Act 36 Of The 2012 Fee Equivalent Scientific Certificates

Original Language Title: القانون 36 لعام 2012 رسوم تعادل الشهادات العلمية

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Law 36 of 2012

Equivalent scientific certification fees


Based on the provisions of the Constitution,

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 02/06/1434 AH, corresponding to 19/12/2012 AD.

Issued as follows:
Article 1

Satisfy the competent authorities equivalency certificates from students draw the following fees:

1. Fee equivalent to the certificate is not Syrian.

2. Drawing exam.

3. Exam fee for a certificate specialist awarded by the Ministry of Health.
Article 2

Fees determined on the following figure:

First, draw a tie to testify Althanonah (1000 LS).

Graphic equalizer Certificate Institute (1000 LS).

Graphic equalizer for a certificate of leave (2000 LS).

Second: Drawing exam (7000 LS).

III exam fee for a certificate specialist awarded by the Ministry of Health (7000 LS).

Fourth: To formulate a tie for again (half the amount specified in item I).
Article 3

Exception of the provisions of the financial law, the fees mentioned in Article / 1 / of this law are placed in a separate account at the Commercial Bank of Syria according to their appearance in Syrian pounds or the equivalent in foreign currencies and are distributed according to the following:

- 25% of the updated fees revenue back to the public treasury.

- 75% of the fees spent on committees and commissions of certificates equivalent to scientific production, plans and programs of modernization and development in the competent ministry calendar according to the principles and criteria determined by a decision of the competent minister in coordination with the Minister of Finance.
Article 4

Exchange is a decision of the competent minister.
Article 5

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 13/2/1434 AH, corresponding to 26/12/2012 AD.

Bashar al-Assad