64 Of Law 2004 Mobilization Act

Original Language Title: القانون 64 لعام 2004 قانون التعبئة

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64 of law 2004 mobilization Act of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 16-11-2004 27-12-2004 issue: article – 1 – packing is to transform the country in General and the armed forces in particular, from peace to war through the implementation of the planned measures and actions.

It can be a general or partial mobilization, and secret or public, and in all cases the packing is implemented by the competent authorities in accordance with the plans established by the General command of the armed forces.

And subject to manpower mobilization not covered by reserves and industrial facilities, service and transport and engineering equipment and materials that serve the war effort of the private sector.

Article II-preparing for packing is statistics and planning and take action in times of peace the way that ensures implementation of packaging according to the requirements of the interest of the country.

Article 3 – fill declares the Decree of the President the Commander in Chief of the armed forces in case of international relations or the risk of war or conflicts or any situation threatening the country including natural disasters.

Article IV – declares end fill by Decree of the President the Commander in Chief of the armed forces when the demise of the situation dictated.

Article 5 – packing management is is the basic charge packing work.

Measures to be taken when the packing material – 6 – to transform the armed forces from peace to war implements the measures and procedures contained in the packing plans developed by the General command of the armed forces to ensure combat readiness and response to the threat.

Article – 7 – in order to transform the country from peace to war situation take the following actions: a the implementation plans for this purpose during peacetime by competent authorities. B-taking action to ensure the safety of economic installations and public facilities according to plans developed by the General command of the armed forces and Civil Defense Council. C-obliging public utility workers identified by the packing Department to continue their work in accordance with the packing requirements. D-requiring factories and laboratories and workshops identified work according to plan.

-Fully or partially packing facilities and installations and transport and engineering equipment and all the necessary possibilities related to the war effort but not adversely affecting the national economy and people's lives, and to this end packing excludes at least a minimum of continuity of work and national economy. And-all ministries and public bodies where the mobilization committees work all their energies on implementing the fill command, and to this end to complete those committees for ongoing collaboration with packing the packing department committees branch. G-the Ministry of Internal Affairs and local administration bodies and party and security organs, people's organizations, each according to its level of responsibility and the speedy implementation of the packing order according to arrive from the packing Department either directly permitted by packaging services and people's committees. H-the Ministry of the Interior and the Directorate of civil defense coordination with the packing Department ensures coherence and consistency in the actions and measures concerning emergency and civil defense mobilization, taking into consideration the decisions of the Supreme Council for civil defence. I-the Minister of the Interior to impose probation or house arrest suspects were nationals of enemy States or States which cut her political relations, as his decision to arrest must be arrested.

Measures to be taken during preparation of packing material – 8 – take general command of the armed forces the following measures: a policy for the country's mobilization plans.

B-study plans and recommendations provided by the packing Department.

Article – 9 – take the following measures according to fill emergency changes: a census under packing under vet plan annually. B-special census scientific, professional and qualified public utilities workers and public and private factories and workshops under the plan check annually. C-census of public facilities and public and private enterprises including factories and laboratories and workshops related to the war effort under the plan check annually. D-census of transport and engineering equipment under a plan check annually.

E-fill management to get the necessary information and explanations of all Government and private entities at any time.

Article 10 – take government agencies the following measures: a packing commissions obliges institutions and ministries and other public authorities in cooperation with the packing Department. B oblige the Government and private sectors to provide information requested by the packing Department at all times in all. C-State and private actors needed help packing management regarding the production and storage of materials relevant to the war effort. D-lay Ministry of the Interior plan is needed to ensure that facilitate and implement the content of the paragraph/article I-7 of the Act.

E-Government and private sectors and at the request of the Department of packing regulations call for public utilities workers and facilities, laboratories and factories and workshops related to the war effort to determine who should be excluded from packing for production. And-it is not permissible to grant a license for public facilities or industrial or governmental or private agricultural related war effort only after obtaining the approval of the committees formed in the provinces to this end, the Ministry of defense in each province in the competent Committee permits updated investment projects of law/10/1991, as amended, to send a copy of the licences granted to the packing Department.

Article – 11 – a – bottled under citizen entails packing plans when changing his address, notify the Division recruited from the new address within two months.

         B when any citizen loaded to impairment prevents him from working in the armed forces must advance to the Division recruited with the necessary althbotiat to study the situation and bevel of the packing plan if his disability, or refer it to the competent medical Committee to decide.

       C If the fill Management Sciences or summons for a citizen is communicated in the registered address in the Division recruited and if it is not reported to any person residing with him, and failing that affixing method is reported in accordance with the regulations in force.

