22, 2002 Latest Cardiovascular Surgery Center

Original Language Title: القانون 22 لعام 2002 احدث مركز جراحة القلب والأوعية الدموية

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Read the untranslated law here: http://parliament.gov.sy/arabic/index.php?node=201&nid=16643&RID=-1&Last=10058&First=0&CurrentPage=12&Vld=-1&Mode=&Service=-1&Loc1=&Key1=&SDate=&EDate=&Year=&Country=&Num=&Dep=-1&

22, 2002 latest Cardiovascular Surgery Center President based on the Constitution and approved by the people's Council meeting on 19-12-1422h-3-3-2002.

Issued: article 1 of the Syrian Arabic Republic spoke at public body enjoying legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy and is linked to higher education Minister called "Cardiovascular Surgery Center" based in haleb.

Article 2 – aims to: 1. provide teaching and training services for graduate students in the Faculty of medicine at the University of Aleppo in cardiovascular surgeon.

2. contribute to the surgical care of cardiovascular disease in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

3. the creation of specialized frameworks for public bodies.

4. do research according to plan approved by the Center in coordination with the Ministry of higher education.

5. cooperation with health and scientific institutions and organizations of national and foreign and international Arabic and to ensure its development and contribute to scientific progress.

Article 3 – the Centre is an independent unit of account with financial and administrative autonomy, his special budget issued by a decision of the Minister of higher education upon the proposal of the Board of Directors and approval by the Ministry of finance income and expenses entered into full, taking into account the balance between income and expenditure, linked to the State budget in accordance with the principle of income consists of Soofi from the following sources: 1. the resources of the Centre's activities.

2. circular economy from the previous fiscal year budget.

3. State aid assessed in public budget and shall cover the costs of educational and scientific activities of the Centre.

4. gifts and bequests and donations.

5. any other resources authorized by the laws and regulations in force.

Article 4 – the Centre is managed by the Board of Directors and General Manager.

Article 5 – a – the Board of Directors shall be as follows:

-Minister of higher education and President of the University of Aleppo


-Dean of the Faculty of medicine at the University of Aleppo

A member and Vice President.

-General Manager of the Center

A Member

-Assistant Director-General of Medical Affairs

A Member

-Assistant Director-General for Administrative Affairs

A Member

-Head of the Division of cardiovascular surgery at the medical school.

A Member

-One designated Minister of higher education center surgeons annually periodically.

A Member

-One of the heads of divisions of the center designated by the Director General of the Centre annually periodically.

A Member

-Representative of the Ministry of Health designated by the Minister of health

A Member

-Representative of the graduate students in the center designated by the Administrative Office of the National Union of Syrian students.

A Member

-A representative of the trade union organization designated by the General Federation of trade unions

A Member

Head of nursing at Central.

A Member


B the Board shall meet at least once each month, associate Council Director-General Secretariat for administrative affairs.

Article vi-Board exercises all acts that lead to the goal of the Centre's events within the laws and regulations in force and in particular: 1. proposed regulations on the Center or an amendment of existing ones.

2. discussion and approval of the Centre's budget for presentation to the competent authorities.

3. proposed distribution of funds allocated to the Centre.

4. proposing the dispatch center personnel for training and study in Syrian Arabic Republic and beyond.

5. to approve the introduction of Arab and foreign experts and hiring.

6. to propose hiring doctors, technicians and terminate their contracts.

7. accept gifts, donations and bequests for the benefit of the Centre.

8. consent to prosecutions on behalf of the Centre and waived and reconciliation and healing and arbitration.

9. proposed assignment of faculty members in any of the universities in the Syrian Arabic Republic to work in the Center and to propose ending reassigned.

10. the delegate some of his powers to the Director General.

Article – 7 – a General Director appointed. by Decree, specifying his salary and compensations that meets the requirements for the position of faculty member in faculties of medicine in the universities of the Syrian Arabic Republic, but less experience in their respective fields for five years.

B If the Director General of the Centre among faculty members at medical schools, retains its original function and its promotions in addition to legal compensation time.

Article VIII-the powers and functions of the Director-General: 1. the Director-General of the official reference centre for all bodies involved in the technical, administrative, medical, and directly oversees workflow and issue instructions and administrative orders and follow up on the implementation of Governing Council decisions, represents the Centre Court-mediated defense without breaching the law enjoined State management issues.

2. oversees all administrative and financial work of the Centre and is responsible for the conduct of these actions and the safety management of money matters before the Board.

3. sign the transactions and ongoing correspondence, delegate some of his powers and his subordinates to sign some correspondence and transactions only as provided in regulations on signature by the Director General.

4. expenditure and exercise the powers of the paymaster and filtering in accordance with the provisions of financial laws and regulations in force to public bodies of an administrative nature.

5. the Centre's budget and displays it on the Board of directors within deadlines and periods specified in the Ministry of finance.

6. submit to the Board at the end of each year a general report on the administrative and financial situation of the Centre.

Article-9. medical services referred to in paragraph (b) of article 2 of this law in accordance with the tariff paid issued by a decision of the Minister of higher education upon the proposal of the Board of Directors and determined annually paid services occupancy status by decision of the Minister of higher education upon the proposal of the Board of Directors.

B determine the provisions regarding admission status and sustenance by a decision of the Minister of higher education upon the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Article 10 – the provision of basic needs for the Centre's operation of maintenance and supplies and other materials and changing parts and medical and professional services in accordance with the rules and fundamentals that are issued by the Minister of higher education upon the proposal of the Management Board in agreement with the Minister of finance, without complying with the provisions of Legislative Decree No 228/1969, as amended, containing the bodies of an administrative nature contracts system.

Article – 11 – issued a special system of incentives for workers at the Center by a decision of the Prime Minister on the basis of the decision of the Board of Directors and the proposal of the Ministers of higher education and finance. These incentives are excluded from compensation limits stipulated in the basic law for State workers.

Article – 12 – Administration may fill some of the technical and professional jobs by contract as required by the need to work.

Article 13 – taking into account the provisions contained in this law, the laws and regulations applicable to public bodies of an administrative nature.

Article – 14 – the Minister of higher education regulations to this law.

Article – 15 – this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 28-12-1422, 12-3-2002 the President of the Republic

Bashar Al-Assad