Law 59 Of 1953 Personal Status Law

Original Language Title: القانون 59 لعام 1953 قانون الأحوال الشخصية

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Law 59 of 1953

Personal Status Law

First book: marriage

Part I: marriage and betrothal - Article 1 - 4

Part II: Elements of the contract and Hraith

• Chapter I: satisfaction and publicity - Article 5 - 14

• Chapter II: Eligibility - Article 15 - 20

• Chapter Three: the state of marriage - Article 21 - 25

• Chapter IV: Efficiency - Article 26 - 32

• Chapter V: incest women

A sanctities for life - Article 33 - 35

B temporary sanctities - Article 36 - 39

• Chapter VI: Administration marry
A transactions that precedes the contract - Article 40 - 42

B contract transactions - Article 43 - 46

Part III: Types of marriage and its provisions - Article 47 - 52

Part IV: Effects of Marriage

• Chapter I: pony - Article 53 - 64

• Chapter II: housing - Article 65 - 70

• Chapter III: alimony

A alimony - article 71 - 82

B expense kit - Article 83 - 84

Second book: the dissolution of the marriage

Part I: Divorce - Article 85 - 94

Part II: mukhala'ah - Article 95 - 104

Part III: differentiate

• Chapter One: the distinction of ills - Article 105 - 108

• Chapter II: differentiation of absence - Article 109

• Chapter III: differentiating for not spending - Article 110 - 111

• Chapter IV: differentiation of a rift between the couple - Article 112 - 115

• Chapter V: divorce, abuse - Article 116 - 117

Part Four: raising the dissolution of the marriage

• Chapter I: raised in married - Article 118 - 120

• Chapter II: the kit - Article 121 - 127

Third book: childbirth and their consequences

Part I: Percentages

• Chapter I: The descent of the right to marry

A newborn ratios if the marriage - Article 128 - 129

B ratios born after separation or death of a spouse - Article 130 - 131

• Chapter II: The percentages in the rotten marriage and entry suspicion - Article 132 - 133

• Chapter III: recognition proportions - Article 134 - 136

Part II: nursery - Article 137 - 151

Part III: breastfeeding - Article 152 - 153

Part IV: the expense of the relatives - Article 154 - 161

Book IV: civil prosecution legitimacy

Part I: substantive provisions

• Chapter I: General rules - Article 162 - 163

• Chapter II: The actions of a minor - Article 164 - 169

• Chapter Three: the state on the same minor and his wealth and disarmament

A state of self - Article 170 -171

B jurisdiction over money - Article 172 - 175

• Chapter Four: The custody of the minor's assets

A monument guardians and their eligibility - Article 176 - 179

(B) the powers of guardians - Article 180 - 199

• Chapter V: Rules - Rule 200 - 201

• Chapter VI: The judicial agency - Article 202 - 206

Fifth book: commandment

Part I: General provisions

• Chapter One: Corner wills and health - Article 207 - 219

• Chapter II: The invalidity of wills and irreversible - Article 220 - 224

• Chapter III: Accept commandment and replayed - Article 225 - 229

Part II: The provisions of the commandment

• Chapter I recommended to him - article 230 - 237

• Chapter II: Recommended - Article 238-245

• Chapter III: The commandment benefits - article 246 - 253

• Chapter IV: The provisions of the increase in the recommended - Article 254 - 256

• Chapter V: commandment due - Article 257

• Chapter VI: competing wills - Article 258 - 259

Sixth book: Inheritance

Part I: General provisions - Article 260 - 262

Part II: the causes of inheritance and ultraviolet rays and modalities - Article 263 - 264

Part III: The Legacy manner obligatory - Article 265 - 273

Part IV: The Legacy relative Alasobh way - Article 274 - 280

Part V: blocking and post

• Chapter I: blocking - Article 281 - 287

• Chapter II: post - Article 288

Part VI: The Legacy of the uterus right - Article 289

• Chapter I: Classification with wombs - Article 290

• Chapter II: The legacy of kinship with - Article 291 - 297

Part VII: Headquarters him proportions - Article 298

Part VIII: Miscellaneous Provisions - Article 299 - 308
Article 1

Marriage contract between a man and a woman legally permissible for him than the establishment of the Association of life and common birth control
Article 2

Engagement and the promise of marriage and reading light and capture the dowry and accept the gift not be a marriage
Article 3

Both the suitor and his fiancée reverse sermon
Article 4

1- If a suitor pay dowry in cash and bought him a mirror apparatus then edit suitor woman has the choice between re-such as cash or delivery device

2- If you alter the mirror, it should re-such as dowry or value

3- takes place on the provisions of the giveaway gifts
Article 5

Marriage shall favorably of one of the two contracting parties and the acceptance of the other
Article 6

Be offer and acceptance in marriage with words to the effect means the language or the norm
Article 7

May be offer and acceptance in writing if one of the parties absent from the Council

1- power of attorney may be in the marriage contract

2- not married to the agent that his client of the same unless stipulated in the agency
Article 9

If the agent exceeded the limits of his agency was Calfdola detainees held on leave
Article 10

True acceptance of the offer or incapable of speech by writing that was written and only Fbaharth information
Article 11

1- stipulated in the offer and acceptance to be in agreement in every respect and in one board and that all contractors be witness other words Vihama and that the intended marriage, and that no one of the parties before acceptance abrogates yes

2- and invalidate the offer before acceptance of the demise of the civil positive and whatever benefit the symptoms of one of the parties
Article 12

Requires the validity of the marriage contract presence of two witnesses of two men or two women, a man and a Muslim sensible adults hearers offer and acceptance without understanding their meaning
Article 13

Does not meet added to the future of marriage and commentator on the condition is verified
Article 14

1- If the marriage contract under the condition contrary to the legal system or contrary to the purposes and adhere to the what is religiously prohibited the condition is void and the contract right

2- and if it is committed to the condition in which the interests of the mirror is banned in Islam does not affect the rights of others does not restrict the freedom of the pair on its own legitimate the condition is true binding

3- If the mirror stipulated in the marriage contract restricts the freedom of the pair on its own or prejudice the rights of other requirement was right, but not Bmlzim for the pair, if the pair do not Vllzojh stipulated in the request for annulment of the marriage
Article 15

1- required in a civil marriage of reason and adulthood

2- ear to the judge mad or insane to marry if it is proved the report of a panel of psychiatrists that his marriage is useful in recovering
Article 16

Complement a civil marriage in the boy eighteen Pettmam In the girl seventeen Pettmam old
Article 17

Judge may not authorize the Married to marry his wife, unless he has a legitimate reason, and the pair was able to Nafqathma
Article 18

1- If the teenager claimed to adulthood after fifteen completed or adolescence after the third request and completed ten marriages authorized by the judge if his show sincerity Dawahma and the likelihood of their bodies

2- If the guardian is the father or grandfather stipulated consent

If Alkhataban is not commensurate was not interest in this marriage, the judge may not be authorized by the
Article 20

which completed seventeen if she wanted to marry her guardian judge asks for the opinion within a period determined by him. If he did not object or objection is meritorious authorize the judge provided her marriage efficiency
Article 21

Guardian in marriage is a league by himself on the order of inheritance, provided that the taboo
Article 22

1- requires that a guardian adult of sound mind

2- If ripen and Lien in proximity Which one took the marriage Bhraith Jazz
Article 23

If you missed the closer the judge felt that in his opinion it is too waiting an interest in marriage moved the state to those who followed
Article 24

Judge of the Crown no guardian
Article 25

Not for the judge to marry his guardian of himself and of his assets nor of its branches

Required in unnecessary marry that man is competent to mirror
Article 27

If big is not married herself guardian's consent, the husband is compatible was necessary contract and only Vllola request annulment of the marriage
Article 28

Lesson in efficiency for the country knew
Article 29

Efficiency particularly the right of women and the Crown
Article 30

The right of rescission to inefficiency if carried the mirror
Article 31

Efficiency into account when the contract does not affect its demise after
Article 32

If required efficiency while contract or inept Tell your husband that then turned out to be inept, each of the guardian and the wife's request to terminate the contract
Article 33

Deprive a person of its assets and its branches and branches of his parents, the first layer of the branches of his ancestors
Article 34

Forbidden for a man:

