Resolution No. / 188/1926, As Amended Land Registry Law

Original Language Title: القرار رقم / 188 / لعام 1926 قانون السجل العقاري وتعديلاته

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Resolution No. / 188 / for the year 1926, the Land Registry Act, as amended

(Amended by Decree No. 48 for the year 2008)

Article 1

The Land Registry: is the set of documents that show the descriptions of each property and appoint his legitimacy, and provides for the rights pertaining to him and him, showing transactions and the amendments thereto.

This record consists: of property and documents complementary book (Journal, the minutes of the selection and editing, Ordnance Survey maps, drawings illustrated by the Flyers, and survey fees, and securities installed).
Article 2

Land Registry holds for each real estate area.

Article 3

Each village or town compose, within its borders, a real estate area.

Article 4

The Land Registry opens, judgment, Secretary of the Land Registry in the real estate area, upon receipt of the minutes of the selection and editing in the Land Registry Secretariat.

Article 5

Each property recorded in the Land Registry under the number given to him in the area of ​​a circle, and placed each property consists of it and a real estate unit cadastral, especially in the property registry key newspaper, with the exception of the case provided for in Article 23 of Decision No. 189, issued on March 15, the year 1926. | ||
Given up an exact replica fully for real estate newspaper to the king or the partners in the registered property owners, and a copy of the supplementary paper to the owners of the various rights mentioned in Article 23 of Resolution No. 189 of 15 March 1926 on the appointment of forest implementation of Resolution No. 188 of the establishment of the Land Registry axis decision No. 3223 issued on July 22, 1930 and the decision 46 / L.r issued on April 20, 1932 decision No. 253 / L.r of 24 T. 1 1934.

Being property registration in the Land Registry for the area affiliate of these properties, according to the explanations mentioned in the minutes of the selection and editing, according to the maps as they are installed in the mortgage judge decision of the individual (in the scanned areas taken into account the cadastral map as to location, borders and space, and in areas It is scanned taken into account photographic map with respect to the site, or scanning with respect to the limits and space) map and referred if necessary, a provision in the newspaper, to resume the primitive rule.

Article 6

Public goods are recorded only if it is in kind or by rights should be recorded. On the contrary, every drug recorder, deletes his registration from the register if it enters into public property.
Article 7

Land Registry's assets and appoint a newspaper sections, under the statutory provisions.

Article 8

While retaining the provisions of the articles mentioned below, be explanations for the Land Registry probative force, and the facts and rights specified therein credible towards other people.

Cadastral map be credible with respect to location and geometric form according to the reflection of the real estate and borders reflection straight angles, and these limits are, other than that, the phenomenon has put signs on the earth's surface. If a contradiction between designated border occurred in the cadastral map and border phenomenon on the surface of the earth, it is assumed that the first boundary is correct.

Considers the area map, moreover, as indicated by reference right, when the difference between the area shown in it and the result gives measured on assets used in the mapping space, equivalent to or less than the allowable difference as follows:

50/1 of the area in the land area of ​​less than 250 R.

75/1 of space in land ranging in size from 250 to 500 RSS.

100/1 of space in land ranging in size from 5 to 10 hectares.

200/1 of the area in the land area of ​​more than 10 hectares.

And exception to this case long land form, so space scheme reference also true as shown, when the difference between the area shown in it, and the result which gives measured on assets used in the mapping space, equivalent to or less than:

Please refer to the sports constitutions in the references listed.

Should a dispute occurred at the border and easements and use relating to property adjacent: If one registered and the other is not registered, documents the limits specified in the cadastral map, as well as Bparwhat Land Registry.

The foregoing provisions concerning the effect the information listed in the cadastral map, do not apply on a map or photographic measurement map. But documenting this last map, as regards the amount of space, within the limits permitted specific differences in the circle of artistic space ratified by the director of real estate circles systems.
Article 9

The rights in rem immovable licensed create in law and Altakidat real estate and attachments to, as well as real estate litigation involving real estate or money immovable recorder must, inevitably, be recorded in the designated for each property or money newspaper immovable property registry, not considered to exist towards third parties only entry in the record real estate, and starting from the date of this limitation.

Must also, inevitably restrict the fundamental property newspaper, all the modulations that occur at the border, and all easements that occur on the impact of the building or on the calendar after the roads and waterways and canals and railways, so that objection by any third party. It must also, in case the incident that got the drug on the impact of the construction of new buildings, or on the impact of a change in the existing buildings or to adjust the impact of the border.

