Act 21 Of 1974 Agricultural Organization Act

Original Language Title: القانون 21 لعام 1974 قانون التنظيم الفلاحي

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Act 21 of 1974 agricultural regulatory act of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution issue: title I definitions article 1 for the following expressions intended meanings next to each of them in the application of the provisions of this law, the Minister: the Minister of agriculture and agrarian reform, the Ministry: Ministry of agriculture and agrarian reform, the Assembly: Assembly multipurpose cooperative or specialized farming or productivity or common or single purpose, ASC : Agricultural regulation for other agricultural products, the agricultural organization: Union of other conservative peasants, agricultural management, General Union of other peasants, diameter: agricultural cooperative organization, whether an association or association or Union or Federation, Member: 1 farmer: every man or woman belongs to the following categories: agricultural workers, whether they are ordinary or technicians or agents or agricultural service workers, by everyone who works in the ground itself directly or with family members or agricultural Assembly without the efforts of others Was he a farmer to participate or allowance as well as the owner not to exceed ownership as the upper limit for distribution to farmers under the agrarian reform act and its amendments

Section II article 2 agricultural cooperative association trade union organization of popular and economical persons who fit the Member Declaration contained in this law.

Article 3 includes the Assembly name indication as agricultural cooperative based in purpose and must not be called by the name of one of its members

Article 4 the society operates according to the following principles:, a Association is optional except in special legislative text retorted, with a capital stock Assembly consists of unlimited number of everyone has rights and waived in accordance with the provisions of this law and the rules of procedure of the Assembly, c production methods provided by the calendar may be a member of the Assembly shares, a member may not have owned shares in the Association more than five capital and may not subscribe to less than one share , Its members have equal rights and duties for each of them one vote in the Assembly regardless of the number of his shares and turnover, net profit distributed decision distributed to each Member by his work in the Assembly and dealing with it in accordance with the rules of procedure by a decision of the public authority, the Assembly system may be modified g what does not contradict the provisions of this law and does not cause loss of capacity as a cooperative or State line deviation and public policy , H shares nominal and Assembly are indivisible and cannot be seized because of debts of the Association, I develop the cooperative democratically to become productive society based on socialist foundations in the production and distribution of income

Article 5 of the agricultural management activity includes all areas of agricultural production and trade activity required by the needs of society within the framework of the State plan and policy and in particular the following: 1 dissemination and awareness class and consolidating the Socialist national struggle and emphasized the importance of organizing peasants to develop production and increase national income and improve conditions for economic, social and cultural farmers and health and to ensure its duties

2. bring the Socialist relationship supersedes all other affiliations and other pathological relationships as well as define their main militant peasant revolution on the reality of fragmentation and underdevelopment, colonialism and the common Arab Socialist society building, 3 against bureaucracy to sensitize and orient farmers to implement laws relating to rural development through the development of people's control devices related to organization and combat customs that harm the Organization's goals, 4 contribute to the agricultural revolution and the introduction and use of modern methods of agriculture and labor protection and production as a national wealth and work to continually develop and expand

Introduction of advanced methods, and games at work, production and maintenance and enhancement of social ownership and participation in the preparation of agricultural cadres competent, 6 contribute to supporting rural and environmental industries in cooperation with the competent organs, 7 marketing of agricultural products (plant and animal) for themselves or for their members

Article 6 the Assembly exercises its activity in all areas of agricultural production and trade activity required by the needs of its members within the framework of the State plan and public policy, in particular: 1 dissemination and awareness class, solidify National Socialist struggle between their members and work on developing production and improving economic and social conditions of its members, 2 contribute to the agricultural revolution and the use of modern techniques in agriculture, 3 to contribute to the implementation of State plans to organize collective cultivation and exploitation of land

4. organize various types of loans according to the needs of the territory and its lands and animals of their members, 5 providing agricultural machinery for the Association and the management and operation of these machines, maintenance and economical organization of member access, 6 management and exploitation of their lands and Lands entrusted, 7 to contribute to supporting rural industries and public services to their members in cooperation with the competent organs, 8 do savings for its members and apply the savings for development logo as the Assembly agricultural insurance operations and its members

