Act 29 Of 2006 Animal Protection Act

Original Language Title: القانون 29 لعام 2006 قانون حماية الثروة الحيوانية

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Act 29 of 2006 livestock protection act the President of the Republic based on the Constitution and approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 15-5-1427 Hijri 1-6-2006 a.d., as follows: chapter I definitions article 1 the following expressions mean in application of the provisions of this law on indicated by each: Ministry: Ministry of agriculture and agrarian reform Minister: Minister of agriculture and agrarian reform, international law : Is the Act of the International Organization for animal health: animals are animals, birds and insects, aquatic products and animal waste: materials are derived from living animals slaughtered and processed and unprocessed veterinary quarantine: is subjecting the animals and birds and other poultry products for veterinary health control and relieve them when necessary before entry to prevent epidemic diseases into Syrian territory: border crossing is a border port Barre all marine certified air to enter animals or their products or residues of veterinary health certificate : A document issued by accredited veterinary health authorities in the country of origin that living animals or their products or residues or processed fish products exported to Syria and disease-free sound transit: is the country that crosses its territory or pausing at a border transit stations or ãúçèñå things sent to another country imported chapter II objectives and the application of article 2 of this law aims to achieve the following: : A-protecting livestock from infectious animal diseases, infectious and non-infectious parasites. B-sharing with competent authorities in the protection of human and animal common diseases transmitted by animals and animal waste products. C-with the competent authorities to protect public health and the environment from the risks of pollution and the degradation of ecosystems and their components.

Article 3 defines the decision of Minister definition of animal diseases and veterinary health measures for control and prevention.

Chapter III monitoring the movement of animals and animal waste products across borders article 4 output and prevents the importation of animals and animal waste products to and from the Syrian Arabic Republic or pass through its territory only through veterinary health centers that define for this purpose by the Minister, in agreement with the Ministry of Finance General Directorate of customs and the Ministry of economy and trade.

Article 5 international scientific reference law is to regulate the entry and exit animal and animal waste products to Syria and to the Ministry the right to take appropriate action to keep livestock and that these actions conflict with international law.

Article 6 a – create veterinary quarries and determine their specifications and its system by a decision of the Minister.

B-locating these quarries by decision of the Minister on the proposal of the provincial Council.

Article 7 requires the importation of animals and animal products and the Syrian Arabic Republic waste or pass through its territory as follows: a-that are accompanied by a veterinary health certificate issued by the official veterinary health authorities vested in the country received prove conformity to requirements of international veterinary health deal approved by the Ministry. B-to prove their integrity tests adopted in the veterinary health centers designated by the Minister when immediate action required safety confirmed: 1. animals that look like symptoms of infectious or parasitic animal diseases under surveillance in accordance with the regulations of collective stone conferred a veterinary health certificate from the veterinary authorities of the Ministry which oversaw on her lap to prove its safety.

2. the decision of the Minister of health the veterinary measures to be applied on animals that show symptoms of an infectious animal disease or parasite.

Article 8 if the Syrian Arabic Republic entered the territory of animals or animal products or residues from the non-accredited confiscated border crossings and take the right actions veterinary health:-inspect the animals by the nearest local veterinary authority will apply the procedures described in items 1 and 2 of paragraph b of article 7 of this law. B-sold for animal waste products and State Treasury intended for human consumption if they enter illegally and of proven integrity and damage if improperly. C-sold products and animal waste not intended for human or animal consumption for the State Treasury in case of proven integrity and damage if improperly.

Article 9 a-rests with the owner of animals subject to the provisions of this law, the expenses, transfer and feeding and sheltering saved during the period of detention or stone and proved to be destroyed in case expenses. B-rests with the owner of the animal products and animal waste subject to the provisions of this law, transfer and booked expenses saved and destroyed in case of proven invalid.

Article 10 subject to the conditions set out in article 7 of this law does not allow the passage of animals and animal waste products and things that might be by the entry into force of the disease across the Syrian Arabic Republic only eligible transportation health conditions prescribed by the Minister.

Chapter IV preventive measures to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases and parasitic collective article 11 application of preventive measures General duty involving official authorities concerned and all related ownership or breeding animals or possession or fed or handled in accordance with applicable laws as well as any similar link products and animal waste.

Article 12 prevention plans are organized from epidemiological and parasitic animal diseases and other hazards affecting collective livestock and monitor their effectiveness and implemented by the Ministry's veterinary technical devices.

Article 13 each connected with the ownership, possession or animals bred or fed or handled to work consistently in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry's veterinary technical devices in the field of education, nutrition and care, leading to maintain animal health and safety and to increase production and professional health conditions issued by technical devices contained in this article.

Article 14

County Council local plans for implementing the prevention of diseases common to humans and animals in light of Central plan established in this regard, issued in coordination with the concerned authorities in the County Department of agriculture and agrarian reform Health Directorate Directorate of environment and local bodies competent to implement those plans.

