Law 19 Of 2014, Bringing The Banking Courts And The Backing Of Banking

Original Language Title: القانون 19 لعام 2014 إحداث المحاكم المصرفية واﻻسناد المصرفية

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Law 19 of 2014

Bring banking courts and the backing of banking

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 11.02.2014 approved 9-1-1436h m for

Issued the following:

Article 1

Longer loan contracts and facilities Alantmaiah documented linear bond between the bank and the customer of the Executive bonds stipulated in Article / 273 / of the Code of Procedure.
Article 2

Shall not stop direct the executive actions by the bank before the execution department, but stay of execution issued by the competent court's decision, even though it denied the port bond or signature.

B - If you received a lawsuit in which the subject's decision to halt execution was issued a court sentenced the debtor with a fine of not less than one fifth the amount of the bond disputing it, and not more than a third, and so on as compensation, the amount is distributed equally between the creditor and the public treasury of the state.

C - if the court decided to stop the implementation of the actions of the executive lawsuit costing the plaintiff to pay the insurance amount (10%) than the minimum fine set forth in the preceding paragraph, and calculates the insurance out fine in the event of the judgment.
Article 3

Being the sale of movable and immovable property seized by banks auctioned according to the following:

A - Prime implementation decides after the date the notice contained in article (379) of the Code of Procedure and at the request of a stakeholders put the reserved money auction, and the sheriff to take over the reserved money with the help of three experts so-called all expert Party The so-called head of the third expert implementation, and in the case of failure of any party to nominate an expert for any reason the chairman of execution named.

B - take place bid in the sale hearing the preaching warden implementation and begin the estimated expenses and terms.

C - Prime implementation decide on referral peremptory made the highest offer.

D - codifies show an increase in the minutes organized by the bailiff or the implementation of the assigned Prime implementation.

E - If you did not make any buyer decides Prime implementation referral peremptory barrier to the estimated value at his request, and if the multiplicity of Talbon been reference to a former owner of the offer.

And - if the barrier did not apply for sales in the meeting and request other creditors Prime implementation decide referral to the peremptory demanded estimated value.

G - if they are not selling on the first day postponed to the next day that is referred to in the list of sales conditions and procedures relating to a session of sale on the first day and decide to President referral peremptory to the bidder top, no matter how expensive, and if equal, offers shall be referred to the owner former offer.

H - codifies referral decision peremptory in the bottom of the list in the bid's Minutes.
Article 4

Provisions of this Act shall apply to the executive suits that exist or will be established between the bank and the city and the contracts between them by force.
Article 5

Due process provisions of the Act as not provided for in this law are applied.
Article 6

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 12/1/1436 AH corresponding to 11/05/2014 AD's

Bashar al-Assad