Act 2 2016 Events For Small And Medium Enterprises Development Authority

Original Language Title: القانون 2 لعام 2016 إحداث هيئة تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة

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Act 2 2016 events for small and medium enterprises development authority of the President of the Republic based on the Constitution.

And approved by the Assembly in its meeting dated 1437-03-26 Hijri 2016-01-06 a.d., as follows: chapter I definitions article 1 the following idioms means explained about each of them in the application of the provisions of this law: Ministry: Ministry of economy and foreign trade.

Minister: Minister of economy and foreign trade.

Body: small and medium enterprises development authority.

Board: Board of Directors.

General Manager: Director-General of the Commission.

Small and medium-sized projects: projects that operate in the sectors of agriculture, industry, handicrafts, trade or services or occupations or intellectual activity. And define and specify minimum and maximum limits to the size of each type of small and medium enterprises in resolution of the Council of Ministers.

Chapter II article 2 events.       Spoke to a small and medium enterprises development authority based in Damascus enjoy legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy and is linked to the Minister. B solve the updated body under this Act replaces the operating authority and development of their rights and obligations and devolves all movable and immovable funds invested and filled by her. C., the body may be provincial branches of events and centers in the areas of decision of the Minister with the approval of the Council.

Chapter three: objectives, tasks and mechanisms of Article 3a.       Objectives: 1. manual mode my definition of small and medium-sized enterprises known as these projects according to volume of activity and geographical distribution and what national guide is targeted support programmes and administrative facilities and funding in coordination with the concerned authorities.

2. policies and programmes for promoting entrepreneurship and development of small and medium enterprises sector to enhance its contribution to the national economy and compatible with balanced economic and social development plans in Syria.

3. coordination and linkage between national development strategies and plans and strategy and plans for the development of small and medium enterprises.

4. effective coordination between public and private actors and relevant capacity development projects including integrating work and help them to achieve their goals.

5. connect the small and medium enterprises project on development projects to facilitate its use of the services of these institutions.

6. develop policies to support local production sector and define the President almtarh differentiated to support that contributes to lower production costs.

7. create an enabling business environment that contributes to the development of small and medium enterprises sector and its transition to the formal sector.

8. contribute to an integrated legislative and administrative environment and associated economic laws and programmes necessary for strengthening the productive capacities of small and medium enterprises sector and achieve the necessary linkages with large enterprises in value chains and increase their contribution to the GDP.

9. work on increasing the productivity of existing small and medium enterprises and improve their performance.

10. contributing to increasing national exports and diversification and reduce their burdens and enhancing the competitive position of SME products to similar foreign goods and enable them to access foreign markets.

11. protect small producers.

12. work on events of a national network of business incubators multiple small and medium enterprises economic activities (agricultural, industrial, and service in the field of crafts and heritage, etc) which contributes to the development of small and medium enterprises sectors in coordination with the concerned authorities.

13. facilitating access of SMEs to financial services.

14. contribution to the regulation and control of project finance market for both Government and private sector institutions engaged in the financing of small and medium enterprises in coordination with the Central Bank of Syria.

15. monitoring and evaluating the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises through the design package of qualitative and quantitative indicators for measuring the performance of projects and the size of its contribution to GDP, employment and export so as to give a clear idea about the projects ' needs and allows positive intervention to develop this vital sector and promoting the development cycle by placing appropriate support policies.

16. contributing to the training and retraining of job seekers for harmonization between them and the job requirements are displayed in the job market in cooperation with stakeholders.

17. work on training and capacity development of human resources in the enterprise sector.

18. promote a culture of entrepreneurship and to encourage and support creativity and innovation and investment in this area. B exercise the body in order to achieve the following tasks: 1. follow the events and the development of small and medium enterprises and restructuring to ensure that simplifying procedures and reducing the time and costs required in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

2. establish controls and specific criteria for funding projects in coordination with the relevant authorities with a view to channelling funding to ensure a sectoral and geographical balances.

3. give small and medium project document to ensure specific standards established by the project board to ensure the effectiveness of institutions working in the areas of project registration or licensing or financing or support or training projects sector.

4. building and developing a database that allows to provide integrated information system on small and medium enterprises sector and the business environment in General in coordination with concerned authorities and periodically updated.

5. the preparation of studies and research on the development of small and medium enterprises sector and the business environment in General.

6. establish business incubators for small projects that are interested in sponsoring projects arising from a specific activity or activities specialist.

7. information activities and campaigns and organizing exhibitions, conferences, seminars and workshops in coordination with concerned authorities and publications to publicize the activities of the body and how to take advantage of their services.

8. participate in joint commissions, bilateral, regional and all relevant committees and bodies active body and that needed to participate.

9. contribute to providing jobs for graduates of universities and colleges and job seekers through special drivers for this purpose in cooperation with the competent authorities.

C the working mechanisms of the body: 1. put the body mechanisms for each of the tasks and the development of appropriate programs to do these tasks and required in the annual budget.

2. coordinate funding activities and support services body with government development plans and promote economic and social development.

