Law 1 Of 1979 Health Insurance Law

Original Language Title: القانون 1 لعام 1979 قانون الضمان الصحي

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Law 1 of 1979

Health Insurance Law


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And what was approved by Parliament held on 12.29.1978

Issued as follows:

First chapter

Material - 1 with a view to the following terms, used in the application of this law, what is shown next to each of them:

Health Council: Health Council updated by Legislative Decree No. 39 Date 08/06/1977

Minister: The Minister of Health

Commission: The General Authority of health insurance

Board: The Board of the General Authority for Health assurance management

Director General: The Director General of the General Authority for Health Insurance

Branch: General Authority for Health Insurance branch in the province

Beneficiary: the person covered by the health insurance system

General doctor: The doctor is a specialist body associated with health insurance

Dentist: dentist associated with body health insurance

Specialist: a doctor registered in a particular jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and the Health Insurance Authority associated
Chapter II

Material -2-
A. General of the General Authority for Health to ensure its called the city of Damascus has legal personality and financial and administrative independence and linked to the Minister spoke.

B. Happening in each province branch of the Commission decision of the minister.

-3- Material Authority aims to achieve health security for the citizens of the country, according to the plan established by the Health Council within a maximum period of ten years from the date of entry into force of this law.

Material -4- intended health insurance provided for in the Act to secure treatment and care for medically beneficiaries in the event of sickness, accidents, pregnancy and childbirth, and includes in particular:

1- medical services performed by a general practitioner and dentist and a specialist.

2- home medical visit when necessary.

3- stay in hospital or sanitarium with treatment.

4- surgeries and various other medical business.

5. All laboratory tests and x-ray, electrical and all other diagnostic tests.

6-antenatal care and make deliveries of all kinds.

7-needed medicines Exchange.

8. provide rehabilitative services and industrial medical devices and compensatory determined by a decision of the Board.

9-conduct periodic examinations by the legal provisions in force.

Material -5- Organization shall enjoy in order to achieve the following powers:

A. Contracting with general practitioners, dentists, specialists and others and ratify these contracts by the Minister after the approval of the Council.

B. The approval of the President of the Health Council may be any of these contracts exceeded the upper limits of salaries and wages and compensation stipulated in the laws in force.

C. Contracting with rehabilitation centers and laboratories and the role of radiology and Achtsasiha building, buying and renting hospitals and other medical institutions in whole or in part within the limits of the general plan set by the Health Council.
Chapter III

Material -6-

A. The Authority shall be managed by a board board of directors and general manager of the management.

B. Compose a board of directors chaired by the Minister of Health and six members nominated by the President of the Health Council's decision of it to be them:

1- a representative of the General Federation of Trade Unions proposed by the Executive Office of the Union.

2- representative of the teachers' union Baktrha the Executive Office of the union.

Material -7 -

A. The Director General Bmusum the amount of his salary and compensations sets and be a full-time doctor

B. Appoint directors in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Material -8- the Board of Directors is the authority responsible for the conduct of its affairs and its affairs has to take what he sees of decisions to achieve the goals that the body was created within the limits of the plan set by the Health Council shall, in particular the following:

1- proposal to the Commission's work plan and submit it to the health of the Council.

2- take the necessary decisions to implement the health insurance plan.

3- proposal for the rules of procedure and system utilization projects and the financial system, accounting and contracts in the Commission issued a decision of the President of the Health Council.

4- propose an angel body and its branches are issued in accordance with the regulations in force.

5. develop the detailed plan and program executive for the body functions and development work.

6- proposal Avatar costs paid by beneficiaries during their treatment and that a decision of the President of the Health Council should not exceed ten percent of the cost of treatment ratios.

7. discuss and approve the accounts of the branches and their follow-up.

8. study what the minister sees presentation of other matters relating to performance of body functions.

Material -9-

A- The Board may form from among its members a temporary committee or committees are entrusted with some of the terms of reference or certain jobs.

(B) of the Council may be assisted in the exercise of its powers who see it from the experts and specialists

Material -10- The Director-General of the Commission the following powers:

1- implementation of Council decisions.

2- exercising the powers and functions vested in it by law.

3- Supervise the work branches of the body.

4- appointed body workout and promotion, transfer and assignment within the limits of the appropriations earmarked in the budget and the imposition of disciplinary sanctions within the limits of the powers conferred upon him in the regulations issued by the Health Council and all that, taking into account the provisions of paragraph (b) of Article 7.

5. granting of compensation and rewards for employees hired Notwithstanding the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 167 of 1963, as amended.

6- branch managers delegate some of its powers after the approval of the Council.

7. representation of the body in its relations with third parties and before the courts.

8. preparing the budget and presenting it to the Council for approval.