Owners relevant public administrations to inform, to this end, the Secretary of the Land Registry all the changes in the real estate.

Article 10

Any agreement between the two teams, whether free of charge or allowance, and all unearned degree peremptory judgment and in public: every act is intended to make a right in rem, or transfer it right, or declaration, amended or repealed must be recorded in the property book.

As well as provisions that announce their bankruptcy, judgments which are declared by the opening of the judicial liquidation with respect to the rights in kind is movable within the bankrupt funds.
Article 11

Optional instruments and agreements on the creation of right in rem, or moved, or declaration, amended or repealed, shall not be valid, even between the two contracting parties, only as of the date of its registration. It does not prevent the right to litigate in mutual contractors, with regard to the implementation of their agreements.

These provisions apply to private instruments, agreements, real estate, and endowments and the arguments of Awqaf and indivisible rights that regulate or ratified by the notaries and the courts legitimacy.

Article 12

The security and leases, all of a release or settlement against an equivalent amount to more than a taxi or rather year guarantee is due, it can be recorded in the Land Registry.

Article 13

Both really acquire the money is reportedly based on the data limitations and the Land Registry keeps him this right is acquired. The reasons for removal of this right of it arising out of cases brought under the provisions of article 31 of resolution 186 of 15 March 1926, and Article 17 of this decision, can not be objected to by him, and can not decide provisions relating to these suits, the abolition of the right acquired and unrestricted legal way.

However, it can not invoke the effect the restrictions, other people who knew, before the acquisition of the right, and the presence of defects or the reasons for calling for the abolition of the right or to remove it from the acquired.

In all cases, the aggrieved party retains the right to establish a personal suit material failure and damage to the cause of damage.

Article 14

Date of different assets considered if carried out without the right. Anyone who suffer from treatment Date can claim directly against legal registration on the third person of bad faith.
Article 15

Everyone has been affected in his rights because of the restriction or modification or punctuation happened without a legitimate reason, that gets canceled or altered. You can not make any cancellation or alteration was in the Land Registry restrictions without judicial decision, but if so, may, in writing the concerned authorities.

That corrects a ruling by the registrar, Rsai real estate office, clerical mistakes Statistics under the conditions stipulated in Articles 29, 30 and 31 of resolution No. 189.

If it objected to the concerned authorities, asks the Secretary of the Land Registry make the correction of the judge. In all cases, it should remain as it is, the old restrictions. The correction being by the new restriction or a temporary signal or under on the date of the vote, without having to that effect earlier.

Previous rules apply, in the event of a mistake in the cadastral map correction caused by omissions or decreasing the instructions listed in the map and documents the Land Registry.

Can not be the case, the objection of cancellation or modification towards other people with goodwill. The resolution, which gives the cancellation or modification, he could not decide to cancel the acquired rights and legally restricted by a different limitation. For the aggrieved team to invoke in this case the provisions of Article 14 above in the last paragraph.
Article 16

The leases, which announced its entry in the Land Registry, according to the provisions of Article XII, opposes the rights that are recorded then. If no record is not opposed to the right of third parties in each period exceeding three years rent.
Article 17

Can not be a dispute in the rights in rem recorded in the Land Registry within the meaning of the minutes of the selection and editing. The restrictions to these rights, are considered, alone, the source of these rights and acquire probative force absolute, and can not be liable to any proceedings were after the expiry of two years from the date on which it becomes ratify the decision and the decisions of the judge individual's estate, and if the appeal decision of the Court of Appeal issued according to the provisions of resolution 186 of 15 March 1926, doable. If no logging in during this period any objection or any claim that had been in the newspaper the basic property, or if such objections or suits can be responded to stakeholders in case of injustice only to bring an action textured malfunction and damage to the cause of injustice. (And drop the lawsuit prescription After a lapse of five years), "added based on Decree 48 for the year 2008 - 10/09/2008"

All this if you do not apply, where appropriate, the rules concerning the responsibility of the state and Momoreta as they are certain laws in force.
Article 18

The rights of the state and municipalities on immovable own Proprietary restricted Amhgar in the Land Registry, but mentioned as such in the cadastral maps established in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of resolution 186 of 15 March 1926, can not be an uncontroversial nor establish any the suit them, after the expiration of two years from the date of deposit of cadastral maps in the Land registry Secretariat.

