Law 41 Of 1975 Draw Out

Original Language Title: القانون 41 لعام 1975 رسم الخروج

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Law 41 of 1975 draw out the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 29-12-1975 issued: article 1 – subject to draw out when you leave the Syrian Arabic: a Syrian citizens.

B-private cars owned by Syrian citizens where they registered.

C-private cars registered in the Syrian Arabic Republic, whatever the nationality of the owner.

Article 2-drawing meets is exempt from any further addition and defines as follows: a – 11 SP for each person subject to the provisions of this law leaves the country to Arabic countries, 50 SP if leave to others.

B-50 ls for each car is subject to the provisions of this law where the contact departure.

Article 3-exit cards invalidated in customs and immigration stations respectively on departure after the checked data required, and then kept at the Customs offices for six months where are destroyed after audited in conjunction with financial services staff.

Article 4-exempt from the drawing.

-Holders of diplomatic passports.

B-State workers who enter the country by virtue of their neighboring borders.

C-motor drivers and their assistants at a rate of one driver per car, one driver and one Assistant per car ride or freight car, provided that they are traveling by car you are working on it. And drivers of trains, planes and employees assigned to work in the media while performing their jobs. As well as astronauts steamers and barges and marine vessels and fishermen working the waters off their course.

D-people who wander in territorial waters.

-People who are at the age of 10 or below.

-Sports teams and youth teams Scout Vanguard who leave the country to participate in festivals and conferences and vehicles carrying them.

G-delegations of grassroots organizations and vehicles carrying them.

H-infected by diseases or chronic and supported by medical reports or radial images when appropriate who treated abroad subject to approval by the examination Committee staff as well as private hospitals and ambulances drivers onward. 

I-a-study or training delegates by State ministries and public bodies.

B-students who study abroad under the supervision of the Ministry of higher education.  

Article 5-implement the exemption provided for in article 4 of this law, immigration and passports on instructions issued by the Ministry of finance in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior.

Article 6 Decree may exclude some countries exit fee from the provisions of this law.

Article 7-financial department renews ways meet drawing stipulated in this law and the origins of progress and check, and have the right to update the drawing by value card or special character being inculcated with the Ministry of finance, sold to dealers meet revenue 1% 1%.

Article 8.-both imitated or forged cards meet draw out the character provided for in article 7 of this law or propagated by knowingly or use counterfeit or falsified exit card aosbek used a world it is applied right to the penalties prescribed in articles (440 and 441) of the Penal Code.

B the provisions of article 12 FF until article 45 of Decree-Law No 3 of 1933 contained financial charge system and amendments to draw out in all cases where an exit fee meets specific ways to article IV of the law of financial character sketch.

Article 9-fined five times the lost fees as compensation for civilian public Treasury: a – every car exit allowed officer or person subject to this law without drawing.

B-any person who contravenes the provisions of articles I and II of this law. 

Article 10-applicable law on registered Palestinian Arabic Republic confidential and their cars.

Article 11-Ministry of finance, the Ministry of the Interior to implement this law, each according to its competence. 

Article 12-decision law No 52 of 1958, as amended.

Article 13 decision by law No 52 of 1958, as amended.

Damascus in 28-12-1395 and 31-12-1975 President Hafez Al-Assad