The Reindeer Husbandry Act (1971:437)

Original Language Title: Rennäringslag (1971:437)

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Reindeer husbandry right

§ 1 the person by Sami descent (Sami), according to

the provisions of this law to use land and water to maintain

for themselves and their reindeer.

The right referred to in the first subparagraph (reindeer herding), there is the

Sami population and is based on ancient tradition.

Reindeer husbandry right may be exercised by anyone who is a member of the Sámi community. Team


2 repealed by Act (1993:36).

The reindeer herding area, etc.

paragraph 3 of the Reindeer may be carried out in the following areas

(the reindeer herding area)

1. throughout the year (year-around-chips)

in Norrbotten and Västerbotten County lappmarks partly above the

the cultivation limit and partly below this limit on land where

forest reindeer husbandry of age conducted in spring, summer or

the fall and the ground either belong to or at the end of June 1992

belonged to the State (kronomark) or presents in reindeer country,

on reindeer fells in jämtland County,

in the areas of jämtland and the Dalarna County which at

the end of June 1992 belonged to the State and was specifically permitted to

reindeer pastures;

2. on 1 October-30 april (winter pastures)

in other parts of the patch lands below the cultivation limit,

within such areas outside the reindeer in Lapland and fells where

reindeer husbandry of age carried on certain times of the year.

With grazing land, of course, land that has been declared by the avvittringen

provide grazing land or of age used as such a country. With

reindeer grazing mountains understood the avvittringen of the Sami people assigned

reindeer grazing mountains and the areas subsequently granted to

expansion of these scales. Law (1996:949).

4 § Betestid under section 3(1) 2 may be extended by the County Administrative Board,

If necessary due to adverse weather or

grazing conditions or by other special reasons. Law (1990:1490).

section 5 eligibility after special permission pursue reindeer herding throughout

the year in some areas below the patch marks the border see

the provisions of §§ 85-89.

section 6 of the reindeer herding Sami villages exist.

Mark referred to in section 3(1) 1 is distributed between the Sami villages in the

Special villages areas. Village area may include even land referred

the first subparagraph of paragraph 3 of 2.

If special reasons exist, can be part of the communal village area

for the Sami villages.

section 7 Division into villages areas made by the Sami Parliament.

The classification shall be made so that the areas are suitable for their

purposes with respect to pasture access, and other


The Sámi communities likely to be affected by a decision on amended

classification shall be given the opportunity to comment on the proposed

the Division. The same applies to property owners who may be

be affected by the decision.

Before the Sámi Parliament decides on the amended classification shall

meeting held with affected Sámi communities. Relevant

property owners have the right to be present at the meeting.

Meeting is required unless

1. the Sámi villages concerned agree to the change, and

2. meeting is not claimed by any interested property owners.

Law (2006:802).

section 8 With samebys grazing area, of course, the village area and other

areas like the sameby avails for reindeer husbandry.

Sami village

Purpose and members etc.

section 9 of the Sámi community has the objective to under this law for members '

common best arrange reindeer herding within the village's pasture area.

It is the responsibility of the Sámi community in particular to respond to reindeer herding drives on

economically the best way and to accomplish, maintain and operate

facilities needed for reindeer husbandry.

Sami village may not drive other economic activities than in reindeer herding.

section 10 of the Sámi community may acquire rights and undertake obligations as

registration under section 39.

Sami village represent the members in matters relating to reindeer husbandry right

or the members ' shared interests in reindeer husbandry in


section 11 Member of the Sámi community is

1. same involved in reindeer herding within the village's pasture area,

2. the Sami who has participated in the reindeer herding within the village's pasture area and

had this as a permanent occupation and not released to other

main work,

3. who is the spouse or dependent child of a member who

referred to in 1 or 2 or surviving spouse or minor

the children of the deceased such member. Law (1993:36).

section 12 of a Sami village receives as a member adopt other Sámi than specified in the

section 11, if it intends to push forward with their own reindeer herding within

the village's pasture area.

If the applicant is refused admission as a member, the Sami Parliament may authorise

the applicant's entry, if there are special reasons.

Law (2006:802).

section 13 With reindeer-herding Sámi community member who is a member of the course itself

or through his own reindeer herding reindeer with household power within the village

the grazing area.

Reindeer belonging to reindeer-herding member household is considered in this law

belong to the reindeer-herding member.

section 14 of The reindeer-herding Member's estate receives over three years from

the death continue the reindeer management undertaken by Member.

Are the inheritors in 18 years, counted from the

estate partners reaches the age of 18. The requirement in paragraph 1, third subparagraph, of

membership in the Sámi community does not apply to the right to reindeer herding as

referred to here. Law (2006:802).

Reindeer herding exercise of

section 15 of the Sámi community has for its members ' common needs

using the village's pasture area for reindeer grazing.

The County Board determines the maximum number of deer that may be held at

grazing in the village's pasture area. In doing so, account shall be taken of the other


If necessary to preserve the renbetet or otherwise promote

reindeer husbandry, the County Administrative Board can order the restriction in

grazing rights.

If the sameby violates a decision pursuant to the second or third subparagraph

may submit to the Administrative Board in the village following a penalty decision. Has

on the basis of the sameby 35 paragraph specifically how many reindeer

a member may hold no more than, get an order to reduce the number of

reindeer also directed against a member that does not comply with the Sami community's decision.

Law (1993:36).

section 16 of the Sámi community may, within the village's pasture area the Paddock or

other fences for the reindeer, reindeer slaughterhouse or other establishment

needed for reindeer husbandry.

