Law 39 Of 1972 Amending Legislative Decree 70 1971 Containing Scientific Missions Act

Original Language Title: القانون 39 لعام 1972 تعديل المرسوم التشريعي 70 لعام 1971 المتضمن قانون البعثات العلمية

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Law 39 of 1972 amending Legislative Decree 70 1971 containing scientific missions Act the President of the Republic on the provisions of the interim Constitution and approved by the NPC at its meeting on 26-6-72.

Issued: article 1 amend articles (1, 23, 24 and 28 and 48, 54 and 90) scientific missions Act Headquarters under Legislative Decree No 70/22-9-1971 as follows: "article 1 – the following terms means where in this law as described by both:-State interests: ministries and public administrations, universities, institutes and local administration bodies and other public institutions and public sector bodies.

B – delegate: dispatch scientific expedition to study or training or at the expense of the State or a scholarship or study leave.

Article 23 – a briefing or training grant if they decide to accept the Secretary of State for planning and transmit them after accepting to training and briefing missions Committee composed of: Assistant Minister of State for planning Affairs President Director of scientific expeditions in the Ministry of higher education members representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a Member representative of the General Federation of trade unions is a member of rehabilitation and training manager in the Cabinet members, Director of scientific and technical cooperation and economic relations of the State Planning Commission member and Rapporteur-the Commission : 1. the validity of the study and training grants to State interests by type and nature and according to the needs of the State after consultation with the representatives of the competent ministries.

2. establish rules and foundations in the interests of the State of the selection of candidates for study and training grants.

3. the powers of the Executive Committee of the missions provided for in this law in relation to training and familiarization awarded delegates.

C adopt resolutions of this Committee of Minister of State for planning Affairs and become enforceable.

Article 24 – in case of request for extension of briefing or training grant by the receiving State or of its interests or of the donor, apply the provisions of article 21 of this law provides that in no case shall exceed a briefing or training grant to a beneficiary.

Article 48 – the Envoy had the following duties: a to triggers deployment schedule of Mission Directorate at the Ministry of higher education.

B to pursue his studies without fault or negligence until he gets the required certificate during the period specified is not yvadh by the Executive Committee.

C to preserve his reputation and comply with laws and regulations and respect the country's traditions and systems that send them.

D – the answer to all of the information required by the cultural attaché or his official mission.

-To bring home during a month at most of the finishes and his success in his certificate for her and to put himself at the disposal of the scientific missions Directorate in the Ministry of higher education within a week from the date of arrival at home for this Directorate has placed at the disposal of his interest to her account or send it to her advantage. Delegates either for or training them to return directly to their work in their own departments within a week at most of their deployment expires if the duration of the scholarship not more than one year during the two weeks at the most if this term more than a year and added to the deadline for sending specific means of travel.

And – from the sending State or of any other party any kinds of scholarships or financial assistance in cash or in kind and other secure housing reduction or exemption from tuition fees only if the prior consent of the Minister of higher education, except for the matters contained in articles/20 and 45 of this law.

Article 54 – that the candidate for deployment to a mission or a scholarship who does not issue a decision sent due to failure to dispatch in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (a) of article 48//of this law be deprived of that scholarship.

Either the candidate that decision sent and failed to join the study schedule or disdain about his study for which it denied the scholarship and nomination for any mission or a scholarship for three years, and recover all amounts that the professional may spent on it, and this article applies to the Envoy study leave in similar cases.

Article 90 — the provisions of this Act do not apply to military missions for the armed and security forces that are subject to special provisions. As no provisions on grants and walatalaaih and professional training courses for grassroots organizations. "Article 2 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 14-7-1392 (h) equal 23-8-72.



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