, 9 marketing of agricultural products (plant and animal) for themselves or for their members, 10 productive projects to their advantage as irrigation and drainage projects and land reclamation and building warehouses and stables and the acquisition of tractors and agricultural machinery and maintenance and repair stations and other projects needed to produce them, 11 all business functions and carry out its work in accordance with its rules of procedure and the provisions of the laws and regulations in force

Article 7 is a multipurpose Assembly if their work in the areas mentioned in the preceding article may also be limited Assembly activity in the economic field on one of the branches of agricultural production or related to agriculture and the Assembly is in this case a specialized Association

Article 8 the Assembly may lead its services to non-members within the limits established by the rules of procedure

Article 9 specialized Assembly enterprise level or region or province or country work and tasks determined by its rules of procedure

Article 10

Each annual activity programme Association committed to its members and sets the internal system of sanctions arising from its breach

Article 11 shall not be instituted in one village more than one type of Association

Article 12 establishes the Association of at least 30 people who meet membership requirements provided for in this law.

Article 13 Assembly includes its name and its area, type, purpose and value per share capital value and the names of the founders and their respective place of residence and place of contract and its history

Article 14 Member is involved in the establishment of an association, sign the memorandum of its founders and officials of interdependence and solidarity than an establishment of obligations if configured, have no right to return the underwriters if they formed VERD Assembly decided by the general body of founding asks expenses jointly and severally for all subscribed funds until they are handed over to the Association Council and the Association is not responsible for the obligations of the Member to anyone before the establishment of her affiliation to her

Article 15 Assembly acquires legal personality and active after being registered by the General Union and published in the Official Gazette memorandum summary

Article 16 specifies the conditions of membership: 1 enjoy Syrian Arabic nationality or the nationality of one of the Arabic States, 2 that have completed 18 years of age, 3 the Member definition applies in this law

Article 17 Assembly placement of financial and agricultural technicians, administrators and owners of scientific competence and expertise as members of the Association who need their services

Article 18 freshman to join the Association by written request to accept membership and Board of Directors to decide on the request within fifteen days the Member object to reject affiliation during the month to the Executive Office of the Conservative Union who oppose the decision to contract

Article 19 Assembly exercises its supervision of public Union Union Association

Farming organizations are subject to article 20 minimum agricultural organizations top instructions and guidance on what is not contrary to the provisions of this law and regulations

Article 21 a election for peasant organizations through cycles of elections determines the Executive Bureau of the General Federation of successive stages and dates and peasant organizations committed to implementing all the electoral session program if elected after the term, by the duration of the four-year election cycle on the elections within three months from the date of the end of the session, c determine electoral procedures, including the methods of election and its commissions and appealing assets and other matters related to the Organization of elections and rules the Union Council decisions. General elections must be confidential at all stages and levels

Article 22 agricultural workers system issued a decree

Article 23 General Union Council shall establish internal regulations of agricultural organizations forms and specifying the number of members elected and appointed boards and executive offices and issued by the competent Minister

Article 24 applies to the Association and the Union and Union employees in the application of laws and regulations as applicable to associations and employees in all unless stipulated in this law.

Article 25 of the Association as to the Association and the Union and the Union right to litigation before all courts and authorities with jurisdiction and commissions for their interests and individual interests of their members by written consent and borders on issues arising from agricultural issues, by exercising the right of litigation for Assembly members, or for those who represent them attach a notarized instrument of Union, Union Association having the right attach instrument binder of General Union

, C is referred to the application of the provisions of paragraph a of this article a judgmental Solicitor for its members in all courts and other departments and its arbitration right on the Member's right to have the Agency fully or partially withdrawn during the proceedings or administrative review and this article does not apply to disputes arising between the members themselves, continue to follow the Assembly proceedings at all stages, if one or more Member who died represent them and that if the nature of the dispute before the hearing Regarding issues arising from collective farming or relationships related to the interests of the Association including movable and immovable belonging to her if the individual interests and had not released in a lawsuit judgment if not contract, continue the lawsuit against the Association unless he wills heirs or someone holding rivalry