Sami village or a member of the village, in the outfield in the village's pasture area

construct renvaktarstuga, Randy, förvaringsbod, or other less

building needed for reindeer husbandry.

Is the facility referred to in the first subparagraph, designed for permanent

use, it shall be located at the site designated by the land owner.

The same applies in the case of building referred to in the second subparagraph, if

It shall be built for permanent use below the cultivation limit

or outside the reindeer grazing mountains on land that neither such

kronomark standing or at the end of June 1992, during the

the State's immediate disposition or land at the erosion

utlagts to the common forest.

Want Sami village or, if the building shall be erected by a member of the village,

he doesnt accept the designated place, the County Government site.

Act (1992:785).

section 17 if needed wood to a holding or shed

referred to in paragraph 16 of the first or second subparagraph, the forest is felled on the

parts of the grazing area that belongs to Lapland, reindeer grazing mountains

or the regions of Jämtland and the Dalarna County which at

the end of June 1992 belonged to the State and was specifically permitted to

reindeer pastures. In the same parts of the grazing area, members of the

dispose of own needs get fuel and wood crafts.

Counties of Västerbotten and norrbotten County may grant an in

County resident Sami that is not a member of any Sámi community permission to

within the County to craft lumber for their own needs on the ground in

patch lands belonging to or at the end of June 1992 belonged to

State. Jämtland County Administrative Board may grant a in this county or in

Dalarna County resident Sami that is not a member of any Sámi community

such a State of reindeer in the mountains and in the areas in

Jämtland and Dalarna County which at the end of June 1992

belonged to the State and was specifically permitted to reindeer grazing. Permit may

just given the Sámi as a not negligible extent engaged in

Sami handicraft. The authorisation may be withdrawn if the conditions for

the State no longer exists.

Growing conifers may be removed only upon instruction of the soil

owners or users, if he does not permit anything else.

On such land outside of Lapland and reindeer grazing mountains belonging

to a samebys grazing area, the village or the members of the village for the

purposes specified in the first subparagraph shall take only dry trees, fallen trees,

forest residues, pine and grantjur or, for temporary needs, deciduous trees

growing on the outfield. Law (1996:949).

section 18 member of the Sámi community are entitled to within the village's pasture area on

kronomark standing or at the end of June 1992, during the

the State's immediate disposition or land at the erosion

utlagts to the common forest taga lumber for the construction or

rebuilding the family home. Logging may be made only after

instruction of the landowners. Act (1992:785).

19 § member of Sámi community that temporarily reside within other bys

the grazing area for clean separation or other purposes relating

with the reindeer husbandry, where taga fuel for their own needs.

section 20 If it is strictly necessary in order to get the feed to

the reindeer, Sami village trap Lichen-covered trees, primarily dry or

oväxtliga tree, within the village's pasture area. Such logging, if

possible, take place after the instruction of the land owners or users.

section 21 of the forest are felled at kronomark which stands or at

the end of June 1992, during the State's immediate disposition

or land by erosion utlagts to common forest needs

compensation is not disclosed. The same applies to growing deciduous tree that are deemed

Tages in Lapland, on reindeer grazing mountains as well as in the

areas of Jämtland and the Dalarna County which at the end of

June 1992 belonged to the State and was specifically permitted to reindeer grazing.

In cases other than those referred to in the first subparagraph, the compensation is paid for

rotvärdet by growing trees as tages. Can agreement not

achieved if the remuneration, appoints the County Board at the request of the party

someone searching reconcile parties. Law (1996:949).

section 22 of the Government or authority that the Government can

certain time prohibit harvesting under section 17 or 18 of growing tall,

FIR or birch, if necessary, to preserve the forest or for

forest regrowth.

section 23 of the Sámi community has the right to move the village's reindeer between separate parts of

the village's pasture area.

section 24 of the migration route stretching fixed establishment of County Government, if

Sámi community requests it or ask if the route is otherwise incurred.

There are special reasons for amending the fixed or otherwise

regarding the migration path and can change take place without substantial

inconvenience to reindeer herding, the County Administrative Board can order modification

of the road's route. Law (1990:1490).

section 25 A member of Sami people may hunt and fish in the outfield in the

parts of the village's pasture area belonging to reindeer grazing mountains or

Lapland, where reindeer herding is permitted there.

It is stated in the first paragraph also applies when a member of the Sámi community

temporarily reside within another samebys grazing area

for clean separation or other purposes relating to

the reindeer husbandry. In such a case, however, the members hunt and

fish only for subsistence.

Resident bears, wolves, Wolverines, or lo demonstrably in the neighborhood,

get the look-out for such animals be conducted on such land as specified in

the first paragraph within another samebys grazing area, to the extent

Government or authority that the Government allows the


In the areas of jämtland and the Dalarna County which at the end

by June 1992 belonged to the State and was specifically permitted to

reindeer pastures, a member of the Sámi community within the village's pasture area fish to

household needs as well as hunting predators, to the extent that the Government or

authority that the Government allows it.

Law (2006:802).

Reindeer husbandry in certain cases of termination, etc.

section 26 of the Government may order the suspension of reindeer husbandry right

for specific land area, when the area needed for the purposes referred to in

Chapter 2. Expropriations Act (1972:719).

Withdrawal may be limited to specific time or some of the

reindeer husbandry right input powers. Law (1993:36).

section 27 Announced the appointment under section 26, the Government may provide

measures to counteract the harm or inconvenience to reindeer husbandry.

section 28 Involves suspension of reindeer husbandry rights harm or inconvenience to

reindeer husbandry or for such right to hunting or fishing referred to in section 25,

remuneration therefore.

