Law 25 Of 2014, The General Certification Exam Fees

Original Language Title: القانون 25 لعام 2014 رسوم امتحان الشهادات العامة

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Law 25 of 2014

Public certification exam fees

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution,

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 20.11.2014 approved 27-1-1436h m's.

Issued the following:
Article 1

Met pupils and students enrolled in public certification exam finance charges specified in accordance with the following:
Regulars students

/ 200 / two hundred SP pupil primary education and junior legitimate certificate.

/ 300 / three hundred SP student secondary school certificate for the first session all branches (literary - scientific - Snaaa- commercial - a feminist - legit).

/ 200 / two hundred SP student secondary school certificate for the second session all branches (literary-scientific - Snaaa- Tjara- womanly - legit).

Own study students / Liberal /:

/ 1500 / thousand five hundred Syrian pounds from each student for a certificate of basic education and junior high legitimacy.

/ 3000 / three thousand pounds of each student's free study at a public certification exams for the first session following:

(Odbe- scientific - Snaaah- commercial - a feminist - legitimacy).

/ 1000 / A-SP students registered for the test run for public high school exams (literary - scientific).
Article 2

Met amount / 500 / five hundred of SP to meet all of the following:

Drawing an objection to the result of the exam (material - articles).

Fee organize additional copy of the first version of the document success.

Fee regulation certificate of secondary branches all.
Article 3

Exempt from the fees referred to in Article (1-2) of the Act:

Children of martyrs.

Arab students who earn a monthly grants from the budget of the Ministry of Education.

Pupils, students, blind and disabled.

Students vocational rehabilitation centers for the physically challenged.

Students prisoners.
Article 4

Minister of Education shall issue the necessary instructions for the implementation of this law.
Article 5

Forbade work all the objectionable provisions of this law, in particular Decree No. / 228 / for the year 1992.
Article 6

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus: 2-2-1436h corresponding to 11/24/2014 AD's.

Bashar al-Assad