Law 24 Of 1986, The Smuggling Of Currency And Precious Metals Sanctions - Rate By Decree 16 Of 2004

Original Language Title: القانون 24 لعام 1986 عقوبات تهريب العملات والمعادن الثمينة - معدّل بالمرسوم 16 لعام 2004

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Law 24 of 1986

Smuggling of currency and precious metals sanctions - rate by Decree 16 of 2004


Based on the provisions of the Constitution, issued the following:
Article 1

Intended in foreign currencies in the application of the provisions of this legislative decree, all currency is Syrian.
Article 2

Taking into account exchange system provisions liable to temporary than fifteen years of detention to twenty-five years each of escape or go outside the Syrian Arab Republic, by whatever means, the Syrian currency, foreign currency, checks, traveler's checks or money orders or other payment methods liberated currencies foreign.
Article 3

Punishable interim from three years to ten years anyone who tries to be able to sell or purchase foreign currency, checks, traveler's checks or money orders or other payment methods liberated in foreign currencies, as well as to arrest everyone who deals with or circulated in the Syrian Arab Republic for not by authorized banks or institutions licensed to do so.
Article 4

Punishable by a term of imprisonment of one year to five years in each of the refrain or delayed without justification project in return the funds to be returned to the Syrian Arab Republic under the exchange system, or causes to prevent or delay the return, whether these funds arising from economic activity or commercial was in diameter, or as a result of the obligation to return these funds, or as a result of the output of any materials or goods must be re-valued.
Article 5

A- taking into account the regulations concerning the introduction of the precious metals for the manufacture or export of the plant which, with the exception of input and output of personal ornaments and jewelry customary to carry.

Punishable interim from three years to ten years each of the introduction of the precious metals, to the country or out of it with arrest, and all of the means used for speculation, and all of the trading or trading Balmeskuk or plant them, through other banks authorized to do so.

B intended precious metals contained in paragraph (a) of this Article: gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.
Article 6

Punished by the same penalty provided for in the preceding articles factor at any of the public bodies in charge of the suppression of these crimes, disclosure or seizure, if the cover-up or easy to have occurred or did not tell her or not regulated by the fundamentalist control.
Article 7

1- punished the instigator and accomplice and partner with the same actor penalty.

2- provisions of Articles 31, 33, 34, 37 and 38 of the average economic Penal Code promulgated by Legislative Decree No. 37 Date of 16/05/1966, the provisions of paragraph / b / of Article 5 and the provisions of Article 9 of the Legislative Decree No. 13 Date 15/2 / 1974 on smuggling, the perpetrators of the crimes set forth above.

3- confiscate criminal material seized, tools and media used in the completion of the crime for the benefit of the public treasury judgment, wipes the competent court so Sorry.

If currencies or precious metals, the value of the subject of the crimes stipulated in Articles 2, 3, 4 and 5 have not exceeded the previous equivalent of two thousand and five hundred of SP punishable by a fine of five thousand to ten thousand pounds.
Article 9

Do not relieve the offense settled in accordance with the provisions of the exchange system of sanctions provided for in this legislative decree.
Article 10

- Article 10 was amended under Article 3 of the Legislative Decree No. / 16 / for the year 2004

Prosecuted the perpetrators of the crimes stipulated in this Legislative Decree in front of (economic security courts).
Article 11

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade and issue the instructions necessary to implement the provisions of this Legislative Decree regulations.
Article 12

Canceled all contrary provisions of this Legislative Decree, where they exist.
Article 13

Published this legislative decree in the Official Gazette

Damascus on 26/12/1406 H corresponding to 08/31/1986 AD

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