1- wife origin or its branch and Mutuh one

2- Mututh out and branch out and his wife
Article 35

1- deprived of breastfeeding is deprived of percentages only what scholars decided to tap its exclusion

2- required in the infancy of the prohibition to be in the first two years and a five times Misc only baby in all of them more or less the amount of
Article 36

1- may not be a man marries a woman divorced her three times, but after the expiry of the promised another pair came out really

Absolute marriage from another 2 shots destroys former spouse if they were without three, if it has returned to a new three
Article 37

May not marry a fifth man even called one of his four wives and iddah

Shall not marry another wife, nor Bmatdth
Article 39

May not be combined if the two women slapped each other male denied him the solution on a proven counts may combine them
Article 40

1- An application for a marriage to judge the area with the following documents:

A certificate from the camp, Mukhtar and officers on behalf of all of the suitor and his fiancée and the year and place of residence and the name of his guardian and that it does not prevent the mind from this marriage illegal

By a certified copy of the two parties is in the hearts of their condition and personal

C certificate from a doctor chosen by the parties Boukloheme of communicable diseases and health barriers to marriage, the judge validation of the knowledge doctor chooses

D license to marry for the military and those who are in the age of compulsory military service

E approval of the General Security Directorate said it was a foreign couple

2- may not be installed marriages held outside the court only after these measures are met as if he was born or carrying a visible proof of marriage without these measures do not preclude the rhythm of legal punishment
Article 41

Authorize the judge to conduct the contract immediately after the completion of these documents may, when suspicion of delaying the announcement ten days and the judge chooses the ad
way Article 42

If the contract has not been through six months is considered permission Scrapped
Article 43

The judge or his authorized his aides to conduct court decade
Article 44

Must include the instrument of marriage:

A full names of the parties and their respective home

To the occurrence of the contract and the date and place of

C witnesses full names of agents and home to all of them

D amount of accelerated deferred dowry, and whether or not the accelerated catch

His signature stakeholders and authorized the ratification judge
Article 45

1- recorded Assistant marriages in record proprioceptive and sends him in the Department of Civil Status within ten days from the date of the marriage

2- sings this image to tell the two parties circle the civil status of marriage and be a helper in charge of neglecting to send the image

3- same method applied in the registration of judgments install marriage, divorce, birth and death of the missing, and the codification of the Civil Registrar in specific records without the need for any further action
Article 46

Exempt transactions from each marriage fee
Article 47

If available in the marriage contract and the rest of his staff held strips were true
Article 48

1- Every marriage has been cornerstone in the affirmative, acceptance and disturbed some Hraith is corrupt

Marriage of a Muslim non-Muslim 2. void
Article 49

Marriage proper force entails all the effects of marital rights Kalmhr and alimony and the necessity of follow-up and the inheritance of spouses and family rights as percentages of children and the sanctity of intermarriage
Article 50

Invalid marriage does not entail anything from the effects of the right to marry if it got entry
Article 51

1- rotten marriage before entering into the rule of falsehood

2- and consequent intercourse the following results:

A dowry at least reduce the dowry and called

B boys ratios of its findings set out in Article 133 of this law

C sanctity of intermarriage
Several separation
d in the cases of irony or death of the husband and the expense of the kit without inheritance between spouses

3- deserve the wife alimony as long as ignorant of the corruption of the marriage
Article 52

Suspended his marriage before the leave Calfasd
Article 53

Must dowry to the wife as soon as the right call, whether the contract or when the contract did not name or originally denied
Article 54

1- no limit to the minimum amount of mahr or maximum

2- All true commitment to reconciliation legitimately be foals

3- Mehr is we have an excellent mirror comes in the standings after the alimony owed referred to in Article 1120 of the Civil Code

4- to those claims of collusion or mock pony named in assets prove it, if proven, one set by the judge dowry unless proven pony named real

5. Each religion is contained in documents the marriage or the divorce of fixed debt in writing and included in the first paragraph of Article 468 of the Code of Procedure Law promulgated by Legislative Decree No. 84 of 1952

Deferred dowry is not considered worthy performance, but the passing of the kit as decided by the judge in the document
Article 55

Dowry may accelerate or postpone all or some of the text and when you do not follow the custom
Article 56

Delay in the pony go out until Alpinona or death unless stated in the contract for another
Article 57

Shall not be any increase or decrease of the dowry or discharge if it occurred during the marriage or in several divorce, and considered invalid unless there before the judge, and join any of these ongoing actions before the judge the origin of the contract if accepted by the other spouse
Article 58

If called dowry in the right contract and signed a divorce before entering correct and being alone shall be half the dowry
Article 59

If signed Alpinona because by wife before entering the correct and being alone fell the whole dowry
Article 60

1- dowry right of the wife nor the husband is discharged from it, but to pay them in particular whether the full capacity unless assigned in the contract document special agent fist

2- shall not apply to the accelerated dowry provisions of the statute of limitations, even free support him as long as the list of marital
Article 61

1- must dowry in the right decade when not nominate a dowry or corruption label

2- If the divorce occurred before entering the correct answer and then retreat fun
Article 62

Fun livery is like a mirror when you go out of her house and is a case where the pair should not exceed half the dowry

If an entry after a decade in which corrupt Mehr did not name the woman has dowry, and if it may indefinitely least labeled dowry
Article 64

If a man marries his illness is more than dowry dowry being on the increase Ruling on wills
Article 65

A pair of his wife in the housing dwelling ilk
Article 66

The wife was arrested after Mjlha to live with her husband
Article 67

Not for the husband to live with his wife and rival in the House and one without her consent
Article 68

When polygamy should be the husband whom the settlement housing
Article 69

Not for housing a pair of his relatives with his wife only a small undistinguished son if it is proved abused her
Article 70

Forcing the wife to travel with her husband, but if it is stipulated in the contract or otherwise judge found prohibitive travel
Article 71

1- alimony includes food, clothing, housing and medication to the extent known and service wives who have to fold

2- pair is required to pay maintenance to his wife if he refuses to support her or proven negligence
Article 72

1- answer alimony for the wife to the husband, even with a different religion from the right, while the contract if they are resident in her family's house unless the husband demanded Banaklh declined unjustly

2- considered abstaining right as long as the pair did not pay dowry or accelerator did not create legitimate housing

Drops the wife's right to alimony if she works outside the home without her husband's permission
Article 74

If the mirror rebels, then she does not have the expense of a period of disobedience
Article 75

Disobedient is that leave the marital home without a legitimate reason or prevent her from entering her home by request transport to another house
Article 76

Estimated alimony for the wife to her husband, according to the husband's easier and hardship, whatever the condition of the wife to be not less than sufficiency of the mirror
Article 77

1- may be increased maintenance and shortages Ptbdl if the husband and prices of the country

2- unbeatable suit excess or shortage of alimony imposed before the lapse of six months imposed only in exceptional emergency
Article 78

1- governs the wife alimony from the date of the husband's failure to be spending it

2- not be judged by more than the expense of the four months prior to the claim
Article 79

Alimony imposed eliminate or satisfaction do not fall down, but performance or sanitization
Article 80

1- If the rule of the wife's alimony to the husband and uncollectible it necessary cost Bnafqatha if a husband is forced to spend as much as it should, and have a right of recourse against the pair

2- If authorized borrowing who is not expensive Bnafqatha he may refer the choice between a husband or refer them back to her husband, a
Article 81

Estimated Judge alimony must be based on the steady appreciation has reasons seek the opinion of experts

"The judge in estimating the alimony for the children of martyrs and the like to elicit the opinion of the Office of the martyrs in the affairs of the General Command of the army and armed forces, or his representative, be determined by the martyrs and the like, according to the Ministry of Defence laws and regulations."
Article 82

1- to the judge during the consideration of the grounds maintenance and appreciation after the pair ordered if necessary Baslav his wife at the expense of the alimony amount does not exceed the expense of one month and can be renewed after the ancestors

2- performs this matter immediately such as those peremptory
Article 83

Answer the man Matdth of divorce or break up or dissolution of the expense
Article 84

Expense of preparing marital expense and ruled out of date and should be preparing and serving out for a period of more than nine months
Article 85

1- be a man enjoying his full capacity for divorce in eighteen fully-old

2- judge may authorize divorce, or legalizes divorce from reality of married before the eighteenth If you find interest in it
Article 86