Compensation for damage or inconvenience as not affecting certain person

accrue half Sami village who is concerned of the revocation and to

half the same Fund, unless there are special circumstances.

29 § concerning waiver of reindeer husbandry rights and compensation

in view thereof, in addition to the provisions of sections 26 to 28,

mutatis mutandis, the provisions of the expropriations Act

(1972:719) concerning the expropriation of the distinct rights to property.

In the case of an order for waiver of reindeer husbandry right

the Government has announced before August 1, 2010, will

the reference to the expropriations Act in the first paragraph, refer to

the law in force at the end of July 2010. Law (2010:817).

section 30 of The who in the year-round land owns or normally land

where reindeer husbandry is practised must not use of the ground take

which will cause considerable inconvenience to reindeer husbandry in other

extent than that resulting from the appointment under section 26.

The first subparagraph shall not prevent the mark being used in accordance with a

detailed plan or for companies whose admissibility shall be examined in particular

order. Law (1993:36).

Leasing of land and water, etc.

section 31 of the Sámi community or member of the Sámi community must not grant entitlement

included in the reindeer herding rights.

Sami village may be to the one who has been a member of the village lease the right to

without charge to their House need to hunt or fish on the village's area under

section 25.

32 section On such kronomark above the cultivation limit under

the State's immediate disposition and on reindeer grazing mountains,

access rights be granted only if it can be done without

considerable inconvenience to reindeer husbandry.

Relates to the leasing rights to hunting or fishing, you will also need

that charge is consistent with good wildlife management or fish conservation

and can be done without bothersome interference with the right to hunt or

fisheries under section 25. Lease of entire fisheries in some water,

be done only if the sameby admits. Act (2000:595).

33 § terms of lease under section 32 are being assessed by the Government or

the Government authority determines.

According to § § 34 32 Tenure, not relating to the disposal of

natural resources or logging, shall be made for a fee, if not

There are special reasons for fee waivers. The fee is allocated between

The Sami Fund and the Sámi community who is concerned by the grant under

measures announced by the Government.

Relating to leasing the disposal of natural resources, the State

pay compensation for the damage or inconvenience for reindeer husbandry as

leasing. In terms of distribution of revenue not

is paid to the particular person owns 28 section corresponding


Samebys administration, etc.

General provisions

35 § if necessary, in the light of the stipulated maximum

the sheer number of under section 15, second subparagraph, or if necessary to

promote reindeer husbandry, Sami can decide how many reindeer

a member may hold a maximum or impose other conditions for


Sami village may exempt certain area from members ' available

for hunting or fishing, if necessary for the sake of hunting-or

fishing services or for other special reasons.

Decisions under the first or second subparagraph shall not be given such content

to reindeer-herding Member continued operation impossible or

significantly more difficult. Law (1993:36).

36 § If Sami village permits, may, within the village's pasture area held

reindeer belonging to other than reindeer-herding member of village

(skötesrenar). The field of consent avgöres, after consultation

with the County Board.

The management of skötesrenar are handled by the sameby. Law (1990:1490).

37 § Sami village, only if a member admits it let slaughtering his

reindeer or sell at slaughter and derived products.

Clean labelling is handled by Sami village, if not the village decides otherwise.

Reindeer herders, however, after notification to the village Board itself noted their



38 § Sámi community shall adopt bylaws for the village.

The statutes shall specify

1. the Sami community's title,

2. the place of performance within the village's pasture area, where the village's Board of Directors shall have its

registered office,

3. the number of Directors and Auditors, the period of their mission

and, if the substitute members shall be,

concerning them,

4. the Sami community's fiscal year,

5. how often regular bystämma shall be kept and time for such


6. how notice of bystämma and other messages to

the members shall be sent to them and when the prescribed

notice of action to be taken,

7. time of payment of charged prepayment,

8. time limit for payment of the amounts referred to in section 44 will dispose

or reindeer-herding member benefits,

9. who funds the village shall have, their purpose and how the allocation to

them shall take place,

10. the detailed rules on reindeer husbandry is needed.

39 § Sami villages and their statutes to be registered with the Sami Parliament.

Before the statutes were registered, they are not valid.

The Sami Parliament is trying to by-laws established in the prescribed

order and that they do not contain anything contrary to law

or the Constitution.

The first and second paragraphs also apply to amendment of the statutes.

Law (2006:802).

Economic conditions

section 40 of the costs for reindeer herding are distributed between the reindeer-herding

the members after clean possession.

If the sameby decides it may cost that does not relate to all the reindeer

be distributed among the owners of the reindeer on the cost charged in

relation to their holdings of these reindeer. Such a decision shall not refer to

costs incurred before the decision.

section 41 A reindeer-herding Member leaving the reindeer husbandry is not responding

for costs relating to the period thereafter. The same applies to a

new reindeer-herding Member for the period before the Member begins

drive the reindeer husbandry Act (2006:802).

42 § The reindeer-herding members shall advance the funds

needed for reindeer husbandry.

The Board utdebiterar such funds on the basis of

billing length. Taxation is made according to what is equitable

with regard to a member of clean possession and the extent of the

work as a member and the Member's household likely to

perform for the village during the fiscal year.

In billing length shall specify the amount

is collected, what refers to each reindeer-herding member and when

payment is to be made. Law (2006:802).

43 § If available funds are not sufficient for the payment of clear and

due debt for which the sameby responds, the Governing Board shall

required utdebitera advances under section 42.

Neglecting the Board what is the meaning of the first subparagraph,

the members jointly and severally liable for the debt. Is default

obvious, the County Board at the creditor's request order

Sheriff to charge and uttaga the necessary amount. Sheriff

has the right to dispose of the collection of fees, as determined by

the County Administrative Board.

