Law Of 1990 Allow Expats Enter Cars, Machinery And Household Furniture

Original Language Title: القانون 19 لعام 1990 السماح للمغتربين بإدخال سيارات وآليات وأثاث منزلي

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Law of 1990 allow expats enter cars, machinery and household furniture of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the people's Assembly issued the following: article 1

Syrian Arab overseas means in applying the provisions of this law: every Syrian Arab citizen or of the wisdom resides outside the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic except Lebanon and not paid from one public actors in the Syrian Arab Republic during his stay abroad.

Article 2

A meet of the Syrian Arabs and expatriates who work outside the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic other than Lebanon and foreign nationality fee for each year of residence determines as follows:

Categories for annual fee (us dollars) or its equivalent in a convertible currency placed this information in a first class table: worker ineligible for $50 to $75 a second class literal agent: Agent State or private contacts: 1 holds or does not hold any scientific qualification $75 2 secondary certificate $100 winning 3 degree holder $125 4 high competence certificate winning $150 third class : Agent to the organizations, bodies and institutions, companies and international Arabic 1 secondary certificate holder $150 2 parchment winning $250 3 high competence certificate holder $350 a fourth category: 1 literal facility owner or a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer or consultant working for him. $500 2 dealer or contractor or industrial or investor or partner worked for $700

B If the taxpayer covered by more than one category satisfies him draw a higher category.

C the nationality of a State are not Arabic in the application of this article in a foreign nationality.

D permissible for the wisdom of Syrian Arab labour resident outside the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic and foreign nationality to include provisions of this law if a written request submitted by him includes his desire.

Article 3

Persons mentioned in article II of this law switch part of their annual income from working abroad as a minimum yearly according to the following: switch (us dollars) or its equivalent in a foreign currency convertible

Category 1 $500 unqualified worker 2 literal agent $750 category II: a Government or private actors addressed: 1 intermediate certificate holder or any scientific qualification $750 2 high $1000 certificate holder 3 holder of a college degree $1250 4 high competency certificate holder $1500 category III : Agent to the organizations, bodies and institutions, companies or international Arabic: 1 high school diploma holder $1500 2 2500 degree holder $3 high competence certificate holder $3500 category 4:1 a literal facility owner or a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer or consultant (freelance) $5000 2 dealer or contractor or industrial or investor, whether a partner or worked for $7000

Article 4

Consequences of State employees or public agencies who work abroad for others in any way and earn at the same time from the State or from public bodies or pay part of pay or earn that pay all or part of the return and replacement of a minimum of 25% of their wages and compensation earned in foreign currencies for the duration of their work abroad.

Article 5

People who are entitled to reimbursement of the charges for them in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of this law to enter with them into diameter materials or luggage for personal use not intended for commercial purposes once a year within 15.1 value by them under article II listed exempt from customs duties and other duties and taxes.

Article 6

A person who is entitled to the payment of fees in accordance with the provisions of article II and article III approved amounts switches and at least stay about five years out of the Syrian Arabic Republic establish it benefit from the following advantages:

1 enter new furniture including new appliances at the end of the stay.

2 enter machinery, equipment and fittings of expatriate profession at the end of the stay.

3 enter the machinery and equipment and agricultural and industrial equipment and raw materials for agricultural and industrial production processes for the private and mixed sectors.

4 enter a car bus or van or truck or Brad or Beck August to invest provided that you do not have the date of manufacture for more than three years.

5 enter a touring car for input (in diameter).

6 enter touring car final entry if the stay abroad had on actual residence period of at least ten years, provided that you do not have the date of manufacture more than three years (at the end of the stay).

B pay customs duties of articles referred to in items 4 and 6 foreign exchange.

C shall not exceed the value of the beneficiary entered under paragraph (a) of this article on the amounts which he replaced.

Article 7

Resident outside the territory of the Republic are entitled to Syrian Arabic (Lebanon) by the effective date of this law that stay outside the Syrian Arab Republic located before the effective date of the completion of the duration required to benefit from the advantages provided for in article 6 of this law and under the conditions contained therein provided that the payment of fees and amounts arising from that time switch in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Article 8

Protected persons shall not be entitled to the provisions of this law benefit from advantages set out in article 6, but only once.

Article 9

Persons subject to this law benefit from housing projects organized by public and private sector interaction and collaboration in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Article 10

The pension is not considered expatriate's State as wages referred to in articles 1 and 4 of this Act.

Article 11

A Syrian expatriate workers are entitled to participate in the General Organization for social insurance and benefit from the incapacity, old-age and death insurance prescribed by law No 92 of 1959, as amended.

B Syrian workers bear the expatriates who had asked to participate in the social insurance institution total contributions on them in accordance with the wage claims confirm it; plus class implications of employer legally these contributions to calculate the General Organization for social insurance.

C the insured pays contributions referred to in paragraph (b) of this article in convertible foreign exchange in the country of expatriation.

D in the application of the provisions of this article into account when calculating subscription not wages increased or decreased by no more than 10% annually.

Article 12

The Cabinet issued the necessary instructions to implement the provisions of this law, including setting the exchange rate.

Article 13

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall be deemed effective as of the date of issuance.

Damascus in 3/6/1990 President Hafez Al-Assad. nm