Agricultural organization structure section III article 26 agricultural organization structure consists of associations, unions and the General Federation links

Article 27 be multipurpose associations events village level or more members shall be individuals as joint association may occur level and members of affiliated associations

Article 28 branches may be producers in the agricultural production of vegetable and animal products, whether individuals or associations to establish specialized quality Association in accordance with the provisions of this law and covers the work area determined by its rules of procedure and may not form a quality Association of individuals nationwide

Article 29 consist of agricultural societies Association list and its area

Article 30 conservative peasant Union consists of links and associations that are based on county level

Article 31 peasants Union consists of provincial unions and associations that establish nationwide

Article 32

General Administration or Congress are the Supreme authority in the Organization and its decisions are binding on the Council and all its members and staff and composed as follows:, a public body composed of Assembly all founding members and affiliates, b quality problem Assembly of Association members consist of general assemblies of these associations, c in common assembly-level public authority consists of Board members of affiliated associations , In Conference consists of Association Board members Association and two representatives from each of the associations involved in the area of operation, in the Union and Association Councils Conference consists of one representative of each association in the work area, and the General Union Conference consists of members of boards of Directors and qualitative associations unions affiliated to

Article 33 members of executive offices in the unions and the General Federation of natural agricultural organizations conferences members

Article 34 each Member has one vote in the General Conference or body, as the case may be, whatever the number of shares owned and protector or guardian on behalf of minors or the charge and concluded on behalf of the Chief Accountant and otherwise acting shall not

Article 35 disappear membership judgements in the following cases:, 1 death, 2 ch, 3 resignations, 4 loss condition for membership.

Article 36 General Assembly meeting or Conference is headed by the Provost or Vice President when the general body or choose the briefing Conference from among the members of each of the Chair

Article 37 General body meetings or conference periodically and exceptional and outlines rules how to take

Article 38 General Assembly meeting or Conference is legal if attended by a majority of the members if fewer attendees that public body or the Conference was held on the fifteenth day following the date of the previous meeting be held in this case legally by any number of members

Article 39 general body or the Conference decisions by a majority vote of those present in the case of amendment of the rules of procedure or other association or Assembly included fragment or resolved, it decides by a two-thirds majority of the membership

Article 40 public authority and the General Conference to add to their agenda at regular meetings decide his research topics by members, either in the meetings may not appeal to discuss in other topics on the agenda

Article 41 each administered Council organization composed as follows: a in the Association Board of Directors composed of at least three members elected by the General Board from among its members by secret ballot, by the Association Board composing 7 19 members elected by the Conference from among the members of the Association plus two by designation, c in Union Council comprise 17 of 18 members elected by the Conference from among the members of the Union plus three by appointment , D the General Union Board composing 22 26 members elected by the General Conference from among its members, plus five by appointment

Article 42 each association and Federation Union Executive Office outlining his powers in the rules of procedure for each of these organizations and composed as follows: ACS, compose the Executive Office of 3 5 members elected by the Board from among its members, by the Union: composing the Executive Office of 5 9 members elected by the Federation Council from among its members , C the General Union: composing the Executive Office of 11 of 13 members elected by the General Union Council from among its members

Article 43 defines the rules of procedure of the Assembly conditions on board members and membership and method of election of this Council and the dates of its meetings and to take decisions and rewards system and its committees and all is in keeping with the powers granted to the general body or conference under this Act

Article 44 General body or Conference may oust all or some members of the Council and the election rather than about them.

Article 45 Council holds all powers to conduct the business of the association management

Article 46 Council member membership falls in the following cases: If, one of the conditions of membership of the Council, if imposed penal right b stipulated in this law, if failed to attend three consecutive meetings of the Board without reasonable excuse of the Council declares fall of membership in previous cases the decision of the Union

Article 47 membership Council member by decision of the public authority or in the following cases: Conference, a manipulation of the records of the organization or its leaves or intentionally damaged or misused, b incorrect statements in order to hinder production or block the Organization's goals, c payments accrued performance or personal Testament period designated by the public authority or Council of the Conference or the competent administrative authority

Article 48 a permissible decision from the Executive Office a written investigation after dropping on one or more members of the Council if proven misconduct or penalized for the interests of the organization or violation of laws and regulations, b affected may decision referred to in the preceding paragraph of this article raise objection to the Executive Office of the Union within fifteen days from the date of announcing the headquarters , C determine the Executive Office of the General Union objection within one month of submission to him and be his decision final and irreversible any route of appeal or review.