44 § samebys costs for reindeer herding are allocated final

between the reindeer-herding members for each fiscal year. At

cost allocation is determined the amount that each reindeer-herding

a member of the financial year shall pay to the village or to receive

of the village.

Final cost allocation is done on the basis of settlement as

the Management Board shall draw up in accordance with paragraph 53.

Costs shall be allocated as set out in paragraphs 40 and 41. At

distribution credited a reindeer-herding Member that paid

the advance payment and the value of the work done by the Member and

Member's household executed for the village. The sameby determines in advance

the value of day or hours of such work. Law (2006:802).

section 45 Can advance or final payment charged to a reindeer-herding

Member under 42-44 § not taken out of the Member, shall be allocated

gap between the rest of the reindeer-herding members in relation to

their mutual obligation to account for the proceeds. The shortage

is collected by billing length according to § 42. To the extent that such

the settlement later to be paid, the amount paid

credited those who covered the deficiency in relation to what they


The settlement that has been charged and due for payment shall be

out in accordance with the provisions of the enforcement code, if the claim, for

the obligation imposed by a final judgment,

unless otherwise decided in connection with the appeal.

Law (2006:802).

46 § Sami village may not take up a loan to be repaid later than

within the next financial year, if not sinking plan for

loan repayment has been adopted by the bystämma. The loan period shall be limited

to a maximum of 10 years or longer for the State guarantee for

the loan can be granted.

Decisions on the raising of loans in accordance with the first paragraph is only valid

If the bystämma processing by at least two-thirds of it on

the meeting of the reindeer-herding members represented votes and of

the majority of such members in the village.

47 § Compensation accruing to the Sami people under 28 or section 34 or otherwise

in response to the intrusion of reindeer husbandry rights shall be used to

cover the village's expenditure during the financial year or a Fund.

Board of Directors

section 48 of the Sami people shall be Board.

The Management Board shall, in accordance with the members ' decision, in

to the extent not contrary to the law or the statutes, the Sami community's lead

reindeer herding within the village's pasture area, provide for the common

work needed for the village, ensuring that members ' common

interests tillvaratages without any member at a disadvantage, uttaga

the means by which the reindeer-herding member is required to pay and in

otherwise manage village affairs.

The Board represents the sameby against third parties and of the village action

before the courts and other authorities.

section 49 the Board consists of the President and an additional or

several members appointed at bystämma. A member of the Board of Directors may

not be a minor or have trustees under Chapter 11. 7 §

parental code.

A Board Member may be separated from his duties before the end

of the time for which the Member has been appointed.

Election of the Board of directors or a change in its composition shall

be communicated to the Sámi Parliament. Law (2006:802).

50 § On Board are missing, the Sami Parliament at the request of any

whose right is subject to the jurisdiction of the Board, see order

Sheriff to have care of the village's Affairs, and represent the village

such as the Board of Directors. A sheriff has the right to obtain from the village get remuneration

determined by the Sami Parliament. Law (2006:802).

51 § Sami community's Board of Directors meets as often as necessary. As

the Board's decision comes as more than half of the

currently are voting for. In the case of a tie the meaning

supported by the President.

A member of the Board of Directors may not take the position of affairs

where the Member has a material interest that conflicts with

herding industry. Law (2006:802).

52 § Board may Commission a special supervisors to

the Board's realizing the lead reindeer.

The Board of Directors may entrust a specific person to represent

Sami village, unless otherwise decided. Such a task and

revocation of it shall be notified to the Sami Parliament.

Law (2006:802).

section 53 for each fiscal year, the Board of Directors

account for their management. In the annual report for redogöres

activities during the fiscal year and for the village's economic


The report shall in particular be declared

1. the owners of the deer that were held during the year on the village's pasture area

and the number of reindeer for each owner,

2. this year's expenditure for labour in reindeer husbandry,

3. during the year, paid in respect of damage by reindeer and

What in this regard at the end of the year remained to demand of other

Sami village,

4. investments made during the year and mode of financing,

5. the Sami community's other expenses during the year,

6. the amounts paid during the year accrued to and from the village


7. during the year occurred changes in the village's borrowing,

8. the amount of the advances to utdebiterats under section 42 or 43,

9. the Sami community's other income during the year,

10. the amount of each reindeer-herding member charged in contribution to

the village's expenses during the year.

In the story will also include a tax credit for each reindeer-herding

Member shows the balance for the accounting year

Dispose or member.

54 section at least one month before the first regular bystämman after

the end of the financial year, the Management Board shall submit

management report to the auditor. The story must be

signed by all the members of the Board of Directors.


55 § Board's management and accounts shall be reviewed annually

by one or more auditors. Auditor appointed at bystämma.

Member, as in the Board calls for review of the Sami community's

books, accounts or other documents, have the right to participate in the

These appropriately.

56 § Auditor shall issue a report, which shall include a

presentation of the outcome of the review and a statement

whether or not the complaint is made regarding

assurance as to the keeping or administration in General. Is produced

Note, the reason why it is stated in the story.

The report shall also contain a specific

statement in the matter of the discharge of the Board of Directors.

Law (2006:802).

57 § the auditor's report shall be submitted to the Board no later than two weeks

before the first regular bystämman after the end of the financial year.

Bystämma m. m.

58 § A member the right to participate in the operation of the Sami community's

Affairs in bystämman.