The passage of time is not opposed by the registered rights in the Land Registry.
Article 20

Transactions Date belonging to a property being based on the owner of that property's remarks, however, these statements, do not be required when the applicant for registration based on the law or on unearned become final judgment, or the instrument is entitled under which the registration procedure directly, or involves expressly landlord permit while retaining what will be contained in the second paragraph of Article 49 of the following.
Article 21

Being registered belonging rights to Mahjorn, at the request of their parents and guardians, or from the place of these costly circles under applicable Mahjorn property management laws and corresponding them otherwise At the request doctrine judge of the sect affiliation interdicted, or consul to which it belongs.
Article 22

The treatment of registration of belonging to a married woman rights which require the personal status of women, especially those have to act to stop her, taking place at the request of the person who represents the woman, according to the provisions of the Personal Status.

Recorded equity attributable to stop acting on the request Mtoulih, otherwise At the request of the Department of Awqaf.
Article 23

Being recorded Forums director of public property at the request of the State Property Management Report Based on the decision of directing.

The recording section of the public property sections that acquires the rights to someone kind, is being at the request of the owner of these rights, and to communicate the instrument to give these rights by the competent administration.

Removed from the property ownership record or part of the property which was introduced in the public domain, by purchase or expropriation because of an emergency, at the request of stakeholder management, to highlight the instrument of sale or the decision of expropriation or seizure, which proves the reasons Minutes emergency.
Article 24

When you sign a right, it must be mentioned, except for the owner of that right, the assigned name of the person, and if the moratorium, Visgel behalf of the beneficiaries.
Article 25

All of the claims against the estate, registered in the Land Registry, he may ask for registration under a temporary order to save this right temporarily.

Being on the same provision of the rejection of his application to beg to complete the required conditions.

With the exception of cases where the request timer restriction on official support or with the relationship agreement registered, may not be registered under any temporary unless it is based on a memorandum from the President of the Court of First Instance in the shop where the drug is based on the object. And Taataan class ordinal belonging to register right later, with effect from the date of entry timer.

When asked timer recording restriction based on official support, invalidate effect after the lapse of ten days.

If the request timer recording restriction based on the agreement of the parties, invalidate the effect the end of the agreed period. If the request timer recording restriction based on leave from the President of the Court of First Instance, invalidate the effect after one month if it does not suit it, and did not note down during this period in the Land Registry.

In all cases, invalidate the timer entry into force, if it is not hyperbolic Date circumstance six months following the timer limitation.
Article 27

Date and temporary restrictions
registered in the Land Registry, can be revoked based on each instrument or acquired the rule of force the issue the court. Prove to all stakeholders in the declared right to register the lack or loss of the right or something related to it.
Article 28

Can also Trginha a written agreement with the relationship, or a judgment when the Secretary of the Land Registry believes that the right kind registrar has fallen. In this case, we must ask in advance for an investigation, and a decision from the court on the fall of the right to Trginh mentioned in the record.
Article 29

Each under a temporary liberation in the Land Registry and went by the deadlines set forth in Article 26 of this decision, you should immediately revoked.
Article 30

It must be a permanent full conformity between the Land Registry and maps of the area with respect to areas where planning has been, and between him and the comic or maps fees in the rest areas.

Article 31

Must be the cadastral map is always ready, in conformity with the instruments or the facts, which calls for the modulating in fees, after recording these instruments and the basic facts in the newspaper relating to the property. That if it comes to correcting the border without the essence of the right, you can map the spatial modulation based on a legal request signed by all stakeholders, and submit to the Associate real estate office.

Article 32

The preparation of the cadastral map permanently or alteration of, after being to reach the registrar prime real estate office, the department in charge of keeping and preparation of the cadastral map permanently, summary interim map that already and put it Eng juror in the Survey Department.
Article 33

Each explained frees in the Land Registry, it must be a formal supporter of the real estate office and signed the self-President shall otherwise void.
Article 34

Entitled to the landlord, without the other, to take a complete picture and matching of an asset real estate newspaper. This picture liberation name of the person, and approved by the registrar prime real estate office on the validity of the self-signed Baamadaih and the official seal of the circle. The other persons not entitled to take only a certificate for their rights registered.
Article 35

When the drug or the right to a different, ongoing in the King's two or several people, all of the owners are given a copy of a newspaper or in-kind property for the supplementary paper belonging to the right is different. It does not mention in this picture only restrictions related to the owner who put his name this image share.
Article 36

Each recording or in a reserve in the newspaper must be registered with the same time in the copy.
Article 37

If you do not stand out version, and the application is the registration of the right for its creation requires the approval of the registered owner of the King, for the registrar to refuse this request. In the other case, the registrar registers the desired limitation, and to inform him of the owner of the registered in the record right. And can not request any registration was the consent of the owner of this right, before renewed exact matching between the paper and the copy. On the registrar to endorse the matching version of the newspaper whenever so requested it.

