Law (2008:342) About Balancing Of Costs Of Support And Service To Certain Disabled

Original Language Title: Lag (2008:342) om utjämning av kostnader för stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade

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Introductory provision

section 1 of this Act contains provisions on the compensatory allowance and

countervailing charge on expenses under the Act (1993:387) on support

and service to some disabled and provisions of

social security code if the assistance allowance.

Law (2010:1303).

Calculation of contribution and fees

2 § for each municipality calculated a standard cost for

1. actions under section 9 2-8 and 10 Act (1993:387) on support and

service to some people with disabilities,

2. accommodation with a special service for adults, and

3. the compensation paid to each municipality, insurance agency

According to Chapter 51. 22 and 23 of the social insurance code.

If a person has been granted both the operation assisted by personal

Assistant or financial support for reasonable costs for

such assistance and input housing with a special service for

adults, only the latter effort included in the calculation.

Cost items referred to one for each municipality calculated

theoretical cost of operations and the compensation referred

in the first paragraph. Law (2010:1303).

section 3 a municipality whose standard rate per inhabitant in excess of the

for the country average standard cost per inhabitant has

entitled to a refund equal to the difference,

multiplied by the number of inhabitants in the municipality on november 1

year preceding the year allowance must be submitted (compensatory).

A municipality whose standard rate per inhabitant is less than that for

country average standard cost per resident to pay

a fee equal to the difference, multiplied by

inhabitants of the 1 november of the year prior to the

Balancing year.

The Government or the authority the Government Announces

the methods of calculating the premium and fee.

section 4 of the grants and contributions calculated on the basis of the classification

of the municipalities existing at the beginning of the year.

How grants and charge is determined, etc.

§ 5 the tax agency decides by 20 January in

equalization grants each year indicative fee for

each municipality.

A municipality may, by 15 February under leveling the year to

The tax agency point out flaws and incorrect information in the dossier

for the decision.

The Swedish tax authority establishes grants and fee for each

municipality last april 15 under leveling all year.

section 6 grants and fee must be paid and deducted in connection

with and in the same way as in the payment of

municipal tax revenue in accordance with section 4 of the Act (1965:269) with special

provisions concerning municipal and other menighets revenue metering of

taxes, etc.


section 7 of the tax agency's decision under this Act may be appealed to the

the Government.

When considering a decision pursuant to paragraph 5 of the third subparagraph,

such errors and imperfections in the substrate for the decision which has

mentioned only after the date referred to in paragraph 5 of the second

subparagraph, shall be taken into account only if there are serious reasons.

Transitional provisions


1. this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2009.

2. By the Act repealed

a) Act (2003:886) about countervailing charge on municipalities for

expenses under the Act (1993:387) concerning support and service for

Some people with disabilities, and

b) Act (2003:887) if equalization grants to municipalities for

expenses under the Act (1993:387) concerning support and service for

Some people with disabilities.

3. The repealed laws still apply in the case of grants and

fees for 2008 and prior years.

4. A municipality whose contribution will reduce or fee increases by more than

200 dollars per capita in 2008 according to the laws repealed

through this law, compared to a municipality's contribution and fee

According to 2-4 paragraphs of these rules would have applied for years

in 2008, has the right to a temporary adoption subsidy for years

2009 corresponding the amount exceeding SEK 200 per