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Law (2008:307) If The Municipal Child Care Allowance

Original Language Title: Lag (2008:307) om kommunalt vårdnadsbidrag

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Introductory provisions

§ 1 a municipality under this Act may provide child care allowance

to the individual.

section 2 Of this Act for the purposes of school school under the Education Act

(2010:800) With preschool in this law are equated educational

care provided instead for preschool and day care

as Chapter 25 of. section 5 of the Education Act is offered instead of

for the school. Law (2010:871).

General conditions for child-raising allowance

section 3 a municipality may provide child care allowance for a child who has reached the age of

a but not three years, provided that the child

1. is folkbokfört in the municipality, and

2. do not have a place in the school that refers to full-time.

Child care allowance may, however, be provided at the earliest after the

parental allowance on the occasion of the birth of the child under 12.

social security code has been provided for a total of 250 full

days, including such period referred to in paragraphs 33 and 34 of the said

Chapter. In doing so, parental benefit have been provided on

sickness benefit level or ground level.

Adoption to the time the parents had the child in their care

be considered as the date of the birth of the child in determining the

upper age limit of three years referred to in the first subparagraph. In doing so,

get Carer's allowance is payable for a maximum of two years and for children

under the age of five years. What the foregoing does not apply to the

adoption of the other spouse's child or adopted child, or by private

child. Law (2010:1301).

section 4 of the child-raising allowance may, without prejudice to the third subparagraph,

be submitted to a caregiver who

1. are registered at the same address as the child, and

2. living together with the child.

Child care allowance, following the notification of both parents

be divided so that the contribution be left with half of each

the custodian.

Child care allowance may be provided with half of each

the custodian even though only one of them is registered at

the same address as the child and lives with the child.

Child care allowance shall in that case also submitted to a

parents/guardians who are not resident in the same municipality as

the child.

paragraph 5 of the carer's allowance cannot be left to a caregiver who

for the same calendar month or part thereof,

1. parental benefit on the grounds of the birth under

12 Cape. the social security code,

2. unemployment benefits pursuant to lagen (1997:238) om

unemployment insurance,

3. activity support or development fee for participation in the

an employment program,

4. sickness benefit or rehabilitation allowance pursuant to

social security code after such compensation has

for a period of 365 days,

5. the sickness benefit during or immediately after a period when

unemployment insurance benefit pursuant to the unemployment insurance

have been submitted;

6. sickness compensation or activity compensation in accordance with

the social security code,

7. General old-age pension under the social security code,

8. older income support under the social security code, or

9. compensation under the Act (2010:197) for provisioning actions

for some newly arrived immigrants.

Child care allowance must not be left to a custodian

whose husband or cohabitee of the same calendar month or part thereof

get any of the benefits referred to in the first subparagraph 1 – 9.

This applies to the legal guardian who lives together with her

husband. Law (2010:1300).

section 6, if the child care allowance for one child, at the request of the

parents/guardians who have received the grant, should no longer be disclosed must

the municipality of resume at the earliest, leaving child care allowance for the same child

as of the fourth calendar month after the month for

the last child care allowance was provided. However, this does not

If the child care allowance is no longer to be disclosed by reason referred to

in section 5. Law (2011:1086).

section 7 of the guardians in 4-6 paragraphs apply even in

with regard to the social welfare board which consent has received

a child for permanent care and upbringing in order to

adopt it.

Carer's allowance

section 8 a municipality that has decided to introduce child care allowance,

leave this as entirely child-raising allowance and that reduced

child care allowance.

Quite child-raising allowance is a benefit for a child who cannot accommodate

in preschool. A reduced child-raising allowance is a benefit for a child

who has space on a part-time basis in preschool. Law (2010:871).

9 § Completely child-raising allowance, subject to a maximum amount per child to

3 000 per calendar month.

A reduced child-raising allowance may be determined in one or more

levels where the level of the premium corresponding to a certain number of

hours in preschool.

Full and reduced child-raising allowance may be differentiated

When the child care allowance is paid for more than one child in the same

households. Law (2010:871).

Notification, recovery and remission

10 § whoever gets the child care allowance is required to without undue

immediately notify the municipality on bidragsutbetalande

preconditions for child-raising allowance according to the 3-5 paragraphs are no longer

exist or if any other change in circumstances that affects the

the size of the child care allowance.

section 11 if someone by providing incorrect information or

by failing to carry out a task or

obligation, or otherwise caused to

child care allowance paid out improperly or with excessive

amount allowed the municipality to reclaim what has been paid for


If anyone otherwise than as referred to in the first subparagraph have

receipt of child-raising allowance improperly or with excessive

amount and reasonably should have known this, the municipality

recover what has been paid too much.

When the Swedish social insurance agency paid child care allowance with

the support of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no

883/2004 of 29 april 2004 on the coordination of social

security schemes, social insurance recover what

have been paid too much. Law (2010:1323).

section 12 if there are special reasons, the municipality is wholly or

partially waive the repayment obligation referred to in section 11

the first or second paragraph. The same applies for

Insurance agency when the social insurance agency has decided on

recoveries under section 11 of the third paragraph. Law (2009:551).


paragraph 13 of the Decision in a case if the carer's allowance under this Act may

be appealed to the administrative court.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the administrative court.


section 14 of this Act shall not affect the obligations of a municipality

under the Education Act (2010:800). Law (2010:871).

section 15 of The Council dealing with matters of child-raising allowance has

the right to social insurance, Pensions and

unemployment funds to some of the details of such

benefits to the individual referred to in paragraph 5, first subparagraph 1, 3 – 6

and 9, paragraph 5, first subparagraph 7 and 8 and paragraph 5 of the first

subparagraph 2. If there are reasons for it, the insurance agency,

Pensions authority and the unemployment insurance funds on private

initiative, may submit such information to the Board.

Government Announces additional regulations on the

information to be disclosed in accordance with the first paragraph.

Law (2010:207).

16 repealed by law (2010:207).

section 17 of The Committee dealing with matters of child-raising allowance shall

every six months, disclose personal information to the Statistical

Central Office in accordance with what the Government closer to

prescribes. Law (2009:551).

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 december 2010.

2. Older rules still apply when the compensation

under the Act (1992:1068) introductory compensation for

refugees and other foreigners are paid.


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2011.

2. Older provisions still apply to the

covered by Council Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 of 14

June 1971 on the application of social security schemes

When employed persons, to self-employed persons and to members of their families

moving within the community.


The repealed law continues to apply in respect of matters relating to municipal child care allowance which has brought in a municipality before 1 June 2015, and any part of which relates to child-raising allowance for time before the suspension.