Forest Management Regulation (1993:1096)

Original Language Title: Skogsvårdsförordning (1993:1096)

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Introductory provisions

section 1 of the regulations on what areas that form the montane forest

see Regulation (SKSFS 1991:3) if the boundaries of the mountain

forest. Regulation (2010:956).

Establishment of forest on forest land

section 2 of the forest virkesproducerande ability, in case

referred to in paragraph 5, first subparagraph 1 Forestry Act (1979:429) not considered

waste in an acceptable manner, when the stock of growing stock gone

down to less than half of the stores that normally should be, if it

no special reasons for a different assessment. In the assessment

soil quality index shall be taken into account as well as the stock of tree species and age.

In the case referred to in paragraph 5 of the first paragraph 3 forestry law, forest

permission is considered manifestly unsatisfactory when stock

wood storage sheds or growth is less than one-third of what is

normally on the plant site.

section 3 Of the first subparagraph of paragraph 5 of the 1 or 2 Forestry Act

(1979:429) there is an obligation to construct new forest, sowing,

plantation or natural regeneration measures have been carried out

during the third year counted from the year of

the obligation was incurred. With the year "means the period from 1

July one year to 30 June of the following year.

In the case referred to in paragraph 5 of the first paragraph 3 to the forestry law

National Board of forestry with respect the individual

the case decide the time within which measures for the construction of new

Woods was last to be performed. Regulation (2010:956).

section 4 of the Only methods which experience or by

research and test of the practical scale proved to provide satisfactory

results within acceptable time may be used for component installation.

paragraph 5 of the Installation of the new forest by sowing or planting when

natural regeneration cannot be assessed to give satisfactory regrowth

within an acceptable time.

section 6 of the new forest, nurtured by using the planting, plant clearing and

other measures needed to be developed


section 7 of the Swedish forest agency may provide for

1. rejuvenation method, soil preparation, sowing, planting, care of

plant forest and other measures necessary to ensure


2. the minimum number of main plants of suitable nature

with respect to soil bonitet shall be on a

regeneration area and how these plants should be distributed for

the requirement for a satisfactory regrowth according to section 6 of the

Forestry Act (1979:429) should be fulfilled,

3. at what point requirement under 2 should be fulfilled at

the use of different regeneration methods,

4. exemption from the obligation to adopt new forest on

productive forest land within the meaning of paragraph 5 of the first and second subparagraphs

the forestry law to enable experimentation, and

5. exemption from the obligation to take the rejuvenation measures

According to section 6 of the forestry law to allow

experimentation. Regulation (2014:1027).

section 8 Forestry Board may provide for

1. which forest reproductive material may be used in various

areas and the conditions governing such use,


2. What is meant by forest reproductive material and basic material in

accordance with Council Directive 1999/105/EC of 22 december

1999 on the marketing of skogsodlingsmaterial2.

The Swedish forest agency may also provide for the production of,

trade in and importing of forest reproductive material in accordance with

Directive 1999/105/EC. Regulation (2002:615).

section 9 only in exceptional circumstances may a foreign tree species used

that forest reproductive material. Regulation (2010:956).

9 a of the Swedish forest agency may, in individual cases, allow exceptions

the prohibition provided for in paragraph 6 (b) of the Forestry Act (1979:429) on using

alien tree species as forest reproductive material in the montane forest,

If there is a need for an urgent scientific purposes.

Regulation (2010:956).

paragraph 10 of the forest reproductive material should not be introduced to Sweden from

a country outside the European Union without the permission of the

The Swedish forest Agency.

Authorization may be notified only if the introduction is compatible with

Council Directive 1999/105/EC of 22 december 1999 on the

the marketing of forest reproductive material.

Forest Board may announce details relating to the requirements for

forest reproductive material coming from countries outside the European Union and

on what information an application for an entry permit shall


If permission is granted, the Board may impose such Forest

conditions for importation from silvicultural point of view.

Regulation (2002:615).

10 a of the to Sweden has brought such

forest reproductive material referred to in section 10 shall, in accordance with

rules announced by the Swedish forest Agency, report the importation.

Forest Board of Directors may provide for exceptions from the

the obligation to notify admission. Regulation (2002:615).

10 b of the register of natural and legal persons

professionally engaged in the production or importation of marketing

of forest reproductive material or trade in such materials, in

These people include information on

1. name, address and telephone number,

2. registration number,

3. name of contact person,

4. the policy of the company, and

5. the production units in which activities are carried out.

Regulation (2002:615).

10 c § the register of approved basic material may contain

data on

1. type of basic material;

2. geographical location of the basic material is maintained,

3. seed source table name,

4. botanical name,

5. category,

6. the purposes,

7. area,

8. origin, and

9. as in technical or biological terms

further describes the basic material. Regulation (2002:615).

10 d § provisions on penalties for illegal importation of

forest reproductive material and attempt thereto, see Act (2000:1225) if

penalties for smuggling. Regulation (2000:1272).