Replace divorce mirror that in a valid marriage or divorce of the righteous reactionary is not valid on other divorce even commenting
Article 87

1- divorce is verbally and in writing, and is incapable of referring them information

2- for a husband to divorce delegate to anyone and that authorizes the mirror to divorce itself

1- if made to the Court treatment divorce or Mkhalah treatment for which the judge months hoping conciliation

2- If the pair insisted after the expiry of the deadline on divorce or the parties insisted on mukhala'ah judge called the parties and listened to the dispute sought to be removed and Time married life and hired on that of the people who see them as spouses and others who can afford to remove dispute

3- If these endeavors judge allowed the registration of divorce or mukhala'ah considered divorce takes effect from the date of rhythm
4- written treatment over three months starting from the date on which the application if it did not review any of the parties
Article 89

1- is not a divorce or a drunkard nor Madhoush impeller

2- Madhoush is the one who has to distinguish it from the wrath or other not knowing what to say
Article 90

Not divorce is done if it is intended only to urge to do something or forbid it, or used to use section to confirm the news does not is
Article 91

Have a pair of his wife three shots

Divorce is associated with a number of rude or not the signal is only one
Article 93

Divorce explicit words in it without the need for custom intention is located, it is located Alknaiah words that bear the meaning of divorce and other intention
Article 94

Each divorce is revocable only three CMOS and divorce before entering, and divorce allowance and text on being irrevocably in this law
Article 95

1- shall be valid mukhala'ah be a pair Welcome to divorce him and mirror shop

2- mirror that has not reached the age of majority if Julat do not adhere dislocation allowance without the consent of the Crown money
Article 96

Each of the parties to reverse his proposal in mukhala'ah before accepting the other
Article 97

All true commitment to reconciliation religiously rather be in Khula
Article 98

If mukhala'ah the money is dowry necessary performance and acquitted edema Almtkhalaan all right for the marital dowry and alimony

If Almtakan did not name something as innocent mukhala'ah each other's rights to dowry and marital alimony
Article 100

If said Almtakan denied allowance was mukhala'ah in the divorce decree signed by purely reactionary shot

Expense of the kit does not fall and the pair of them Almkhala healed unless explicitly incorporated in the contract mukhala'ah

1- if it is stipulated in the mukhala'ah pair exemption from the taxi to breastfeed the boy or his mother's condition hold him for information and spending it remarried or abandoned the child because the husband to the wife the equivalent fare suckling child or expense for the remaining term

2- If the mother is insolvent time mukhala'ah Obeeft or later force the father at the expense of the child shall be a mother to him
Article 103

If a man in the condition of constipation mukhala'ah boy has two nursery mukhala'ah true champion requirement was for legitimate Hadhanth taken from him, and his father needed Bnafqath fare custody if the child is poor
Article 104

Not being clearance between the expense of the boy owed his father and the religion of the father to the incubator

The wife asked to differentiate between them and her husband in the following cases:

1- If it was one of the ills that prevent entry of which is provided safety

2- If the pair Jen after decade
Article 106

1- drops the woman's right to seek a separation because of the ills mentioned in the previous article if learned before the contract or consented to by the after

2- that the right to differentiate because of impotence does not fall under any circumstances
Article 107

If the ills mentioned in Article 105 are not disappearing Judge differentiate between the couple in the case and that its demise was possible to postpone the lawsuit suitable period of not more than one year if the illness is still a difference between them
Article 108

Differentiate the bug irrevocable divorce
Article 109

1- If the husband is absent without an acceptable excuse or prison sentence of more than three years of jazz to his wife after years of absence or imprisonment to request the judge to distinguish if it has money can spend it

2- this distinction divorce retroactive if returned absentee or released prisoner and women in preparing him the right to review
Article 110

1- The wife may seek a separation if the husband present refrained from spending on his wife and had no apparent money did not prove its inability to alimony

2- The proven unable or was absent judge gave him a suitable period not exceeding three months, the judge did not spend their teams
Article 111

Disperse the judge for not spending is a reactionary and a husband to his wife back in the kit on condition that he left and was preparing to spend
Article 112

1- If a couple claimed the detriment of others by not including unable to continue he may ask the judge to differentiate

2- if it is proved damaging and the inability of the judge for reform difference between them is this repudiation shot dowry

3- If you do not prove the damage postpone the trial judge for not less than one month in the hope of reconciliation, the prosecutor insisted that the complaint has not been appointed Magistrate Judge judgments of the people of the couple and the only judge who sees the ability to repair them and turn right on Hfahma could play fairly and Bmanmthma Secretariat

1- to provisions that Atarafa causes of discord between the couple and that Ijmaihama in the House under the supervision of a judge is not only attended by the couple and decide to call referees

2- One of the couple's failure to attend the council after notification does not affect the arbitration
Article 114

1- referees do their utmost in the reform of the spouses if it was a deficit of abuse or most of the pair decided to differentiate shot dowry

2- though most of the abuse or wife or common to both the couple decided to differentiate between optimal pony or a section of it commensurate with the extent of abuse
3. The two provisions
to decide to differentiate between the couple with no abuse of one spouse a clearance from the Department of the rights of the wife if she agrees to do so and had set the two provisions persistent discord between them on the face can not be removed

4- if different referees judge others or combine them a third arbitrator is likely, and he was sworn
rule Article 115

The provisions could have taken their report to the judge does not have to be justified and the judge to rule thereunder or reject the report and appointed in this case for the last time two further
Article 116

Proceeded from Alpinona cause of his illness or in the case of a predominantly represented in perdition obedient without Reza and his wife died in the disease or in that case and the mirror in the kit, they would inherit the condition that their eligibility for a legacy from the time of designation continue to death
Article 117

If a man divorces his wife and the judge finds that the husband arbitrarily in her divorce without a reason reasonable and that the wife Sasebha so misery and destitution may judge to be judged on her ex-husband, according to the situation and the degree of Tasvh compensation does not exceed the amount of the expense of three years to fold over the expense of the kit, the judge may make pay this compensation clause or monthly as appropriate
Article 118

1- revocable divorce does not remove the marriage and a husband to his ex-wife during the review kit word or deed not that right falls projection

2- show the mirror and cut off her back upon the expiry of several revocable divorce

Irrevocable divorce without three removes marital off does not prevent the renewal of the marriage contract
Article 120

Divorce CMOS three removes marital off and prevents the renewal of the contract of the conditions set out in Article 36 are not available from this law
Article 121

Several mirror is pregnant for divorce or annulment as follows:

1- three menstrual cycles are full for those who do not menstruate hear the lawsuit mirror Bannagdhaiha before the lapse of three months on the divorce or annulment

2- full year for extended purity that Ajaiha menstruation or came to her and then cut off and did not reach menopause

3- three months of Isiah
Article 122

Preparing to marry a corrupt place after entering the provisions of the previous article
Article 123

Several whose husband has died four months and ten days
Article 124

Several pregnant continue to develop her pregnancy or dropping M_na some members
Article 125

Kit starts from the date of death or divorce or annulment or judicial separation or irony in marriage corrupt
Article 126

Do not adhere to the kit before entering correct and being alone, but of death
Article 127

1- If the husband dies and the woman on several divorce reactionary move to several deaths and calculates the past

2- If he died in an unaccustomed several Alpinona Bobad term of several death or Alpinona
Article 128

Least the duration of pregnancy hundred and eighty days and most calendar year
Article 129

1- born every wife in the right of marriage to her husband attributed the following conditions:

A to go to the marriage contract less the duration of pregnancy

B does not prove that the lack of convergence between the couple are being felt as if it were a couple prisoners or absent in remote country more than the duration of pregnancy

2- negated if one of these two conditions does not prove the boy ratios of the pair unless acknowledged or claimed

3- If the availability of these two conditions does not negate the newborn ratios for the pair, but Balan
Article 130

If a divorced or deceased by her husband, did not acknowledge the expiry promised to prove her son proportions if generated during the year from the date of divorce or death, does not prove more than that unless the spouse or the heirs claimed
Article 131

Divorced or whose husband has died Almqrtan lapse preparing prove their son ratios If a child is less than 180 days from the time of approval and less than one year from the time of divorce or death
Article 132

1- born of the marriage after the corrupt in if born to a hundred and eighty days or more from the date of entry proven percentage of the pair