The Secretary of the Land Registry to give, at the request of the owner or the owner of any right to a public statement was recorded or special Balparwhat listed in the Land Registry, and a copy or summary of the supplementary documents.
Article 39

Each amendment alters the status of the property or legitimate kind, it shall be entered into the Land Registry.
Article 40

When integral registered because of division or any other cause property entrusted to engineer a juror identifying each part and assign boundary interval him. This process is carried on the map or comic space map or drawing scanning, and then found each part of the property a private newspaper.

That when the exit portion of the property from the estate of the owner, are entitled to ask him to keep the old part of the paper remaining in his possession if he saw the registrar prime real estate office that keep the paper as possible, liberates explanations where necessary.

Article 41

If many of the legit one kind properties, but they make up one block registered in different sheets, and belonging to one owner, it can be collected and recorded in one newspaper, as well as each section, or several sections of a drug, or several properties adjacent It is a legitimate one kind, and back the owner of one can either be consolidated and recorded in one newspaper, and either consolidated with adjacent property and registered before.

In this case, you must modify the maps and newspaper as appropriate.
Article 42

When the owner of the right kind required to register a small or a minor mention palaces kind in the real estate newspaper, according to the instructions mentioned in the permit or in the instrument submitted.

When the case go away or small palaces, Valsgar who became an adult or a minor who became Welcome, can get the correct paper.
Article 43

When should the right under the eyes of the drug in the newspaper as the married woman does not have as its personal status law of freedom of its property management, and remember it in the newspaper, according to the instructions mentioned in the permit or in the instrument submitted.

When women regain their freedom manages its properties, it can get a modification of the newspaper.

Article 44

When it believes the registrar prime real estate office new newspaper, eliminating the previous paper revocation status signal and ring the real estate office on every page of its pages, and eliminates the same way, version, and keep it between the Office papers.
Article 45

Contracts to be announced for registration in the Land Registry, provable statement oral or written to the President of Associate office in the region where the object Property unusual instrument. If the instruments are under way in a foreign country, it must be established as the official. That we can in this case that the insurance contracts are fulfilled and panic selling and sell royalty, established under the normal instruments certified by the relevant authorities within the rules and practices set forth in the applicable laws.
Article 46

Rules applicable in proving endowment and rights arising from the fragmentation of the moratorium, as well as rules relating to inheritance, wills, remain as they are given in the applicable laws.
Article 47

It prohibits notaries and the Sharia courts to accept or endorse on each instrument or agreement or endowment or argument concerning segmenting stop right drug is not registered in the Land Registry. And you can not hear any claim that had been the right drug is not registered before the registration in the Land Registry. If the property is not registered will hear the case unless recorded in the Land Registry first. Apart from that, the official staff, are charged with that request, immediately, recording each instrument or agreement Estelmonh, whether it pertains to the right and the duty of registration.

Each violation of the provisions of the above by officials require a monetary sanction punishment of five Syrian pounds to ten for each instrument or judgment is not registered.

As well as the head of the procedure Department may request, ruling that recorded in the Land Registry for the area real estate, the rights prescribed under the provision of required implementation, and decisions regarding objections provided by stakeholders regarding the process that, and attachments to decided by the judge, as well as the transfer of rights sold auctions public on the impact of the implementation of the algebraic name last overload.
Article 48

All Mstda or objector asks a transaction in his name from registering under a backup or edit entries in the Land Registry, to choose a place of residence in the real estate office area, if you do not replace the original residence.

Article 49

On request from the registration of a right, to attend alone or sent a representative to the Associate office in the real estate area.

If the registration is based on a contract between the two teams, they shall be attending both.
Article 50

On the recording asks treated as being an agent for others, to prove his agency highlighting support official agency meets the qualities stipulated in the applicable laws.

Article 51

The application for registration to the President Associate office. This president receives authorization in writing or by word of mouth from convoked Vithbth in the minutes shall include the following:

1 property required registration set by mentioning the number registered newspaper where this drug.

2 owner's identity and the identity of King recorded his name right.

3 right type required registration.

4 how to gain the right question and the amount of the price.

