Law 7 Of 2012 Syrian Children Oblige Parents Enroll Their Children In Schools Of Basic Education

Original Language Title: القانون 7 لعام 2012 إلزام أولياء الأطفال السوريين إلحاق أطفالهم بمدارس التعليم الأساسي

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Law 7 of 2012

Oblige parents of Syrian children enroll their children in schools of basic education

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 03/23/1433 AH corresponding to 16/02/2012 AD.

Issued as follows:

Article (1)

Meant each of the expressions contained in this law

Concept shown towards them ..

Ministry: The Ministry of Education

Minister: Minister of Education

Main Committee: Committee for compulsory education in the ministry (central administration)

Preservation Commission: Commission of compulsory education in the province

Fund: National Fund for Social Aid updated Legislative Decree No. 9 of 2011 AD.

Article (2)

Obliges all parents of Syrian children (male and female) who are aged children between 6-15 years to bring their kids basic education schools according to the following ..

A) of children aged 6-9 years, entering the ranks of the first cycle of basic education and pursuing their education until the end of basic education in accordance with the ministry's instructions in the nine regular classes.

B) children who are not in school and who have returned to school after the leak between the ages of 8-15 years old, including children who have undergone a reeducation program in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour centers where they enter the people attached to the schools of basic education according to their level of education and applied to them Platform and plan of study Todaan by the ministry for this purpose have passed rows according to plan and curriculum subjects in four years and given a document entitling them to pursue their studies or to apply for the exam basic education certificate.

C) the ministry is following the continuation of children enrolled in education have who are in the age of compulsory education until they have completed their basic education, even over the age of ten, and their studies are organized and their shift ministerial instructions.

D) refer the Directorate of Education of children with severe disabilities to the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor in the province to enroll them institutes and specialized centers to continue their education and be absorbed children with mild disabilities in basic education schools who meet the integration standards issued by the ministry.

Article (3)

The secretariats of the civil registry in the provinces prepare annual lists of the names of children who have reached the age of six up to January 31 of each year and sent to the Directorate of Education in the province to follow up their registration in schools.

Article (4)

A) make up the ministry's main committee called (the Main Committee of compulsory education) decision of the minister according to the following ..

1- Associate competent minister president

2- basic education director vice president

3- Director of Legal Affairs member

4- accounting director member

5. Planning and International Cooperation Director member

6- representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour member

7. representative from each of grassroots organizations and trade unions concerned member

8. Associate Director of Basic Education member

9- head of the Compulsory Education Department member

10. Two factors of the Compulsory Education Department two

Chairman of the Committee and an invitation from deems appropriate to attend its meetings.

B) of the Main Committee meets once a month and whenever the need arises at the invitation of its president to discuss the situation of compulsory education and the topics included in the agenda.

Article (5)

Main functions of the Committee shall be determined as follows ..

A) overseeing the implementation of compulsory education in the Syrian Arab Republic.

B) propose the annual plan of compulsory education.

C) organize periodic meetings of the directors of compulsory education.

D) coordination with the concerned authorities to compulsory education on the application of the annual plan.

E) proposal of commissioning of the opinion of its members and others to carry out field visits to schools stage according to the plan laid down.

F) receipt of field trips and the reports of committees and provincial departments of education and periodic discussed.

Article (6)

Compose on every committee, called the province (Commission for the Conservation of compulsory education) by decision of the Governor in accordance with the following:

1- conservative president

2- Director of Education Vice President

3- representative from each of grassroots organizations and trade unions concerned member

4- representative of the Directorate of Social Affairs and Labor member

5. Head of Planning and Statistics Department at the Directorate of Education member

6- compulsory education prompt member

Chairman of the Committee and an invitation from deems appropriate to attend its meetings.

Article (7)

Commission for the Conservation tasks shall be determined as follows ..

A) oversee the proper functioning of compulsory education.

B) the receipt of the Department of Education reports on the reality of compulsory education, study and address the issues contained therein.

C) supervising the counting new births each year who are in the age of compulsory education.

D) objecting to solve problems that can be solved in the province.

E) Develop media plan regarding compulsory education in the province.

F) a warning for each Crown pupil cut off from school without an excuse for fifteen days.

G) proposal to refer the abstainers issues for citizens to send their children to school and who must move the public lawsuit against them to the ministry after warnings by the Commission ten days.

H) decide on the students who became their presence detrimental to the educational process conditions.

I) send photos of the minutes of the meetings to the Ministry (Directorate of basic education), including the general difficulties and proposals to solve them.

J) Approval of the financial rewards credits annually and disbursed in accordance with rules laid down by the minister in agreement with the Ministry of Finance.

Article (8)

Holds the authorities following the task of implementing compulsory education respective according to the plan set by the Ministry of Education .. / Interior / Media / Local Administration / Finance / Justice / endowments / Social Affairs and Labor / Culture / grassroots organizations / professional associations.

Article (9)

Dropouts may be granted to children who attend their schools after dropping out of those conditions and criteria for subsidies provided by the Fund's financial aid or in-kind apply to them in the special programs and is distributed by the fund in coordination between the Ministry and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor families.

Article (10)

The Minister may grant bonuses to workers in the committees of compulsory education and students within the limits of funds allocated for this purpose in the Ministry's budget.

Article (11)

A) in the case of a child or parent legally responsible for him to send the child to school after being warned failure to ten days is punishable by a fine of $ 10 to 15 thousand Syrian pounds.

B) If the leaking of the beneficiary families from the Fund suspended aid disbursement of aid to his family until his return to school, taking into account the provisions of paragraph (a) of this Article.

C) when a repeat guardian of the child or legally responsible for him to send the child to school punished twice the fines contained in paragraph abstinence (a) of Article (11).

D) updated financial penalties paid under Article 11 of this law to the Ministry of Finance.

E) Without prejudice to the penalties the most punished by imprisonment from one month to three months ..

1- workers in charge of reporting in the event of disability or delayed notification procedures intentionally.

2- workers in charge of the implementation of court rulings issued in the event of disability or delayed implementation procedures.

F) of school districts in the provinces pictures of judicial judgments, after having become final.

Article (12)

Are moving the public interest litigation in the cases mentioned in Article 11 (previous) at the request of the Minister on the proposal of the Commission for the Conservation.

Article (13)

Monitors required to implement the provisions of this law in the Ministry's budget and the budgets of local councils in the provinces according to the annual plan set by the Ministry of funds.

Article (14)

Minister shall issue the executive regulations of this law.

Article (15)

Law No. (35) of 1981 and the provisions in violation of this law.

Article (16)

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 29/3/1433 AH corresponding to 02/22/2012 AD's.

Bashar al-Assad