2- if the birth or disperse after Mtarkh not prove lineage unless brought him within one year from the date of Almtarkh or differentiate
Article 133

1- Almutuh suspicion if they come from less Bold duration of pregnancy and most prove lineage from the low

2- when proven ratios even marriage to a corrupt or suspicion of the consequent results of all kinship will prevent the marriage in grades prohibited and worth the expense of its kinship and inheritance
Article 134

1- acknowledgment of filiation, even in death, disease of unknown parentage prove its descent from the headquarters if the age difference between them is likely this filiation

2- if headquarters or iddah married woman does not prove the boy proportions of her husband unless confirmed by the evidence or
Article 135

Adoption of unknown parentage paternity or maternity prove to his father if his honest headquarters was a difference between the two is likely that age
Article 137

Required for eligibility nursery puberty and the mind and the ability to maintain the health of the boy and created
Article 138

Babysitter marriage without a nearby Muharram of the child drops her custody

Article 139

1- the right of custody to the mother, Flamha and grandparents, Flamm father and grandparents, sister Vllocht, Vllocht mother, father Vllocht, Vbannt sister, has built sister mother father sister has built, Vllkhalat, Vllamat, in that order, then cliques male on the order inheritance

2- does not fall right babysitter custody of her children because of her if she believed in their care and take care of them in a manner acceptable

3- to Pods either were or grandmother mother can ask the judge tiny delivered, and the judge has to decide this delivery without spending a feud after confirming Qrapthma document from the Civil Registry secretariat also decide for a small temporary expense on who he sees expensive it is being carried out the judge's decision by the competent execution department and those who oppose the delivery or in alimony and Juba or amount may apply to the competent court, claiming to complain about this decision and are subject to the lawsuit with the procedures and methods challenge the legal provisions does not affect filing the suit on the implementation of the resolution, but until the issuance of a final judgment
Article 140

If there are several owners right to custody judge may the right to choose the fittest
Article 141

Back right of custody if the cause is still falling
Article 142

Taxi custody on charge of alimony small and estimated according to the case assigned
Article 143

Taxi parent does not deserve custody in the event of a marriage or divorce in several
Article 144

If the taxpayer is unable to return for payment by the insolvent nursery donated a small custody of kin Geert incubator without holding it between taxi or handed over to those who donate
Article 145

If the rebels, then she was the mirror and boys above the fifth was the judge status when any couple willing to be noted that in the interest of the children on the basis of a positive reason
Article 146

(Modified by Law 18 of 2003)

(Text in force under Law 18 of 2003):

Expire nursery complete the thirteen-year-old boy and a girl the age of fifteen.

(Repealed text):

Expire nursery complete the ninth-old boy and the girl eleven
Article 147

1- If the guardian is the father, the judge may put the child is male or female when the fittest of the parent or guardian, or their deputies even marry the girl or a boy or reach adulthood

2- In case of annexation of the child to the mother or her place of the required maintenance as long as it is able to

3- If proven to be the guardian if the father, is not safe on the micro or small, handing over to the next in the state without prejudice by virtue of the first paragraph of this article
Article 148

1- not for the mother to travel to her child during the marriage except with the permission of his father

2- foster mother to travel Palmhoudon after promised without guardian permission to her hometown in which the contract was to marry her

3- and for her to travel within the country by the town in which they live or to the town in which it operates at any point of public entities, provided that one of her relatives incest resident of that town

4- owns grandma mother the same right given to paragraphs 2 and 3 the previous two

5- to each parent to see his children who are in the other periodically on the whereabouts of the child and when the opposition in that the judge may order the securing of this right and set method implemented immediately without the need for the rule of the foundation courts and on those who oppose the Alarah or in its own way to review the Court and applied to the judge who violates the provisions of Article 482 of the Penal Code is
Article 149

If the babysitter is the mother she does not have to travel with a child without the permission of his guardian
Article 150

Not for the father to travel with a child in the incubation period without the permission Hadhanth
Article 151

To Crown female taboo that comprising the home if without the forty-year-old if they Thiebaud, if rebelled for follow up unjustly do not have the expense of it
Article 152

1- fare suckling the child, either naturally or artificially breastfeeding Bnafqath the taxpayer is that in exchange for its food

2- mother breastfeeding is not worth the fare if the marriage or divorce in several reactionary
Article 153

Donor deserving of breastfeeding The mother asked taxi father was insolvent to be breastfeeding in the mother's house
Article 154

Expense of every human being in the money, but a wife on her husband Venafqatha
Article 155

1- If it was not for money Venafqath was born on his father unless the poor unable to alimony and gain physical or mental lesion

2- continue maintenance for children to marry a female and the boy up to the extent that acquires ilk
Article 156

1- If the father was unable to gain cost the expense of the boy answered him in the absence of the father

2- This alimony be our spender on him by the father because if Acer
Article 157

1- does not cost the father his son's wife's alimony unless it ensures

2- be the father in this case we have to spend on the boy that Yoser
Article 158

Must boy solvent male or female, big or small the expense of the poor and his parents even if they were able to gain the father's intransigence does not appear in the selection of unemployment on the work of his ilk Kassala or stubborn
Article 159

Have to spend all the poor unable to gain physical or mental lesion to inherit from relatives affluent according to their stakes inheritance
Article 160

No expense with the difference of religion, but of the assets and branches
Article 161

Spend alimony relatives from the date of the prosecution, and the judge may govern alimony boys to their father for the duration of the previous allegation that does not exceed four months
Article 162

Is a minor who has not attained the age of majority, a full eighteen years
Article 163

1- prosecution legitimacy of others are either the state or the custody or guardianship or judicial agency

2- jurisdiction of the relatives of the father or other, and the custody of orphans and stewardship of lunatics and idiots and insane and foolish judicial agency for the missing

3- trusteeship, guardianship, judicial and agency public and private, and permanent and temporary

4- mandate shall expire reaching eighteen years unless the minor judged before it consistently guardian for the cause of stone or communicate them to an imbecile or insane you continue guardian of the rule is
Article 164

1- not for a minor to receive the funds before reaching the age of majority
judge to authorize him after reaching the fifteenth hearing the guardian side of the receipt of these funds to manage

3- If the judge responded ear asked not to him may be renewed before the lapse of one year from the date of the decision to respond
Article 165

1- minor directly authorized management business and is divided by crops such as the sale and purchase of tools

2- he may not without the approval of the judge the course of trade and not the lease for more than one year and not really meet or we do not reimburse for acts of administration

3- something he may not consumption of net income only to the extent necessary to expense the expense of legally obliged
expense Article 166

Considered minor authorized full eligibility as authorized by and in litigation in which
Article 167

1- to authorized management to submit to the judge a year account

2- The judge takes account when considering the opinion of the guardian or guardian and may order the deposit is available from the government treasury income or a bank chooses

3- and may not be pulling anything of the funds deposited by order without the permission of the judge of it
Article 168

Judge if necessary reduce ear granted to the minor or robbed him, and then his own initiative or at the request of orphans manager or a relationship with
Article 169

1- minor when reached thirteen right to take his money management which earned him from his own business

2- minor is not a guarantor of debts arising from this administration only to the extent that money
Article 170

1- to the father and grandfather of the nervous state of the same minor and his wealth and are committed to do

2- to other relatives, according to the order indicated in Article 21 states the same without his money

3- enters the psychological state authority to discipline and telemedicine, education and guidance to Akedzabih craft and approve marriages and other things take care of the minor person

4- considered the guardian's failure to complete the little education until the end of compulsory reason to drop his opposition and is considered the incubator or failure in the implementation of a reason for the projected custody
Article 171

If the condition of the donated money to the minor inaction guardian by the court to appoint a special trustee to this money
Article 172

Father and grandfather when nervous or not without other jurisdiction over the minor's assets preserved and act as an investment

Do not take away money from the hands of the minor father and grandfather nervous unless they prove his infidelity or abuse of his actions, and no one to donate property of the minor or its benefits originally not sell or mortgage his property without the permission of the judge after the check rationale
Article 173

If the minor's money was in jeopardy because of the misconduct of the guardian or any other reason, or there is the fear from it, the court may tend his or limit, and the judge may be assigned to the minors incubator certain acts legal guardian of Finance if it is to the interest of the minor so require, and after hearing sayings guardian
Article 174