Chapter IV article 4 Administration manages the body: first: the Council II: General Manager Article 5a.       The Board consists of: ·        Minister of economy and foreign trade Chairman ·        Deputy Minister Vice President ·        General Manager ·        Representative of the Ministry of industry members ·        Representative of the Ministry of agriculture and agrarian reform members ·        Representative of the Ministry of local administration members ·        A representative of the Central Bank of Syria a Member ·        Representative for international cooperation-member body ·        A representative of the Federation of Chambers of industry members ·        A representative of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce members ·        A representative of Syrian exporters Association members ·        Two specialists from non-State members. B.-called representatives of ministries by the competent Minister to rank at least Manager called representatives of others before her bosses at least the Board member or a member of an Executive Office, as the case may be. Non-European members called State workers by the Minister. C is a legal majority attend meetings including the President or Vice President. Decisions by absolute majority. In the event of a tie which is likely the side Chair. D regular periodic meetings of Board. meet at least once a month and may meet as necessary at the invitation of the Chairperson or written request of one third of its members filed in the Office of the President of the Council.   The Council should use the appropriate expertise and competencies employers and professionals concerned to attend its meetings without the right to vote. And, the composition of the Council issued a decision of the Prime Minister in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. G., the Board shall perform the following tasks: 1. draw a comprehensive strategy for the development of small and medium enterprises sector in the Syrian Arabic Republic and in coordination and collaboration with stakeholders.

2. policy for the development of small and medium enterprises sector.

3. proposal preparation of draft laws and regulations on the development of small and medium enterprises sector in coordination with the concerned authorities.

4. discussion and approval of plans and programmes.

5. discussion of the draft budget of the authority and approval.

6. the final budget discussion and ratification.

7. proposal body systems (financial rules).

8. approved branches and centers in the provinces and regions.

9. overseeing and evaluating the results of body work.

10. to follow up the implementation of objectives and tasks assigned to the authority and supervision of the implementation of plans and programmes.

11. a study sees the Minister presented to the Board of issues related to the activity of the body.

Article 6 the Director General's paymaster and is maintenance and filter according to the laws and regulations in force. Appointed by the President of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Secretary and be responsible for the proper functioning of the body and shall carry out the following functions: operational and financial management of the authority and the supervision of all departments and branches to implement the plans and programmes. B the development of action plans and annual budgets. C raise the final accounts for the financial year ended to the Board for ratification. D propose candidates for Director General assistants positions. And managers in Central Administration, branches and filed to the Minister. . Proposal to develop programs and new working methods and submitted to the Council. And proposal to create branches and centers in provinces and regions and brought to the Council. G propose the agenda of the Board and lift it to the Minister. H. to follow up the implementation of the decisions of the Council. I set the body workout and transferred and reassigned within the laws and regulations in force. The Director-General's assistants authorization. and directors of directorates and branches with some of his powers in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. K represent the Commission before the courts and in front of others. And entrust others. For quarterly and annual reports. on the activities and work of the body and the reality of the business environment and projects to the Council.

Chapter v article 7 body have a financial body has its own budget issued by a decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Council and the consent of the Ministry of finance involving the entire expenditure, income and taking into account the balance between income and expenditure and intervention by the State budget in accordance with the principle of an independent accounting unit Soofi and consist of the following sources: their subsidies in the State budget. Grants and aid. donations and bequests, and any income or receive allowances as a result of the different activities to the authority in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. C savings of brilliants. budgets of previous years. Dr sums of previous activities of operation and development projects.

Article 8 Commission resources are deposited in a bank account with the Central Bank Chief moves of General Manager and accountant management in the Commission.

Article 9 a.       TRA draft plans short, medium and long term for all its missions, programmes and events. B the Minister believes these plans. After discussion and approval by the Board.

Chapter vi dealing with domestic and foreign providers article 10 a.       Authority in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force between those domestic and foreign institutions and international sponsoring projects that fall under the provisions of this law in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and emigrants and planning and international cooperation and to help them achieve their goals. B determine what services and facilities provided by the entities referred to in the preceding paragraph, in agreement with the Commission to take the necessary steps to integrate them.

Chapter VII article 11 systems.       The private financial system renders the work of the Commission by decision of the Prime Minister upon proposal by the Minister. B issue the rules of procedure of the Commission by the Minister in accordance with specific tasks.

Chapter 8: monitoring and evaluation article 12

A Board Director-General submits quarterly reports brief and extended annual activities include various body legal, administrative and financial aspects. The Council discusses reports. take the necessary action.

Chapter IX: article 13 financial oversight.       Specify the fiscal year of the State's fiscal year. B accounts in accordance with the provisions of law existing financial authority under Legislative Decree No 54 of 2006 contained basic financial law and Decree 488 2007 containing financial and accounting system of public administrative bodies. C., without prejudice to the provisions of this law apply to the Authority's provisions and legal texts concerning public funds. Funds are subject to the control of the central financial control organ.

Chapter 10: General provisions article 14 a.       The Commission shall be exempt from providing guarantees and safeguards for public and municipal departments and institutions and all public bodies and companies. B exempt from body provide judicial guarantees in all cases where the law imposes this obligation.

Article 15 a.       Permanent workers is in operation and freelance development updated body under this Act and retain their wages and salaries, and submit them for promotion and their jobs either temporary contractors, workers continue to work until the end of their employment contract unless renewed or extended assets. Servant is in force. of operating and project development is a servant to the updated body under this Act, until the new owners of the Decree.

Article 16 repealed Legislative Decree 39 of 2006 article 17 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 1437-03-26 Hijri to Gregorian 2016-01-06 President Bashar Al-Assad and Egyptian lawyer other format