Law 27 To 2012 Exemption Loans Acb Of Fines And Delay Benefits

Original Language Title: القانون 27 لعام 2012 إعفاء قروض المصرف الزراعي التعاوني من غرامات وفوائد التأخير

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Law 27 to 2012 exemption loans ACB of fines and delay benefits the President based on the Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 21-12-1433 h 6-11-2012.


Issued: article/1/exempt loans ACB due date performance 1-10-2012 granted for agricultural purposes in addition to loans to combat unemployment of fines and delay benefits except loans covered by legislative decrees for 2011 and 120 121 number for 2011 and 2012 51 number.

Article/2/are fines and delay benefits paid before the date this law of bank earnings and may not claim them.

Article/3/scheduling balances capital loans specified in article/1/covered by this law for ten years equal annual installments and standard due dates first installment worth one year after the date of issuance.

Article 4/postpone the first installment of Legislative Decree No 120 of 2011 outstanding to date this Bill until after the last installment.

Article/5/debtor loses its right to take advantage of the exemption and the schedule provided for in articles 1 and 3 of this Act if any defaults of the scheduled installment until after the due date of the next installment debt balances returned to medlar to original accounts as customer demands full fines and delay benefits accrued prior to exempted excludes scheduling cases Cairo which depends by the ACB.

Article 6//this code does not include bank loans granted under the regulations except that combatting unemployment loans specified in article 1 of this law.

Article 7 does not benefit debtors in conflict with the provisions of article 33 of Legislative Decree No 30 of 2005 and also referred to eradicate an offence of embezzling public funds from any loan or facilitate the scheduling period until full payment for the loan.


Under the scheduled loans under this Act of the interest rates applied to long-term loans by loan type the ACB to date.

Article/9/scheduled loans will continue with the same previous guarantees all debtors are of cold blood remain guarantors or heirs or committed to repayment of debt until full compliance.

Article 10//stops the operational procedures for persons covered by the provisions of this law, at the stage of sale by auction while keeping the Executive file exists in the event of non-compliance with the phase sequence scheduling actions stopped.

Article 11-right to ACB scheduled debt collection under this Act from debtors before the maturity date if the maturity of crops and market them before that date or if any other benefit them whether they exist with the Bank or any other public entity.

Article 12 finances peasants regardless of the solvency of the winter season and the summer season 2012-2013 for 2013.

Article/13/Central Bank of Syria is committed to resolving the scheduled loans under this law for ten years equal annual installments and standard due dates first installment worth a year from the date of issue and subject overview of loans under this Act for the long term interest rates applicable to the Central Bank of Syria date of this law.

Article 14 financial Minister issued operational instructions required to implement the provisions of this law.

Article/15/this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of issuance.

Damascus in 23-12-1433 Hijri to Gregorian 08-11-2012.

President Bashar Al-Assad, Director of ACB: 380, 000 farmers benefited from the law and General Manager ACB Ibrahim Zeidan told Sana that the law aims to enable farmers and farmers from cultivating their land and social stability in the countryside and peasant land and installation not to be displaced.

He benefited from the law about 380 thousand peasant and demurrage charges and benefits amounted to 350 million loans in lire and block scheduled loan 14 billion and 700 million lire was scheduled for ten years where the first installment worth one year after the promulgation of this law.