Law 14 Of 1974 Ages Alarsat, As Amended By Law 59 For 1979.

Original Language Title: القانون 14 لعام 1974 اعمار العرصات وتعديلاته بالقانون 59 لعام1979

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Law of 1974 alarsat ages 14 and 59 law amendments of 1979/article 1/wording intended this law to her meanings are as follows:

Administrative authority: municipal or administrative unit.

Council: the Municipal Council in the municipality or Executive Office in the administrative unit.

Head of the administrative body: the mayor or Chief Executive Officer in the administrative unit.

/Article 2/balarsat this law means all land intended for construction or what is its non-current public ownership or public sector actors within the landscape in administrative authorities and are as follows:

A switching output for application of the law of dividing and organizing and Imran cities.

B exchanges resulting from the application of law No 65 date 15/6/1958.

C exchanges and other properties according to the organizational chart General in urban residential and commercial areas. Character areas.

D parts of real estate where the conditions set out in the preceding paragraphs if the build system allows to make them viable, independent real estate building on the same conditions as the original property. for part of the construction can be contracted independently.

/Article 3/license to build on plots and properties under the following conditions: a) the newspaper real estate for sale real estate required royalty free from anticompetitive signals.

B) construction license grants property owners or owners of half his arrows at least according to the land registry restrictions or limitations that authorizes laws registered some temporary departments and institutions precede land registration process.

C) when you apply for a license to build one or more property owners half arrows. Permit application must be accompanied by building another request to remove the prevalence of this drug works Committee considered head of the administrative body headed by a judge designated by the Minister of Justice and a representative of the membership of the administrative authority and a representative of the real interests and swears they work before members left: (I swear by Allah the Almighty to do my mission honourably, faithfully, not to reveal the secrets of the diary).

The Committee invites the owners in accordance with the procedures set out in the law of eminent domain and urgent matters and issues assigned by the agreement on the license application. If you do not agree to auction real estate sold by a session called partners who attended the last meeting where the sale at auction and invited others to a local newspaper that I found or one DC at least two weeks before the auction session.

This Commission shall be exempt from compliance with the established deadlines and assets before the courts and may be an arbitrator authorized by or without reconciliation upon agreement of the parties.

The decisions of this Committee concluded does not accept a path of appeal or review are being implemented in a public letter by the President of the Commission to the competent authority accompanied by image resolution after fulfilling the prescribed fee on the insurance law jurisdiction of primitive sentences for administrative authority.

Implications of the auction went to apply for a license to build a facility with all the documents and legal schemes and technical measures within three months from the date of the auction and docking that legal fees within one month from the date of the notice under penalty of selling property at auction and resolved second quarter its value for the administrative side.

 /Article 4/a) licensees construction in accordance with the provisions of article 3 of this law the contracting titling departments before construction or acclaim before done and in this case the contracted categories of buyers (ready for occupancy and use prepared him) according to the terms of the contract and before the end of the duration of the first date for delivery of any of those sections to ensure all facilities shared between full floors including complete common external interface for construction in accordance with the terms of the license.

B) applied to current transactions in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph of this article the provisions relating to the ownership of the layers in the civil law subject to the provisions of this law.

 /Article 5/a) opens the temporary administrative log record:

1 license-seekers names with descriptions of the property.

2 conventional number indicating the sections by photographer for all of us.

3 contracts and subsequent sales departments, sales for the first sale.

B) negligible bye sale going on outside of the register referred to in the previous paragraph a void is more false than entertained. Without prejudice to the application of article 143 of the civil code.

C) every sale of the real estate licensee or its log by fraud punishable by a genuine seller or agent to the penalty prescribed in article 641 of the Penal Code.

D) meets the buyer registration fee by 0.001 one thousand for each sale registered with the administrative side.

E) land registration services depends upon the request of the administrative authority to transfer ownership of the property being licensed or put any signal only later notice.

F) required for waiver licensee construction on the property to others Responsibles and transfer ownership of the property at the land registry in the name of the buyer and is considered a student license and bought the property the licensee committed to integration and full solidarity licensee obligations towards the buyer departments and administrative entity.

 Article 6//have to buyer section as shown above right and nobody was compromising or seizure except direct rights to the buyer himself.

 /Article 7/a) if seller is delayed from its obligations towards the buyer pursuant to the purchase contract or the provisions of this law on the administrative side, automatically or at the request of the buyer to the seller to perform the contract or alarming complete shortcomings duration specifies the start and end by warning informs him that way.

B) to the administrative side to portend the licensee administrative way to complete architectural view distorting deficiencies or required by technical requirements or health, when failure to perform it do necessary work on his account and the collection of cost plus 15% as administrative expenses.

C) If construction has undergone similar shortcomings to what was stated in the previous paragraph b after recording sections at the land registry, owners names applied to those of paragraph listed and distributed according to administrative costs plus 15% as administrative expenses.

 Article 8// 

Follows alarsat owners mentioned in article 2 of this law: a obtain building permits full size bunk that allows system construction in the area within a year starting from the date of announcement of the availability of the following conditions:

1 the real estate development areas.

2 completion of settlement of dirt roads to the PBX or mains electricity and water in the region and the Declaration stands glued on a bulletin board administrative authority and published in a local newspaper in absence in one metropolitan newspapers.