Article 12 – persons who have been summoned in accordance with the provisions of this law, all laws and military regulations and instructions and benefit from the features planned for the men that the caller actually joined the Division recruited.

Article 13-duration packing when you call people subject to compulsory military service, compulsory service is a call duration and apply to them the provisions of the military service Act, after calling them are entitled to choose either to continue their service or drop out.

Article – 14 – demobilized military retirees and calls the same pudemo level when demobilized.

Article – 15 – when packing plans not to invoke State employees only when necessary and no more than 10% of the actual with the profession.

Article – 16 – when packing plans call drivers transport and engineering equipment with their media and their equipment.

Article 17 – keeps the calls of State workers the right to return to his job after his arraignment and treated like it never ceases.

Article – 18 – when the duration of calling any biennium gives preference in appointment of State functions and to document that served by hand.

Article-19 – all information concerning secret mobilization and prohibiting disclosure under penalty of punishment specified in this law.

Article – 20 – before things immoveable packing department or cost of inventoried his descriptive inventory and organize two inventory record retains one other author acknowledges.

Salaries and wages of persons article – 21 – the calling charges fares who summoned it.

Article – 22 – public caller paid his salary or wages for the duration of the call of who was summoned, and summoned by hand to receive full bonuses and features which are given for active military rank equivalent to his rank or taxi.

Article – 23 – earns the caller outside the public sector salary or wages for the duration of the call of who summoned her and have his salary equal to the salary or wage the likes of Defense Department personnel who offer blankets at the foot of vocation and certificate as well as for bonuses and features, if the caller is subject to backup it earns a salary and bonuses due to his rank.

Article 24 – private caller retains the right to return to work immediately after packing while retaining other rights.

Provisions of the martyrdom and injury article-25-when the martyrdom of the caller allocates for eligible relatives: a pension equal to the same pension eligible with the likes of the military.

B-financial reward is worth the same reward for eligible with the likes of the military.

Article – 26 – treats patients from callers the same treatment of military wounded whatever injury and degree of disability.

Article – 27 – treats the missing and POWs from callers the same treatment of fellow military personnel.

Article – 28 – DoD workers treated during packing the same treatment of callers and apply the provisions of this law.

Prices and wages of the bottled stuff article – 29 – determine prices and wages of the bottled stuff as follows: a-products and materials, transport and engineering equipment be priced similarly price receivable packing date.

B-real estate and industrial and commercial compensation shall not exceed the benefit capital according to the normal price in the market plus maintenance expenses and normal consumption of buildings and installations, plus if the extraordinary amount of use Parallels or replace instruments and consumption should not in any way to increase the compensation to a net profit the previous year.

Article – 30 – determine prices and wages of the bottled stuff by committees formed by decision of the Prime Minister attended by experts from the relevant ministries.

Article 31 – for stakeholders to challenge the decision of the committees formed under the previous article within seven days from the date of admission resolution assets, to submit objections to the General Administration of the Ministry of defence and considered by a Committee formed by the Minister of Defense involving a judge nominated by the Ministry of Justice and a representative of the General Directorate of the Ministry of defence and representatives from the Ministry Committee decision shall be packaged materials intrinsically unenforceable any route of appeal or review.

Penalties article – 32 – when the fill or conducting experiments and exercises it contravenes the provisions of this Act is punishable by imprisonment for a term not less than three months and not more than two years. If the violation relates to hide things or obstruct packaged are confiscated in addition to sentences mentioned in this article.

Article – 33 – punishes the disclosure of data and information for packing with imprisonment from three months to six months, if the disclosure of information during packing imposes the maximum sentence, as packing card loss or fill with fine 3000 SP.

Article 34 – – shall be punished by imprisonment from three months to six months each in special secrets disclosed packing individuals or companies or bodies or institutions of relevance to the performance of his duty, or divulge secrets related to his work.

Section 35 – – shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than six months and not more than one year: a-refuses summons.

B refrain from providing information required to manage or make false information to cover up for stuff to be mobilized.

(C) violates or obstructs or refuses to implement the content of paragraphs/c-d/article/paragraph/article 10 and paragraph a of article 11 of this law.

Article – 36 – does not prevent the penalties prescribed in the Act of imposing higher penalties provided for in the laws in force.

Article – 37 – when a citizen of the State where no provision in this law, or contrary to its provisions, his veto in accordance with the text of article 31 of this law, however, does not exempt him from execution, pending a commitment to object.

Article – 38 – issued by a decision of the Minister of defence operational instructions.

Article 39 – – cancels the decision by law No/87/1960 in general mobilization.

-Eliminates the law 127/number/date 18-6-1969 to add materials to the general mobilization law.

Article 40 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus: 18-11-1425, corresponding to 30-12-2004 President Bashar Al-Assad