Law 32 Of 2003 Creating The Higher Institute For Population Studies And Research

Original Language Title: القانون 32 لعام 2003 إحداث المعهد العالي للدراسات والبحوث السكانية

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Law 32 of 2003

Creation of the Higher Institute of Population Studies and Research


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 16 - 9 - 1424 and 11 - 11 - 2003

Issued as follows:
Article 1

Meant the following terms, used in the application of this law, what is shown next to each of them:

Minister: Minister of Higher Education.

Ministry: The Ministry of Higher Education.

Institute: Higher Institute of Population Studies and Research.

Institute Council: The Council of the Higher Institute of Population Studies and Research.

Dean: Dean of the Higher Institute of Population Studies and Research.

Law regulating universities: Universities Organization Law promulgated by Law No. (1) the date of 31.01.1975, as amended.

Implementing Regulations: the law regulating universities Decree No. (2059) of 1982, as amended.
Article 2

Occur in the Syrian Arab Republic, a public body of scientific administrative in nature as the "Higher Institute of Population Studies and Research" has legal personality and financial and administrative independence, based in Damascus and are associated with the Minister of Higher Education.
Article 3

Institute aims to achieve the following objectives:

1- preparation of national human frameworks in the field of population studies and research.

2- conduct studies and research multidisciplinary for population development.

3- assist in linking and compatibility between productivity and economic development policies, including population policies and service.

4- to contribute to raising awareness in the field of population.

5. cooperation with local, Arab and international population research centers.
Article 4

Gives the institute, according to the provisions contained in the internal regulations of the following degrees:

A diploma qualification and specialization in population science.

B Graduate Diploma in population science.

C Master of Science in population.

D doctorate in population science.
Article 5

The Institute of Management Board of the Institute and its dean.
Article 6

A- Institute Council consists of:

- Dean of the Institute. President

- A representative from each of the ministries:

Higher education, health, agriculture, agrarian reform, education, culture, social affairs and employment, housing and construction,

Local environment and management rank of director, at least. Member

- Director General of the Central Bureau of Statistics. Member

- Population Studies Center at the Ministry of Health Director. Member

- Undersecretary of the Institute. Member

- One of the heads of academic departments at the institute appointed by the dean for two years on a regular basis. Member

- A representative of the State Planning Commission. Member

- A representative of the National Union of Syrian Students. Member

- A representative of the teachers' union. Member

- A representative of one of the Syrian universities of faculty specialists science people named by the Minister. Member

(B) of the Council to seek the assistance of the owners who sees expertise in the areas of competence of the Institute.

C Institute Council meets once a month at least, and assume the secretariat where the Secretary of the Institute.
Article 7

Institute Council shall assume the powers councils of the three University and the College Board, provided for in the organization of universities and its implementing regulations Act, as all actions that lead to achieving the goal of creating the institute practiced and not inconsistent with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force, and in particular the following: | ||
A proposal to the internal regulations of the Institute.

Shall propose a draft budget of the institute.

(C) to approve the use of Arab and foreign experts and Syrians hired.

Shall be appointed Dean of the Institute for four years by decree, which determines the salary and compensations.

B. The Dean of the Institute appointed from among faculty members at universities or higher institutes Originally functioning legal and promotions as well as a full-time compensation.

C Aakeda be Dean of the Institute for the expense and orders for exchange and represents the Institute before the court and shall perform the functions granted to the head of Friday and dean of the faculty provided for in the organization of universities and its implementing regulations law.

D be a member of the Dean's Council for Higher Education.

E earns Dean compensation allocated to the university president representation.
Article 9

Shall be the Institute's agent shall be assisted by Dean in the management of the affairs of the institute.

B appointed Vice-Dean of the faculty members at the institute, universities or higher institutes decision of the Minister for two years at the suggestion of the Dean of the Institute and appointed them retains the original functioning legal and Tervaath addition to a full-time compensation.

(C) shall receive a compensation agent institute dedicated to the Under university representation.
Article 10

Applied to members of the teaching staff at the institute provisions applicable to members of the teaching staff in the universities of the Syrian Arab Republic in terms of recruitment and promotion, rights, obligations and compensation and all of their professional affairs.
Article 11

Secretary of the Institute shall be appointed by the minister at the suggestion of the Dean of the Institute and shall assume the powers League Assistant Secretary and Secretary stipulated in the law regulating universities and its implementing regulations and grant compensation representation, which gives to the Secretary of the University.
Article 12

Applied to workers at the Institute, other than members of the teaching staff are subject to the law regulating universities, the Basic Law of the State Workers No. 1 of 1985.
Article 13

Faculty members awarded compensation emptied in accordance with the provisions and principles applicable to the members of the teaching staff in the Syrian universities.
Article 14

Institute may use visitors professors with expertise in the field of competencies needed by the Institute for a period not to exceed one year and by a decision of the Minister, upon the proposal of the Board of the Institute and are treated in terms of compensation is treated by the likes of visiting professors in Syrian universities.
Article 15

Issued internal regulations of the Institute for a decision from the minister on the proposal Institute Council organizes this regulation, in particular the following matters:

1- identify sections and practical how-do their boards.

2- study plan and the system of graduate studies.

3- to adopt the principles and rules of scientific research.

4- general provisions for examinations at the Institute.

5. training and qualification cycles and conditions of admission system.
Article 16

The Institute shall have an independent budget, a special branch extension budget of the Ministry of Higher Education and the intervention in the state budget full income and expenditure.
Article 17

Angel numerical Institute issued by decree.
Article 18

In all matters not specifically mentioned in the law or in the list of the Institute, the Institute applied to regulate universities Act and its implementing regulations Legislative Decree No. 87 of 1975, as amended.

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus 29-9-1424h and 24-11-2003m

Bashar al-Assad