Law 54 Of 1959 Code Book Justice + Terms And Fees For Notaries

Original Language Title: القانون 54 لعام 1959 قانون الكتاب بالعدل + اختصاصات ورسوم الكتّاب بالعدل

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 Law 54 of 1959 Code Book Justice + terms and fees for notaries article 1 writer of Justice is designated official within his power and competence to the actions described in this law and other laws.

Article 2 is each editor Organizer or documented by a writer with justice or by him in accordance with this law.

Article 3 regulation is to create and edit the document directly by the author of Justice as requested by stakeholders and documented.

Article 4 documentation is the author of Justice certification signatures or seals combined with a thumbprint, or relevant thumbprint in document organization out and recognition of its content, meaning the thumbprint left footprint, unless there's mind, replace it with another fingerprint indicated in the certification.

Article 5 relationship is a contractor or a website or who have left his station.

Article 6 1. who appoints a clerk for Justice to be: a-national United Arabic Republic for at least five years. B-protected civil rights. C-30 and crossed past sixty years of age. D-unscathed from communicable diseases, diseases and disabilities that prevented him from performing around the State the task entrusted to him. E-is condemned to a felony or outrageous offence or imprisoned over the year. -Possession licence from a United Arabic Republic universities or equivalent law of one of the other universities. G-has succeeded in the competition that determines the object and conditions of Justice Minister and her date and posted in accordance with the provisions contained in the personnel Act.

2. exclude from the condition (g) judges who have served three years in the judiciary.

With the exception of two conditions (f, g) judicial assistants, current and former, who had been in third place clerical Ministry of Justice staff another 20 years at least.

Article 7 the Justice Department exercised the power to appoint notaries and accept their resignations, certification, discipline and light penalties and termination, and everything related to their careers.

The severe penalties imposed against them by the competent assemblies in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Article 8 1-except the provisions laid down in this law is subject to all justice writer provisions governing State officials under the staff regulations and other laws.

2. the President of the Court of first instance supervise the book of justice officials, and these circles also for financial and judicial inspection in accordance with the provisions of the judicial authority Act.

3. notaries to bail set in staff guarantees system determines the amount of bail by a decision of the Minister of Justice.

Article 9 the author of Justice immediately before his first time to divide the function of the Court of appeal in its own right: (I swear by Almighty God that I will perform my duties honourably, faithfully, to respect the laws and keep the secret of my job).

Article 10 1-determines the sequence of types and levels and degrees of notaries in Schedule 1 to this Act.

2. determine the number of notaries and their respective status and competence in spatial table 2 to this law.

3. in regions and areas that did not occur, Justice clerk Department Chief Court Justice write work within specified spatial jurisdiction for the Court in addition to his original work.

By commissioning a decision of Justice Minister which determines the compensation given to charge acts justly writing not exceeding 100 SP in each month by frequent business and said compensation is paid from appropriations in the budget of the Ministry of Justice monitors for this purpose article 11 1-if the author is absent justice for legal reason is its highest judicial assistants in his rank, and in case of equal rank senior after approval by the competent public prosecutor.

2. If he has assistants or if the public prosecution that no constituency assistants who fit to do the work, at the suggestion of the Court of appeal has assigned prosecutors a book to do this task in addition to its original function and gives the Director compensation lump sum does not exceed 100 pounds in a month.

3. If the acting author of justice judicial assistants, doing his job, duration of absence an Assistant magistrate chosen court or judge shall receive compensation as initially allocated to this function.

Article 12 1-Specifies the number of judicial assistants and are reflected in the book justly according to table 3 to this law, this table is attached to the schedule for the number of assistants and are reflected in the judicial authority Act.

2. each Chamber of notaries a number of judicial assistants and bailiffs as needed.

3. judicial assistants and the prepared the book justice in all their functional walmslket of the judicial assistants and the prepared in other courts and tribunals.

Article 13, the writer of Justice following actions: 1. Organization and documentation the documentation is prohibited by law.

2. Organization and documentation of the designated documents organized and documented in accordance with the law.

3. organize and document non-documents organized or documented to a particular reference in law.

4. Organization and documentation of probate instruments without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the Sharia courts.

5. save the origin documents.

6. accept and save documents and deposits that are required to save and deliver depositors certified copy of structured statement by him containing the filing requirements and descriptions of the deposit.

7. give stakeholders upon request copies of documents or documents or by reservation.

8. organizing the protest to demonstrate reluctance to accept or fulfil commercial and attribution inquiring Organization for clarification than male.

9. all warnings and what is its rule and other non-judicial papers and filing applications in accordance with the provisions of the report contained in the code of procedure.

10. translate request translated from foreign languages and if there is no area of competence of an interpreter practice juror in language translation, taking into account provisions contained in articles 18 and 29 of this Act.