A member who does not timely fulfil its

payment obligations under this Act in respect of the village may participate in

the negotiations but has not the right to vote before the obligation


A member or alternate shall not, themselves or through agents or

as agent for the other, to participate in the treatment of matters in which he or

She has a substantial interest that violates the herding industry.

Law (2006:802).

section 59 in respect of voting rights and decision on bystämma apply, unless

subject to any special provision of this Act

1. to each adult member has one vote on matters relating

appearance of the President of the bystämman or of the Auditor,

granting discharge to the Board of directors or change of

such a provision in the statute referred to in paragraph 38


2. the right to vote in any other business, there is only the reindeer-herding

a member, who has one vote for each initiated hundreds of reindeer

Member holds under current renlängd, but not for more

reindeer than sameby particularly for the Member under section 35,

3. that the Member voting rights can be exercised by another Member, such as


4. no one may own or someone else's part to vote for a total of

more than a fifth of the votes represented at the general meeting,

5. to believe that received the highest number of votes are

decision of the general meeting,

6. in the event of a tie, the election is decided by lottery and in other

questions regarding the opinion which is supported by most voters, or,

even if the number of voters is equal, by the meeting's Chairman,

7. the decision on the amendment of the statutes is not valid, if the

not supported by at least two-thirds of the number of votes

represented by reindeer-herding members at the meeting and also, when

regards the regulation referred to in paragraph 38, 1-6, by

more than half of the village's adult members. Law (2006:802).

60 § Bystämma opened by the Board. Then appointed


The Chairman shall establish and to the approval of the general meeting

make a list of the present members and agents

the voting right of each of them, Then

the list by consensus or by vote, the companies among the

reindeer-herding members on the basis of the list, become

approved with or without amendment, as the voting list at

the annual general meeting.

Of the decisions taken at the annual general meeting shall by the Agency Board of Directors

taken, which shall be kept available for members

two weeks after the meeting.

61 § management report and audit report for the latest

the fiscal year shall be presented at the first annual bystämman

After the end of the financial year. At the meeting to be decided regarding

approval of Board of Directors ' proposal for the distribution of the costs of

the village's reindeer husbandry and on granting discharge to the Administrative Board.

The directors ' report and the Auditors ' report shall at least

ten days before the general meeting shall be made available to members.

62 § Village members called to the ordinary bystämma of

the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors may summon Members for extra bystämma.

An auditor may request that the Board of Directors shall convene extraordinary

bystämma, if the auditor's review of it.

If at least one-fifth of all adult members or the

smaller quantities which can be determined in the statutes in writing request

the Board of Directors shall convene extraordinary general meeting.

If there is no Board of directors or the Board of directors fails to

in the written order summon Members to attend or

extraordinary general meeting, the Sami Parliament on notification of right to vote

Member or auditor without delay call sue.

Law (2006:802).

63 § bystämma shall be specified in the notice of the time and place of the meeting

and the matters which shall be present at the meeting.

64 § in the case of an obligation of a Board member or other experienced

represent the sameby or auditor or member to replace damage

caused to the village, a member or third party, and in the case of an action for

such compensation is applied to what for the corresponding event is

prescribed in the case of economic association.

Reindeer husbandry, etc.

65 section At the exercise experience, account shall be taken of other interests.

The reindeer must as far as possible be prevented from coming off

the Sami community's grazing area or otherwise cause injury or inconvenience.

Migration of the reindeer flocks shall be carried out in total. The road must be taken where

minimum damage caused. When moving to ensure that reindeer are not left

left on the range where reindeer husbandry is not allowed.

The movement that takes place outside the samebys grazing area shall be

without unnecessary delay. Law (1993:36).

65 a of reindeer husbandry must be operated with the conservation of

natural prerequisites long-term productive capacity so that these

provides a sustainable good returns while the biological

diversity is maintained.

Provisions that permit is required for certain activities and

operations, see Chapter 7. 28 a-29 (b) of the Environment Act.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

notify the rules that otherwise is required if the account as

at the reindeer husbandry will be taken to the outskirts of and

cultural environmentalism interests. The regulations, however, must not be

so onerous that ongoing land use significantly more difficult.

The County Board shall notify the injunctions or prohibitions

needed to regulations that have been issued with the support of

the third paragraph shall be complied with.

Injunction or prohibition may be communicated only after it has

turns out that the County Board's advice has not been followed. In urgent

cases or when there are special reasons,

the County Administrative Board, however, immediately notify the injunction or


In the decision on the injunction or prohibition, the County Administrative Board set

out fine. Law (2001:439).

66 section count of samebys reindeer shall take place annually around the

the same time. About Sami people request it, the County Administrative Board can allow

that the Bill may be carried out with greater time spacing.

The County Board may, at the request of the reindeer-herding member decide on

extra clean bill, if he makes the most likely outcome of the Bill

in accordance with the first paragraph is incorrect and the costs of the additional

clean sheet are not unreasonable in relation to the importance of the

may have for the Member to rectify.

The County Board may impose such penalty of the implementation

behalf of the reindeer referred to in the first or second paragraph. Team


66 a of a Sami village shall notify the County Government of the time and place of

the village's clean sheet. The County Board may designate someone to be present at the

clean sheet. Dispose should not assume that followed

announced rules, the County Administrative Board can decide if

additional plain sheet.

The program of the County Administrative Board designated to attend the clean sheet

has the right of access to sites and premises where the reindeer are kept

as well as the right to request the information and documents

necessary for carrying out the mission. Law (1993:36).

67 § cost of clean sheet under paragraph 66 is a

common expenses for the sameby.