B do a full tribute bunk space allowed by the system construction in the region ready for habitation or use prepared him according to the following:

1. during the financial period of three years following the date of granting permission for buildings no more than six floors.

2 during the four years following the financial grant permission for buildings over six floors.

/Article 9/a cost alarsat which I might obtain construction permits owners including alarsat not authorized to build because of anticompetitive behaviour reference on the real estate information sheets from the date of expiration of the year referred to in paragraph a of the previous article, an annual fee of 10% of the value of arsa. Arsa is value every five years.

B is the owners who received building permits and construction also complement not in accordance with paragraph b of the previous article, by virtue of the licence holder, as did construction.

C stop drawing collection owner who gets a license after the expiration of the year specified in the preceding article and commissioning about if full bunk space completed at least through total articles referred to in article. And continues to fulfill the mandate.

D section is not ready unless supplemented with addition to residential or accessories for use within the Department prepare all parts build to be usable Subscriber for each partition including entrances and stairs, elevators, if construction system and the corridors and mazes and channels to all kinds of pipes and external interface standard for construction and flooring surface and prepare shelters and other common facilities and all that is necessary for the purposes of habitation or for use and install building ready for habitation under the administrative side, residential leave granted.

 10/article/alarsat is valued rudimentary and arbitration in the annual drawing exhibition thrown in this law and the relevant values are communicated and acceptance of objections in accordance with the rules laid down in the law of eminent domain and consider the de alastmalakih area real estate area in the field of assessment and reference committees.

 /Article/administrative authority shall achieve this painting and its collection for them in accordance with the law of collecting public funds.

 /Article 12 exempted from drawing described in this law alarsat allocated to housing cooperatives and charities/article 13/Board is entitled to decide to sell the alarsat referred to in previous articles on auction owners account and deduct a quarter of their value in addition to their fee for the Administration if passed four years on advertising in connection with public utilities in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of this law and no owner might obtain permits to build or acquire these licenses without completing construction.

 /Article 14/on the Board approve the sale alarsat a judgment if five years have passed without a licence or without a complete rebuild with the cutoff scheduled article.

 /Article 15/arsa purchasers according to the preceding two articles built within 2 years tax free commissioning draw alarsat and Council approve sale of arsa and sale after the third year of the year in which the first sale meets arsa deserter from owner while selling construction drawing who had byes add to deduct a quarter of their value for the administrative side.

 Article 16//charge of the administrative authority for the implementation of this law: 1 Commission for ownership of real estate or auction property quotas specified in paragraph c of article III/1% 1% sales allowance paid by buyers are awarded in addition to advertising expenses.

2 registration fee sale departments with the administrative records provided by article 5 capacity one 0.001 milliseconds instead of sale and meets this fee from the buyer.

 /Article 17 shall be sentenced to imprisonment of one to six months and a fine of not less than a thousand pounds and not more than three thousand SP licensee which is despite administrative warning. And without a legitimate excuse. Completion and delivery of Sales Department of construction (ready for habitation or use prepared him) by the agreed deadline and according to the terms of the contract with the buyer or secure shared facilities and what is in its judgment in accordance with paragraph a of article IV or which fail to implement management warning to complete construction defects referred to in article 7 of this law, the licence holder is a teetotaler transfer of Sales Department for the name of the buyer in the land register after the latter implementation Contractual and legal obligations by virtue of late delivery and delivery sales section. The Court may not grant extenuating reasons or to order a stay of execution while the sanctions provided for in this law.

 /18/1 material-holder may within thirty days of the graphic Department objecting to commissioning referred to in any of paragraphs a and b of article 9 of this law for the delay in getting the license or completion for compelling reasons which had nothing to attach object to secure 10% of the annual fee. And consider an objection Committee formed in each province, headed by a representative of the Ministry of local administration. And the membership representative of the Ministry of economy and Ministry of finance and the Ministry of municipal and Rural Affairs designated by the competent Ministers.

If an objection Committee for insurance the Administration confiscated. If you accept an objection must specify in its duration dropped commissioning on interceptor and added that a drop to support that permit sale.

2. the Committee's decision in all cases is concluded does not accept a path of appeal or review.

 Article 19//provisions recording the sale sections of article v of this law, the following situations:

A) ongoing divisions sales after the entry into force of this law if the licensed properties built prior to its entry into force.

B) ongoing sales prior to the entry into force of this law if the parties agree to registration in accordance with article.

 Article 20//define workers ' compensation committees under this Act by the Minister of local administration and compensation are excluded from the provisions of Legislative Decree No 167 of 1963, as amended. If the completed work within deadlines.

 /Article 21/a) this law applies in both the province of Damascus and first class municipalities may apply to the Minister of local administration and other administrative bodies.

B Minister of local administration) regulatory decisions to implement this law.

 22/article/not bestow anticompetitive Act signals being recorded in the land register after the issuance of this law. Any acquired right for those charged with drawing provided. Nor does it exempt them from any of the obligations contained therein, whether law enforcement included arsathm by date or covered in applied thereafter the decisions of local administration Minister.

 /Article 23 does not apply the provisions of this law on the effective date of the existing buildings did not complete built half a bunk.

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