Stand if the state was considered the guardian is missing or stone him or arrested and subjected to arrest him for the loss of interest of the minor and appoint a temporary guardian for the minor if he has no crown last

Court appoint a special trustee when the interests of the minor conflict with the interests of the guardian or when a conflict of interest with each other minors
Article 176

1- father and grandfather may at the loss of a father to evaluate a trustee selected for his son, a minor, pregnancy, and may turn away from Aissaih

2- and offers guardianship post-mortem on the court to install

3- The guardianship of minors in the money after the death of the father is the guardian chosen by the father and that was not close to them that the guardianship be submitted to the judge to be installed whether satisfy the conditions of legitimacy
Article 177

If it were not for minor or guardian pregnancy Mukhtar court appoints a trustee
Article 178

1- guardian must be able to do just a guardianship full capacity and that it is the religion of the minor

2- should not be a trustee:

A convict in the crime of theft, credit or fraud or a crime against morality and public morality
B Bavlassh sentenced to be rehabilitated

C of the father or grandfather decided upon whether or not to deprive him of the appointment before his death if it is proved that written by evidence

D of him was he or one of his ascendants, descendants or spouses and between a minor legal dispute or disagreement family feared the interest of the minor
Article 179

Riveted the judge and a special trustee to temporarily when the interests of the minor conflict with the interest of the trustee or his spouse or one of his ascendants, descendants or their representatives that the Guardian did not report this conflict, the conflict set forth in the preceding article
Article 180

Donate money guardian of a minor void
Article 181

If a minor share in the common property Vllusi permission of the court action divisible by mutual consent with the other partners, and this division shall take effect only ratification by the judge
Article 182

No guardian without the permission of the court may direct the following actions:

A disposition of a minor to buy or sell or barter company or lending or mortgage or any other type of behavior vectors of ownership or right to place my eyes
B debts be minor and the acceptance of the transfer by the transfer

C invest money, filtered and borrow money for the minor

D minor rental property for more than three years of agricultural land and more than a year in buildings

E rent a property for a minor extends to the year after reaching the age of majority

And accept unrestricted donations provided or reject

G of spending money on the minor obliged to expense only if they are governed by the alimony ruling concluded

H conciliation and arbitration

I fulfillment of the obligations that are the legacy of a minor or unless he has been released by a final judgment

J litigation except as may be delayed in the minor damage to or loss of the right of him

As a waiver of claims and drop his right to legal review ways

For hiring lawyers to dispute the minor

M switch insurance or modified

N hire a minor money or rent to himself or to a spouse or relatives or in-laws to the fourth degree, or those who will be his deputy guardian

P is distracted in marrying off minor

G minor drug reform and restoration and replacement of its features or create Accordingly or torn down or planting purposes and so includes permission in this case determine the disposition and action plan
Article 183

If you saw the guardian of such minor attaining eighteen years he crazy or a fool, or he does not believe his money if they reach this age, he should tell the court about it a formal petition for consideration in guardianship continued

Court decide on it under the document after hearing the statements of the minor and the conduct of the investigation or medical examination
Article 184

1- The guardian be filed on behalf of a minor in the state treasury or in a bank approved by the court everything that gets him of his money and what the Court considers to Zuma to deposit from bonds and other ornaments within fifteen days from the date of receiving them or withdraw them anything without the permission of the judge | ||
2- raising of the money deposited by the management and maintenance expenses of assessments for one month
Article 185

1- a guardian to submit annual accounts in favor of the documents in accordance with the provisions set forth in this law
2. The judge
relieve the trustee of the account to provide funds if the minor is not more than five hundred of SP
Article 186

Court that obliges the trustee to provide ensure that appreciates and expenses to be minor
Article 187

Be 1- custody of the minor's funds without pay unless the court considers at the request of the trustee to determine his salary or a fixed bonus for a particular job

2- fare may not be imposed for a previous demand for the
Article 188

1- If you saw the palm of the hands of the court appointed guardian and trustee to temporarily manage the minor's funds until the demise of reason to stop or to appoint a new guardian

2- apply to the trustee timer guardianship provisions contained in the Act
Article 189

Guardian mission expires in the following cases:

Death of a minor

B reaches eighteen years unless the court decided before reaching that age continued guardianship or reached an imbecile or insane

C return the state to the father or grandfather of the

D end of the work, which was held for the private Mbacherth guardian or expiration of the period, which identified the appointment of a guardian timer

accept his resignation
And the demise of eligibility

G Pfkdh

H ouster
Article 190

1- isolates guardian in the following cases:

A check if the cause of deprivation of custody set forth in article 178 of this law

B if he was sentenced during his custody ruling concluded for another crime for a year or more, and the judge may in this case simply to appoint a temporary guardian

C if the court found in the work of the guardian or neglect threatens the interests of the minor or appeared in his account betrayal

2- be unarmed document after investigation and hearing the statements of the guardian and student insulation
Article 191

1- The guardian, who ended his tutelage to deliver within thirty days from the expiration of funds in his custody and provides account thereof in favor of the documents to his successor or to a minor who has reached the age of majority or to his heirs if he died, and it also provides a picture of the account to The court found that the beholder

2- If the guardian died or stone, or it might For his heirs or his representative delivered a minor funds and provide account

3- proceed orphans director of the validity of the guardian in the best interest of the minor to be appointed guardian of the back of a guardian, who ended his tutelage for any reason

Article 192

Each guardian ended his tutelage declined without excuse for delivery minor funds for those who replaced him in custody within the period specified in the preceding article, his case was referred to the Public Prosecution after being warned ten days to establish criminal proceedings against him credit abuse
Article 193

1- If the trustee breached the duty of the duties imposed on it under this law was responsible for what caused minor damage due to negligence and guarantor Kalokel
2. The judge
be obliged to compensate for the minor does not exceed five hundred Syrian pounds and depriving him of all his wages or in part and sacking him, or one of these penalties, and that with the exception of security provided for in the preceding paragraph, may be exempted guardian of all or part if you catch up with what the Palace where | || Article

Considered null and void all pledged or healing or reconciliation obtained by the guardian of a minor who has reached the age of majority before the final chapter in the account
Article 195

The guardian of pregnancy to reach the court secession dead or alive pregnancy or the expiry of the duration of pregnancy without birth and continue his tutelage for the baby unless the court appoint other
Article 196

And may be appointed warden with the chosen guardian or with a guardian judge
Article 197

1- The beholder monitoring trustee to manage the affairs of the minor and the reporting judge ordered eliminate all interest of the minor raised him

2- The guardian of the beholder answer to everything they are asking for clarification of the minor's funds management and enable it to examine the papers and documents for these funds
Article 198

1- If guardianship shall become vacant on the beholder immediately request the court to establish a new guardian

2- to proceed to his new guardian of the beholder of his own work that have postponed the damage
Article 199

1- applies to the beholder with respect to the appointment and dismissal and acceptance of his resignation and his reward for his work and his responsibility for his shortcomings What is true for the guardian of the provisions

2- matter ends with the termination of the Trusteeship note had been an earlier article
Article 200

1- mad and insane Mahjuran for themselves and held on their respective values ​​document

2- Fools and Buster Ihjeran spend their behavior by the judiciary window and held on their respective values ​​of the same stone resolution or document on the unit

3- Fools is wasting his goods and put them in positions to be spent is what is wasteful of the like

4- Buster is laced negligence in taking the tender is not known to be cautious in his treatment of Blahth
Article 201

Judge to authorize the extradition interdicted for negligence and foolishness aside of funds to manage and apply the provisions of the minor authorized
Article 202

Missing is someone who does not know all of his life or his death or his life will be realized, but it does not know his place
Article 203

Kmufcod is absent compelling circumstances which prevented him from returning to his place or their own affairs, or his agent for more than a year and thus disrupted their interests or the interests of other
Article 204

If left missing Solicitor General Court controllers installed when the conditions to be met by the trustee and available only designated him as an agent judicially
Article 205

1- loss ends the return of lost or dying or by a judgment as dead upon reaching the age of eighty

2- and ruled the death of the missing because of the hostilities or similar cases stipulated in the window of military law, which is dominated by the loss after four years from the date of loss
Article 206

Applies to the values ​​and the agent of the judicial What is true for the guardian of the provisions except those expressly excluded
Article 207

