Law 8 Of 2008 Doctors, Dentists And Pharmacists In The Countryside Service Act

Original Language Title: القانون 8 لعام 2008 قانون خدمة الأطباء وأطباء الأسنان والصيادلة في الريف

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Law 8 of 2008

Private rural service for doctors, dentists and pharmacists

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 23/03/1429 H corresponding to 30/03/2008 AD. Issued the following:
Article 1

Intended countryside all that is outside the administrative borders of cities and provincial centers and centers affiliated areas identified by the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.
Article 2

May not be any of the doctors, dentists and pharmacists bidder practice the profession within the administrative boundaries of the cities of the provincial centers and affiliated areas only after practiced the profession actually a license from the Ministry of Health in the countryside exclusively for two years and received then a permanent license to practice in the All parts of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Article 3

Excluded from the provisions of Article II of the Act ..

A- active duty to practice the profession by doctors, dentists and pharmacists working within their specialty in public bodies and the public sector and the common organization of the Syrian Red Crescent, grassroots organizations, trade unions and federations for two years.

B pharmacists who work in the offices and in the national scientific laboratories and drugs in its two-year service requirement for considering the service referred to in paragraphs / a .. b / service of this article in the countryside get a temporary license from the Ministry of Health.
Article 4

Exempted from the countryside service

A- both got the competence of doctors, dentists and pharmacists

(B) non-Syrian Arabs and foreigners who practiced the profession within the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic for five years under a license from the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders before acquiring the Syrian Arab nationality.
Article 5

To the Minister of Health may be licensed for doctors and dentists who perform the service of science to practice their profession in their service centers temporarily outside the official working hours, provided that allow them to the Ministry of Defence so do not count them the service of the rural service required of them under the provisions of this law.
Article 6

A - necessary ended the countryside service with medical professionals and those who wish to continue to practice the profession to obtain permanent license within a maximum period of three months from the expiry date of the service.

(B) Without prejudice to the penalties set forth in the most effective laws and regulations shall be punished by a fine of $ 15,000 for. Q fifteen thousand Syrian anyone who violates the provisions of paragraph / a / of this article and pay the fine to the public treasury of the state and the offender shall be referred to the disciplinary board the union concerned.
Article 7

Both practiced the profession contrary to the provisions of this law closes his workplace by the Minister of Health carried out by the public prosecutor and book a reservation tools up and handed to the Ministry of Health and referred to justice and punished with a fine of 25,000 to 50,000 for. Q than twenty-five thousand Syrian pounds to fifty thousand pounds and not be returned to him expropriations before the issuance of the final decision of the judiciary.
Article 8

Health Minister issued necessary for the application of the provisions of this law and regulatory decisions.
Article 9

Provisions of this law applies to people with medical professionals licensed to perform the countryside service under the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 15 of 1967.
Article 10

Finished work by Legislative Decree No. 15 of 1967, as amended, and all contrary provisions of this law.
Article 11

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Bashar al-Assad