Law 8 Of The 2001 Amendment Of The Basic Law Of The State Workers No. / 1/1985

Original Language Title: القانون 8 لعام 2001 تعديل القانون الأساسي للعاملين في الدولة رقم /1/ 1985

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Law 8 of 2001

Amend the Basic Law of the State Workers No. / 1/1985


Based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 14-11- 1421 and 7-2-2001m e

Issued the following:

Article 1-

Amends subsection (1) of paragraph / e / article / 77 / of the Basic Law of the State Workers (1) the date of 01.02.1985 and replaced with the following text:

1- First - may be a decision of the competent minister, the agent factor install, from the second, third, fourth and fifth categories, if you went on the appointed proxy for at least two years

II - The President of the Council of Ministers in exceptional cases due appreciation to him and a decision taken by him at the suggestion of the minister concerned, install the agent factor of the first category if passed on his appointment as a proxy for at least four years

Third - required for installation provided (First and Second) of this item, that is a job vacant and available in the proxy installer factor general conditions of appointment contained in Article / 7 / of this law
Article 2-

Decision of the competent Minister may, within a period not exceeding / year / from the date of entry into force of this law Reset temporary workers being used in accordance with the provisions of article / 148 / of the Basic Law of the State No. / 1/1985 without being bound by the provisions of Articles / 8- 9-10 / of the Act on the proposal for the committee to be formed similar to the one provided for in paragraph -j- of Article / 31 / of the basic law for workers in the state as part of the following conditions:

Shall be a temporary factor is actually the work of a permanent nature

(B) it should have been to use the date of enforcement of this law at least two years in the work of the permanent status in the public being used has a 0 with the exception of companies and institutions of public construction where required to be older to use it for at least four years in the company or institution public

(C) provided that the conditions required for appointment under Article / 7 / of the Basic Law of the State Workers
where available
(D) The appointment in one of the functions of the five categories mentioned in Article / 5 / of the Basic Law for workers in the state that are commensurate with the certificates and qualifications required for each of the categories mentioned in the wage to which the date of enforcement of this law, not this wage exceeds the pay initial recruitment exact in the accompanying tables to the basic law of the State workers plus periodic earned by working during his service in accordance with the provisions of the basic law of the State workers

(E) the temporary worker shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs on a vacant post in the angel numerical public body in the event of a job in the angel functions are appointed under this Act updated sentenced for this purpose, in addition to the functions of the angel numerical force the public body

Foot-and-start qualification for promotion of workers recruited in accordance with the provisions of this Act as of the date of commencing their jobs after the issuance of the instrument reset
Article 3-

Law shall be published in the Official Gazette

Damascus 24-11-1421h 17-2-2001m

President of the Republic

Bashar al-Assad