Law 7 Of 2006 Apprenticeship Act

Original Language Title: القانون 7 لعام 2006 قانون التفرغ العلمي

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Law 7 of 2006 Apprenticeship Act of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 4-12-1426 e 4/1/2006 m.

 Issued: article 1 the following expressions mean in the application of this law indicated beside each: a-Ministry: Ministry of higher education.

B-the Minister: the Minister of higher education.

C-the appropriate Board: is the University Council for universities, and issue selected for higher institutes and public bodies of the Ministry of the Minister's decision on the proposal of the Board of higher education.

D-scientific body: a university or college or Institute or university or specialized Institute for Ministry or associated in the field of higher education and scientific research.

E-teaching: a total faculty members and body art and teaching assistants.

F-full time: is the Finalize member teaching for scientific work in scientific body.

G-full time compensation: compensation to faculty member in Exchange for disarming of scientific work.

H-extra-time compensation: the compensation of faculty member in Exchange for disarming of the scientific work funded by the University's own resources.

I-the scientific work: is defined in article 2 of this law.

Article 2 the scientific work includes the following: 1. a-teaching duties.

B-research and duties.

2. scientific administration are: a University President and Vice President and Branch Manager, University trustees, if members of the teaching staff, and the work of Dean or Graduate Institute or specialized Institute and Deputy Dean and head of the Department or Division and Director of the Center.

B-Secretary and associate Secretaries of boards existing if these actions of faculty members.

C-Captain teachers and membership of the Executive Office of the teachers Union and the Presidency of the Union branch in College if this work-based faculty members.

It is within the administrative costs by the scientific faculty member from the Department of one of the departments in the Ministry or a university or a university facilities identified by the Council.

3. political acts: acts of national leadership or country membership of the Baath party, the central command of the national progressive front, and Secretaries offices if one of these existing works of members of the teaching staff, as well as the Secretariat of the membership or leadership of a branch or Division of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, if one of the existing business of the faculty members.

Article 3-a-full-time faculty member is optional in accordance with the rules and deadlines set by the Council for higher education.

B teaching staff member time to continue disarming unless a decision of the President of the University before the start of the school year end bucket, starting from the academic year following its release immediately upon approval by the Council and the Commission on the basis of the proposal of the sabbatical if proven breach of the duties required of it under the provisions of this law and of the Council of the University to reconsider its decision to quit full time for at least two years after the date of its release.

C-member teaching staff offers full report during the month of July of each year presenting his works in the field of teaching, scientific research and duties during the period since the last report.

D-educational Board member is unavailable if unwieldy or elected to Parliament for the duration of the job to the ministerial post or membership.

Article 4-faculty member may not exercise any time employed outside the University.

B-full time faculty member may practise under the supervision of University Administration in accordance with the provisions of the universities regulatory act and its implementing regulations.

Article 5a. compose at every University by a decision of the Committee Chairman called sabbatical:-Vice President for Scientific Affairs Chairman.

-One of the faculty members designated by the Council of the League of non-members.

-One of the faculty members designated by the Council of Scientific Affairs of non-members.

-A representative of the teachers Union called the Union branch at the University.

-Deputy Dean on Scientific Affairs.

-Head of the Department concerned.

In college they called the Minister Committee on sabbatical.

B – this Committee to examine detailed scientific study-time reports and straightened and offer suggestions to the appropriate Board, as competent to examine and address issues and problems related to time referred to the Rector and proposals.

Article 6-compensation time percentages from monthly salary lump sum is dated work performance according to 100%: faculty members.

50% of the members of the Commission.

25% for teaching assistants.

Article 7 on timers to attend in bodies that have been assigned to work for a minimum of 36 hours per week in total including teaching hours under the programmes of the University President and the head of Department and Dean responsible for verifying the integrity of implementation.

Article 8 a-violating provisions of the time provided for in this law and the regulations issued pursuant to the provisions requiring the offending referral to the disciplinary board provided for in the universities regulatory act.

B without prejudice to the law of economic sanctions the disciplinary board can impose in addition to penalties within its competence penalty cut offset the additional time compensation time completely or partially, and on faculty member who was punished by cutting compensation disarming to do scientific work completed and remains subject to all the provisions of the mentioned time.

Article 9-time remains when this law full time until the end of August following the date of promulgation of this law.

Article 10 a-solve business units in accordance with the provisions of the previous sabbatical law professional except that units are not completed by the date of this Act, continue until its liquidation during the term specified in contracts already, and may by agreement of the parties and the decision of the President with the approval of the appropriate Board for justified reasons to extend the contract for an additional period of up to one year.

B-linked part continues under a single monthly wage until completion of his contract provided they do not exceed one year from the date of promulgation of this law.

Article 11

Within a maximum of three months performing this law decree, including in particular: a scientific business rules and in particular rules of teaching practice and scientific research duties and obligations incumbent upon the members of the tenured faculty.

B detailed rules necessary to put this law into practice and means good applied does not contradict its provisions.

C-all transitional provisions relating to the status of full-timers and part-time budget surplus before the promulgation of this law.

Article 12 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and is valid starting from the first month following the date of publication, and finish his offence provisions wherever received.

Damascus in 4-12-1426 e 4/1/2006 m.


President Bashar Al-Assad