Regulation (2004:1101) On Aviation Security

Original Language Title: Förordning (2004:1101) om luftfartsskydd

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Introductory provision

section 1 of this regulation are measures that complement

Act (2004:1100) on aviation security.

Prevention of crime

1 (a) § the Swedish Transport Agency will, together with the police

be responsible for preventing violations of the civil aviation

Security. Regulation (2014:1274).

Management of charging equalization system

section 2 of the Swedish Transport Agency shall administer the

charge equalization system arising from section 11 of the Act (2004:1100)

on aviation security. Regulation (2008:1149).


section 3 of the holder of an airport which is regulated in

accordance with Regulation (EC) 2320/2002, to

The Swedish Transport Agency leave the surface resulting from section 14 of the Act

(2004:1100) on aviation security and necessary for the calculation of

fee and of the amounts to be distributed back to

airports. Regulation (2008:1149).

Supplementary regulations

section 4 of the Swedish Transport Agency may provide the additional regulations

needed for charge equalizing system. Regulation (2008:1149).

Cost effectiveness

5 § the Swedish Transport Agency shall act to

tariff equalisation system operated cost-effectively.

The Transport Board may, if it is deemed appropriate, leave

recommendations on cost-effective measures to the relevant


The Swedish Transport Agency shall, after consulting the reference group

specified in section 12 of the access guidelines if the costs for

aviation security which normally can be judged to be reasonable.

Regulation (2008:1149).


section 6 of the Tariff equalisation system should be transparent for

airports and airlines concerned.

Closer to fixing the fee for security control

section 7 of the Swedish Transport Agency determines the fee for

security control. Regulation (2008:1149).

§ 8 the fee for security check shall be calculated and

be fixed for one year at a time. It may, however, be adjusted more frequently if

There are exceptional circumstances.

A decision on the fee shall be notified and published at least two

months before it enters into force, unless exceptional circumstances speaks

for a shorter period.

Such exceptional circumstances referred to in the decision pursuant to this

paragraph shall be shown by the decision.

9 § When the fee for security control in determining

previous liable deficits or surpluses in

tariff equalisation system may be covered if possible.

Reversal of funds to

section 10 of Each airport covered by tariff equalisation system

shall, in accordance with cost basis approved by the

The Swedish Transport Agency for security checks, replaced

regularly during the year in respect of checks carried out at the

airports concerned. Final regulation shall be subject to the

set reasonable expenses for the checks carried out

at each airport. The Swedish Transport Agency shall, before

deduction, consult the appropriate airport and the reference group

specified in section 12. Regulation (2008:1149).

Costs for the management of tariff equalisation system

section 11 of the costs for the management of tariff equalisation system

should be covered by the fee for the security check and be included in the

the basis for the fee for security checks. These costs

should not, however, form part of the basis for the higher part than one per cent of


Reference group

12 § in dealing with matters under this Regulation shall

The Swedish Transport Agency assisted by an advisory reference group, which

appointed by the Swedish Transport Agency. The reference group is to consist of

representatives of airlines, airports and others who have a

interest in these issues. The participants in the

the Group has no right to compensation from the

The Swedish Transport Agency for his involvement. Regulation (2008:1149).

13 § Consultation with the reference group need not take place in questions

with no interest in principle.

section 14 of An absence of consultations with the reference group does not

a decision that the Swedish Transport Agency takes the Act

(2004:1100) on aviation security or this regulation will be

invalid. Regulation (2008:1149).