Law 39 Of 1986, The Terms Of The Purchase Of Housing From Public Bodies.

Original Language Title: القانون 39 لعام 1986 شروط شراء المساكن من الجهات العامة .

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Law 39 of 1986

Terms of home buying public bodies


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 16/04/1407 H corresponding to 12/18/1986 issued the following:

Article 1:

Required in the request to buy homes from any of the views of the State or the public sector is allocated a residence or from their homes, the availability of the following conditions:

Shall not have bought homes from any of these agencies or allocated a residence from their homes or from any housing cooperative society.

(B) not to be the owner is and minor children jointly or severally full residence worth more than twenty thousand Syrian pounds, or shares worth more than thirty thousand Syrian pounds in residential properties in accordance with the appreciation being the financial circles and modifies These amounts where appropriate, by decision of the Prime Minister upon the proposal of the Minister of housing and Utilities.

(C) to be born in the province in which the dwelling is located or resident.

Article 2:

Is absolutely null and void every sale or allocation of the dwelling houses of the state or the public sector being contrary to the provisions of the preceding Article and shall have no legal effect.

Article 3:

Shall refrain from all bought homes from one of the state authorities or public sector or allocated a residence of their homes before or after the entry into force of this law to act by a sale or gift or naked or to be held by the insurance or mortgage or other dispositions held non-party that sold or allocated, before the expiry of five years from the date of purchase or customization by the full value of loyalty, and placed so the signal on the daily dwelling in the Land registry or temporary record or any record takes their place and relieved the reference design and Trginha no fee.

B prevent the act provided for in the preceding paragraph ends with the death of the buyer or allocated to housing, Trguen signal from the newspaper dwelling judgment.

(C) shall be null and void and shall have legal effect, every act is contrary to the provisions of this article, as well as all the power of attorney no matter what his style and wherever they conducting, hides this act.

D it may not be the party that is sold or allocated housing, requested forced implementation at this house and sold by auction, for whatever reason, and as a result of any obligation, check conditions before disposition set forth in this Article.

Article 4:

Shall be punished who violates the provisions of this law by imprisonment from three years to six years and governs the invalidity of the act and to cancel the sale and privatization and the expropriation of the disposition of the dwelling place of the offense, with the other rights it for the benefit of the public body, which sold or appropriated without any Awad and tend the hands of the incumbent dwelling and author hand him whatever concern or setter hand.

Shall become the property of housing devoid of references and sources rights of any kind to the party that sold or allocated and registered in its name in the Land Registry without any fees or expenses.

C confiscation was executed in disarming hand Bmugeh seller and the buyer and the concern and the author of the hand and lifted other incoming signals on real estate newspaper by the Department of the implementation of the penal provisions.

(D) does not apply mitigating circumstances discretionary or suspended or stopping force to judge crimes punishable under the provisions of this law.

Article 5:

Shall not resulted in the confiscation and disarmament hand accordance with the provisions of this Act or the acting administrator of him, or concern or creditor or mortgagee or any right of the barrier towards the public body that do not need housing.

(B) is not entitled to those who removed his hand from the housing for acting or not disposed to it or their creditors or to the owners of the signals, the claim on the public body that do not need housing or claim any right or booking status, or any other reference to housing for any reason related to or related signal invalidity or disposition of confiscated or disarm prescribed hand in accordance with the provisions of this law.

(C) may not be the public body that do not need housing sources party to proceedings that are held between the district administrator and the administrator of him, or between them and their creditors or any person claiming to really kind or in person at the shelter as a result of the invalidity of disposition or expropriation or any reason to enter.

Article 6:

Excluded from the provisions of this Act:

A-saving housing for housing and subject to the provisions of Law 38 of 1978

B-allocated for housing, warning of demolition by the public authorities.

Article 7:

Remain ongoing actions before the enforcement of this law is subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree No. / 45 / for the year 1980.

Article 8:

The Minister of Housing, Utilities and instructions necessary to implement the provisions of this law.

Article 9:

Repealed Legislative Decree No. / 45 / dated 09/15/1980

Article 10:

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 18/04/1407 e


Hafez Assad

. nm