5 mentioned provisions when appropriate (the amount of debt, the amount of interest and commission and the type of currency unconditional payment, and how these enhanced performance statistics, and prior to maturity, and this palace on the right to dispose of, annotations or data required to be recorded with the original right).

Regulated, according to the previous provisions, and a single set the request regarding the registration of rights Nominal kind of immovable property located within the areas of real estate for the Office of the Assistant One Minutes.

Provides the applicant for registration of the President of Associate office, agreements, contracts or arguments genetics or certificates given by the Civil Status Office and the President are summarized in the affidavit.
Article 52

Regulates Minutes decade two copies, and signed by the applicant or the two teams if the registration relates to a contract between the two teams, featuring the title deed and, where appropriate, an original or certified copy of each argument or instrument or media, whether highlighted voluntary or compulsory, according to the provisions legal applicable.

And it must include the minutes of the contract owner's permit, or when there is no permit or instrument to sing with him, and if the application for registration based on a contract between the two teams it must be explicitly stated, mutual consent of the contracting parties.

The notifications procedural document to in the application for registration, it must be communicated to the president of Associate real estate office by the procedure circle.
Article 53

Prime aide office to take on the responsibility, to investigate the identity of the convoked and competence is within the provisions stipulated in articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24 and 28 of the regulation book circles the law of justice in the Syrian Arab Republic, No. 54 Date of 21-2- 1959 should be mentioned that the investigation in the body of the record signed by the President of the Associate office with witnesses.
Article 54

If the parties do not Asttien Ejehlan or signature. We must recognize the validity of the content of the record in the presence of the President of the Associate Office, in the presence of two witnesses of the male increases the quality of the signature and possess the capacity to contract, and then ratified by the head of the office that has been the recognition of the validity of the content of the record, and signed Baamadaih with witnesses. If the names of the parties or their place of residence is not known to the head of the office aide who was in front of him to recognize the validity of the content of the record, you should know them are two witnesses he has Haizan conditions mentioned above. In all cases, the head of the office aide to believe in the statement that the tail of the witnesses has known personally.
Article 55

Despite the provisions of Article 49 previous parties able to request registration in the Land Registry without having to attend the Associate office, or to consign them both agents and, if acting in accordance with the following provisions in the following articles.
Article 56

Should prompt a call to organize the registration application to the President of Associate office located in Property Organization, that this call contains the following:

No. 1 newspaper unrestricted property covered by the registration.

2 owner's identity and the identity of King recorded his name right.

3 right type required registration.

4 show how the acquisition of this right and the amount of the price.

5 when appropriate mention specific provisions: the amount of the loan, the amount of interest and commission, and the type of currency unconditional push them and how to pay by maturity, terms of termination and minors being on the right to dispose of the property and annotations with the original right. Moreover, it mentions the name and identity of the registered his name right.
Article 57

Request is submitted in two copies, and be subject to the fee stamps, and signed by the applicant and must formally ratify the signing, featuring him, when appropriate asset or literal for instruments or arguments or notifications to your document in the demand picture.

If demand was based on the agreement, it must be signed by the contracting parties, and that includes the title deed. The notifications procedural document requested, it must be communicated by the procedure circle.

Article 58

Chairman of the Associate office to take on the responsibility, ordered an investigation of the identity of the parties and their qualifications for contracting.
Article 59

If the parties Ejehlan signature, it must recognize the validity of the content of the document with one of the following authorities:

1 notaries.

2 heads of courts, or justices of the peace.

3 consuls, in respect of aliens.

Being to recognize the validity of the content of the instrument in the presence of two witnesses males possess the legal capacity and ratify the aforementioned authorities that it has been recognized the validity of the content of the instrument and signed with the witnesses. If the witnesses and their personal names and place of residence is not known, or if the witness is not known personally to the notary or the president of the court or authority that have ratified the signature, was in front of her recognition, we must know about them they are defined are to have Haizan same qualities set forth above.
Article 60

Identity of the parties on investigator judgment are also considered, when the instrument as an editor in the foreign country, if the signatures signed tail instruments provided by certified and editor of explanation and ratification stipulated in applicable laws and which are void without it.
Article 61

Must filings with the head of the office Associate be by one of the official circles signed and notarized seal or the official character of that district. Official circles intended this decision are: the government, and brigades, and districts, municipalities, public institutions.
Article 62

If one of the transactions provided for in Articles 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 and materials 56, 57, 59, 60 and 61 of this imperfect law, for the President of the Associate Office to cost convoked prove their identity and eligibility to contract with the registrar prime real estate office, according to the provisions of this is the law.