The cost for extra clean sheet is distributed between the

Bill and dispose after what the County Board finds reasonable. Team


on the basis of § 68 clean sheet according to paragraph 66,

renlängd is established. Error in length detected by extra clean sheet

shall immediately be corrected.

In sheer length shall be the owners of the reindeer which is held on the village

the grazing area, it counted or estimated number of reindeer for each

the owner and, if the decision on the clean possession under section 35,

relationship which is of importance for the control of compliance with the decision.

Bystämman defines the pure length and decides if the correction in that.

The Government, or Government authority determines,

announce details relating to the use of renlängd as

basis for a business directory and on the obligation to submit

the sheer length and other information about reindeer husbandry to the authority

as for the registry.

The County Board may, under penalty, submit to the Sámi community to establish and

identify renlängd and to forward the copy of the length to the

authority referred to in the fourth paragraph. Law (1993:36).

69 section When renägares rights or obligations under this law

depends on the number of reindeer, the applicable renlängd grade, if not

appears that the owner's clean possession changed significantly since pure length

was established.

70 § has alien reindeer entered the samebys grazing area,

they must be separated out as soon as it can be done. Notice of the time and

site for skiljningen shall be submitted in good time prior to the Sami village

to which the reindeer can be adopted. Such a Sami village is obliged to

allocate the necessary staff skiljningen and to

reverse the reindeer.

In the absence of that receipt of separation and can not reindeer

be reversed without significant inconvenience, the village that ensures

skiljningen let butcher the reindeer and sell them on behalf of the shareholders.

Unless otherwise agreed, the village to which the reindeer belongs shall be obliged to

pay compensation for the cost of the reindeer's disposal and

repatriation or slaughter and sale.

71 § reside reindeer outside the reindeer herding area or on

land in this area during the time when reindeer husbandry must not be operated

There, the County Administrative Board in the preparation of the who thereby suffers

damage or inconvenience of any significance in liquidated damages shall submit to dispose

to carry off the reindeer.

Application of penalty payment mechanism under the first subparagraph shall be communicated only if

the sameby fails within a reasonable time after the request take care of

the reindeer. Law (1993:36).

section 72 Is reindeer herding within a samebys grazing area deficient, shall

the County Board at the request of a member of the village or someone else whose

the right's dependency hence search reach agreement with the village of

correction within a certain time.

May not meet or agreement not taken the correction,

the County Board to appoint Sheriff to take care of reindeer herding in the village

and management of the village's other economic affairs.

Sysslomannen has the right to receive the remuneration set by the village

the County Administrative Board. Law (1990:1490).

Pure brands and clean-label records

73 § a clean kept on pasture under this Act shall be marked

in the ears with a renmärke registered to the owner of a

country central register, subject to paragraph 79-82.

The Government or the authority that the Government may

provide for the labelling of clean and pure brands


Registered marks may be used to label the reindeer just in case

reindeer herding is carried out within the Sami village set out in the decision on the

registration. Law (2006:802).

74 renmärke § registration of cases examined by the Sami Parliament.

The Sami Parliament is personal responsible for pure brand registry.

The registry may be used to determine who is the owner of the

a clean. The register shall contain the particulars of a pure brand

look, the Sámi community in which the mark may be used as well as

brand holder's name, personal or corporate, and


Personal data Act (1998:204), for the treatment of

personal data, in addition to what is stated in the second and third

paragraphs. Law (2006:802).

75 § Renmärke may not be registered for other reindeer than is

a member of the Sámi community the application relates or who have the right to have

skötesrenar there.

Renmärke may be registered for the Sámi community.

Reindeer owner must not have more than a mark registered.

76 section Renmärke of the common base type for specific family or family branch

(generic brand) must not, without special reasons be recorded for anyone not

belongs to the family or clan branch.

77 § Renmärke may be registered only if it

1. clearly differs from other valid mark which may be used at

reindeer with which the applicant's reindeer can be confused,

2. have a form which, as far as possible, protect against unlawful relabelling.

Notwithstanding the first subparagraph 2, generic brand is registered with the

consent of such proprietor of the earlier mark of the same basic type

that may have the inconvenience of the registration.

section 78 The who by contract or otherwise acquired right

to the cardholder's registered renmärke may not use the mark in the

clean label until it was registered for his or her

Bill. Law (2006:802).

79 § Sami Parliament shall deregister a registered renmärke

1. If the brand holder reports that mark will no longer

be used to clean labelling,

2. If the mark has not been used for ten years at clean labelling,


3. If the brand holder or brand holder's estate no longer has

the right to keep reindeer in the Sámi community.

To unregister a mark after the notification referred to in the first subparagraph 1,

may it be retained on already marked clean for ten years from the date of

deregistration. Law (2006:802).

80 section Is two or more registered pure brands completely the same or

so similar that they can easily be confused or amendment be

be consistent with each other, the Sami Parliament on the application of a

Sami village or a brand executives for what the similarity causes

inconvenience may decide that one or more of the tags shall

to unregister or change.

To unregister or change a brand, it must be retained

unchanged on already marked reindeer during the time that the Sami Parliament


The first and second subparagraphs shall also apply a deregistered

mark that may be retained on pure according to paragraph 79 and on

interrupt brand according to § 81. Instead of deregistration shall

However, the shortening of the period of validity of the mark should be provided.

Law (2006:802).

81 § Switch labeled pure owner, the rebranding to the new owner's

Mark occur only if the Board of Directors of the Sámi community where new tagging

shall take place permits. such consent may not be submitted,

Renens mark bear break to separate the reindeer from other

reindeer with the same brand. For the labelling required

consent of the Board of the Sami village where the reindeer in the future

shall be held.

