Agriculture Acquisition Regulation (2005:522)

Original Language Title: Jordförvärvsförordning (2005:522)

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Rural areas and in areas where

section 1 of the annex to this regulation lists the municipalities or

parts of municipalities to be sparsely populated areas and

in areas where according to jordförvärvs law (1979:230).

Cases of acquisition permit

section 2 of the cases on condition according to jordförvärvs law (1979:230)

(employment permit) be reviewed by the County Administrative Board, unless otherwise

follows from paragraph 4.

section 3 of the application for employment authorization must be made in the

the County Administrative Board in whose sphere of action property wholly or

part is located.

If the application concerns property in several county boards

areas of activity, the County Administrative Board, in which the application

made, examine the issue of State after consultation with the other

the county administrative boards.

section 4 of the Cases examined by the State if the State acquisition

agricultural works, if the value is obviously exceeds

10 000 000 kroons and the transferee is legal person other than


The County Board shall in such cases with a private opinion, submit

matter to the Agriculture Department.

5 § Refused permission for an acquisition, the transferor shall also

be informed of the decision.

The seller can request redemption pursuant to section 12 of the Act jordförvärvs

(1979:230), the seller shall be notified to the decision, which shall include

what he or she shall observe.


section 6 of the fee for the examination of an application for a licence pursuant to section 4 of the

first paragraph 1 and 3 jordförvärvs Act (1979:230) withdrawn

According to the provisions of §§ 9-14 fee Regulation (1992:191),

in which case the following defined classes are applied:

Handling of team Fee class

A. authorization under paragraph 4(1) 1 5

B. the permit referred to in paragraph 4(1) 3

When the value is obviously exceeds

10 000 000 kroons and the transferee is other than

sambruksförening 8

C. authorisation pursuant to paragraph 3 of 4

other cases than those referred to in point (B) (6)

Other provisions

7 § After such an acquisition referred to in paragraph 13 of the jordförvärvs Act

(1979:230) shall without delay send the auctioneer

copy of the deed, issued on the occasion of the auction

the County Administrative Board.

§ 8 in the valuation of property to be sold according to section 15

jordförvärvs Act (1979:230), the Swedish enforcement authority

consult with the County Administrative Board.

§ 9 additional provisions for the enforcement of

jordförvärvs Act (1979:230) is in pre-sale announcement


Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 2005, when

Agriculture acquisition regulation (1991:736) shall cease to apply.

2. before the date of entry into force Has been notified under paragraph 3 (b) acquisitions

jordförvärvs Act (1979:230) in the version section had before

on 1 July 2005, the older provisions of 2-3 paragraphs

Agriculture acquisition regulation (1991:736) still apply.

3. Has prior to the entry into force of the settlement order

jordförvärvs granted in accordance with section 10 of the Act in the version

the paragraph had before July 1, 2005, the older provisions in

section 3 of the land acquisition Ordinance (1991:736) still applied.

4. In other respects, the new provisions shall apply in cases of

the acquisition condition which is not definitively settled at the end of

June 2005.

Annex *

The following communes or parts of communes are sparsely populated areas

Stockholm County

Ljusterö in österåker municipality Assembly

In Värmdö Värmdö, Möja, Nämdö Djurö and


In Haninge Municipality, Utö, Ornö and Muskö


In Norrtälje municipality Björkö-Arholma, Väddö, Singö,

Peterborough, 1994, Blidö and Länna


In nynäshamn municipality Torö parish

Uppsala County

In tierp municipality, Västlands, Österlövsta and Hållnäs


In östhammar municipality Forsmark, Börstils, Hargs and

The island assemblies

In Heby municipality, Huddunge, Enåkers and Nora


Östergötlands län

In Ydre municipality All parishes

In Kinda municipality tidersrum, Horns, Hycklinge and

SJ assemblies

In boxholm municipality Blåviks and Malexanders parishes

In finspång municipality Rain and Skedevi assemblies

In valdemarsvik municipality Gryt, East Tryserums and Eds


In the municipality of Norrköping Jons mountain and Rönö assemblies

In Söderköping municipality Skällsvik, Saint Anna and Börrums


Jönköping County

In Gislaved municipality Burseryds, Sandvik, Gryteryds,

Södra Hestra, Ridge and Kållerstads


In Jönköping municipality Visingsö parish

In Värnamo municipality Cod inge, Dannäs, Gällaryds and

Nydala assemblies

In Sävsjö municipality Skepperstads, February 22, Stockaryds

and Hultsjö assemblies

In Vetlanda municipality, Fröderyds, Bäckaby, Ramkvilla South

Solberga, Korsberga, Lemnhults,

Näshults, Stenberga, Skirö, Nye,

Alseda, Increase and Charles Torp


In Eksjö municipality Crow Hults, Bellö, No torps and

Edshults assemblies

Kronobergs län

In Uppvidinge municipality All parishes

In Lessebo municipality Ekeberga and Ljuder assemblies

In tingsryd municipality Tingsås, Almundsryds, Kansas City,

Linneryds, Linneryd and Urshults


In Alvesta municipality Slätthögs, has played many historical parts and Western County Galway