Article 49 may at Union Council removed from the Assembly and Council resolution Association decision of the Council of the General Union for the rest of the boards and executive offices at the top of the Organization's leadership removed

Article 50 when some members of the Council membership ends for any reason, replace the Member who received the most votes in the election of alternate members if found, otherwise called the general body or the Conference to elect the alternative if the remainder of more than six months and not remain vacant locality provided Council members with at least the minimum necessary for the validity of its decisions

Article 51 shall not combine membership of the Association and any another Executive Office. May be combined with top organizations and councils single Executive Office.

Article 52 upon dissolution of the Council appointed by resolution of the same solution Manager or interim Council handles specific terms of the rules of procedure of the Council and that the Manager or the Provisional Council to invite the public body or the Conference before term in the decision to present his report on the status of the Organization and elect a new Board

Article 53

The Organization's Board members and employees where workers should take immediately to the delivery Manager or interim Board once formed all the Organization's money, records, books and documents culpable

Article 54 decisions Director or Provisional Council during his tenure are binding on the organization within the limits set by the rules of procedure of the appointment and organization is not inconsistent with the provisions of this law

Article 55 shall be by decision of the plenary or the Conference Board members and staff bonuses that does not exceed the sum of these bonuses at all events 10% of actual net profits

Article 56 the EU's Executive Office is entitled to suspend the implementation of any decision of the Association Council if the decision against the law or the rules of procedure or the State plan in the agricultural sector, based on a reasoned proposal of the Association

Article 57 of the Assembly Council may appeal against the decision of suspension issued on the basis of the former article to the General Union within fifteen days from the date of the Council decision and not considered final and the General Union of deciding to appeal within fifteen days from the date of the appeal decision is final and enforceable

Article 58 shall be by decision of the Executive Office of the Union to appoint a Director for each association to oversee their work and be responsible for the proper functioning of the Council's decisions are implemented by them and determines the rules of procedure of the Assembly, terms of appointment and powers, rights and duties and responsibilities

Section IV article 59 amended by law No 29 of 2000 consisting of Assembly resources:, 1 capital consists of an unlimited number of stocks and sets out the rules of procedure of the Assembly value per share so that at least ten pounds of Syria and how to pay for and redemption of shares and waived, 2 legal reserve consists of:, a percentage of the net profits stipulated in this law , By the decision of the general body of provisions or other precautions in accordance with the rules of procedure, c what falls right to claim its profit and stock value in accordance with the provisions of this law, the d of the membership fee in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Assembly, its the gifts and bequests which the Commission accepted within the provisions of the laws and regulations in force., 3 land premiums for enterprise associations of Al agrarian reform and State property Material assistance, in cash and in kind by the State, project return by 5 associations and agricultural land that are managed and used to calculate the benefits of funds deposited in banks, 6 other revenues prescribed by the rules of procedure of the Assembly

Article 60 of the Association right to accept deposits and savings of its members in accordance with the provisions of this law and rules of procedure

Article 61 of the organization right borrowing institutions and competent bodies to directly draw different activity according to the provisions laid down in its rules of procedure

Article 62 the Assembly their deposit funds saved in the ACB or one of the banks in the province and are entitled to retain an amount not exceeding the amount specified in the rules of procedure for reimbursement of incidental or

Article 63 of the borrowing and lending organizations among them and determines the rules for each of these organizations how to exercise that right.