For re-labelling or interrupt the labelling of pure acquired on

other basis than the Division of property, inheritance or bequest is required in addition

the consent of the transferor.

Relabelling or interrupt marking may be made only in the presence of

the Sami community's Board of Directors appoints or introduces two witnesses.

Break tag should be retained to clean up to 10 years after the Board's

consent was given. Law (1987:804).

82 § Estate after deceased reindeer may impose the renmärke as

registered for the deceased.

section 83 Has uppphävts by Act (2006:802).

84 section On an unmarked plain present within a samebys grazing area and

It is not clear who is the owner, go to reindeer the sameby.

If a clean with a falsified, destroyed or unknown brand or

with a brand that is not present in the

the grazing area, the reindeer are taken care of by the sameby. The one in the

two years of treatment proves to be the owner of the reindeer

the village has the right to get the reindeer or compensation for its

the slaughter value with a deduction for the village's costs for the reindeer.

Law (2006:802).

Concession reindeer husbandry

section 85 It is Sami can obtain permission (licence) to operate

reindeer herding in Lapland, norrbotten County in the border below

area where reindeer husbandry by age occur throughout the year.

The concession involves the right of the concessionaire to operate

reindeer husbandry even with skötesrenar belonging to

1. the person who owns or is usually an agricultural property, which is

or partly situated in that part of the County in which the

concession reindeer husbandry may be carried out, if the owner or operator is

living on the property or in the field,

2. those who have previously had a concession in the area, where the latter

resident in that part of the county where the concession reindeer herding sheep

conducted and has not switched to another main

gainful employment,

3. the surviving spouse or surviving minor child to

concessionaire or to such under 2 specified earlier

concessionaire who at the time of death was

skötesrenar, if the survivor is resident within the

the county where concession reindeer may be carried out.

A concession may be granted only if continuing reindeer husbandry within

the area is mainly useful for the resort and only if the

seeking a concession likely to drive the reindeer at


Concession will be announced for some time, a maximum of 10 years. Law (2006:802).

86 § For reindeer herding within the concession area, there shall be

Sami village. A member of such a Sami village is the concession holder, his/her spouse

and the children at home, other same assisting

concessionaire in reindeer husbandry and who do not have other

main work as well as the owner of skötesrenar in

the concession area.

The provisions concerning the Sami villages and their management concerns in

applicable in the case of the reindeer herding Sami concession

with the following exceptions:

1. An owner of skötesrenar is considered as the reindeer-herding member.

2. Each concessionaire in matters referred to in paragraph 2 of section 59 a

vote for each begun twenty reindeer as concessionaire

holds according to the current renlängd. The number of votes may not, however,

is calculated after more reindeer than County Board

determined in accordance with paragraph 88 3. For owners of skötesrenar

voting is limited to one vote, regardless of the number of

skötesrenar as renägaren, which she passed.

3. The concessionaire or, if there are several, at least one of the

them shall be a member of the Board of Directors. SLC lead

reindeer herding within the village and employs the workforce that can

be needed for reindeer husbandry. Law (2006:802).

87 § terms of concession are heard by the County Administrative Board. Law (1990:1490).

section 88 of the decision approving the concession granted should be specified

1. concession area,

2. the migration route of the road,

3. the maximum number of reindeer that each concession holder may keep

in the field, and the maximum number of skötesrenar that

the concessionaire will receive,

4. the extent to which a concessionaire is entitled to take

fence, erect buildings and take the wood in

the concession area,

5. the extent to which a concessionaire is obliged to receive

skötesrenar, and

6. the conditions under which reindeer may be carried out.

For the same household may be a maximum of a concessionaire

thirty skötesrenar in vinterhjord. Law (2006:802).

89 section Break a Sami village or a concessionaire against terms and conditions

that applies to the business, the provincial government under penalty

submit to the village or the concessionaire to take corrective action. If

a concessionaire holds more own reindeer than what

the County Board accepted pursuant to paragraph 88 3, or

If an owner of skötesrenar has more reindeer of the concessionaire

care than what follows from paragraph 88, or herding industry

decision, shall submit to the County Board renägaren under penalty of

reduce the number of permitted to clean it.

After application of the Sami village, the County Administrative Board to decide on slaughter and

sale of surplus reindeer, if renägaren not after

call yourself lets reduce the sheer number of.

The cost of the slaughter and sale shall be taken out of the

the purchase price, while the remainder of the purchase price goes to the reindeer's


Have changed the conditions of the concession,

the County Administrative Board to revoke the concession or adopting new

terms and conditions. Law (2006:802).

Liability, damages and inconvenience, etc..

90 § has pure caused damage

1. during the period June-August on arable, meadow or garden

situated above the cultivation limit or on reindeer grazing mountains or during

may-september in arable, meadow or garden which is located

in another area where reindeer may be carried out throughout the year,

2. on land within the reindeer management area during the time when reindeer herding may not

conducted there or

3. on the ground outside the reindeer herding area, the damage shall be replaced by

Sámi community within the village area damage has arisen or at

the time of the damage had reindeer in the area, if it is proved that the

the damage was not caused by the village's reindeer.

Rests with the liability referred to in the first subparagraph, several Sami villages,

divided responsibility equally between the villages themselves. It may appear

to purify from any of the villages caused the damage, the village

vis-à-vis the rest of the whole of the damage.

Have the damage caused by the reindeer from several Sami villages and can not be investigated in

the degree to which each bys in reindeer damage, divided

mutual accountability between the villages after the number of reindeer from each

village at the time of the damage was in the neighborhood and not

stood under guard.

91 § compensation according to § Sami village issued 90 may require the return of

It has been causing the damage.

