Regulation (2003:62) For Assistance To Municipalities For The Construction Of The Connection To The Nationwide Telecommunications Network

Original Language Title: Förordning (2003:62) om stöd till kommuner för anläggande av anslutning till rikstäckande telenät

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Purpose and conditions for support

1 § to promote expansion of infrastructure for

information technology (IT) as a priority for regional and

business policy reasons, support for projects for the construction of

connection to a telecommunications network with high transmission capacity provided

to a municipality. The aid shall take the form of crediting on

tax under section 1 of Act (2000:1335) on the crediting of

tax assistance to municipalities for the construction of telecommunications networks.

Assistance under this regulation is provided in the circumstances

specified in 4-6 sections.

section 2 With connection to telecommunications networks with high transmission capacity

referred to in this regulation cover connection

1. to a nationwide public telecommunications network with high

transmission capacity, or

2. to a telecommunications network with high transmission capacity that is

connected to a telecommunications network referred to in paragraph 1.

The Association shall allow such transmission capacity that is

sufficient to meet the municipality's needs of IT infrastructure

According to a municipal IT-infrastrukturprogram. Connection

shall relate to the network capacity consisting of fibre optic cables

made available on reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions.

section 3 of the County with a regional authorities, what

How about the County Administrative Board of 4, 5 and 9-16 §§ instead apply it

regional självstyrelseorganet. In the Gotland County and Kalmar county

to what is said about the County Administrative Board of these provisions in the

rather than apply to samverkansorganet.

section 4 of the Aid may be granted only if the municipality has set up one of the

the provincial government approved IT in accordance with section 2 of the infrastrukturprogram

Regulation (2001:349) concerning support to municipalities for the establishment

of IT-infrastrukturprogram.

5 § Aid may be given for a project that is compatible with

the municipality's IT-infrastrukturprogram and where the extension is not considered

take place at normal market basis within five years from the

the program has been prepared and approved. Support may be given

only for projects to establish connection to telecommunications networks in

accordance with paragraph 2 of the municipalities where the provincial government estimates that

It needed. Connection to networks built by the construction of

new networks or through acquisition or rental of telecommunications networks.

The aid must relate to the eligible measures carried out

during the period 1 January 2003 to 31 december 2007.

Regulation (2006:1461).

section 6 of That additional conditions for aid in the municipality

procure the provision of connection to telecommunications networks. At

the contract should the principles in Chapter 1. Article 9 of the Act (2007:1091) if

public procurement should be applied. If the contract is not meant

reasonable offers, get online, however, be provided by the municipality.

Regulation (2007:1105).

Basis for support and aid

section 7 of the eligible basis may include costs

for design, material, labor, machinery hire and

documentation and similar costs necessary to

establish connection to telecommunications networks. Even the cost of

acquire or rent access to telecommunications networks eligible for the

the substrate. Costs for the use of land shall not, however,

included in the package.

section 8 of the total amount of aid per County, set out in the annex to

This regulation.

Application and decision

section 9 an application for aid must be submitted to the Administrative Board in the

County in which the municipality is located. The application shall include a

description of the job applied for and of the

municipal IT-infrastrukturprogrammet.

section 10 upon application, leaving the provincial government advance notification about a

some projects are of such a nature to support can be provided. Application may

is rejected if the connection to the telephone network is not adequate.

Support can be granted only for a part of the project should demonstrate

of the ruling. If the application for aid is made within one year from the

the date of the decision and the conditions on which

the news has not been altered, is the ruling binding on

the issue of the project is such that the support can be provided for


section 11 of the Administrative Board shall decide on the size then

the cost of project determined. The County Board shall provide

The Swedish tax authorities the information necessary for crediting according to

section 12. Regulation (2003:1041).

section 12 of aid granted by a State Provincial Office shall tillgodoföras

the municipality by crediting of tax under section 1 of the law

(2000:1335) on the crediting of tax aid for municipalities

for the construction of telecommunications networks.

Half of the grant amount shall be credited when the decision

If the amount of the aid has been taken and the remainder when

the municipality informed the County Board that the project is completed

and the final accounts are approved by the provincial government.


section 13 of the provincial government can recover the aid or a part of it

for a period of five years from the date on which the amount of the aid determined

Terminal if

1. the municipality through incorrect or incomplete information are

led to the granting of the aid,

2. the municipality otherwise caused to the aid granted for

large figure

3. the aid was used for anything other than those intended, or

4. the municipality taken with the implementation of the project so that the aid


Supervision and follow up

section 14 of the Administrative Board shall exercise supervision over the aid granted

be used for its intended purpose and in accordance with prescribed

conditions. The provincial Government shall also be responsible for the follow-up of


section 15, the County Board shall before courts and other authorities

monitor State's right vis-à-vis the recipient of aid. The County Government

will then remit the State law.

section 16 of the County Board's decision on the aid under this Regulation may

not subject to appeal.

Transitional provisions


This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 april 2003. Regulation

may be applied for from 1 January 2003.


Calculated maximum intensity of aid per County

Stockholm County 0

Uppsala County, Sweden with 370 000 kr

Södermanland County 17 390 0000 kr

Östergötland County 12 580 0000 kr

Jönköping County 24 420 0000 kr

Kronoberg County 4 440 0000 kr

Kalmar county 39 590 0000 kr

Gotland County 8 510 0000 kr

Blekinge County 0

Skåne County 24 790 0000 kr

Sweden 0

Västra Götaland County, Sweden with 67 340 0000 kr

Sweden 24 420 0000 kr

Örebro County 14 800 0000 kr

Västmanland County 14 060 0000 kr

Dalarnas län 22 200 0000 kr

Gävleborg County 0

Västernorrland County 5 920 0000 kr

Jämtland County 7 030 0000 kr

Västerbotten County 29 230 0000 kr

Norrbotten County 52 910 0000 kr

Empire 370 0000 0000 kr