Commandment disposal of the estate added to after death
Article 208

Sit commandment ferry or by writing if the testator is unable to be pleased held commandment referring understandable
Article 209

Require the probate not be as religiously forbidden
Article 210

1- valid adding commandment to the future, and the suspension of the condition and restrict it if the condition is true

2- true requirement is that it was a legitimate interest of the testator or recommended to him or to others was not disallowed to prevent nor contrary to the purposes of the law

3- answer into account this requirement as long as the interest intended by unrealized

4- If restricted commandment provided an incorrect true commandment and canceled condition
Article 211

1- required in the testator to be eligible to donate legally

2- that if interdicted him for foolishness or inattention is permissible as his permission Judge
Article 212

Required in the recommended him:

be known
To be present when the commandment and when the death of the guardian if a certain
Article 213

1- commandment to God and acts of righteousness without a set destination acted in charitable causes

2- commandment to places of worship and charities, scientific and other public interests spend on architecture and its interests and its poor and other affairs unless the bank should not know or presumption

Valid wills specific destination of the mainland authorities will exist in the future, it can not exist spent commandment to the nearest akin to that side
Article 215

1- valid wills for people with religion and sect differences between them and the testator

2- If the recommended him a foreigner requires reciprocity
Article 216

Required in recommended:

Be a viable ownership after the death of the testator and in his law Mottagoma

To be present when the commandment in the King of the testator if certain particular
Article 217

Valid wills rights transmitted by inheritance, including the right to benefit rented eye after the death of the tenant
Article 218

Valid wills lend him the recommended amount of money known not be carried out with increased this amount to the third of the estate, but leave heirs
Article 219

1- If the person in his life devoted both his heirs or some Boaaan of money equivalent to its share of inheritance and recommended the implementation of this assignment after his death is permissible, and it was necessary to his death

2- If increased what was allocated to each his share inheritance was to increase the rule of the commandment for the heir
Article 220

Void the commandment:

A madly testator craziest applied if contact with death

B recommended to him by the death of the testator

C recommended doom appointed by the death of the testator

D recommended for relapsing commandment explicitly or implicitly

E recommended cold to him after the death of the testator according to what is shown in the following chapter
Article 221

Commandment is back for every act or conduct indicates presumed or known to refer them what the testator did not say that he did not mean to refer
Article 222

Is not recommending denial back does not act that increases in the recommended increase can not be extradited unless the

Prevents optional commandment or due entitlement:

A recommended killed him intentionally testator whether the killer principal actor or partner if the killing was without right or excuse, and the killer was sane adults from fifteen years old

B caused intentionally to kill the testator, and is a cause of his testimony if he falsely led to the killing
Article 224

If invalidated commandment or received in all or some invalidated returned to the estate of the testator
Article 225

Commandment is given does not need to accept and bounce a cold
Article 226

Commandment of people have a natural given his response if fully competent, while the death of the testator
Article 227

1- required in a reply to be after the death of the testator, and within thirty days of them or occasionally recommended to him commandment, knowingly or not a scientist when death

2- If this period has elapsed, a silent world or recommended to him which died without being given even if it is the world of the commandment was considered viable, and the legacy of the will with him
Article 228

1- responded commandment indivisible

2- may respond to some of the commandment is some legatees and void for yield and rad only
Article 229

A lesson not to accept the post after a commandment, not to respond after admission, however, accept the heirs
Article 230

1- If the recommended him present at the death of the testator deserved recommended until death did not state what the text of the commandment proven maturity at a certain time after death

2- be recommended growths of death while the property of the recommended him not considered intestate and recommended to him recommended the expense accrues to him since
Article 231

1- valid wills objects to non-existent and to include the existing zero and those who are counting, the there is no one recommended them as the death of the testator was yielding to his heirs, and when despair of having one of the legatees of recommended eye be owned by the heirs of the testator

2- if any one of them is recommended when the death of the testator or after they yield to him and all those who found them after him participate in yield to despair, while the presence of other eye Vtkon yield to those who found them and the share of those who died with him the legacy

3- If the will benefits them alone earned these benefits no one recommended them when they recommended the death or after menopause when there are other legatees respond eye to the heirs of the testator
Article 232

1- commandment is not valid for atomic only one layer

2- If extinct class eye returned legacy of the testator, unless he had recommended to each other or to other
Article 233

1- valid wills for those who are not counted, and is unique to the needy of them and ordered them distributed leaves to the discretion of his executor without being restricted to canvass or equality

2- of his executor is the guardian of the chosen If there is no judge or his designee for that
Article 234

If the will for a people who stuck with the wording did not appoint addressed by their names and some of them were not the people to the commandment and his time of death of the testator deserved rest all the commandment according to the provisions of this chapter
Article 235

If the joint between the commandment and certain group or party or group of destinations or including all had for each particular person and each member of the group caught up and each group is limited and each side a share of the recommended
Article 236

1- valid wills of pregnancy appointed according to the following:

If a testator acknowledged the existence of pregnancy, while the prescription is required to be born alive to a year or less than that until

B if the pregnant iddah of death or dowry band is required to be born alive to a year or less than that until

C if the testator was not based carrier iddah not required to be born alive for nine months or less from time commandment

D If the will to carry from a particular person is required with the above to prove the boy proportions of that person

2- recommended yields stopped since the death of the testator to be separated pregnancy alive Vtkon him
Article 237

1- If you were pregnant at one time or two times between them less than six months or more alive Boldin was the commandment equally among them unless stipulated otherwise commandment

2- The split is one of them deserved the neighborhood of whom live every commandment

3- One of the boys died after giving birth in the commandment objects be share among his heirs, and in the commandment benefits be his stake in the utility allowance until his death among his heirs after his death and given to the heirs of the testator
Article 238

1- implemented commandment is the heir to a third of what remains of the estate after paying off the debt of non-heirs leave

2- not carried out for the heir not including increased one-third, unless authorized by the heirs after the death of the testator was fully competent Licenser

3- not implemented as it takes a religion but leave full civil creditor or the fall of the debt

4- implement the commandment of no religion, nor the legacy of his all its non-stop on a vacation
Article 239

If the debt is rapt to the legacy and satisfies all or part of the commandment was recommended for him to return as much as the completed within the remaining third of the estate after paying off the debt
Article 240

Commandment to sell something or someone Ajarth allowance which increases the unfairness obscene amount for a third of the estate will depend on the implementation of the recommended leave heirs did not accept his pay increase
Article 241

If the will is a limited amount of money, or into was in legacy debt or absent money the recommended one-third of the present of the estate deserved recommended him out otherwise satisfies it as much as this one-third, and the rest was for the heirs, and the more attended nothing satisfies recommended to him a third even completed right
Article 242

1- If the will is an arrow in the common legacy was the religion or absent money meets recommended to him his share in the present and attended whenever something fulfilled his share in it

2- If the legacy of debt on a performance worthy heirs are clearing between him and the homogenization of the estate is a religion in this clearing At present

3- If it is not money in the estate of the genus debt, which does not fall on the heir clearing, but becomes the heir's share in the estate reserved to satisfy the debt is equal to the share of the debt money present

4- considered the types of cash and leaves genera and one in clearing
Article 243

1- If the will of the estate or into some kind of types recommended perished or deserved nothing to recommended him

2- If perished or deserved some of the recommended taking him what was left of it within the limits of one-third of the estate is calculated including the deceased
Article 244

1- If the will is common share at a certain perished or deserved nothing to recommended him

2- If perished or deserved some of the recommended taking him all his will from the rest is the rest is bypassing third of the estate
Article 245

1- If the will is a common stake in the kind of money the testator perished or deserved nothing to recommended him

2- The Hulk or some of the deceased deserved deemed void and left the commandment to rest
Article 246

1- If the will benefit specific principle for ending recommended deserved his benefit in this period If at the expiry time before the death of the testator invalidated the commandment, and if some of them passed the recommended deserved his benefit in Bagaha

2- if the period is a certain amount of specific principle started from the time of the death of the testator with the observation rule following article
Article 247

1- If you prevent one of the heirs recommended him to benefit from the recommended eye Bmnftha within him than good.