Felling of forest on forest land

section 11 of the National Board of forestry may provide for

1. the tree stand during certain age may not be felled,

2. how harvesting will be conducted according to section 10 of the forestry law

(1979:429) to be effective for the regeneration of the new forest

or for promoting forest development, and

3. exemption from the obligation to harvesting should be

appropriate for the regrowth of new forest or promote forest

development according to section 10 of the forestry law to allow

experimentation or to preserve and develop natural

and cultural heritage values.

Before the forest Board such rules referred to in

first subparagraph 3, the Swedish forest Agency told the environmental protection agency,

Marine and water authority and the National Heritage Board.

Regulation (2014:1027).

section 12 On units larger than 50 hectares of productive

Woodland, regeneration felling not be made in such

an extent that more than half of the headquarters unit

productive forest area will consist of kalmark and

forest younger than 20 years.

The first paragraph also applies to units of 50 acres

productive forest land or farming unit by

real estate formation formed by soil from a farm

larger than 50 hectares or introduced into soil from such a device

and less than three years have elapsed since the site

took place.

With the exception of the units referred to in the second

subparagraph may be harvesting take place to the extent

to not more than 50 hectares of land management unit's productive forest land

will consist of kalmark and forest younger than 20 years.

Regulation (2014:1027).

12 section For units larger than 1 000 hectares of productive

Woodland, Forestry Board provide for how big

part of the productive forest area that gets harvested

yearly or other periods. Regulation (2014:1027).

paragraph 13 of the Forest Board of forestry reasons grant exemptions from

section 12 or from such regulations issued pursuant

12 a of. Such exemption may be granted also to enable

rational harvesting in cooperation between different

property owners or major investments that have long lasting

importance for agriculture or forestry on

the headquarters unit. Regulation (2014:1027).

section 14 If the holdings of productive forest land is distributed

in several municipalities, and these are likely to have significant

difficulty planning for forestry, the Forestry Board on

request of forest land owners decide that the holding in several

municipalities during the specified time shall constitute a farm. A

such a decision, however, must not cause inconvenience of importance

for raw materials, employment or the environment.

Possession of productive forest land within the montane forest must not

be grouped with woods in another municipality.

Regulation (2014:1027).

section 15 of the productive forest land owner shall notify the

Forest Board

1. other felling, of at least 0.5 hectare, than such a

Clearing or thinning that promote forest development,

2. such drainage after felling (ditching) which is not

requires a permit under Chapter 11. the environmental code,

3. what he or she intends to do to, in connection with

such felling referred to in 1, ensure the regrowth of forest

prompted by harvesting and to cater to the outskirts of

and cultural interests of environmentalism,

4. what he or she intends to do to, in connection with

such felling referred to in 1, meet reindeer

interests in an area where reindeer may be carried out in accordance with

the reindeer husbandry Act (1971:437) throughout the year (experience

year-round-chips), and

5. withdrawal of forest fuel in connection to such logging

referred to in 1.

A notice of withdrawal of logging and forest fuel

shall include information on the affected property owners, real estate

designation and a map or map that shows the area that

the scope of the notification.

A notice on protective drainage shall include information on

property owners and the real estate designation, as well as a

map of the area referred to skyddsdikas. On a map

to safeguard the ditch outlet or clearance is selected.

Regulation (2014:1027).

15 (a) of Chapter 12. section 6 of the environmental code and the Ordinance (1998:904)

If the notification for consultation provides for notification of consultation

of activity or action that could significantly change the

the natural environment. Regulation (2010:956).

15 b of a measure as the forest Board shall be informed in accordance with

15 paragraph 1, 2 and 5 may commence not earlier than six

weeks after such notification has been made and in

where appropriate, the information supplied concerning what should be done for

to ensure regrowth or to satisfy the conversation's,

cultural environmentalism or the interests of reindeer husbandry under section 15

the first subparagraph of paragraph 3 and 4. If there are special reasons,

The Swedish forest Agency admit that these measures be initiated earlier.

Regulation (2010:956).

15 c section A notification of the harvesting, collection of forest fuel

and ditching the protection is valid for five years from the date it came into

to the National Board of forestry. After the expiry date, any

other action than harvesting of screen-and seedlings do not happen

without a new notification shall be submitted. Regulation (2014:1027).

15 d § Forestry Board may announce further provisions concerning

intelligence and derogating in certain cases from the obligation

to inform the National Board of forestry. Regulation (2010:956).

section 16 of the Swedish forest Agency shall send a copy of the notification

under 15 section 2 to the County Administrative Board in the cases

Notification relating to drainage in areas such as County Administrative Board

Specifies. Regulation (2010:956).

section 17 was repealed by Regulation (2010:956).

Forestry impediment

section 18 of the prohibition in section 13 (a) of the Forestry Act (1979:429) against

logging on some forest impediment does not apply to

logging on land use.

National Board of forestry, in individual cases, grant derogations from paragraph 13

Forestry Act if there are special reasons.

