Law 11 2016 Public Events Of A Scientific Nature In The Name Of "the Excellence And Innovation"

Original Language Title: القانون 11 لعام 2016 إحداث هيئة عامة ذات طابع علمي باسم “هيئة التميز والإبداع”

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Law 11 2016 public events of a scientific nature in the name of "the excellence and innovation," President of the Republic based on the Constitution.

And approved by the NPC at its dated 28-5-1437 h 7-3-2016 m.

Issued: chapter I definitions article 1, the following words and phrases shall mean in the application of this law indicated beside each: Minister: Minister of higher education.

Body: body excellence and creativity.

Board of Directors: the Board of Directors of excellence and innovation.

Rules: the rules of procedure of the excellence and innovation.

Regulations: regulations for the excellence and innovation.

Chairman: the Chief excellence and creativity.

Position: top center.

The Olympics: the Olympics.

Academic programs: academic program manager.

Chapter 2: events, objectives and functions of body art-2 occurs in Syrian Arabic Republic public body of a scientific nature enjoying legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy in the name of "the excellence and innovation" based in Damascus and are associated with higher education.

Article-3 centres of events may provincial authority by the Minister upon proposal of the Board of Directors and approval by the higher education Council and monitors care excellence, creativity and talent of all kinds and forms through coordination with public and private institutions in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Article 4 the Commission aims to find creative and outstanding and to encourage and support national capacities in the production of ideas and innovation and creativity to serve prosperity, sustainable development and environment, talent, excellence and innovation at all levels in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Article 5 the following missions authority: a distinctive creative potential monitoring of emerging groups and youth in different educational levels and detect and nurture them.

B-teaching students basic education certificate holders distinguished on the basis of selection set out in the regulations and scientific care them through special curricula and enrichment programmes and educational environment and proper education.

C-development experiences and hone skills for creative and talented.

D-help students with their projects by providing various forms of support and care that they need.

E-grants for talented and creative and distinguished and enumerated standards care regulations.

And-support programs and research and studies in the field of competence.

G-events Awards in the areas of talent and creativity and excellence.

H-coordination with institutions and centres within and outside the Syrian Arabic Republic of competence in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

I provide programs and activities that contribute to spread awareness about creativity and excellence attract talented and creative talent.

Chapter III administration article 6 manages a body-Board.

B-Chairman of the Board.

Article-7a – Board consists of


 Minister of higher education



 Chairman of the Board.

Vice President


 Associate Minister.

A Member


Assistant Minister of education

A Member


Department managers



6. five experts on excellence and creativity and talent are designated by the Minister at the suggestion of the Chairman of the Commission for three years, renewable.

B-at the invitation of the speaker of the House sees fit to attend the Board meetings without the right to vote.

C-the Board shall meet at the invitation of the President at least once every three months and whenever needed and be Board meetings attended by the majority of members and legal decisions and recommendations with the approval of the majority of those present when equally likely President side.

Article 8 Governing Council is the Supreme authority is the body that draws its policy and oversees their implementation and in particular a-approve the Commission's strategies and action plans and departments.

B-set up internal regulations and executive body.

C discuss the authentication and the annual report of the Board and its activities during the financial year.

D-approval decisions authored by committees.

E-Commission budget proposal.

And approval of programmes, curricula and study plans.

G-agree to participate in the talks and international competitions and seminars concerning the terms of reference of the external body.

H-approval of organizing conferences and seminars and internal competitions on the functions of the body.

I agree to hold cooperation agreements with institutions or organizations outside the Syrian Arabic Republic in the area of competence of the Commission.

-Approve sending students departments and supervisors and body workout that IFAD decision the Minister on the proposal of the Commission.

K-accepting gifts, bequests and donations and subsidies provided to the Commission in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

-Discuss what sees the head or body Board presentation to Council meetings and specialized in general all administrative and operational and financial affairs for the Commission.

Article 9 a-designated Chairman by decree upon proposal of the Minister and chosen from among persons expert in administrative excellence and innovation or scientific research or invention.

B the Chairman of the Commission maintains its original function and its advancements where legal if State workers.

C-treated President Rector treatment subject to the provisions of the universities regulatory act (6) for 2006 and its amendments in terms of pay and compensation for representation.

D-the Chairman of the higher education Council member and a member of the Scientific Committee.

Article-10. The head of the missions and powers.

A Chair is the official reference for all staff of the Commission and its departments directly oversees workflow and issue administrative instructions and commands and follow the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors and represents the Commission before the courts and others which is to Exchange and is for alimony.

B-the implementation of State policy with regard to the body.

C-proposed draft laws on board and issue regulations within the law and decisions of the organizing body.

D-report to the Board at the end of each year a report on the Commission includes scientific, administrative and financial status.