2- if the prohibition of all the heirs recommended him the choice was between the other two use the eye and beneficial rather than include them

3- If the ban on the one hand of the testator or compelling case between him and the recommended use and be assured of another period of time of the demise of the inhibitor to excuse
Article 248

If the eye was recommended Bmnftha brook use or exploitation on the face is recommended by the Jazz recommended him to benefit from it or exploited in the manner it deems provided they do not harm the recommended eye Bmnftha
Article 249

If the will Baltmrh Vllmousy his fruit-based time of death of the testator and what is happening, including the presumption did not indicate otherwise
Article 250

Commandment in the share of the benefit, charged to the share by dividing the yield or fruit between him and recommended by the heirs of the testator with respect to each team or Palmeaaoh good while, or a place, or by dividing the eye if the brook is the division of the damage and the Court when the difference set one of these methods
Article 251

1- If the will to benefit one hand and the other in the neck permissible Alusitan The tax levied on the eye and expenses use the recommended him benefit

2- performs sale and heirs of the testator share in the recommended eye Bmnftha without the need to leave his recommended
Article 252

Commandment fall benefit in the following cases:

A recommended to him by the death of the recommended whole benefit or some of them met

B recommended to own his eye that recommended him Bmnftha

C stepping down from the right to the heirs of the testator or without compensation

D eye worthily
Article 253

Counted out the commandment of the benefits and rights of the third of the estate as follows:

If the will is a supporter of the benefits, divorced or recommended for his life or for more than ten years in the commandment to all the benefits of the eye is the benefits equal to the value of the eye itself and in the commandment relative share of the benefits are considered equal to the match this percentage of the eye

B If commandment benefits for a period not exceeding ten years, estimated the value of the recommended benefit in this period

C If the will of a right eye was estimated as the difference between the carrying value of the recommended value of the right and without
Article 254

1- if the testator has increased the recommended eye something does not resign himself joined the commandment

2- The increase was thus resign himself participated recommended his heirs in total share value equivalent to the increase List

3- The increase was thus tolerate or like him usually found evidence that the testator may inadvertently attached to the commandment they catch them
Article 255

If the demolition of the testator recommended property and rebuilt its features without altering its kind was eye earlier, the new commandment
Article 256

If the testator made the recommended eye building and build another eye alone can not deliver with the recommended solo Subscribe recommended to him with heirs as much value as his
Article 257

1- of died and his sons son died before him or that son with him shall be the grandchildren of those in one-third of his estate commandment extent following streaks:

A commandment due to be increased by these grandchildren inherit their father than their share of the origin of the deceased on the imposition of the death of their father, the impact of the death of his origin mentioned that does not exceed one third of the legacy

B these grandchildren is not worth a will if they are the heirs to the origin of a very father was or grandmother, or had been recommended to them or gave them in his life without Awad, how much they deserve in this regard commandment, the recommended minimum so it shall be supplemented if recommended by more it was excessive commandment optional, but recommended for only some of the obligatory commandment to last as much as his share

C commandment to be son's children and the children of a son and came down and they were one or more of the male, a portion of two females, in which each branch out without the other obscure branch and takes a share of each branch origin only

2- This binding will Introduction optional Commandments in the interpolation of the third of the estate
Article 258

If Commandments increased the authorized third of the estate and the heirs of the estate was not fulfilling the commandments or not Ajasoha was one-third did not meet their divided legacy or third, as the case between the commandments Bamahash not recommended to him meets the eye, but its share of these eye
Article 259

If the will is not in Balqhrb by what it carried out the commandment was united scores were equal in maturity, with different degrees made on the obligatory duties and duties on redundancy
Article 260

1- inheritance worth the death of the testator, or by virtue of the judge as a dead

2- must check for entitlement to inheritance heir life time of the death of the testator or the time, dismissed it as a dead load and be worthy of the legacy if he meets as provided for in Article 236
Article 261

If two died and did not know whichever died first no entitlement to one in the other legacy of whether their deaths in a single incident or not
Article 262

1- lead of the estate, according to the following order:

A enough for the processing of the Dead is obliged to spend from death to burial extent the project

B Dead debt

C binding will

D optional commandment

E inheritances according to the ranking in this law

2- If there are no heirs of the estate spent the following order:

A maturity of passed him dead rates on other

B recommended by increased while the extent that they carry out the commandment

3- If there is no one of these devolved legacy or what is left of them to the public treasury
Article 263

1- reasons for marital inheritance and kinship

2- legacy of three methods estimated the ordinance, or Alasobh, or the right of the womb

3- be inheritance Balzojih accidentally imposition

4- be the legacy of kinship accidentally imposition or Alasobh or both or uterine If the lion was an heir to the legacy inherited two points of both, taking into account the provisions of Articles 271 and 296
Article 264

Prevented from inheriting the following:

A contraindication commandment mentioned in Article 223

B difference of religion between the Muslim and other

C does not grant foreign right of inheritance, unless the laws of his country granted such Syrians
Article 265

1- imposition of shares destined for the heir to the legacy and starts inheritance owners hypotheses are: father, grandfather and Ola nervous, brother, mother, sister, mother, husband, wife, daughters, son and came down girls, sisters, father and mother, sisters, father, mother , fixed-grandmother and grandparents

2- nervous grandfather is the one who does not fall in the rate of the female Dead If entered in the rate of female is very Rahmi fixed and grandmother are not included in the increase of the Dead, very Rahmi
Article 266

Taking into account the provisions of Article 281 of the father and grandfather as well as to impose a nervous one-sixth if any of the dead or born son was born and came down
Article 267

1- to the children of the mother to impose one-sixth to one, and a third for two more both males and their women in the division, both

2- In the second case, if the hypotheses took legacy was with the children of the mother's brother's brother or brothers or siblings Balanfrad with sister, sister or more, one-third is divided among all the advanced facial
Article 268

1- for the pair to impose half when no boy born son if he goes. The quarter with the boy or born son if he goes

2- for the wife and if she is divorced revocable if the husband dies and is preparing to impose a quarter when no boy born son if he goes. The price with a boy or a son was born and came down and subject to the provisions of Article 116 advanced in divorce patient

3- Where there are several wives took part in the ritual
Article 269

Taking into account the provisions of Article 277:

1- for one of the girls to impose the half, and two-thirds or more

2- blocks Jr. advanced the hypothesis mentioned when no girl having a girl or a son whom a higher degree

3- them even Taddn sixth with the girl or the girl Top Jr. degree
Article 270

Taking into account the provisions of Articles 277 and 280:

1- for one of the sisters impose a half and two-thirds or more

2- sisters father Advanced hypothesis mentioned when there is no sister sister

3- them even Taddn sixth with sister
Article 271

1- to impose one-sixth of the mother with a child or son was born and came down with two or more brothers or sisters

2- her third in this case is, is that if she met with one of the couple and the father only had a third of what was left after the imposition of a couple

Fixed grandmother or grandmothers sixth and divided between them both is no difference between kin and Qraptin
Article 273

If increased Onsaba owners of hypotheses on the estate was divided among them their shares in inheritance
Article 274

1- If there is no one with any assumptions or hypotheses did not take legacy was a legacy or what is left of them after the hypotheses of the League of lineage

2- League ratios of three types:

A clique of self

B League third party

C League with others
Article 275

For self Asobh four points of each provider to some of the inheritance to the following order:

1- filiation include sons and grandsons, although descended

2- parenting include the father and grandfather nervous and Ola

3- fraternity and brotherhood include parents and brothers and their children if the father pitched

4- cousins ​​and uncles include Dead to parents or the father and uncles as well as his father and grandfather, uncles nervous and Ola and the sons of the stated and landed
Article 276

1- If united self in the league was due to the legacy of the closest score to the Dead

2- If Unite in the class and the presentation strongly kinship It was a relative of the parents of the feet was a relative of the father only

3- If Unite in the class and power was inheritance, including both
Article 277

1- league third parties are:

girls with children
B Girls Jr. and came down with the sons son if he goes if they are in absolute Drjtahn or were sent down to them if you do not inherit otherwise

C sisters, parents with parents, brothers and sisters to the father with the brothers father

2- be a legacy, including in this case the male, a portion of two females
Article 278

1- league from others are: Sisters of the parents or the father with daughters or sons son and came down, and have the rest of the estate after them hypotheses

2- sisters in this case is considered to parents Kalokhoh parents, sisters and is considered the father Kalokhoh father and take their judgments for the rest of cliques in the introduction Steering and class and power
Article 279

