Rs 832.102.4 Order Of 23 June 1999 On The Guarantee Of The Quality Of Programmes Directed By Mammography Breast Cancer Screening

Original Language Title: RS 832.102.4 Ordonnance du 23 juin 1999 sur la garantie de la qualité des programmes de dépistage du cancer du sein réalisé par mammographie

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832.102.4 order on the guarantee of the quality of screening programs of the breast cancer by mammography of June 23, 1999 (status on August 31, 1999) the Swiss federal Council, under art. 58, al. 3, of the Federal Act of 18 March 1994 on health insurance; seen art. 77, al. 3, of the Ordinance of 27 June 1995 on Medicare, stop: Section 1 provision General s. 1. the provisions of this order shall lay down the minimum conditions to be fulfilled by the breast cancer screening programmes provided for by art. 12, let. o, c. 2, of the Ordinance of 29 September 1995 on the care insurance benefits.

RS 832.112.31 Section 2 requirements for participants in the program art. 2 program a single screening program is implemented for a territory determined at the cantonal or inter-cantonal level when it allows to achieve the degree of optimum participation necessary for the purpose of prevention of the breast on this territory.
A period of eight years execution must at least be guaranteed.
The program is led by an organization according to art. 3 s. 3 organizations who realize the programme under this order are recognized by a canton, or jointly by several cantons. In particular, these organizations must demonstrate that they have the necessary resources to perform their duties.
Organizations accept the participation in the program of service providers who meet the minimum requirements set out in this order.
They control every year that these conditions are met and decide the continuation or revocation of participation of the provider of the program benefits.
They regulate the details of the principles of the art. 4, 7 and 10, after having heard the specialized organizations.
They may provide an introductory phase and transient conditions of participation in the program. This introductory phase may not exceed two years.

S. 4 doctors specialized in medical radiology physicians engaged and who read mammograms should be specialized in medical radiology and have followed a training course recognized by the medical specialty society screening mammography.
They must perform and read a minimum number of screening annually mammograms.
They are required to participate in the process of promoting the quality as defined by art. 10. they must also demonstrate that the quality of their reading meets the (performance indicators) settings recommended by the guidelines of the European Union from 1996 (European Guidelines for quality assurance in mammography screening, 2nd edition).
The federal Department of the Interior is empowered to maintain changes to the guidelines of the European Union.

These guidelines can be obtained from the federal Office of public health, 3003 Bern Section 3 organization of the program art. 5 invitation organization address a written invitation to a mammogram screening for women from the age of 50. This invitation provides information and explanations on the risks of breast cancer and the exact meaning of the result of mammography.
The invitation shall also indicate the right to an explanatory interview and tips as provided by art. 6 s. 6 maintenance explanatory and explanatory maintenance tips and advice may be conducted by a physician specializing in gynecology or by the physician of the insured.
If the insured waives this interview, she means it in writing to the organization.

Section 4 Execution and Art. mammography reading 7 devices used must comply with the guidelines of the European Union from 1996 (European Guidelines for quality assurance in mammography screening, 2nd edition), as updated by the federal Department of the Interior.
This compliance shall be checked periodically.

These guidelines can be obtained from the federal Office of public health, 3003 Berne art. 8 reading of the physician specializing in medical Radiology Mammography who conducted the mammography transmits to the Organization clichés and the record of his reading. The Organization charge a physician specializing in medical radiology independent of the first, a second reading.
When the results of the two readings differ, the organization submit them for a third reading to a specialist doctor in medical radiology independent of both the first and which is particularly experienced. Its opinion is considered to be a definitive expert opinion. A meeting of consensus between the first two drives can be arranged, in lieu of a third reading.

S. 9 communication of results organization transmits the results of mammography insured no later than eight days after the test.
It indicates the where appropriate the need to consult a doctor who specializes in obstetrics or doctor to perform diagnostic measures or necessary treatment.

Section 5 Promotion of quality art. 10. the programmes should provide for the following measures: a. external, standardized and semi-annual readings quality control; b. quarterly seminars for discussion of cases in order to ensure the development process of physicians who participate in the program; c. an annual assessment of the quality of the readings of each physician who participates in the programme according to the parameters (performance indicators) recommended by the guidelines of the European Union from 1996 (European Guidelines for quality assurance in mammography screening) (, 2nd edition).

The organization establishes an annual report to the federal Office of public health on the implementation of the programme for the promotion of quality.

These guidelines can be obtained from the federal Office of public health, 3003 Bern the designation of the administrative unit has been adapted according to art. 4A W of June 15, 1998 on official publications (RS 170.512.1).

Section 6 entry into force art. 11. this order comes into force on July 1, 1999.

RO 1999 2168 RS 832.10 RS 832.102 State on August 31, 1999

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