Act 19 Of 1998 Ratification Of An Agreement Of Scientific Cooperation Between Judicial Institutes For Arabic States

Original Language Title: القانون 19 لعام 1998 تصديق اتفاق التعاون العلمي بين المعاهد القضائية للدول العربية

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Oman agreement for scientific cooperation between judicial institutes Arabic article 1: the Contracting Parties undertake to establish relations of cooperation and exchange of knowledge between them and strengthen them in rehabilitation continuing education and rehabilitation and secondary specialist candidates for judicial posts and judges by all available means, in order to bring the systems configuration and standardization of judicial Arabic gradually.

Article II: Contracting Parties undertake regular exchange of theoretical and field education programs and curriculum applied and seeking rapprochement among themselves with the aim of gradual reunification also undertook in particular to encourage and stimulate such exchanges between the institutes and centres which belong to the legal and judicial systems or similar.

Article 3 obligation of Contracting Parties and the available potential and build on prior agreement between the parties, the mutual visits of teachers, lecturers and experts in the fields of common interest within the framework of rehabilitation or specialized scientific seminars and meetings.

Article 4 obligation of the Contracting Parties within the امكاناﺗﻬا development and facilitate the Exchange and distribution of educational documents. It also undertakes within the possibilities available to the production and exchange of documentaries about ﺑﻬدف benefit from judicial proceedings and tapped under approximation methods.

Article 5 obligation of Contracting Parties to exchange experience in the Organization and management of basic and continuing training and rehabilitation particularly in competitions and exams and field exercises in jurisdictions as well as study visits to public bodies and others that have nothing to do with justice.

Article vi obligation of the Contracting Parties, within the limits of امكاناﺗﻬا, reciprocal courses for students in the framework programmes by managers.

Article 7 obligation of Contracting Parties, requested search to do some focused research themes on comparative law and comparative jurisprudence اﻟﻤﺠالات of common interest. It shall also participate لاساتذﺗﻬا in overseeing mutual discussion of research produced by these students.

Article 8: obligation for Contracting Parties to exchange information almragaih "Bibliography" and legislative and regulatory texts, especially the Official Gazette as well as periodic واﻟﻤﺠلات literature and legal and judicial research. It also undertakes ongoing exchange of information and documentation about the تشريعاﺗﻬا developments on matters relating to the Affairs of judges and their makeup or relearn. Additionally also committed to ensure mutual exchange of various publications between them and the Arab Center for legal and judicial research.

Article 9 obligation of Contracting Parties to exchange research and theses of judicial trainees judicial institutes and centres-level Arabic.

Article 10 obligation of Contracting Parties to exchange of scientific work presented during the seminars organized at the level of the institutes and centres of the judicial and legal Arabic, as well as at the level of ministries and bodies in charge of Justice.

Article 11 obligation of the Contracting Parties, on the basis of prior agreement, periodic scientific seminars dealing with judicial and legal topics of common interest.

Article XII: each judicial centre or Institute invited other parties, within the limits of available resources, to participate in seminars and scientific meetings.

Article XIII: a the Contracting Parties shall meet at least once every two years or whenever necessary for deliberation on issues of common interest at the Arab Center for legal and judicial research or country party and chaired the meeting, General Manager of the host Institute.

B-the Arab Center for legal and judicial research call for periodic meetings. And serves as technical secretariat and in coordination with the judicial institutes Arabic.

Article XIV: this agreement may be amended with the consent of all the parties at the request of one of them in the light of experience, whenever necessary.

Article XV: Contracting Parties are free to enter into any agreement to strengthen bilateral judicial cooperation.

Article 16: all Arab judicial centre or Institute to join this agreement and signature willingness among Arab Center for legal and judicial research.

Article 17: a-ﺑﻬذا being the agreement from the date signed by the Contracting Parties.

B-for any of the Contracting Parties shall declare his desire to withdraw a notice in writing informing him of the other parties and the Arab Center for legal and judicial research in this case terminates this agreement for him after six months from the date of the last notice. اﻧﻬاء does not affect or modify agreement on activities that are in progress and agreed prior to withdrawal or modification.


Edit the agreement with Oman City April 9 April 1998 2 Hijjah 1418. nine identical Arabic-language originals all have equal legal and authentic each copy a note offering, the Convention on cooperation in eight pages.


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