In älmhult municipality Ecological, Virestad, Stenbrohult,

218, Pjätteryds, and Hallaryds


In Markaryd municipality Hinneryds Assembly

In Växjö municipality, Asa and Aneboda assemblies

In Ljungby municipality Torpa, Nook, Lidhults, Odensjö, Bolmsö

and Tannåkers assemblies

Kalmar län

In Högsby municipality All parishes

In Torsås municipality and Torsås Drive assemblies

In Mörbylånga municipality Stenåsa, Kingdom, Untouchables,

Smedby, Södra Möckleby, Victory City,

Grass Farm, Ventlinge, Ridge, Northern

Möckleby, Gårdby and Sandby


In Hultsfred municipality Målilla with 1,605 inhabitants, Järeda,

Virserums, Vena, Tveta, Mörlunda


In Emmaboda municipality Vissefjärda, Algutsboda and Långasjö


In Kalmar municipality Karlslunda Assembly

In Nybro municipality Celtic toponymy, Bäckebo, Chatham, Oskars

and the Apostle parishes

In Oskarshamn municipality Kristdala and Misterhult


In Västervik municipality Västrums, Uk, Dalhems, West Eds;

Loftahammar, Antiquarian, Hall Lodge Mountain,

Hjorteds and Black urban churches

In Vimmerby municipality rumskulla, Frödinge, Locknevi,

Animal dala, Southern and Tuna


In the Borgholm municipality, Bring, Alböke, Löts, Egby, Bredsätra,

Gärdslösa, Långlöt, Runestone, Boda,

Högby, Source and Persnäs assemblies

Gotland County

In Gotland municipality, Gotland, Bunge, Rute, Fleringe, Halls,

Hangvars, Lärbro, Fossen, Norrlanda,

Ganthems, Norwich, Guldrupe, Buttle,

Ala, Kräklingbo, Anga, Gammelgarns,

Östergarn, Fröjel's, Eksta, Sproge,

Ardre, Alskogs, Garde, Etelhems, Lye,

Lau, Nurtured, Burs, Stånga, Lojsta, Linde,

Hemse, Rone, Alva, Fardhems, Gerums,

Levide, Silte, Hablingbo, Havdhems,

Eke, Grötlingbo, Gotland, Nasal, Fide, Öja;