Article 64 shall not legal persons of other associations established in accordance with this law in stocks issued by these associations

Article 65 each Member shall have the right to withdraw from the Association in accordance with the procedures specified by its system and then have the right to recover the amount contributed by the Assembly, provided that it follows the Assembly's capital reduction is less than half the maximum value reached the capital since the inception of the Association and shall reduce the amount recovered by the retiring member the Association of capital and deficit Member shall withdraw if that would lead to the demise of the Association

Article 66 a Provident Fund Assembly may issue its decision from the Minister at the suggestion of the Executive Office of the Federation and its being invested for the benefit of the Association and placed in this box in addition to member savings ratio not exceeding 1% of the value of the crop that is marketed as cooperative and accepts this fund deposits of members and others, b defines rules how to work in this box and record his calculations taking into account the following :, 1 deposits and savings can be recruited within a minimum of 60% of their value, 2 can exploit for the due dates shall not exceed projects, 3 are granted interest on these deposits and savings for at least three months, 4 specifies the interest rate granted to these deposits and savings in accordance with the regulations in force in the State

Article 67 right Assembly members claim profit and revenue and shareholder value five years after the demise of the membership or dropped.

Article 68 distributed net profit from ongoing business during the financial year of the Association as follows:, 20% at least of the legal reserve, 10% to support the Association and the Union Federation in accordance with the prescribed rules of procedure rates, 10% of the Social Security Fund, 10% at least to improve administrative work physically, socially and Assembly be sewage to learn Assembly Council and the consent of the Union, 10% at most determined by the general body of bonuses for Board members and staff , The rest of the profits are distributed to members for each of them by dealing and its currency.

Article 69 if the Assembly suffered losses resulting shortfall in capital and reserves and premiums for distributing allowances any benefit or profit in subsequent years but after covering this deficit

Article 70 shall not be distributed to the members of the Assembly yield includes anything from profits from non-Member Assembly operations and allocate those profits to the Association's services in its area as determined by the public body

71 article happen in every society for Social Security Fund for the benefit of its members and their families and making fund system and identify sources of funding and situations and ways to take advantage of it by a decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Executive Bureau of the General Federation

Article 72 special transaction record Assembly stuck with members and most of its dealings with non-members and each Member of its own transactions and card restrictions are contained in the Member's argument and the Assembly instructions show the Union General and operational procedures for the Organization of work to this article

Article 73

The Organization's financial year begins on the first of January and ends on the last December of each year with the exception of the first financial year starting from the date of the establishment of the Assembly last December of the same year.

Article 74 Assembly members is jointly and severally liable to pay all the loans the short, medium and long term and the Governor may upon proposal of the dispossession debtor Member who has not settled his commitment of solidarity with land or investment mechanisms of Assembly or his animals temporarily and invested by the Assembly until the payment of the debt owed by such member in accordance with the instructions issued by General Union

Article 75 the Assembly may insure her locker and warehouses and facilities and assets and employer Covenant of employees against work hazards such as disability, loss and theft and fire according to the rules of procedure

Title v cooperative agricultural productivity article 76 establishes cooperative agricultural productivity in cases where members invest land or animals or machines collectively to improve economic and social conditions of the members and close cooperation among its members through increased production on the basis of socialism and the assemblies in addition to the purposes and goals set forth in this law: 1 application of teamwork by the members in all production processes set out in the rules of procedure for the cooperative productivity as determined by the Commission Public, 2 organize cultivation and exploitation of land collectively in accordance with modern methods and scientific foundations, 3 secure all agricultural needs to exploit the Earth as seeds, fertilizer and agricultural machinery and means of storage and preservation products and move, 4 marketing agricultural and livestock production in accordance with the best ways to get the biggest return at the lowest costs and the marketing of members and individuals and other peasants in its area of products based on their desire, 5 obtain loans necessary for cooperative productivity according to investment requirements in the light of plans and programmes 6 application of scientific methods in the production workflow to increase labor productivity, 7 contributing to the creation health facilities, social and cultural rights and rural industrial and everything leads to the improvement of living and working conditions for members and their families, 8 assist members to establish a healthy organization chart approved housing for urban planning in the area of operation, modern production means 9 and make use of the means of production for agricultural organizations