Article 41 except as mentioned in the previous article writer may not justly to regulate or certify a document if it falls exclusively within the competence of another reference under special legal text.

Article 15

The writer just before regulation or document a document to verify relevant presence for themselves or on behalf of a law before him and verify their identity or capacity in which they work, whether natural persons or legal persons.

Article 16 1-writer verifies the identity of Justice with relation to one of the following methods:-the documents that carry solar imaging stakeholders or other certificates or identity considered ticket. B-definition of two witnesses who meet eligibility certificate provided that the witness is not blind or dumb.

2. If the relevant representative of the legal person or adding nodes to other or theatre or an agent or trustee or LEA or values or other legally authorized practice order of civil matters on behalf of the other, as must be proven to do transactions required to produce papers accepted that preserves the image of these papers in the special file after signature by its exposed and referred to in the document.

Article 17 if relevant known writer of Justice, no need to verify his identity and simply refer to it in the document.

Article 18 1-if the author just ignorant language or including contractors or deaf or dumb or blind and could not because it express it on the writer of Justice to receive statements by an interpreter or expert to testify.

2. divide the translator or expert before starting to work to translate the statements and expressing the will of contractors honest and forthright writer consulting with justice in the document.

3. be deaf or blind or dumb remarks point are customarily traded position don't let circumstances significant uncertainty on the fact.

4. sign the document expert translator or translation or subscribe to express the will of the contractors.

5. If between contractors who is deaf dumb or blind, deaf or dumb blind and could not because it express it on the writer of Justice not to have his remarks by Deputy Coroner risen.

Article 19 1-free Arabic language document clear line without writing off or add or glosses to.

2. every write or add on board a document referred to as a margin and sign off on this reference written by contractors, and witnesses as well as the interpreters and experts when they are otherwise considered or addition.

Article 20 mentioned in document name and fame status and eligibility, profession and home contractors and witnesses and history is written with letters and numbers.

Article 21 on the writer of Justice read on contractors and witnesses documented systems or document and mentioned in the words believe and sign at the bottom of the document with the contractors and the witnesses then sealed document to the finale.

Article 22 1-if the document had written more than write her paper written by Justice and a number of these papers are tethered to each other full of characters with a tail the last page this is contractors and witnesses and written by Justice and placed at the bottom of each sheet the same signatures and seal.

2. the writer of Justice not to release the back of paper writing.

Article 23 if one of the contractors or translator or expert witnesses or ignorant of writing and don't know signing cost him justly writer to put his thumbprint as mentioned in article 4.

Article 24 1-if notable writer of Justice foreign language document related to the treatment to be organized or documented history translated into a sworn interpreter.

2. If there is no interpreter juror in the author area of Justice is translation if incompetent, or entrust responsibility to a trusted interpreter translated yet to swear in front of that translation faithfully and honestly.

Article 25 1-if it turns out the writer justly or his lack of eligibility or consent to contractors or the desired paper documenting the phenomenon of invalidity was refrained from documentation, if a student authentication on the vote, the notary shall refer papers to the Court embarks on her district.

2. If the Court recognizes the notary, was her own documentation or paperwork to do.

3. the Court refers to the President of the Court of first instance in the headquarters of the courts and magistrate in others.

Article 26 1-do not recognize documents that were documented and no pictures and no photo documentation organized only for special relationship, that could deliver the photographs to others with permission of its author justice court or on the basis of a judicial decision of another reference specialist.

2. but the judicial authorities may request these records and documents for consultation under the auspices of the author or his Deputy justly.

Article 27 shall be transferred from the author of Justice Office assets documents that were organized or not documented records and related documents.

Article 28 1-author of justice are prohibited from organizing, documenting any of his origins and descendants or siblings or spouses or kinship of these grades, or service.

2. organize and document documentation prescribed in the preceding paragraph the writer the other Justice found otherwise head writer assigned for this purpose in accordance with article 11.

Article 29 the author of Justice interpreters work the jury himself or by an interpreter chooses on its responsibility in accordance with the provisions of article 18 of this law if found in his area an interpreter translation exercises juror language to translate from or to. And in this case the application of the provisions of the law interpreters jury.

Article 30 organization documents or documented by writer justly have probative enshrined in the law of evidence.

Article 31 1. attribution of religion by author justly payable directly in implementation as service provisions.

2. If the debtor is deceased, swears Chief execution creditor the right to invoke the law of evidence.

Article 32 on the writer doing justice at the request of the relevant communication of warnings and what is its rule and other papers relating to persons living within its competence, to follow in reporting legislation in force on the notification of judicial notes, a resident of them outside its competence by spatial justly writer in that shop if they are resident in a foreign country, informed by political means in accordance with international agreements and laws.

Article 33 1-writer with justice that holds the following records: 1. daily.