Must, however, the head of Associate Committee, decided to send the record and documents submitted to the registrar prime real estate office, and states in the tail of the record complement the type of information requested by the turn stems from convoked.

Prime Associate Office to keep a book a day frees it, under a serial number, transactions that give it, and leaves it receives, and frees the date and the registration number in the Journal, in a paper setting and gives the caller a receipt stating the date and number of the journal, which restricts where every request, transactions are, respectively, according to the history recorded in the daily log. The order of priority according to the date of the call in the daily log recording.
Article 64

Daily Record holds one copy. When this record sealed becomes a pause from the Prime Associate real estate office, and checked in, during the twenty-four hours, Secretary of the region's history to save it in a warehouse Secretariat estate.
Article 65

If provided to the Office of multiple calls in one day against one drug, Vtaan priority rights arising from the aforementioned property degrees, as of an hour call deposit.

As if received multiple calls to the right of one drug, and encountered deposited in the office one time, liberates the explanation needed for this case in the record and the record crammed rights.
Article 66

And when the initial transactions, the head of the office Associate initiate liquidation Almqtadhah fees and regulates the consignment out in triplicate, and befriends her health status with spent more formalized in its tail.
Article 67

The Associate Head of the office as well, to liquidate the amount of provincial and deferred belonging to the endowments and organize collectively private consignment three copies also in the manner specified above.
Article 68

Received a copy of the missionaries mentioned about them, or send within a matter of substance, to the caller in charge to prove the performance of the amount, highlighting that gives them access Amin government fund or the Secretary of the Department of Awqaf Fund.

In during the three full days, plus stretches dimension following the date of the table delivery if the caller did not emerge these receipts in the period specified for him, mocking take advantage of the priority given to the right of him under in demand in the Daily Record, and restricts his request on his extradition, the head of the office Associate, Al Wasl provided for above. In this case the head of the office Associate codifies the explanations necessary in the daily record.
Article 69

Prime aide office to send, the twenty-four circumstance hour following the highlight access mentioned about in the previous article, a copy of the paper setting with the installed cards and receipts fees or receipts revenue of Awqaf and mentioned it to the registrar prime real estate office who gave they arrived receipt.

Article 70

Reservation in a circle Associate Office a copy of each consignment of consignments owed fees, or revenue endowments, interfaces given by the registrar.
Article 71

The Associate Head of the office be recorded in the daily log the date of sending the record and papers presented him to the real estate office and that the same day that sent it.
Article 72

On the registrar prime real estate office to realize himself, and the responsibility, whether the transactions set forth in this resolution, as it should have been completed, as well as investigating the legality and validity of the documents submitted with the application, whether in terms of form or content.

On the registrar prime real estate office that verified the fact that the transaction for which the demand is not Mbaynh operative Land Registry restrictions, nor the provisions of this law, and that the papers submitted permit the registration procedure.
Article 74

If the registrar prime real estate office that he saw no obstacle registration procedure, he may give the caller an appropriate time limit for removing inhibitor, or refuse treatment. In the first case: The demand passage of the designated deadline, if the caller could not prove remove inhibitor within the deadline specified.

Article 75

If you submit a second request during the deadline for the first caller in order to remove the inhibitor, flamen record prime real estate office, be freed immediately, a temporary restrictions backup as the first caller said. If the application was rejected later revoked this backup restrictions becomes immediately too.
Article 76

If received several requests together, and it was the implementation of some prevents the implementation of others, for the Registrar prime real estate office, convoked to know about it, and sets them a deadline to remove the inhibitor, if not it can be removed within the period specified reject applications totality.

Article 77

The provisions of Articles 48 to 61 belonging to the recording, Mraeih also in transactions punctuation restrictions Moreover, you must remember the following materials in the record which is organized by the President of the Associate Office, which is:

No. 1 newspaper in which the registered property return to lettering.

2 set annotation or registration required reserve Trginh.

3 the reason for lettering and type of instrument or document that supports this reason.

Article 78

On the registrar prime real estate office, to realize the responsibility, that the papers submitted permit Lettering without violation of the Land Registry data limitations, nor the provisions of this law.
Article 79

Explanation frees the lettering in the real estate newspaper, and dating this explanation and signed by the Secretary of the head of the real estate office Baamadaih and official seal, and say why authorizing Lettering, otherwise the treatment of lettering are void.