Article 77 Member may retain ownership of the land when they enter the cooperative productivity and determines its own rules of procedure the amount of Earth share of net production

78 article outlining how to distribute net production to the cooperative productivity in its rules of procedure

Article 79 shall organize and implement the work in the cooperative productivity through task forces and work groups and internal system determines how

Article 80 defines the general basis for evaluating business categories in the cooperative productivity under special regime issued by the Union and the Member's predecessor may be paid his share of the value of work

Article 81 may leave a portion of land to individual investment by Member and defines rules how to and parlay method

Article 82 other associations are converted into productive agricultural cooperative associations develop gradually and optionally with the approval of two thirds of the members of the Commission

Title vi article 83 agricultural association grassroots organization an economic and social nature enjoying legal personality and has financial and administrative autonomy

Article 84 in association with area specific powers prescribed by the rules of procedure in addition to the following: 1. propose production plans and monitor the implementation of plans established for the lower levels and work programmes of the Association, 2 handle all agricultural issues that go beyond borders and the powers of the lower organizations, 3 represent peasants in committees and boards and bodies that are in the area.

Article 85 the popular organization Union an economic and social nature enjoying legal personality and administrative and financial independence

86 article specialized Union powers prescribed by the rules of procedure in addition to the following: 1. proposing plans for General Union and monitor the implementation of plans established for organizations and implement the planned programmes, 2 handle all agricultural issues that go beyond borders and the powers of the lower organizations, 3 represent peasants in committees and boards and bodies that form in the province, 4 participation in agricultural conservation plan, 5 advice for General Union in all matters of conservative and countrified production issues 6 share the competent authorities in the preparation of agricultural cadres, 7 achieve unity of struggle among peasants and workers

Article 87 of the General Union grassroots organization an economic and social nature enjoying legal personality and administrative and financial independence

88 article specialized General Union in diameter with powers determined by the rules of procedure in addition to the following: 1 overseeing agricultural organizations in the country and work to achieve their goals, 2 attention to interests of peasants and work towards unity of struggle among peasants, workers and other popular organizations, 3 leadership and representation of farmers and their organizations on boards and committees and bodies and national and international conferences and convene such conferences, 4 participation in agricultural policy in the country and work to implement its own ones 1.5 development of action plans and determine the responsibility of organizations in the field of production and services, 6 participation of competent bodies in achieving economic development and social development, particularly the development of agricultural production, 7 participating in the preparation of draft laws and regulations concerning the agricultural sector, 8 work towards unity of struggle of the peasant class and Arabic in the Arab peasant Union, 9 organize links and relationships between peasant organizations in the country and abroad 10 share the competent authorities in the preparation of agricultural cadres, 11 peasant interests unregulated farming organizations and work on organizing, 12 version of newspapers, magazines and newsletters for the realization of the goals and purposes of agricultural organization

Article 89 the Prime Minister designate appointed members in the Federation Council and the Minister designate appointed members in the Federation and the Association

Article 90

Specifies the rules for both the League and the Union and the Union of the administrator in every election cycle to determine the number of Councillors and executive offices

Section VII exemptions and benefits article 91 the State and public bodies and economic institutions and local authority support for organizations to achieve their goals and success through: 1 granting material assistance in cash or in kind, 2 secure production requirements and the necessary loans, 3 provide technical support and technical elements for rehabilitation and training of leaders and members of organizations, 4 work on developing the cultural and intellectual life and improve the conditions of social life in the countryside. 5, creating the means to move to the production activity to develop existing associations, provision of technical, financial and administrative elements needed to organize various forms of agricultural activity