92 § The right to compensation for reindeer killed or injured as

According to what in particular is prescribed or in accordance with the General

tort law may apply in cases where the owner shall reindeer owner

unknown flow to the Sámi community in whose grazing area the reindeer were


§ 93 When reindeer within a grazing area where

reindeer husbandry as is permitted, dogs in the neighborhood that are not

used in reindeer husbandry kept in bands or trapped, if not

the provincial government admits otherwise. The same applies when the reindeer

is moved, if the dog owner has been informed in advance about the time of the


Present a dog while hunting or otherwise harasses

clean within a range where reindeer herding which are permitted,

the dog, if it is not caught, killed by the owner of the

or care for pure.

The second paragraph with the support of killing a dog is obliged

to notify the police authority as soon as possible.

Law (2014:696).

section 94 to a fine person who wilfully or negligently:

1. turn off the set or otherwise regarding the migration path

for reindeer or take action on or next to the road so that

its mobility significantly deteriorate,

2. intimidates or otherwise harasses reindeer who are

on an area where reindeer herding which are permitted,

3. improperly driving away from an area where reindeer herding

then it is permitted or preventing reindeer from grazing in such


4. do not comply with an order or violate a prohibition

has been issued pursuant to section 65 (a), unless the order or

ban joined with vite,

5. violate paragraph 73,

6. in cases other than those referred to in section 81 or 82 to the labelling of

own reindeer using renmärke that is not registered for him

or her,

7. perform the re-labelling or interrupt marking in contravention of section 81,

8. notice the reindeer calves in violation of regulations issued by

support of paragraph 73,

9. violate section 93 first or third paragraph.

Law (2006:802).

95 § A member of Sami village which, intentionally or negligently:

1. violates section 17-20 or against regulations issued by

under section 22, or

2. provide false information on clean sheet or at the establishment

by renlängd

shall be liable to a fine if the Act is not subject to punishment in

the Penal Code. Law (2006:802).

96 § samebys Board is required to the extent that

needed sound gather reindeer belonging to the village or separate out

clean from these, if law enforcement or

Enforcement authority requests it.

The Board does not fulfill this obligation, the authority may allow

effect measure on the Sami community's expense. Law (2014:696).

97 § a decision taken by the Board of Directors of bystämman, according to

section 42 or 43 of 72 according to § or sheriff may be appealed by the

Anyone who is a member of the sameby.

A sysslomans decision under section 43 or 72 be appealed to

the County Administrative Board. Bystämmans or the Board's decision pursuant to section 42

be appealed to the Sami Parliament.

The appeal shall be submitted to the appellate court within two

months from the day. In the matter of the appeal of the

However, the Board's decision or sysslomans count the time from the

date on which the Member received the decision.

Decision bystämmans decision is changed or revoked

also applies to a member who has not appealed the decision.

Law (2006:802).

98 repealed by law (1990:1490).

99 § County Administrative Board's decision under this Act or under the

the provisions adopted pursuant to this law, if the decision concerns

other than such a lease referred to in section 32, be appealed to the

General administrative courts.

Sami Parliament decision under this Act or under the regulations

announced with the support of the law may be appealed to the General

Administrative Court. Decision to grant the registration of

pure brands may not be appealed.

Decision on the lease referred to in section 32 may be appealed to the

the Government. Decisions relating to the grant of a right to hunt or

fishing, however, may be appealed only by the Sámi community.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.

Law (2006:802).

100 section Concerns a decision of the County Board or the Sami Parliament

notifies the according to this law, so many that a copy of the decision

not appropriate be submitted to each of them, shall

the decision shall be sent to the Sami community's Board of Directors, who shall hold the

available for members.

Notification of this shall be mentioned in the local newspaper.

Time for appeal shall be counted from the date of promulgation

has taken place. Law (2006:802).

101 § decisions referred to in paragraphs 97 and 99 valid even if it has

on appeal, unless the authority shall consider the appeal

decides otherwise. Act (1994:625).

102 § County directors ' duties under this law are fulfilled in

question about Västernorrland County Administrative Board of Västerbotten

County, and in the case of Dalarna and Gävleborg County of

Länsstyrelsen i Jämtlands län. Law (2006:802).

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1971, when the Act (1928:309)

Swedish reindeer grazing rights to the Lapps in Sweden and the law (1960:144) if

pure brands shall terminate.

2. What in law is designated as areas that have been

assigned to the Lapps exclusively available should instead refer to

such a kronomark above the cultivation limit under the State's immediate

disposition and reindeer grazing mountains.


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 January 1986.

2. An owner of skötesrenar, which at the entry into force of the Act, the owner or

usually agricultural property within a concession area, but are not

living on the property or in the field, notwithstanding the provision

in paragraph 85 1 have skötesrenar of the concessionaire health next to

the time at which the County Board determines. The same applies when owner

by skötesrenar at its entry into force have more skötesrenar in

concession holders ' health than indicated in paragraph 88. Team


3. The County Board may grant renskötselberättigad, which by law

entry into force alongside the other main economic activity assists

concessionaire in reindeer herding, as a member of the sameby during

a transitional period have left reindeer in the village. Law (1990:1490).


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 July 1993.

2. Older provisions on reindeer husbandry rights still apply in respect

If the marriage concluded before its entry into force.

3. Older provisions apply in the case of decisions

granted prior to the entry into force.


This law shall enter into force on 1 May 1996, but does not apply in the case

where the first decision in the case taken before that.


This law shall enter into force on 1 January 1997, but shall not

apply in cases where the first decision taken

prior to that.

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