Regulation (2010:956).

Montane forest

19 § Before permission is given to logging in the areas of the

montane forests where natural values are not completely known but

is assumed to be high, the Forest Board conduct a special

inventory in order to clarify the natural values. Such an inventory

paid for by the State. Regulation (2005:1149).

section 20 is repealed by Regulation (2010:956).

section 21 was repealed by Regulation (2010:956).

section 22 is repealed by Regulation (2010:956).

section 23, in areas of the montane forest, where forestry is

particularly vulnerable to competition from other land-use interests

can a thorough business plans. Such plans

established by the National Board of forestry, after consultation with the provincial government.

Forest Board of Directors may provide for fee obligation for

the person who requested that the plan should be drawn up.

Regulation (2005:1149).

Consultation within the experience year-round chips

section 24 Forest Board of Directors may provide for consultation with interested

Sami village before other felling in experience year round chips

than such clearing or thinning that promote forest development.

Deciduous forest

section 25 of the proportion of deciduous trees and hardwoods in a stock shall be determined

with the guidance of tree basal area. With a tree's basal area covered

the surface area of a cross section through the tribe 1.3 metres above the ground.

section 26 of the decision referred to in paragraph 24 of the Forestry Act (1979:429)

no cost to the landowner.

section 27 Before the forest Board makes a decision in a case under section 25 of the

second subparagraph, the forestry law (1979:429) shall consult

the County Administrative Board. Regulation (2005:1149).

section 28 was repealed by Regulation (2014:1027).

Insect depredation

section 29 of the Swedish forest agency may provide for

1. control measures when insect depredation of larger scale

raised in forest or when there is a danger of such insect depredation,

2. measures to prevent that yngelhärdar arise, such as in

question about reprocessing of damaged forest, measures for clearing or

other felling, utforsling of wood and storage of wood in or in

near the forest.

Account of nature conservation and cultural environment

section 30 of the Regulations referred to in section 30 of the Forestry Act (1979:429)

announced by the Swedish forest Agency, after consultation with the environmental protection agency,

The National Heritage Board and other central administrative authorities

who may be affected.

The Swedish forest Agency shall consult with the municipality in matters of

particular importance in the light of local conditions.

Regulation (2005:1149).

Environmental analysis

section 31 of the cases under the Forestry Act (1979:429),

The Swedish forest agency may decide that it shall be an environmental analysis of

the impact of a new approach to forest management, or a new

forest reproductive material has on the environment, if the operations referred to last

significantly, or shall be carried out in environments that are

particularly sensitive. Regulation (1998:1540).

32 § Forestry Board decides in each individual case what

the environment analysis should contain. Regulation (1998:1540).

33 § Forest Board of Directors may decide that the user of the new

maintenance method or the new forest reproductive material shall make

and pay for environmental analysis.

When an environmental assessment is made by the Swedish forest Agency, the Board of Directors may

decide that the user should pay a fee that is wholly or

partly corresponds to the cost of the analysis.

In determining whether the user shall be responsible for the execution of

or the cost of the environmental analysis, account shall be taken of:

the extent of the user's forestry activities and the

the analysis by the user of interest in its activities.

Regulation (1998:1540).

34 § forest Agency shall obtain the opinion of an environmental assessment

from the environmental protection agency and the State Provincial Office concerned.

Regulation (1998:1540).

34 (a) repealed by laws (2014:891).

Other provisions

35 § in the case of compensation or redemption according to § 19

Forestry Act (1979:429), the Swedish forest Agency of the State

behalf seek to meet with interested parties who claim

compensation or require redemption of property.

In the case of compensation or redemption pursuant to the first subparagraph

case 34-36 of the Ordinance (1998:1252) concerning the perimeter protection according to

the environmental code, etc., What is being said about the County Administrative Board and the municipality

shall instead apply Swedish forest Agency. Regulation (2005:1149).

36 § Forest Board of Directors may provide for

fee obligation for

1. the ex ante decision pursuant to paragraph 13 of the forest is hard to beat


2. control and supervision of the production of, trade in and

introduction of forest reproductive material, and

3. the examination of the application for the approval of basic material.

Regulation (2002:615).

37 § fee for examination of an application for a permit under

section 10. For the application fee, etc. terms

the provisions of §§ 9-14 fee Regulation (1992:191),

tariff class 2 shall apply. Each party applied for shall

be considered a paid ticket.

With a batch means a specific quantity of forest reproductive material

consisting of either the seeds, seedlings, cuttings, or any

other plant propagating material of

-the same tree species,

-the same age and

-the same descent. Regulation (2002:615).

section 38 Further regulations for enforcement of the forestry law

(1979:429) announced by the Swedish forest Agency.


This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1994, when

forest management regulation (1979:791) and broadleaved forest regulation

(1984:120) shall cease to apply.

Older provisions shall continue to apply for aid before

entry into force has been granted under deciduous forest regulation.

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