Article 80

If the refusal of Prime real estate office application for registration or punctuation, you can appeal the decision of the Court of rejection to the shop.

Court is considering the deliberation room, based on the documents submitted to it, whether the reasons that responded Amin Land Registry application for registration of it, is based on the legal and regulatory provisions in force. The court's decision proves respond if based on a legal reason, otherwise Vtomr the registrar to conduct registration in the right place for him, according to the ranking in demand in the Daily Record. The court's decision is irrevocable.

If the Court reviewed the decision to respond, then the registrar that is going on in the core newspaper constraint temporarily required registration of the right.

Article 81

Every objection to the completion of a real estate transaction must be conducted through the elimination of a reserve booked this reservation and has, by the procedure to the registrar prime real estate office, which is recorded in the real estate newspaper.

As of this notification, you can not make a new recording on the property.

Ergn and the registrar, judgment, this objection, if it does not suit, and recorded in the real estate newspaper in the period of eight days.
Article 82

Every executive and every booking is required implemented the rule, must notified to the registrar office of prime real estate before the procedure circle, by the President of the Associate office.

As of communication, can not make any new constraint on the property until the lifting of booking, or in the course of the treatment effect.

Recorded cases of real estate in the Land Registry, after the Report Associate office calling the lawsuit, which must be endorsed by and in accordance with the assets of the Registrar filed the lawsuit.

Being reported the team's mission person concerned.

And be the case as of the Report the decision to sell the property at auction, according to Article 163 of the resolution 3339 of 12 v 2-year 1930.
Article 83

When asked to record Agreed right between the two teams after the death of the owner of the right, it can be registered either by highlighting a document authorizing the registration procedure immediately, or highlighting a request signed by signature of the right holder, provided that the signature of the owner of the right officially certified.
Article 84

If desired registered with the holding or selling insurance fulfillment or sale proceeds of limitation, it could be held as soon as an acquired right on plain bond signature, provided that the signature attested by an official in accordance with the provisions of Articles 57, 58 and 59 of this decision.
Article 85

Can not register real estate rights arising from the legacy of the names Registrar, unless Almstdon highlighted, as well as for evidence of the death of the deceased if the inheritance without a will, certificates proving the identity of each of them and the right to inheritance.

Prove rights legacy legal heirs or natural, highlighting the argument of genetics, if those rights from King type, or proving a decision of the governor of the Magistrate, if the princely rights.

If the testator of foreign nationality, endures inheritance rights while retaining the provisions of Article 231 of the resolution 3339 of 12 November 1930, the High Commissioner, the testimony of the Consul person concerned, no matter how legitimate property type.
Article 86

Everyone has the right to take falling in the Land Registry information, in exchange for the performance of the output formal service detection and copying.
Article 87

Each person can prove that his relationship to the property, to submit to the Secretary of the President of the Real Estate Registry Office, applied for one of the following documents as required by the case:

Certificate matching the ratification of the real estate newspaper version, which is the title deed.

A copy of the newspaper and the real estate Alparwhat contained in, or Alparwhat requested by the applicant summoned deny the existence of registration in the Land Registry certificate.

Official copy arguing in the courts for each instrument or any other document reserved the securities belonging to a drug recorder.

A copy or summary of the map belonging to the estate registered and stored in the real estate office.

If the concerned authorities are not doing the signing, the applications belonging to the request of one of the documents mentioned it, they regulate predicted Baznhm by the registrar.
Article 89

Can the registrar to give, based on a legal request, all information belonging to real estate or related rights, and so as a simple information.

Can also give to anyone who was a public statement or a special restrictive instructions in the basic property newspaper, and a certificate that there is no restriction, and a copy of the cadastral map, or a schedule of real estate owned by landlords in designated areas him in demand.

May only engineers jury of space charge Conservation Service map, to organize copies of cadastral maps.
Article 90

Can be informed of Commons on the property, which the newspaper requested the concerned authorities in writing, provided that they pay disclosure came out, and that this be viewed in the presence of the registrar or a head of the office staff. That it is not permitted to copy any limitation or was taking any sum it was about.

And also apply the aforementioned provisions, the Ordnance Survey maps, which must be informed by the stakeholders in the presence of a staff area.
Article 91

Each audit record of the property or the cadastral map, must take place without the transfer of these documents in the office Associate Center or the real estate office. As for giving instruction required by public administrations working for the benefit of the public, be pardoned from paying fees.