1- If nervous grandfather met with the brothers and sisters of the parents or the father, it Iqasmanm brother if they only or both male and female, male or female Asbn with the section of the female heir

2- If the grandfather with the sisters did not Aasbn males with a female branch of the heir it is worth remaining after the owners of hypotheses accidentally innervating

3- that if the Almkasemh or inheritance Baltasab advanced facial deprive ancestor of the inheritance or lacks a third considered the owner of the imposition of a third

4- is not considered in Almkasemh who was blocked from brothers and sisters, father
Article 280

If the father or grandfather met with the girl or the girl deserved son if he goes one-sixth, and the rest presumably accidentally Alasobh

1- blocking is to be a person of civil inheritance, but it does not inherit because of an heir Last

2- Shielded obscures other
Article 282

Deprived of the inheritance of the blocker of ultraviolet rays does not obscure one of the heirs
Article 283

1- obscured fixed grandmother never mother, grandmother and remote nearby novelty, novelty father father

2- nervous seriously obscure grandma whether originally a
Article 284

Obscures the mother and the father and the children of industrious nervous and Ola and with a child born son if he goes
Article 285

1- obscures both the son and the son of the son and that girl descended Jr. that are revealed to him the degree

2- also blocked by two daughters, a daughter or son of the highest degree of it unless Aasbha with them in accordance with the provisions of Article 277
Article 286

Obscure Sister parents of both father and son, and a son and came down
Article 287

Obscure Sister father of both father and son, and a son and came down, also blocked by the brother of the parents and sister of the parents, if the league with others, in accordance with the provisions of Article 278 and the sisters of the parents if there is no father and a brother
Article 288

1- If the assumptions did not take legacy was not found, the League of ratios responded rest on a non-couple of the owners of hypotheses by doing homework

2- Full rest of the estate to a spouse if there is no clique of descent, or the owners of a relative or a hypothesis with wombs
Article 289

1- If there is no one with the assumptions and the relative closeness of the Dead was a legacy for people with wombs

2- wombs are those with relatives of the hypotheses is the relative closeness or who are already owners of their statement
Article 290

1- people with wombs four categories by each other's inheritance in the following order:

The first category of the branches were dead and they boys and girls Boys Girls Jr. whatever pitched

Second class of assets was dead they Rahmeon grandparents, and grandmothers is important Althabtat Exalt

Third category of branches was my parents dead, and they entertained the children of sisters, brothers and children of the mother, brothers and daughters of the parents or the father, and branches of these boys whatever pitched

Item IV was one of the branches of the ancestors or deceased grandmothers important Exalt

2- This fourth class divides up the ranks, and each rank is divided into layers down

A place of this breed is very important branches each pitched

First Valmertbh branches of dead ancestors adenine (dad of his father, mother and my father, his father and mother, his mother's mother)

Second branches grandparents and parents ranked

And ranked third branches grandparents grandparents and so on ...
b class is every degree of branches per rank

Valoamam mother, and aunts and uncles and aunts are the first layer of the first rank and the children of these, uncles and daughters of the parents or the father are second-class ones, and so on ...
Article 291

1- the first category with the closest ties of kinship devoted to them by degrees to the Dead

2- The Astwooa in class Fuld His first hypothesis is born with a uterus

3- if they were all cast or not cast owner of the imposition involved in the inheritance

1- Class II with wombs also offers them the closest degree and then make the owner of the imposition as in the first category

2- If then no one degrees and cast their looks:

A that they were all on the part of the father or by the mother involved in the inheritance

B disagreed that their side Valthelthan for nearly one-third of the father and the mother nearly
Article 293

1- third category of people devoted to them by the ties of kinship inheritance is also closest to the Dead degree

2- The Astwooa in the class made a league was born on born with a uterus

3- The boys were all cliques or children wombs gave the strongest around, it was the origin of the parents of obscure origin, was the only one, and its origin was the father of obscure origin mother

4- Astwooa in the strength of kinship is also involved in the inheritance
Article 294

1- every order of rank fourth class of all classes offered on the mattress that strength in all classes

2- each layer of each order are obscured by layers underneath
Article 295

1- first layer of every rank of mattresses Class IV if it found multiple and they were all on the part of the father only Kalamat or by the mother only Kalojoal, the strongest around, Valamh of the parents or the father obscure Uncle mother, as well as the aunt parents obscured Khal father . If they are equal in strength of kinship involved in the inheritance

2- If some of them on the part of the father and some of them on the part of the mother Valthelthan team the father and the mother of a third team, then the share of each team is distributed among its members according to the power of kinship as described in the preceding paragraph
Article 296

1- in descending layers of each order of rank fourth class provides the closest score in the longer, even if one of them on the part of the father and one from the mother's side

2- If Astwooa in class and they were unilaterally made a league was born on born with a uterus, has built nervous Uncle obscure cousin mother. If they were all children of cliques or children wombs gave the strongest around, Fuld Aunt parents obscures born father and aunt and the aunt was born father was born obscure Aunt mother

3- if they are with equal degrees each side of the father and some of them on the part of the mother Valthelthan team the father and the mother of a third team, then the share of each team is distributed between its members in the manner described in the preceding paragraph, provides whom were born and then the strongest league nearly
Article 297

1- inheritance with wombs entertained the male portion of two females

2- if any of them and only one boarded the inheritance, whether male or female

3- no lesson to multiple destinations including kinship unless the multiplicity of its side was a person by the side of the father and mother together
Article 298

If someone passed on the proportions of other unknown parentage deserved headquarters following his legacy tapes:

1- that does not prove Headquarters attributed to him by the Headquarters
not due to headquarters for approval
that does not mind doing contraindications inheritance
be the headquarters him alive as death headquarters or the time, dismissed it as a dead
Article 299

Stop a pregnancy from the estate of the deceased largest Nasepen to appreciate it male or female

If a man died from his wife or Matdth not inherit her pregnancy only if it is born alive fixed percentages of it strips set out to prove lineage in this law
Article 301

1- If the lack of the suspended load than he deserves after his birth due to the rest of the entered the increase in its share of the heirs

2- increased if the suspended load than it deserves excessive response to the merits of the heirs
Article 302

1- stop for the missing from the estate of the deceased his share in the afternoon took him alive and that his death sentenced responded to his share of the merits of the death of the deceased heirs time

2- If alive afternoon, after his death sentence took what was left of his share in the hands of the heirs
Article 303

Taking into account the period specified in Article 300 inherits the illegitimate child was born, and curse the mother and kinship, mother and Trthma and kinship
Article 304

1- exit is to reconcile the heirs at each output of the inheritance on something known

2- If you exit one of the heirs with the last of them deserved to share in the estate and was replaced by

3- If you exit one of the heirs with Bagehm was the payee of the estate, including the Department of share by their shares, though paid their money was provided for in the contract exit on dividing the share of overseas department the way for them by pushing them all
Article 305

Everything not provided for in this law, which is due to say probably in the Hanafi school
Article 306

Provisions of this Act shall apply to all Syrians only what Tsttnah following articles
Article 307

Not considered for the Druze community is contrary to the following provisions:

A judge shall verify the eligibility of the two contracting parties and the validity of the marriage contract before

B shall not polygamy

C provisions curse and breastfeeding does not apply to members of the community

D if someone marries a daughter as a packer and then shown to the Thebe was a world so before entering them, does not have the right to demand something from the dowry or device, but did not know about it until after entering her he may recover half of the dowry if he wants to keep her married to him and has a full recovery of dowry and the device if it is proven that virginity was due to adultery and wanted to divorce her

If the husband falsely claimed that he had found his wife Thiebaud and asked him to differentiate it is to retain the grip of a dowry and a

E if sentenced the wife of adultery Vllzoj divorce her and recover what he paid a dowry of what remained of the device

If the husband of adultery sentenced Vllzojh seek a separation and take full dowry deferred

And divorce is not only by virtue of the judge and the report of it

G shall not return to the absolute infallibility of firing

H implemented commandment for the heir and the other one-third and more than

I The branch of the deceased before the death of the deceased are branches or her place and takes his share as if he were alive
Article 308

Applied for the Christian and Jewish communities than all the range of legislative provisions relating to religious sermon and in terms of marriage and held, and follow-up marital and alimony little expense and annulment of marriage and dissolution and disintegration untie him in dowry (dowry) and nursery