Hamra, Vamlingbo and Sundre


Blekinge County

In olofström municipality Kyrkhult parish

In Karlskrona municipality Flymens, Kristian opels and Karlskrona


In Ronneby municipality, Blekinge, Öljehults and Eringsboda


In Karlshamn municipality, Karlshamn municipality Assembly

Hallands län

In Hylte municipality Lewis home, Drängsereds, Långaryds,

Femsjö, Södra Unnaryd and 1961


In Laholm municipality + 356 and assemblies

In Falkenberg municipality, Gällareds, Krogsereds, Gunnarps,

Fagereds, Spring Lake and themselves formed


Västra Götaland County

In munkedal municipality Berry fen dals, svarteborg, Hede, Sanne

and the Hook urban parishes

In Tanum All parishes

In Strömstad municipality Skee, Näsinge, Lommelands, Hogdals

and the Tjärnö assemblies

In Dals-Ed municipality All parishes

In the Färgelanda municipality Järbo, Råggärds, Lerdals and

Rännelanda assemblies

In Bengtsfors municipality All parishes

In mellerud municipality Dalskogs and Skållerud assemblies

In Svenljunga municipality, Västra Götaland, Mårdaklevs, Alex, Eastern

Frölunda and Håcksvik's assemblies

In Åmål municipality, Ånimskogs, Fröskogs and Edsleskogs


In karlsborg municipality Undenäs parish

In Gullspångs municipality All parishes

In Töreboda municipality Beatebergs and Älgarås assemblies

In Mariestad municipality Torsö parish

In Lidköping municipality Otter city parish

Värmland County

In Eda municipality Iron forest, Skilling marks and Köla


In Torsby municipality lekvattnets, Vitsands, Nyskoga,

Östmarks Finnskoga, Northern, Southern

Finnskoga, Dalby and Northern New


In årjäng municipality All parishes

In Sunne municipality grassland parish

In filipstad municipality Nordmark, Gåsborns and Rämmen


In Hagfors ekshärads municipality and Gustav Adolf


In Arvika municipality, Värmland, Glava, Bogens, Gunnar forest,

Älgå and Mangskogs assemblies

In Säffle municipality Tail forest and Långseruds assemblies

Örebro County

In Laxå municipality Finnerödja and Tiveds assemblies

In Hallsberg municipality Svennevads and Bo assemblies

In Hällefors municipality grythyttans and 12 km-> churches

In ljusnarsberg municipality Ljusnarsberg parish

In Nora municipality Assembly of Järnboås, Sweden

In lindesberg municipality jewelry Studio and Ramsberg


Västmanlands län

In the municipality of Skinnskatteberg All parishes

In Norberg municipality Karbennings Assembly

In Sala municipality Möklinta parish

In Fagersta municipality Västervåla parish

In Köping municipality West Skedvi

Dalarnas län

In Vansbro All parishes

In Malung-SÄLEN municipality All parishes

In gagnef municipality, Floda parish

In Rättvik municipality Bingsjö-Dådrans, Boda and Ore.


In Orsa municipality Orsa Church

In the älvdalen municipality All parishes

In Mora municipality, Dalarna and With assemblies

Envikens Svartnäs in Falun municipality and wards

In Avesta municipality By parish

In Ludvika municipality grangärde and Säfsnäs assemblies

Gävleborg County

In Ockelbo municipality Åmot and Lingbo assemblies

In ovanåker municipality Voxna parish

In the Nordanstig municipality All parishes

In Ljusdal municipality All parishes

In sandviken municipality Österfärnebo parish

In hudiksvall municipality Delsbo, Dialect and Norrbo


Västernorrland County

In Ånge municipality All parishes

In Sundsvall municipality Stöde, Holm and Liden assemblies

In Sollefteå municipality Graninge, Resele, Ericus Olai,

Of ådals-Liden, Junsele, Edsele and

Ramsele assemblies

In Björna, Örnsköldsvik municipality, Skorpeds Trehörningsjö

and Anundsjö assemblies

Jämtland County

In jämtland County All parishes

In Bräcke municipality All parishes

Älggårdsberget hotel and Conference in krokom, Föllinge, Hotagens, Top

and Alsens assemblies

In strömsund municipality All parishes

In Åre municipality All parishes

In Berg municipality All parishes

In Härjedalen municipality All parishes

Västerbottens län

In bjurholm municipality Bjurholm parish

In vindeln municipality All parishes

In robertsfors municipality Nysätra parish

Norsjö in Norsjö municipality Assembly

In Malå municipality Malå parish

In the municipality of Storuman All parishes

In Sorsele municipality All parishes

In Dorotea municipality All parishes

Vilhelmina in Vilhelmina municipality Assembly

In Åsele municipality All parishes

In Umeå municipality Holmöns parish

In the municipality of Lycksele All parishes

In Skellefteå municipality Fällfors, Jade, lövångers, Bur swamp

and Calf swamp assemblies

Norrbotten County

In Arvidsjaur Arvidsjaur municipality Assembly

In amot Norrbotten parish

In Jokkmokk municipality All parishes

In Överkalix municipality Överkalix parish

In Kalix municipality All parishes

In Övertorneå municipality All parishes

In Pajala municipality All parishes

In Gällivare municipality All parishes

In älvsbyn municipality Älvsby parish

In Boden municipality Gunnars village, Edefors


In Haparanda municipality All parishes

In Kiruna municipality All parishes

The following communes or parts of communes is

in areas where

Västra Götaland County

In Gullspångs municipality Amnehärads Assembly

In Töreboda municipality Töreboda and Peace mountain parishes

In Skara municipality Varnhem and North of Lundby assemblies

In Skövde municipality Mountain and Central parishes

In Falköping municipality Broddetorps Assembly

Värmland County

In Eda municipality Iron forest Ward

In Torsby municipality Dalby and Northern New congregations

In årjäng municipality, Västra fågelviks parish

In Sunne municipality Lysviks parish

Dalarnas län

In Vansbro municipality Äppelbo parish

In Malung-SÄLEN municipality of Malung and Lima assemblies

In gagnef municipality, Floda parish

In the Leksand municipality Leksand parish

In Rättvik municipality Rättvik Boda and assemblies

In Orsa municipality Orsa Church

In the älvdalen municipality of Älvdalen parish

In Falun municipality Svärdsjö, Envikens and Totton


In Borlänge municipality All parishes

In säter municipality Säter, Whitchurch and

Gustafs assemblies

Regulation (2007:1231).

* With the Assembly specified in the annex, the territorial assemblies

which existed on 31 december 1999.

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