Article 92 agricultural enterprise organizations according to this law, the following advantages: a exempt from all fees payable for contracts for established or amended its rules as to ratify the signatures and special publishing contracts mentioned are free of charge, exempt from all taxes and fees that all future contracts, editors, leaves, tractors and cars work and combines materials, pump and accessories you need to function and specified by the Minister of finance in agreement with the Executive Bureau of the General Federation As exempt from municipal taxes and charges on different types and transactions shall be exempt from all Association member fees and stamps, c exempt from providing temporary insurance, 50% of the final insurance walmsaudat tenders presented by Government and local authorities and public institutions provided the required supplies in its service and have a preference for equal conditions, Dr grant a reduction of at least 5% of the price of all goods purchased from other public agencies as well as the value of the services performed by them on The least cost price, grant a reduction of at least 25% of the wages and transfer machines, materials and products belonging to her and transferred to rail transport belonging to public bodies, and exempt all editors and construction contracts and mortgage solutions and compromise and write lists and constraint and renovation and real estate certificates and read and all kinds of statements related to loans provided by banks, companies and organizations bodies provided for in this law of all registration fees and exempt all contracts of sale and purchase, the mortgage Of all charges relating to land registration processes as exempt property owned by the Organization of real estate rents tax walarsat up to the date of registration of the real estate in the names of its members, g allow mortgage transactions to the ACB on real estate information sheets on the returning signal stay and owned cooperative organizations or their members or Union with legitimate unique survival as contained in the cadastral sheets without any switch

Article 93 shall grant public benefit organizations and local authorities for its social work services

Article 94 the Assembly's Board of Directors is entitled to ensure that organizations and their members in banks on loans and advances agricultural and other seasonal, medium and long term granted by these banks.

Article 95 and members of organizations granted seasonal loans according to its productivity and yield guarantee estimated budget

Chapter VIII agricultural associations and solution elapse 96 material or Assembly expires in the following cases: 1 if the number of members on the minimum incorporation provided for in this law, 2 if merged into another society or broken up into two, three if they are unable to continue work on a regular basis both for its constant disruption or disorder to repeat the violation of the basic principles of cooperation or for rules established by this law and the rules of procedure or disputes between members If the specified duration, and which have not been extended, 5 if do business that was created or undergone obstacles completed, 6 if lost all or part of the capital so that it becomes impossible to continue working or calling for loss

Article 97 is the expiration or dissolution Assembly by resolution of the Executive Office of the Union on the basis of a decision of the plenary and the Conservative Union proposal

Article 98 the decision must include the solution set and remuneration of liquidators and the use and distribution of the funds of the association either in creating a new society or fragment or work for public benefit and publish this decision in the Official Gazette

Article 99 the solution or decision may be challenged before the courts of first instance expiry in the Assembly within thirty days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette the Court decides the appeal expeditiously without fees and expenses and be totally unreadable judgment any appeal or review.

Article 100 of the Council members and staff submitting documents and documents and books to the liquidation Committee to do its work

Article 101 a puts the filter end liquidators were calculated and lifts to check within fifteen days from the completion of the account and authenticated and published in the Official Gazette, b Member may, within thirty days from the date of publication of the final account gazetted appeal courts first and its decision shall be issued within one month from the date of filing

Article 102 is not distributed to the members of money resulting from the liquidation than the value of their shares as they shall not cause any more than loans and deposits and interest owed by the Association in accordance with its rules of procedure and conditions for deposits and savings association

Chapter IX Penal Code article 103

Shall be sentenced to imprisonment of one to six months and a fine of 500 1000 SP or either: 1 both declined to hand over custody of funds or assets or books, documents or papers or seals belonging to the organization authorized by the owner to the competent authority, 2 each Member got, as such or as Deputy from another Member without the right to advance in cash or in kind or other money and goods by the Assembly if It was the result of information or incorrect data or the loan was not used for the purpose for which it grants, 3 both offended the construction projects and assets of the region or the exploitation of means of production belonging to his own advantage plus fine worth damage caused to the Organization as a result.

