue from traffic fee totaling $1.433 us cent United States currency per barrel.

The Government agrees to accept that amount while retaining all their rights under the agreements between the Governments of Syria and Lebanon on 10 June 1947 and 28 January 1949.

The company also agrees to implement, as from the date of entry into force of this agreement the complement, under appropriate written instructions had been issued to the company by the Governments of Syria and Lebanon, the two Governments have held any arrangement regarding the sharing of tolls and downstream entailing or taxed on the company performed under agreements with those Governments.

4. the company should complete and correct accounts of crude oil amounts referred to in article 3 of this agreement, supplemented by Government representatives are entitled to Commissioners assets available at all reasonable times on company restrictions included those accounts and have the freedom to take their essences as entitled to scrutinize those measurements under which those quantities. 

5. this complementary agreement proves and confirms the agreement and conclude the agreement of 31 May 1952 and all existing arrangements between the Government and the company is with this all organized and governs relations between the Government and the company.

6. the company agrees to meet the provisions in this agreement the complement to pay $10 million to the Government as a final and comprehensive settlement of all differences and disputes and Government demands for increased revenues from crude oil passing through the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic all carpets prior to the date of entry into force of this agreement the complement. This amount is paid within ten days from the date of publication of this complementary agreement certification law in the Official Gazette. 

7. the Government agrees that the amounts paid by the company to the Government under the Convention and this Agreement constitute a comprehensive reimbursement supplemented to meet rights and exemptions enjoyed by the company under the Convention and this agreement the complement. 

8. when the judge law the ratification of the complementary agreement on Syrian Arabic Republic Gazette, this complementary agreement becomes effective from 1 November 1961 and continues in effect for the remainder of the Convention.

9. this agreement is supplemented by systems of Arabic and English, both texts with force. If any doubt or controversy or dispute regarding the implementation or interpretation of this complementary agreement or any provision contained therein, cannot resolve a negotiation between the parties, be referred to arbitration pursuant to article 24 of the Convention in that arbitration offers both texts of this complementary agreement on provisions and Faisal. 

10. pursuant to article 12 of the Convention is not subject to this agreement, completing the drawing in nature. 

Syrian Arabic Republic cross country pipeline company Finance Minister Rashid aldakar Arabic economy Minister Dr Adnan Al-Quwatli John noble.