Shall not in any case, the courts may request and order to stand out in the session, the property register or cadastral maps or daily record. With the exception of an allegation of fraud, do not it may also request and ordered that stands out in the supporting documents that were used as a basis for running the session. That he could be at the request of the Secretary of the Land Registry, access to the documents mentioned in Article 87 of Resolution No. 188 mentioned above.

These documents must be attached schedule of legal fees and fees for copies and sends them to the Secretary of the Land Registry of the Court requested in liquidation expenses rests with the team that loses the lawsuit.

If the newspaper or certificate given image regarding under what was lost, for the owner to attend the Registrar prime real estate office itself, Mstsahba witnesses who knew them because of damage to or loss of the original, and taken his report in which all information which indicates remember Minutes his identity and that of cost and insurance of the property, and sealed the record signing signatures of witnesses and present and the registrar prime office real estate, then this record shall be published in the official government newspaper, and in three other newspapers from the local newspapers. If ago for fifteen days, during which contestants did not appear, flamen record, if convinced of the validity of the caller's remarks, to give him a second copy replica of the newspaper, on condition that remember the circumstances under which it was given.
Article 93

Indicated in the register of title to the second copies of the fre-kind organization in accordance with the provisions of the preceding article and Muslim to the owners, with a statement of the reasons for its organization.

And have this monstrosity second value of the original version, and used for the same purpose.
Article 94

If objection to giving the version signed, or if the registrar felt that it is not necessary to meet the demand by the applicant, the caller is entitled to demand that the appeal to primitive court in the shop, which shall decide in accordance with due process rights law.
Article 95

The registrar personally responsible for damages resulting from the following:

negligence registration under or in reserve or under punctuation in the record, if requested legally.

2 if neglected notation restriction or limitation or restriction punctuation reserves exist in the Land Registry on the copy or summary that gives it signed by him.

3 for the illegality or invalidity of the backup restrictions and lettering in the Land Registry.

The head of the office Associate personally responsible for damages resulting from the following:

1 for every error or negligence in the journal.

2 for every negligence or illegality in the statements and records it receives and organized.

3 for error in the output filter, fees and revenues endowments.

4 for delay sending records and documents made available to him.

This while retaining the provisions of the applicable laws on the responsibility of public officials. In all advanced cases, the government will be responsible jurist at his inability to pay.
Article 96

Prime Associate office has no right to refuse to carry out the duties of his job when asked to do so, except in the cases expressly provided for in the law, and can not delay the completion of the required transactions or delay the sending of orders received by the Registrar prime real estate office.

And the registrar prime real estate office, only the right to refuse registration. If this employee refused registration, it must restore to the papers and documents filed Associate Office has, accompanied by a written statement indicating the reasons for rejection.

Article 97

Punishable textured fraud, according to the provisions of the Penal Code (Penal Code), anyone who commits an act of the following acts:

1 Anyone who does deliberately in order to secure the benefit of illegal for someone, tradition or fraud or misrepresentation of title deeds, documents and certificates given by the Registrar prime real estate office, according to the provisions of this resolution, and anyone who uses fake and counterfeit and distorted documents.

2 Anyone who commits fraud in the documents submitted for registration or for lettering, whether it's a tradition or twist writing or signature, or replace people, or twisting of the Provisions of the agreements and conditions and Alabraat, or enter it after a while in the mentioned documents, or by adding or distortion of the conditions and the statements or facts such documents seized or Astthbadtha.
Article 98

Calculates the deadlines set forth in this resolution and in accordance with the rules specified in the law of due process rights.

In all cases that had been used by the term ((immovable)) in the text of the provisions of resolution 188 of 15 March 1926 is mentioned them in this resolution, change this word as many times as required following words: (The Real Estate, or money immovable property or rights).

Output and tariff fees remain temporarily as they are given in the applicable laws.
Article 100

Determine the forest and the notes belonging to the implementation of the provisions of this resolution under a decision issued later.

Provisions of this resolution apply in all areas where the selection process was conducted and editing in accordance with the decision to identify and edit fixed property.

Starting from the date on which this decision becomes effective, do not stay the laws Sunni and wills effect, regulations, and public decisions, local and Resolution 1769 of 20 k 2, 1928 as well as all the provisions relating to the assets of the transactions provided for in the laws, wills, and regulations and decisions, in matters which are the subject of this decision.

Article XXVII of Resolution 45 (the date of 20-4-1932)

Secretary General in charge of the implementation of this resolution.