33 Law For 2005 Amending The Statute Of The Iraqi-Syrian Maritime Company Ca Legislative Decree 4, 2002

Original Language Title: القانون 33 لعام 2005 تعديل النظام الأساسي للشركة السورية العراقية للملاحة البحرية المصدق بموجب المرسوم التشريعي 4 لعام 2002

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33 law for 2005 amending the Statute of the Iraqi-Syrian Maritime Company CA Legislative Decree 4 of 2002 the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 19-10-1426 h and 21-11-2005 m.

Issued: article 1.

Added to article 20 of the Statute of the Iraqi company certification maritime Legislative Decree No 4/2002 the following paragraphs:

1. for the company to import a different ships freight tasks walmdharagat and passengers and supplies all of which are insulated duct.

B-field service cars and minibus and pick-August to serve staff and ships ' crews.

C-related materials and supplies all the company's business.

2. a-exempt company imports provided for in the preceding paragraph of this law of taxes and fees and other financial burdens.

B-company profits are exempt from income tax and estate tax proceeds for a period of ten years from the date of its foundation.

Article 2 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 28 -10-1426, corresponding to 29-11-2005 m President Bashar Al-Assad