2. deposits.

3. imports.

4. stamps.

5. decisions.

6. correspondence.

7. the register of alphabetical indexes.

A daily record shall order initiation, documents and transactions conducted by the writer and the text of the document and the names of the contractors, and may modify this record as the types of transactions and documents and the need to facilitate the work of the stakeholders. B deposit register shall deposit and commercial bills deposited with the writer and the names of their owners and the filing date. C import log shall record the fees levied by the writer and cab fair editing and moving expenses and document type and names of contractors. D shall record the amount and value of stamps and stamp type received by the writer of Justice Treasury. E shall record decisions the author of Justice decisions provided for in article 25 of this law. And shall mail log writer Department's intelligence and received. G shall register the relevant names alphabetical who signed the contracts or documents to the author.

2. the judge of all these records and authenticates the pages before you start using it.

3. put the Justice Department records and forms are printed at their own expense and give to the author.

4. the writer of Justice in maintaining my record imports and stamps for assets that the Treasury's instructions.

Article 34 1-writer may justly be glued on daily record photo document systems or documented instead of copying them on the record.

2. in this case the author of Justice pastes each page of the document to paste the registry page, and signed and he uses a formal conclusion of all aspects, and the seals and signatures of the document to the registry except that stakeholders signatures last document.

3. If left blank in the history page does not extend to other document shall invalidate this void.

Article 35 1-author of Justice continues to meet the relative fees and traveled under the legislation in force before the promulgation of this law, including the share that they were well for themselves in the name of Justice or fare construction and editing or translation (if they themselves) and leads all to the Treasury Fund.

2. the writer of Justice pastes for fees set forth in the first paragraph of this article is amended to this end stamps and handed to him by the Treasury.

3. the original document character pastes that save the writer of Justice owed amount, documentation does not maintain its origin as well as images, pasting on stamps and author of Justice shows the amount of the approved document and record the image.

Article 36 1-Treasury printed stamps with inter (notary fee stamp) and specifies the forms and the colors and types of value and in agreement with the Justice Department and put this law immediately following the instructions in how to distribute stamps for notaries and recorded in the registry and how to pay for the Treasury.

2. write stamps justice invalidated according to specific assets law stamps.

3. apply to offences and penalties mentioned stamps crimes in the Penal Code and the code of stamps.

Article 37 signature is on behalf of a company or legal entity one signature. Either the agent or the guardian or guardian or custodian or Deputy Coroner who works for the benefit of several persons will be required to pay a fee for each person represents.

Article 38 1-each document or governing document if they contain more than one independent contract meets about every Decade contained in the drawing to be in this Bill.

2. by virtue of the contract per fork on contract terms and conditions and the obligations inherent in and configure separate contracts or some of each in this case meets the most graphic.

Article 39 the writer of Justice at the request of the relationship that regulates and documents the documents outside the center circle within its area of competence.

Article 40 a-eliminates draw training which was met by the book fair before the issuance of this law. B-meets writer and Assistant who accompanied by relevant if they moved outside their headquarters for the following awards: (15 ls) if the move was only a city or borough where his headquarters. (Twenty-five SP) If you go to the outside of each transaction takes delivery of less than eight hours and thirty pounds in the first case and fifty pounds in second case if completion took more than eight hours. (C) shall not exceed the total amount in one day on sixty pounds within the city or borough or no matter how many ls outside transactions to distribute this amount to the owners of those transactions. D-if the writer to justice in the place to be when the work he conducted several transactions at once upon a relevant request on the same day shortcut. E-pay compensation provided for in this article in accordance with the procedures in the payment of compensation under the insurance law issued by Legislative Decree No 105 of 1953, as amended. F-secure mode of transportation by stakeholders.

Excludes such awards from the ceilings provided for in Legislative Decree No 167 of 1963, as amended.

Article 41 writer meets with justice to calculate the safe mailing and telegram fees and telephone tariffs.

Article 42 on the writer of Justice mentioned at the bottom of each document is organized or documented all the fees and expenses of sale.

Article 43 1-exempt from fees and all papers and photos requested by prosecutors on behalf and in the interest of public right.

2. exempt from fees and photos kept by the clerk with justice in his constituency in accordance with the provisions of this law.

3. exempt from fees and State and public institutions in all transactions and proceedings or.

Article 44 1-writer with justice that saves in his circle out documents organization and photo papers proving the relevant papers which continued to attribute request saved or translated provided for in this Act, a copy of each paper requested it communicated.

2. the author acknowledges the justice demanded a copy of a paper notification required to be reported, adding it to communicated and the reporting entity and the date of the communication.

Article 45 the Minister of Justice in the Syrian region organizational decisions on how to apply and interpret the provisions of this law.

Terms of reference and author of justice charges issued decision No 753