-Make decisions authored by permanent and temporary commissions upon Governing Council approval.

-Propose rules and regulations.

G-the proposal to approve the assignment of faculty members and State employees to work in the Commission in accordance with the laws and regulations in force with their assigned retention and their assigned destinations.

H-approval for hiring teachers and counselors and experts and workers and proposed by directors. I-issue decisions set body workout.

Chapter 11-article body departments a-consists of the following departments: 1. the top center.

2. the Science Olympiad.

3. academic programs.

B-new departments events may by decision of the Minister on the proposal of the Chairman of the Board and approval by the Governing Council.

C-run both departments: 1. the Board of Directors and to the Board of Directors.

2. the Director of administration.

Article-12 directors appointed by the Minister on the proposal of the Commission.

Chapter five: top Center article 13 Department requested care centre certificate holders of outstanding basic education through their teaching and supervising them scientifically and psychologically and socially and educationally.

Article 14 the Ministry of education graduate students from the Center high school diploma for distinguished by specialization in accordance with the curricula and study plans.

Article 15 the Centre's secondary is equivalent to GCSE and equivalent or regularization of transfer students or dismissed from the Center in coordination with the Ministry of education.

Chapter vi: scientific article-16 Olympiad Department of Olympics to organize national Olympics through competition in applied science and theory aimed at competencies of talented creators and distinguished and stimulate its participation in international seeded teams faced.

Chapter VII administration of academic programs article 17 Department of academic programs to organize study and care and support through the admissions finished high school and enrolled in the University and then followed them for graduate studies through networking with universities to secure registration and continue their studies and their deployment and provide all the facilities for them and supervise them scientifically by subjecting them to programs and courses and scientific advancement believes life skills within all stages of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Chapter VIII: General provisions article 18: Regulation Decree particularly include the following: a-all detailed rules necessary to put this law into practice.

B-missions boards and how to compile.

C-departmental missions.

D-foundations of accepting students and founded the reparations and the rules of residence.

E-principles and characteristics of the curricula and study plans and applicable examinations Centre.

F-almthobat and penalties for students.

G-foundations of Science Olympiad organized at all levels.

H-system testing and training for the Olympics.

I-select Rewards winners in Olympics local, regional and international scientific and any other contests to be determined.

-Foundations of hiring experts, specialists and teachers to work in the body and remuneration and compensation.

K-Select rules for compensation or remuneration committees and boards and hours of teaching and training.

-Determine the foundations and rules governing wages and compensation, rewards and incentives, grants and the nature of the work of the Commission's personnel of all categories.

M-monthly compensation Foundation for students who adopt and care of the body and grants and bonuses that offer them.

N-foundations of private companies contracted by the interests of the Commission.

O-own resources distribution bases.

Article-19-an independent budget authority by special branch to the higher education budget.

B-the following resources are the resources of the Commission.

1. the contributions received by the Commission from institutions and individuals and organizations within and outside the Syrian Arabic Republic in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

2. grants, subsidies, donations and gifts accepted by the Board in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

3. the work of the Commission and returns.

4. rent allowance and the investment authority's facilities.

5. the proportion of own resources to the universities for the Ministry of higher education prescribed by the Minister.

Article 20 placed endogenous resources mentioned in the previous article (19) in a separate account in a bank in accordance with the General received in Syrian pounds or pieces which are alaagnbi Exchange in accordance with its objectives and Exchange by the Chairman under attribution.

Article 21 compensation amount is determined and the rewards and incentives and grants in accordance with the rules laid down in the regulations by decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 22 the Commission applies the provisions of article 147 of the universities regulatory act (6) for 2006 and its amendments.

Article 23 the contracting authority some professional, administrative and educational functions as required by the need to work.

Article 24 determines the remuneration is calculated on the basis of scholarship awards for students based on the entry fee for GCSE campaign.

Article 25 solve updated body shop Centre and the Olympics with all their rights and their obligations and transferred land and buildings, plant and machinery and vehicles to both the Center and the Olympics wherever the records are organized in coordination between the Commission and stakeholders.

Article 26 a-longer Olympic workers and freelance status judgement mlakathm and their credentials to the Angel weshoaghrhm body with the same wages and their jobs and their levels while qualifying them for promotion.

B-the delegates continue and contractors in the Olympics and the Center in action in the body until the expiration of their contract expires or reassigned unless extended in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Article 27 at all unless stipulated in this law applies to employees in the basic law body for State workers.

Article 28 servant issued by Decree.

Article 29 continue to act under the provisions of Legislative Decree No (7) for 2013 and legislative decree number (4) 2016 and finish work bye contrary provisions of this law.

Article 30 this law shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Damascus in 1-6-1437 Hijri to Gregorian 10-3-2016.

President Bashar Al-Assad