Regulation (2005:765) If Government Subsidies For National Minorities

Original Language Title: Förordning (2005:765) om statsbidrag för nationella minoriteter

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Scope of application

Article 1 this regulation lays down provisions on State aid

to organisations representing national minorities.

The regulation does not apply in respect of the Sami Parliament and

organisations representing the national minority the Sami people.

Regulation (2007:1136).

The purpose of Government grant

2 § the purpose of Government grant is to support and facilitate

the activities of organisations representing national

minorities. Regulation (2007:1136).

Grant forms

3 § State aid under this regulation is provided in the

conditions set out in paragraphs 7-8 a, with an equally large fixed part

per national minority and a variable component based on the

the number of local associations or departments.

Regulation (2007:1136).


4 section With a minority organization, referred to in this regulation cover a

national organization or an organization of national interest that

1. represent any of the national minorities and where

the members of the organization or its local associations or

departments largely consists of people who

belonging to the national minority, and

2. carries out activities aimed at strengthening the influence

for the national minority, to promote their own

national minority group identity, culture and language,

to combat discrimination or to spread knowledge about the

custom group.

With a minority organization also refers to such a

organization that operates with the objective set out

in the first subparagraph 2 and representing one of the national

minorities and where members of the Organization to

predominantly consists of such national organizations or

organizations of national interest referred to in the first subparagraph.

Regulation (2009:727).

section 5 With a national organization for the purposes of this regulation, a

organization that has at least five local associations or

departments at different places in Sweden.

section 6 With a local organisation or a Department of a

minority organisation under this regulation such

compound or Department

1. which is entered in the register of the minority organization

local associations or departments,

2. in which the members and bodies designated by the members

decide if the local association or the Department's activities and

economy, and

3. doing business.

Conditions for refund

section 7 of the Contribution is paid for one year at a time, subject to availability of

funds. A premium years relates to the State budget this year.

section 8 Government subsidies may be provided to a minority organization

applying for grants and

1. have bylaws and Board of directors or equivalent body,

2. is an open Association in which membership is


3. is democratically structured,

4. doing business in Sweden for at least two years, and

5. strive to women and men should have an equal

distribution of power and influence in the organization.

For the variable portion of the Government contribution is required in addition to

minority organization has at least two local unions

or departments.

In determining the amount to be taken into account if

the organization receives other government support for its activities.

Regulation (2009:727).

8 a of the Contributions may not be given to an organization that has

liabilities for Swedish taxes or fees in

Enforcement authority or which are in liquidation or subject

in bankruptcy. Regulation (2007:1136).

The grant application

§ 9 claims for refunds under this regulation be reviewed by

The County Administrative Board of Stockholm.

A decision on grants may be subject to conditions. These should

indicated in the decision. Regulation (2009:1300).

section 10 of the application for a State grant shall be made in writing on a

form as the County Administrative Board of Stockholm.

Application must be signed by an authorized

representatives of the Organization and have come in to

County Board no later than 1 October of the year preceding the grant year.

Together with the application, the organisation shall submit its statutes

and an activity report for the last fiscal year

as well as information on the composition of the Board of directors or

equivalent bodies.

The organization is obliged to leave the County Board also

other documents and information as the provincial Government believes is required

for examination of the application. Regulation (2009:1300).

section 11 If the applicant for a grant under this regulation does not

leave the documents and tasks arising from section 10, shall

the applicant is given the opportunity to complement the application within a specific

time. If the applicant does not comply with a request to complete

application, may be tried as is.


section 12 of an organisation which has been awarded grants under this

Regulation is required to provide the accounting documents,

annual reports and other information to the County Administrative Board in

Stockholm County decide in each individual case. An economic

financial statements shall be certified by the auditor and, if the contribution

granted amounts to at least six price base amounts according to Chapter 2.

6 and 7 of the social code, by authorized or

approved auditor. Regulation (2010:1725).

12 a of the Stockholm County Administrative Board shall in their

annual report provide a comprehensive accounting of who has

a contribution, with what amount and for what purposes.

The County Board shall, in addition, by 1 April each year to

the Government give a summary of what

the contributions have been used to and, if possible, an assessment of

Government grant effects in relation to the purpose of

the contributions. Regulation (2009:1300).

Refunds and chargebacks

paragraph 13 of the recipient of a grant under this regulation are

repayment required if

1. the receiver by providing incorrect information or

otherwise have caused that the grant has been submitted incorrectly

or with excessive amounts,

2. the refund for any other reason than what is said in 1 has

given incorrectly or with too high amount and the recipient

should have known this,

3. the contribution is not used for the purpose stated in section 2,

4. the recipient does not submit such documents and information

referred to in section 12, or

5. terms and conditions of the order have not been met. Regulation (2009:1300).

section 13 (a) If a beneficiary is required to repay pursuant to the

section 13, the Stockholm County Administrative Board may decide to completely

or partly to recover contribution. If there are particular

reasons for the County Board may waive the requirement

refund in whole or in part. Regulation (2009:1300).


paragraph 14 of the Decision pursuant to this Regulation may not be appealed.


section 15 of the Stockholm County Administrative Board shall notify the

provisions necessary for the implementation of this

Regulation. Regulation (2009:1300).

Transitional provisions


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 15 december 2005 and

apply for the first time in the case of State aid for the grant year


2. For applications for Government grants for the grant year 2006

as the application deadline on 16 January 2006.


1. This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2008.

2. The provision in paragraph 12 (a) shall apply to the annual accounts

for the first time in 2009.


This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 August 2009.

The provisions of section 12 of its new wording applied first

time for financial statements of grants awarded



1. This Regulation shall enter into force on January 1, 2010.

2. the provisions of paragraph 12 (a) in its new wording applied first

time in terms of annual accounts for 2011.

3. Older regulations still apply to contributions that have

granted prior to the entry into force.

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