Law 26 Of 2014, Keeping Paper And Electronic Records In Judicial Circles

Original Language Title: القانون 26 لعام 2014 مسك السجلات الورقية والإلكترونية في الدوائر القضائية

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Law 26 of 2014

Maintenance of paper and electronic records in judicial circles

President of the Republic based on the provisions of the Constitution,

And approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 27-1-1436h corresponding 20-11-2014m's.

Issued the following:
Article 1

Clutching each judicial district paper and electronic records contained in Hmaaleghanon, with the exception of records to be easily obtainable under special laws.

It prohibits the judicial department to hold the record before the permission of the "Committee of publications and records of judicial" problem under the provisions of Article III of the Act.
Article 2

Numbered pages each record, and believe the judge in the first and the end of the number of pages, and the seal of the judicial department Echtmh return her record, and apply the provisions of the electronic signature on the electronic records.
Article 3

Form a committee headed by Deputy Minister of Justice, after the Supreme Judicial Council approval, and the membership of the Administrative Office of the Director, the Director of Informatics, called the "Committee for the Press and Judicial Records" task set records paper and electronic publications necessary judicial circuits, meets at the invitation of its President whenever the need arises models .

The Committee shall establish with your choice of models individually and an overall statement distributed to the judicial departments annually, and give each model a special number.
Article 4

Must Secretary Ministry warehouse that the Commission knows the needs of the judicial districts of records and publications by the force of the warehouse no later than a month.

Learn jurisdictions storekeeper need records and publications by force no later than fifteen days.
Article 5

Storekeeper is responsible for the follow-up printing and distribution of records and printouts.
Article 6

In jurisdictions where electronic copies offices created under the terms of Legislative Decree No. / 20 / dated 28-10-2013 is being recorded judgments and decisions and documents of the first edition, which copy it back from those judgments and decisions and documents signed by the judges issued them and carrying Office serial number as the date of issue paper and electronic.
Article 7

Sign judge judgment or decision or document on the first version after verifying that they conform to the original that you copied him, and placed each type in the file is to this end, the true judge on the first record and etcetera installed a number Sahaivh and its contents and sealed with the seal of the court, and prove an electronic signature records and electronic publications.

Not permissible to remove the first version of the paper saved in the judicial department records only by a decision of the judge.

Provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply to the electronic version of judgments and decisions and documents issued by the judicial departments, and saved on an external e-holder, after marking them by a competent judge and the system administrator and authentication attorney general on it under an official record specifying the contents of the e-course and kind.
Article 9

Numbered jurisdictions of each type of decisions in order of date of issuance.

Believes judgments and decisions issued by the judicial departments numbering put its annual serial number as they are released, as for judicial circuits that are automating judicial work in which an application program Viamn numbering judgments and decisions issued by automated fashion.

It is numbered documents equivalent to the number that is recorded in a log prepared, except for marriage documents which keeps its number in the sequence recorded.
Article 10

When the multiplicity of courts that are the foundation of one kind in the province, the center holds each with a private record in court, despite the multiplicity of their rooms.
Article 11

Chief of Staff in each court is responsible for the proper functioning of the registration and preservation of the first version and records, and may not send those copies to the warehouse before ratification.
Article 12

Back office provides copies of judgments and decisions and documents in the deadline.

Chief of Staff working on the delivery of judgments and decisions and documents back to the office in a period not exceeding one day from the date of issuance.

Keeping criminal record material with the bailiffs warehouse without the rest of the judicial departments and courts is limited.
Article 13

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 04/02/1436 AH, corresponding to 26/11/2014 AD's.

Bashar al-Assad