Chapter v health measures taken when the epidemic animal diseases and parasitic media collective article 15 if appeared on live animals or dead or slaughtered, products or residues of phenomena or changes indicate a epidemic disease or parasite collective or appears there suspected one of the diseases when animals must inform local health official veterinary devices directly from these diseases or notify the nearest local authority and to transfer media promptly and directly to the devices.

Article 16 immediate notification duty on all owners of animals and their owners and breeders and supervisors or managers or who work related professional or slaughter each externals notes professional changes set out in article 15 of this law.

Article 17 veterinary health bodies informed: a-immediate detection and initial situation. B informing the top local veterinary detection results and actions taken and to be taken to combat the disease and prevent its spread. C-the local veterinary authority informs the top veterinarian in the Ministry the results of detection and action taken.

Article 18 operates four administrative authority informed on the implementation of the required official technical instructions in paragraph b of article 17 of this law in coordination and cooperation with the veterinary technical devices.

Article 19 animal health Directorate in Ministry reporting the disease's appearance and actions to take in response.

Article 20 on animal owners and supervisors providing information and facilities needed to perform a task and control infection detection and functional guidance required official veterinary.

Article 21 to heads of diplomatic missions accredited abroad Syrian Arabic Ministry notification without delay the emergence or disappearance of epidemiological and parasitic animal diseases in those States.

Article 22 segregation pending initial disclosure provided for in article 17 above the animals or cooperated with the following:-isolate infected animals or suspected of being infected. B-no entry or exit of persons to and from the location of the isolated animals, their products and their offal. C-no input or output or transporting animals, their products and their offal and tools used in isolated places of service. D-not to sell animals infected or suspected of being infected or who whether they're alive or slaughtered. -Not to destroy the animals and their products or residues disposal bye way wholly or partly before the veterinary health systems perform initial detection.

Diagnosis and verification of disease article 23 veterinary health bodies that initial disclosure on case diagnosis and validation of disease scientifically supported especially on clinical symptoms of disease start date and the necessary laboratory tests when necessary and to ensure access to scientific diagnosis of the disease.

Stone article 24 applies veterinary quarantine in place of disease or suspicion and the necessary technical measures of isolation and disinfection and other procedures that determine on the basis of article 3 of this law.

Destruction of animals or slaughter and compensation to the owners of article 25 may for reasons of animal or public health protection, destruction or slaughter animals that pose a threat to livestock, public health by livestock management and animal health Directorate determined by decision of the Prime Minister at the suggestion of the Minister: (a) cases in which the damage or slaughter. B-conditions of eligibility and statuses and founded his account and who bears the payment of compensation.

Chapter vi miscellaneous provisions article 26 observe when slaughtering animals infected with infectious animal diseases or health conditions established by collective parasitic devices veterinary professional Ministry ensures preservation of livestock and public health.

Article 27 prohibits cruelty to animals and abused animal welfare rules determine and regulate use and invested by the Minister.

Article 28 the Minister shall issue the necessary decision to regulate the following: a the creation and transfer of animals and the transport and storage of animal waste products within the territory of the Syrian Arabic Republic to maintain the health and safety of livestock from infectious and parasitic diseases and prevent the spread of these diseases. B the necessary procedures to protect livestock in coordination with the competent official bodies. C-roads and technical data and documents required in addition of what is contained in this law to verify the safety of animals and animal products. D-health certificate validity period associated with animals, their products and their offal. -Rules to be followed in the book of animals, their products and their offal and how to dispose of them in agreement with the competent official authorities.

Article 29 gives veterinary health certificate from top veterinarian in the Ministry or departments of agriculture and agrarian reform in the provinces.

Chapter VII sanctions article 30 day promptly courts cases brought before it on the basis of the provisions of this law and its implementing decisions.

Article 31 shall be sentenced to imprisonment of 10 days to two months in prison and a fine of 10000 10000 to 50000 50000 SP or a fine for anyone who contravenes the provisions of article 4 of this law and animal impound animals and feed materials found to be infected with an infectious and parasitic animal diseases or were to transfer and spread of these diseases to health status be settled technically dully window.

Article 32

Imprisonment of 10 days to two months in prison and a fine of 5000 5000 to 10000 10000 SP or either violates or neglects or hinder preventive measures to protect livestock from infectious and parasitic diseases collective enshrined in articles 10, 11 and 13 of this law and contravenes the provisions of articles 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 28 of this law.

Article 33 shall be punished by a fine of 10000 10000 to 15000 fifteen thousand SP contravenes the provisions of articles 26 and 27 of this Act.

Article 34 if another act on the penalty for the same Act most of the penalties prescribed in this law applied penalty.

Article 35 gives vets nominated Minister after their sworn in Eden: the power to organize assets right in conflict with the provisions of this law and booking things used in violation and have in law enforcement.

Chapter VIII transitional and final provisions article 36 applied this law does not conflict with the provisions of the local Administration Act promulgated by Legislative Decree number 15, 1971, as amended.

Article 37 the Minister issued decisions implementing the provisions of this law.

Article 38 repeals law No 87 of 1979, as amended.

Article 39 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette and three months after the date of publication.

Damascus in 15-5-1427 Hijri-Gregorian 11-6-2006 President Bashar Al-Assad