Material -11-

A. The branch management committee constituted identifies tasks decision of the Board.

B. Constitute the management of the branch manager and four members designated by the Council, including a representative of the conservative Union of Workers designated by the Executive Office of the Union and a representative of the teachers' union calls the union Branch.
Chapter IV

Material -12 - Commission revenues consist of:

1-contributions deducted monthly from the participants in accordance with the prescribed in the Regulations ratios should not exceed 2% of salary or pension or a lump covered by warranty for remuneration and compensations and bonuses except for relocation compensation and family compensation.

2- subscriptions paid by the ministries, departments and institutions, public bodies and public companies, enterprises and other public sector entities and joint in the amount of 3% of the original salaries, wages and compensations and bonuses for covered health insurance.

3- wages specified in the Regulations paid by beneficiaries for medical services provided to them and the cost Avatar.

4- government subsidies and grants, donations and bequests that the Council decides to accept and assume the state any shortfall caused to the health insurance budget.

Material -13 -

A. Exempt the Authority and its properties transferred funds from all taxes and fees are also exempt from customs duties imports of equipment and tools to be determined by the decision of the President of the Health Council.

B. It considers projects and actions by the general body with respect to expropriation.

-14 Material - is the Authority's funds public funds in the application of economic sanctions law.
Chapter V

Meals and obligations and sanctions

Material - 15 -

A- beneficiaries are treating patients at the expense of the body in the exact place them according to the system of the Regulations.

(B) The Commission may conduct this treatment in clinics or public hospitals under the agreements concluded for this purpose and defines the minimum levels of medical service and the subsequent reward such treatment.

Material - 16 - on the beneficiaries comply with the instructions specified by both the Authority and its subsidiaries and the Authority may enjoy the performance of the expense if it goes against the beneficiary of such instructions.

Material - 17 - while retaining most penalties set forth in the applicable laws punishable by a fine of 1,000 to 5,000 Syrian pounds gave each of the beneficiary or to someone else who holds the authority to provide care for them, the body drugs without right or easy for them to obtain.
Chapter VI

Material - 18 -

A- allocated for each of the covered warranty mentioned in paragraphs (a, b and c) of Article 19 to compensate the death of a lump of 10,000 Syrian pounds are exempt from all taxes and fees.

B - pays compensation death immediately for those dependents covered by the warranty, unless he has identified other persons common to take advantage of this compensation formally.

C - resolved, salaries and wages included in the health insurance death benefit per month for the following amounts:

- LS and one for those who do not exceed the salary or the monthly wage of 500 Syrian pounds.

- For Ertan Sorretan those salary ranges or their monthly wage from 501 - 1000 LS.

- Three Syrian pounds to those who exceed their monthly wage, or fourth, 1000 Syrian pounds.

Chapter VII
General provisions

Material -19 - applied on the first phase:

A- officials and employees and workers of the ministries, departments and institutions, public bodies and public companies, enterprises and other public sector entities and joint.

B is transmitted from the pension of the categories set forth in the preceding paragraph (a) after the entry into force of this law.

C - from retired to the categories listed in paragraph A former before the enforcement of this law, if he so wishes.

D family members mentioned in paragraphs (a, b and c) of this article who earn their family allowance and their dependents legally.

E - excluded from this stage civilians employed by the Defense Ministry.

Material -20 -

A. Social Insurance Institution may contract with the Commission to address work-related injuries in accordance with rules prescribed by the terms of the health board.

B. The Commission shall patient treatment until he recovers from his injury or his inability to prove.

(C) The Authority shall notify the injured end of treatment and the date of his return to work.

D - all the consequences as a result of work-related injuries and the effects of legal and other compensation is due to decide on them and compensation by the Social Insurance Institution by applicable laws and regulations.

Article -21- worthy contributions provided for in paragraphs (1 and 2) of Article 12 of this Law during the period of stay in the common point is not applied by health insurance because of the loan or transfer.

-22- Material issued executive regulations stipulated in this Law, a decision of the President of the Health Council.

Material -23 -

A- begin resolving the contributions provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 12 and against the death benefit provided for in paragraph C of Article 18 with effect from the date specified by a decision of the President of the Health Council.

(B) mutual funds remain updated on the basis of the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 327 of 1969 list until the specified date the decision of the President of the Health Council set forth in the preceding paragraph of this article, where these funds accrue funds and Mujdadtha to the body that supersedes all of these funds in performance of obligations to the limits of what happened to the body of the funds and assets of each of them.

Material -24- repealed on the date the decision of the President of the Health Council provided for in paragraph (a) of the previous article of Legislative Decree No. 327 of 1969 also canceled for covered by the provisions of Article 19 of this Law, all the texts of laws and other regulations contrary to its provisions, wherever they occur.

Material -25- Minister shall issue the necessary instructions to implement the provisions of this law.

Material -26- published this law in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 09.03.1399 and 06.02.1979 m e


Hafez Assad