Law 42 Of 2005 Customs Duties And Consolidated On The Contents Of The Parcels Imported By Land, Sea Or Through Mail Or Aircraft

Original Language Title: القانون 42 لعام 2005 الرسوم الجمركية والموحدة على محتويات الطرود المستوردة برا وبحرا أو بطريق البريد أو الطائرات

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Law 42 of 2005 customs duties and consolidated on the contents of the parcels imported by land, sea or through mail or aircraft of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution, approved by Parliament at its meeting on 18-12-2005, as follows: article 1 the standard tariff and get the contents of the parcels imported by land, sea or through mail or aircraft at a rate of 25 per cent of their value instead of the rates of fees charged for the contents of these packages in the harmonized tariff and to count expenses Air transport in accordance with the established categories of mail and parcels under the following conditions:-that the standard rate applies whether the content package from a single item or multiple items. B-but contains the package on tobacco or cigarettes or alcohol or contains goods all imported in excess of the allowable limit. C-only increases the weight to 15 kilograms. D-value not exceed twenty five thousand pounds. -To have the package family nature or purely personal.

Article 2 finish work by law No 78 of 1959 and the amendment thereto contained in Legislative Decree No 5 of 1993.

Article 3 of this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 26-11-1426 Hijri, 26-12-2005 a.d.

President Bashar Al-Assad