Law 28 Of 2013 To Exempt Business Owners Involved With The General Organization For Social Insurance Of All Interest And Penalties

Original Language Title: القانون 28 لعام 2013 إعفاء أصحاب الأعمال المشتركين لدى المؤسسة العامة للتأمينات الاجتماعية من جميع الفوائد والغرامات

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Law 28 of 2013

Exempt business owners involved with the General Organization for Social Insurance of all interest and penalties


Based on the provisions of the Constitution, and what was approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 26/02/1435 AH corresponding to 12/29/2013 AD. Issued the following:
Article 1

Exempted business owners Subscribers to the General Organization for Social Insurance of all interest and additional amounts, fines imposed on them because of the backwardness of the repayment obligations owed them, "the date on which the provisions of this law," and provided for 73/76 articles of the 92 Act of 1959, as amended and fines calculated in accordance with Article 18 of the Ministerial Decree No. 903 of 1978, as amended.
Benefit from the provisions of this law, employers and Almzbbon injuries work and who have not made the right vested become final rulings of the benefits of the injury costs, as well as pensioners and eligible released from amounts received unlawfully from the institution if paid their obligations within a maximum period 12.31.2014.
Consequent beneficiaries of the provisions of this Act to provide insurance required forms prescribed by law of social insurance No. 92 of 1959, as amended, within a maximum period 31.12.2014.
Article 2

Benefit from the exemptions set forth in Article I of this law, every employer has already paid or repaid subscriptions resulting from the General Organization for Social Insurance provides insurance forms required of it under the provisions of the Social Insurance Act No. 92 of 1959, as amended, within a period not exceeding 31- 12-2014.
Article 3

Benefits not listed and additional amounts and fines paid to the General Organization for Social Insurance before the enforcement of this law and enshrined in the first article.
Article 4

Interest and penalties do not fall until the employer's latest installment owed it paid off during the exemption period.
Article 5

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force from the first month following the date of issue.

Damascus on 28/2/1435 AH corresponding to 31/12/2013 AD.

Bashar al-Assad