Law 9 Of 2015 Authorized The Minister Of Finance To Grant Advances Of Ready Treasury Funds

Original Language Title: القانون 9 لعام 2015 تفويض وزير المالية بمنح سلف من أموال الخزينة الجاهزة

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Law 9 of 2015

Authorized the Minister of Finance to grant advances of ready treasury funds


Based on the provisions of the Constitution, and what was approved by the People's Assembly in its meeting held on 20/09/1436 H corresponding to 07/07/2015 AD. Issued the following ..
Article 1

Decision of the Council of Ministers may, upon the proposal of the Economic Commission authorized the Minister of Finance to grant advances of ready treasury funds to perform some necessary and urgent expenses.
Article 2

Notes necessary to pay off the advances granted administrative nature in the general budget of the state public entities credits.
Article 3

Both granted in advance under Article I of this law is of an administrative nature of public bodies to pay such advances as soon as the availability of financial liquidity has committed.
Article 4

Repealed Legislative Decree No. / 161 / dated 23/11/1968.
Article 5

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus on 21/9/1436 AH corresponding to 07/08/2015 AD.


Bashar al-Assad