Article 104 shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months and a fine not exceeding five hundred pounds or either: 1 Assembly members or Board members or directors or liquidators were working or Assembly or auditors who fail without legitimate reason to harm the objectives of the Assembly to do or perform an obligation or requirement of the action of this law or the rules of procedure of the Assembly or production or investment plans or approved marketing assets or disable monitoring, inspection and review and filter by Specialists in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, 2 the founders engaged in economic activity and Assembly a trade unionist before acquired legal personality, 3 Board members or founders who fail to accept anyone offering legal conditions for membership, 4 each from spreading incorrect reports about the financial and administrative situation or activity of any association, this penalty is doubled in the event of a repeat offence

Article 105 shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than one year and a fine not exceeding one thousand pounds or either: founding Board members, managers and supervisors and Auditors and liquidators were who are baptized in their work or in their accounts or in their reporting to the competent authorities or public authority to cite facts or false numbers about the State Assembly or deliberately hide certain facts and related documents , 2 Councillors, managers and workers who deliberately distribute dividend or bonuses to members not taken from real earnings for Assembly or when there is no balance sheet or contrary to what is stated in the account or calculated incorrectly by placing final, 3 Councillors and managers who caught or money or run the placement or insurance or discount or saving in a manner contrary to the provisions of this law or the rules of procedure of the Assembly Liquidators were, who handed out to members of the Association's assets other than the law.

Article 106 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five thousand pounds each person unjustly fired in its presentations or panels referred or in any other commercial or other published for public works or projects administered yshtghlha label feels that this business has a regulatory nature farming peasants or use in its label or other label legitimate that this business or project is farming association and moreover governed by removing the name and publication of the judgement at the expense of the convicted person In one of the daily newspapers

Article 107 of the Penal Code in case the text or economic penal code or any other Act on the heavier penalty of sanctions provided for in this law applied penalty

Part x 108 material assemblies control exercising State control over agricultural organizations funds by the central body of control and inspection and financial control

109 article adheres to the Organization in the implementation of the State plan and policy and work with numbers and production plans for the agricultural sector and in case the Assembly abstention of limiting or implement this plan invests its land temporarily by the Association in accordance with the instructions issued by the Union in this regard

Article 110 review agricultural organizations competent financial elements involved in such organizations as the General Union Auditors called by the Secretary upon the proposal of the central financial control

Article 111 each inspection and control Association consisting of three members of the general body members who meet the conditions for membership of the Council are elected by the general body

Article 112 the Commission Chairman invited to convene at least once every month and make its decisions by majority and communicated to Union County by the Association

113 article while retaining the prerogatives of the central body of control and inspection of financial control and inspection and Monitoring Committee is entitled to inform themselves or by an assigned counsel on the books and records of the Association and their correspondence and to divest its packaging and warehouses and require its employees informing them of the data with respect to the management and the work of the Assembly and verify the conformity of laws, regulations and full service

Article 114 the Commission is entitled to inspection and surveillance in particular: the Board meetings, and participate in discussions and deliberations without the right to vote, two members representing the Assembly in the public authority decides cases filed on one or more members of the Council that the Committee will select one of its members to do the job as it should cost from your choice of lawyers to defend the Assembly approval of the Union Conservative Union notification, for any violation of the laws and regulations by the Association

Article 115 inspection and Monitoring Committee must submit a written report on their observations to the plenary meeting

Section XI transitional and final provisions article 116 Ministry provides technical services and instructions for agricultural organizations to implement their plans or objectives

Article 117 the assemblies list the effective date of this law to reconcile their positions in accordance with its provisions and to register this amendment duly published within a year of the date of entry into force of this law, or General Union may, at his discretion, amend regulations consistent with the provisions and regulations issued by the internal models

Article 118 to each association has been a reconciliation of their accordance with the provisions of this Act and its rules of procedure and on the Board at the time of entry into force of this law to do its work on a temporary basis until a new Council

Article 119

Taking into account the provisions of article 118 peasant organizations and agricultural cooperative list effective date this Bill reconcile their positions in accordance with the provisions of this law within a year.

Article 120 all unless stipulated in this law for the Association and the General Union would apply provisions concerning assemblies

Article 121 as transition called Executive Office of General Union Executive Office Decree of Union General appointed executive offices to unions and associations for two years at most until the organizational and preparatory measures necessary for normal elections

Article 122 the Minister shall issue the implementing decisions and instructions to the provisions of this law on the proposal of the General Federation

Article 123 abrogate all provisions contrary to this law.

124 article this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of issuance, Damascus 28-3-1394 20-4-1974 President Hafez Al-Assad. nm